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1 Voltech447th Oct 2010 11:55:31 AM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Because...well, why not?

If your story/work/comic/fanfic/whatever was turned into a video game, tell us what it would be like. 2D or 3D? Platformer? Fighting Game? RTS? Would it go for realism, or be more stylish? What's the gameplay like?

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2 MajorTom7th Oct 2010 12:02:34 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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This Double Inverts my work as it was originally going to be a video game.

Simple enough, Endless Conflict was going to be an FPS as a sort of hybrid between Call of Duty and Modern Warfare and the Halo series at least gameplay wise.
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hmm, my novel concept is a little too broad to fit into one genre. But if i were to license a videogame, and put forth ideas for one, it would be like this:

A sandbox world set in the 1800's Europe. Fully interactive NP Cs, a living world, ever changing economy. Quests, weapons, clothing options. You can even date.

But you only have one attack. Use it and the game world blows up.
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5 SilentReverence7th Oct 2010 12:06:31 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Incredibly dull adventure game with way too many NP Cs you have to talk to way too often. You are trapped inside a car for the entirety of the one fight.
7 pvtnum117th Oct 2010 01:34:30 PM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
It would've been the Firefly MMORPG, already, and then I coudl've actually built up my characters and taken screenshots. And that would've been freaking AWESOME.
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All of the story ideas I come up with end up turning into into video games eventually...I think I may have a problem with medium myopia.
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Probably a sort of sci-fi version of Zelda.
Because I choose to.
Military Fantasy FPS.

Guns and magic. Tanks and Golems.
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Think [PROTOTYPE] with a philosophical bent, tougher enemies, and the ability to customize your playing style any way you'd like. And the breaking of skyscrapers.
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12 Tre7th Oct 2010 02:37:03 PM from inside your radio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Stuck: The Game = Stuck + Mirror's Edge + Burnout + a little bit of Need For Speed Shift + More Stuck + a little GTA too.

Basically, a highly stylized, Rule of Cool abiding parkour game with some driving elements and an open world, set to the storyline of the last episode of Stuck. Also, ham. And cheese. And coolness.

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Interesting. Well, let me give this a shot!

One of my main stories would be some sort of weird sandbox game where you just wander around and carry-on with your regular life, sort of like the sims, only at the end, there's a certain twist (not going to say it, but it'd probably involve an awesome cutscene that, despite being really cool, doesn't make up for how boring the rest of the game is).

Another would be a World of Warcraft clone only with completely different races. Yet another would be a really bad dating sim, only you can play one of two characters, and the only characters they can go for are each other.

Another would be some unholy mix of an adventure game, RPG, party game, fighting game and dating sim (again). The most interesting one (which, sadly enough, is the one story I've lost interest in) would be some sort of otherworldly action game of some sort.

In other words, none of my stories should be games. Ever.
14 pvtnum117th Oct 2010 05:02:43 PM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Expanding on my earier post - you would, if you had a ship, have to manage and fly the ship for long stretches of real-time, and despite being an MMO, the game world would march right along regardless, while you're in transit between worlds. It woudl help if you had fellow players on yrou ship with you, so if/when you log in, there's yoru fellow "guildies" right there with you. Pretty boring, unless you wish to be a raider and prey on unarmed transports for their loot.

Keep money in yoru account, though, or you'll find your ship locked down until you can pay for the unlocking fee.

Ground stuff would be wide open sandbox MMO, where depending on your chosen professio (or lack of one) you could get missions with teh Browncoats, the Alliance, or whichever mega-corp (Blue Sun) you wanted to. Oh, and criminal elements.

Or, you could eschew all of that and play frontiersman on some fringe world and try to durvive the day-by-day of living in a recently terraformed planet, with insufficient resources and barely enough to eat.

Bonus: Reavers would be freaking scary.
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Just according to keikaku.

