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51 almyki11th Oct 2010 10:17:27 PM from Maryland, USA
Lots of my projects or ideas are already planned as video games =P .

Kaegishik is planned as your typical fantasy action RPG, 2D pixel-graphics, side-view turn-based battle system, with ideas borrowed from things like Skits from Tales games, lots of sidequests and dialogue, and a strong main plot around a political conspiracy to tie everything together. I plan it to be broken into three 'books' or 'seasons': Fall, Winter, Spring. Gameplay is veeery basic and simplistic.

Lots of ideas for visual novels, but there's not much to say about those =P .

For a world-building project of mine, I believe that type of project would convert best as either a huge sandbox game or an MMO (which is technically also a sandbox type game) . It would be aaall about the customization, lots of options, and without such an emphasis on only fighting (though that would have its place) . There would also be tons of fluff, with AIs and NP Cs with lots of background, lots of in-game books and stories you can learn about, etc.. The graphics would have to be really good, detailed and at least semi-realistic, and of course 3D. Though I guess it intuitively runs a bit counter to the semi-realistic point, I so love the cel-shaded style.

Iris Inn, my webcomic idea, would have to be some kind of great party game or mini-game type thing! It's got so much random zany stuff going on, and it's so plotless, I imagine some kind of big mini-game package, where you can choose one of the Inn characters to be your avatar (like Mario Party style). Simple 3D cel-shaded graphics, very cutesy and probably somewhat chibi, very anime-style, bright, and cute. Another potential idea would be to make a business-like sim type, where you would run and grow the inn business yourself, or be part of it somehow.

Remaerd is a recent idea I had, of an individual set in that world-building project who sets out to conquer the world, and succeeds. I imagine the concept would make for a great Turn-Based Strategy game like Fire Emblem. It could be 3D, but 2D could look just as good, with liberal use of character portraits and scene images.

Loads and Loads of Characters, lots of story and world exploration, and while goal-oriented in taking over the world, kind of a laissez faire sandbox feel, as the leader Remaerd is kind of eccentric and has no set game plan. Unlike FE though, it shouldn't be a very difficult game, or it would have lots of varying potential levels of hardness, and self-imposed obstacles one can choose, since Remaerd is pretty much a god-like ace card (literally) . Lots of ability to recruit new members, make enemies, take over areas, do whatever you feel like basically.

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52 Foton12th Oct 2010 12:43:10 AM from The Desert , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
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This is a dreaming thread right? Because one lesson I got from the Renpy forums is that "keep it small, most likely you won't be able to make it if you think (too) big".

I know for sure I can't code for sh*t and only my imagination keeps it alive, so Q_Q
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Hmm...well, for one of my stories, it would have to be a Visual Novel dating sim set entirely in one large mansion in the 1800s. The main love interest is prone to killing the player, but the other love interests consist of a loli fairy, a kuudere inventor, a reserved maid, a goat-transformed-into-a-human who coincidentally looks exactly like the main love interest but with horns and a tail, and a bookish wizard. There will be multiple endings and it will be extremely long and bloated, with multiple stories after the first 'multiple endings'.

For my main story however, it'll probably be an action-adventure or action RPG where the player can play as either a meleeing reaper with a party of an undead zombie girl and a hapless everyman wizard, or some loner artificial human who prefers fighting at long range with no backup, and is also saddled with a tentacled girl to protect. Said tentacled girl is near useless in battle but needs to be around to support the artificial human's psyche. There will be multiple endings, lots of character building. The reaper's story will be mostly light and comedic, and the artificial human's will be much darker with no comedy in it. Actually thinking about it now, the reaper's story would be Action RPG while the artificial human's would be best as an action-adventure. Anyways, the last boss of both stories would be either the reaper or the artificial human depending on which one the player picked.

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Would anyone believe me if I intended my story to be a video game very early on?

It's an Eastern RPG (with a handful of WRPG elements as well) with turn-based battles that take place on a grid. Imagine Final Fantasy Tactics, only with smaller maps, fewer combatants, and quicker fights.

