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Season 7 spoilers trailer:

That looks better than I thought it was going to be. I figured Dexter was going to cop to everything and Deb would go along with it because she loves him.
378 deathpigeon23rd Aug 2012 09:23:20 PM , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
[up] Actually, that's how it goes in the novels, except it's a familial love, rather than a romantic one, and it happens at the end of the first book, which the first season is based off of.
[up]Well I'm glad they're not doing that here.
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Oh, and that's not to mention that the Dark Passenger turned out to be a literal demon in one of the books, only for that to be dropped later.
381 Nicknacks24th Aug 2012 09:25:04 AM from Land Down Under
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That trailer looked... decent, if clearly over-filled with dream sequences.

I do wonder if we're seeing the narrative shift away from Dexter as a POV, and towards Deb. There are moments in that where he seems on the verge of being out of control, something that's been coming since the start of Season 5 (which, coincidentally, was the last time the series narrative made any forward movement).
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I'm a bit worried about the closing shot in thze trailer. I mean, of course I know that it's cut together to make it look ike Dex is killing Deb, (which won't happen), but unless it is a dream sequence, smeone is attacking Deb, (intern guy?), and it would be awfully convinient for the writers if she would die now.
At first I wondered how much bullshit Deb could swallow. Now I wondered how long it's going to take for her to go insane.

And man, Harry really screwed up Dexter.
Is it just me, or Harry can sometimes sound a lot like Frollo in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
I suppose the Dexter's other kids are gone again.
386 Nicknacks8th Oct 2012 05:47:13 AM from Land Down Under
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Another great episode. I'm gonna have to wait another episode or two, but I'm getting the feeling that this season will be something of a return to form. Or at least 1/2/4.
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I'm bothered by Dexter wanting to kill Louis. He was an asshole, but he's not a killer. It goes against the Code.
388 Nicknacks9th Oct 2012 06:39:48 PM from Land Down Under
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He's murdered innocents before — some deliberately. The guy who pissed him off during Rita's Funeral, for instance.

Edit: Or was that the only one?

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As far as I remember that was the only one, and that was in a fit of rage. He planned out Louis' murder.
Pretty sure he killed someone on his table and later found out they weren't guilty. I might be misremembering that.

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[up] He did.
He also killed some random pedophile for taking beach swimsuit photos of Astor.

That innocent guy that he misidentified, that was because he was a photographer with disappearing models some gore porn photos on his computer. (his collegue was the murederer, his gore photos were coincidential and staged). But after Dex realized that, he considered him "innocent" even if a pervert. The same should have applied to the pedo.
393 Nicknacks13th Oct 2012 09:11:08 AM from Land Down Under
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Given that he's gone and killed at least one complete innocent, shouldn't he be challenging himself a bit more over that? I was surprised that it was barely dealt with in the last two seasons.

He's broken his code. He's become no better than the people he kills. Sure, he's not a serial murderer of innocents, but not all of them were either.

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Other topic: I think, with the current maffia plot, they are going for a Diplomatic Immunity problem, where Debra will identify the criminals, bt she can't do anything about them, so she will be forced to admit that Dexter's hobby has it's place too.

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Deb needs to get out of the sun. She looks like an orange.
396 Nicknacks15th Oct 2012 06:01:31 PM from Land Down Under
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I'm beginning to think that's the cinematography. Everyone's various shades of orange on this show.
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The circumstances set up so Deb would agree with Dexter were so contrived.
Long Live the King
There were only two ways that played out. The way it did, or with the confession not being thrown out and him rotting in prison...

Season 5 established, to me, that Deb is okay with the situation... This season is more about Deb accepting that Dexter does it. And while that sequence of events was rather contrived, there would have be some point when it occurs...
Guessing time: Debra's new boyfriend clearly studied the ITK case, as seen from his slip, and the BHB case, as seen in his folders. What if he already connected the two cases? What if he connected them wrong?

Debra Morgan starts going out with a serial killer. By the time the police figures out who her boyfriend is, they both disappeared, and only one of them came back alive. Next year, a huge pile of serial killer bones were uncovered. Debra got intimate with the head investigator, and then her partner got incriminated. Criminals whom Debra investigated after, continued to disappear at an alarming rate, up to just until a few days ago Ray Speltzer, whom she stalked at his home and publically attacked at a funeral, before he disappeared.

What to do? How about trying to confirm his suspicions, by getting close to her, and offering up a bait, evidence of a supposed serial killer? Someone with legal immunity, so she couldn't just arrest her? Someone who really did murder at least one person, so she would deserve it anyways? How about writing a bogus story about how up to two people dying around her over the decades is so suspicious, and adding some fake blood reports to it?

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[up]Deb going out with a serial killer's been done already.

I don't want Batista to resign. But I'm cool with Quinn getting filled with Ukrainian bullets.

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