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A pretty simple topic regarding album covers; simply post (or link to) album covers that you like. Whether you actually like the album or not has no bearing on this topic - just providing you think the cover is good.

I have a fair few album covers that I like, but for the moment I'll just post three:

I'll post more later.

EDIT: Fixed Dirt link.

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Any cover ever made by Necrolord or Dan Seagrave.
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Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know
Cormorant - Metazoa
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Melechesh - Sphynx
Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny

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@Meta Four: Hm, didn't see that thread before. Even so, the last post in that thread was from September, and even though I'm not against necroing, doing it to a thread that was last posted in three or so months ago... yeah.
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Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?

They Might Be Giants - The Spine

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Dead Kennedy's Bedtime For Democracy is a really awesome album cover. So is Frankenchrist(the one that wasn't censored), but that's more of a personal liking.

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I really like the cover for Fight With Tools
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Sufjan Stevens: The BQE
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This cover for Nirvana's Incesticide really scares the fuck outta me with the alien that crawled outta Uncanny Valley. But then again, I freakin' LOVE this album, ( especially Son of a Gun) so I really don't know what my status is on it...
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  • Fugazi - Red Medicine. In compact-disc-size, it took me ages before I figured out that the bottom half of this is the band swimming in the ocean upside down.
  • Menomena - Friend And Foe. Those non-black-and-white parts are actually holes in the booklet where you can see through to the disk itself. Thus it looks a little different depending upon how you have the cd itself positioned, and of course looks different when you have the disc out of the case.
  • Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom. Another kind of neat gimmick cover. You open it by pulling a tab on the side and... this happens.

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^ Hell yeah to Friend And Foe, amazing artwork. Speaking of Menomena, their new one, Mines, has artwork which is a Stereogram, so if you look at the front and back covers simultaneously with your eyes slightly crossed, the statue on the cover appears 3D, as ably demonstrated by this poster version.

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I'm sure by now everyone knows I'm a huge Distillers freak, but I absolutely Love the cover from Coral Fang (NSFW) Anti-Christianity, Violence, and Nudity all rolled into one kick ass cover!
I have a poster sized version of this (NSFW) on my wall.

Humina humina humina.

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Humina humina humina.

I agree with this statement, though you should probably mark that that's NSFW.

The vinyl version of this album has this, vinyl sized. So you can stare at it while listening to it, alone in the dark, while high.

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^^ Awww, Surfer Rosa! It's da Pixies! I loved the song Gigantic, even if it's about a black guys dong...

While we're still on the subject, I have no frackin clue what this is
Haha, whatever it is, it represents the Pixies perfectly.
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"^^ Awww, Surfer Rosa! It's da Pixies! I loved the song Gigantic, even if it's about a black guys dong..."

Whoa, it is?! And here I was thinking it was about...well, I just sort of thought songs by the Pixies weren't actually "about" anything.

On another note there's too many scary album covers here. Heres one to balance things out.

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Here's the lyrics to Gigantic, by the Pixies. Do the math.

Whoops, I forgot to add an album cover! I like this FIF for some reason. It brings back memories as a child listening to this in our old car. Also, I loved the Shadow Dogs, but that's not entirely why I like this cover. I loved this album.

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Hallucinations by Atrocity. Made by H.R. Giger of Alien fame. He does a lot of album covers, most of which I like.

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