It's set in the near-future, and I have plans to make a prequel and two sequels, the former two set in Medieval times, and the last one set in the distant future.
My novel is Final Fantasy meets Greek Mythology, so of course I'd plan out character stats just for fun. The game would be Final Fantasy meets Fire Emblem, with support conversations between the characters that take place during travel/battle for status buffs/different personal endings, as well as finite ammunition and certain weapons can break/jam if used incorrectly. There are also a crapton of other things I haven't organized yet.

Starting Equipment
Physical Stats: Health Points, strength, defense
Magical Stats: Magic Points, skill, resistance
Other: Speed, Accuracy
Combat: Moves the characters make during battle
Special Skill: A constant ability that distinguishes them from the others
Limit Break: A Limit Break (animation in parenthesis)

Bea (Staff Chick)
Equip: Stone Knife
Phys: High HP, low strength, medium defense
Mag: High MP, medium skill, low resistance
Other: Medium speed/accuracy
Combat: Restore (restores various amounts of HP), Sleep (causes sleep for five turns), Stab, Slash
Special Skill: Regenerate (regains HP without the use of potions) Drain: Lowers an enemy's HP by 50% at the cost of 45% of her own HP, with a 35% chance of self-Confusion. (Gets up close to the enemy unit, touches the shoulder, a shaky shot of Bea from enemy's POV)

Eos (Action Girl)
Equip: Pistol, Silver Dagger
Phys: Medium HP/strength/defense
Mag: Low MP, low skill, high resistance
Other: Medium speed, high accuracy
Combat: Shoot, Stab, Slash, Defend (takes a hit for closest team member next time an enemy attacks)
Special Skill: Improvise (when out of ammo she can pick up an object on the battlefield, borrow a teammate's weapon, pistol whip, or kick/punch to damage enemies)
No Limit Break until the second half

Liam (Papa Wolf)
Equip: Pistol
Phys: High HP, high strength, medium defense
Mag: Low MP/skill, medium resistance
Other: Medium speed/accuracy
Combat: Shoot, Rescue (moves a team member out of the line of fire)
Special Skill: Composure (resists Confusion)
Snipe: Lowers speed and raises accuracy by 50%. (Camera zooms in on his eyes, then a shift to First Person Shooter as the enemy is targeted)

Cat (Second Action Girl)
Equip: Staff, Stone Knife
Phys: Medium HP/strength/defense
Mag: Medium MP/skill/resistance
Other: High speed, medium accuracy
Combat: Hit, Stab, Slash
Special Skill: Magic Sight (can see vulnerable points on monsters or mages, which can be targeted for 2x damage)
Concuss: Uses her staff to deliver 3x her regular damage, with an added bonus of causing sleep, at the cost of 30% speed. (Twirls her staff with a whistle, then whacks enemy over the head)

Michelo (The Squishy Wizard)
Equip: ...uh, brain
Phys: Low HP/strength, medium defense
Mag: High MP/skill, medium res
Other: Low speed, high accuracy
Combat: Drop (lifts an enemy, then drops), Restrain (keeps an enemy from moving)
Special Skill: Barrier (Everyone immediately nearby will recieve a Defense buff)
Invisibility: Makes a chosen ally invisible, at the cost of 40% accuracy. (Frowns in concentration and gestures a circle in the air)

Tim (The Spoony Bard)
Equip: Guitar
Phys: High HP, low strength, medium defense
Mag: High MP, medium skill, low res
Other: High speed, low accuracy
Combat: Confuse, Sleep, Hit
Special Skill: Alert (gets the first attack, even when ambushed)
Rally: Plays a song that boosts the group's critical percentage by 35%. (Does a test strum on his guitar, then plays an upbeat song while lens flares dance in the background)

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56 Lasty13th Oct 2010 02:24:05 PM from Auld Lang Syne
It'd probably be an RPG in similar to Legend of Mana - everything is a sidequest.

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57 MrMallard13th Oct 2010 05:43:30 PM from Australia, mate
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Well, if it'san original story it'd be Superman 64 quality, but if it were a fanfic... I dunno, maybe an interactive movie with quicktime events. Jak and Daxter on stoned excapades would be hard to control just right.
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