Really, the story was plotted out for a video game all along. All I need to do is pad it out with a couple of extra bosses and dungeons.
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16 AnnoR7th Oct 2010 06:34:01 PM from Honnouji Academy
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I've mused on making certain stories video games before, and a couple have stuck out really clear in my mind.

Lucy, which is a story about an extremely powerfully psychic girl trying to reform herself, is one example.

I've got bosses(And boss subtitles), various enemies, collectibles, and all that good stuff. It's an FPS, because the titular character is inhabting the body of an Swat Officer, and getting him to try and get her body reformed.
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17 Edmania7th Oct 2010 07:43:11 PM from under a pile of erasers
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Visual Novel + JRPG, and a lot of things will have to be changed for the sake of balance. 3D. Stylish but without going into Refuge in Cool.

Also, a fighting game minigame within it.
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Being as my main project is a superhero affair with Loads and Loads of Characters, would mostly likely be a fighting game. Granted, this might lead to the situation of the lead character being on the lower end of the tier list because he lacks powers.
19 JuiceBoxHero7th Oct 2010 08:24:38 PM from the butthole of Texas

Flowers would almost definitely be Survival Horror. Except you don't have guns, only a little bit of magic, and pretty much everything is stronger than you.
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Always a Hero: The Video Game has two versions.

The handheld version is more faithful to the original story. It's an RPG with some action elements, in that you can control your party's position in the battle screen in real-time, and this has effect on your performance. There are five "zones," and each party member has a particular zone they do best in. Where 1 is closest and 5 is farthest: Cora, The Hero, is a Slot 3 specialist, and in contrast to most heroes, emerges as a literal Stone Wall. Mariselle, The Lancer, is Slot 2, and is The Cleric (with a side of Glass Cannon). The Big Guy Danbarre is Slot 1, and is a straightforward Mighty Glacier. A very hot glacier. The Smart Guy Boysenberry is Slot 5, and the absolute squishiest Squishy Wizard ever—his HP is in the single digits until the highest levels, but good luck hitting him at all since he can Blow You Away. The Chick Jasper is actually The Mario of the group, and An Ice Person. There's also the ability to capture Wildes, the monsters of the area, but they work as summons and augments as opposed to Mons.

The console versions are actually a Gaiden Game to the main story, and take place after it. It is, instead, a 2-D platformer with a story based around finding all the Spell Charms that powered the Dimesnional Gate. Instead, it's about using all your allies' powers to solve puzzles.
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21 Zolnier7th Oct 2010 08:57:39 PM from A suspiciously dull shop
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Saint Cyprian? Probably RPG.
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22 deathjavu7th Oct 2010 09:50:53 PM from The internet, obviously
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Let's open-world RPG where enemies are everywhere and your skills never seem to be good enough to fight them. Long travel times between cities complained about by an annoying (yet sometimes helpful) NPC. Segment where you play as the main character's mother for a while about a third of the way through. This section ends with a cutscene in which she dies.

Then you play as the main character again, except this time you get enough power to fight. You still get railroaded into an unhappy ending though. Sucks to be you.

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23 Nomic8th Oct 2010 01:19:39 AM from beyond the Void
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LHP probably wouldn't make a very good game, but most of the Demon Overlords in the Netherworld where Zaran is from were originally created as a part of a game idea (Only one of them actually appear in the plot, and of the remainder some get a few mentions).

The game would be a strategy game, eighter an RTS or a turn-based one. The players would command the army of one of the Overlords, attempting to crush all the other Overlords and become the sole ruler of the Netherworld. For most part all the armies would have access to same units, but different armies would have bonuses and penalties for certain types of units. In addition, the Overlords themselves could take to the field. They would be very powerful fighters who could level up and learn devastating abilities, but if they would be killed the player would lose the game.
Easy. Space western Red Dead Redemption with mecha.
The Chronicles Of Nickel would probably a 3D adventure game in the style of the Monkey Island games, albeit with automatons and dragons and horribly obese douche-bags! o_O

I doubt there'd be any combat, but perhaps a good few puzzles and characterization.

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