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351 Recon512th Sep 2012 06:27:21 AM from Southeast Asia
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[up] We won't be rid of him even after this issue is resolved. It's just character development. Even Keiko and Ogiue's old enemy were used recently so none of the cast members really get written off.
352 Zasz12th Sep 2012 07:36:10 PM from Kyuden Hida
[up]Except Haraguchi.

Not that I'm complaining...

Chapter 80 raws
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Ogiuemaniax has a chapter summary up.

Madarame gets rejected...but what else were we really expecting? It must be painful for him that Saki said that a relationship between them might have worked had Kousaka not been there.

Clearly there is only one option left for Madarame...


And drink his blood...

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[up] What is interesting is that she's assumed it started when he put on the cat ears, when it was far after that. I still don't see the point in this, it's just going to affirm his decision to move away.

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Chapter 80 is out on Sporeblog.
357 Zasz2nd Oct 2012 10:39:30 AM from Kyuden Hida
While sad... I agree with Madarame it is in fact quite refreshing.
358 grahav12th Nov 2012 03:29:27 AM from Mist Mountain
Chapter 81 is put on Mangahere.

I like Keiko a lot now.

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Keiko is a baws!!cool
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Oh, and Spotted Flower went up as well. Breastfeeding, and the awkwardness of being a woman who wants to have sex despite being heavily pregnant.

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[up]We also get Not!Ohno.
362 grahav13th Nov 2012 05:33:57 AM from Mist Mountain
Yeah, totally not!Ohno embarassing totally not!Saki was neat.

Just started reading Spotted Flower...oh man, not!Saki's grandmother is an awesome troll. (Also, poor Akari~in!)
364 Lyendith23rd Nov 2012 07:29:31 AM from Bègles, France , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Geez, I was 2 chapters late...

Best. Confession. Ever. That's all.
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Chapters for both Spotted Flower and Niidaime are out.

For Spotted Flower — Not!Saki is definitely getting desperate for some action. And is just me, but does Not!Madrame look even MORE like Madarame now? Talk about Art Evolution in the opposite direction. Too bad the game she just opted to make her move with... is about Traps. Whoops.

As for Niidaime — we FINALLY see the use of the Children's Literature Club library for snooping again (with the victims this time Madarame and Hato). When was the last time this was used? Prior to the graduation, methinks.

And oh my, Hato! Yeeep. Hilariously, the sharks... I mean, haremettes are now circling around Madarame it seems.

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I found the visual metaphor for not!Madarame being all ready to go absolutely hilarious.

Also now I'm totally confused about what's up with Sue. A crush on Madarame at this point just seems so random. (Also, first it was him having nice hands, and now it's a nice neck?)
367 danna4513th Mar 2013 09:16:47 PM from Wagnaria , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Like Saki said, Madarame really is in a harem route eh? Shame though, I seriously shipped Mada x Saki a whole lot.
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368 Lyendith16th Mar 2013 08:39:28 AM from Bègles, France , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
I liked the chapter about Ohno… partly because it's been a while since a chapter wasn't centered on Yaoi, and partly because I can easily identify with her current situation. I'm surprised that she and Tanaka are still on a Last-Name Basis though… they have been together for a while now…

Hato is starting to give in to his inner shipper… that's interesting… also, Sue's crush on Madarame has been hinted for a while if I remember correctly.

An anime of Nidaime is weird. It skips quite a lot of the story (the entire year after Ogiue's arrival)… Hato's voice won't be an easy job, as there is apparently a stark contrast between his female and male voices. Yuu Kobayashi could do that, maybe? I dunno…

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New Chapter! Specifically, chapter 86, where Sue goes on the attack, and directly confronts Hato on where he stands with regards to Madarame. Oh, and Sue is surprisingly athletic too.

I think this is the first time we've gotten into Sue's head. Many of the thought bubbles are clearly hers, more obviously during the part where she's reading Hato's secret manuscript.
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I have to wonder if Sue loves (In a romantic sense) Madarame or not. She denied it this chapter, but never gave an adequate explanation.

It is pretty obvious by now that Yajima likes Guy!Hato. I had forgotten about her crush on him because it kind of faded into the background for a while.

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371 TheyCallMeTomu1st Apr 2013 01:01:08 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
I think I'm behind. What chapter are we up to now?
372 Lyendith1st Apr 2013 03:12:30 PM from Bègles, France , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring

Isn't it the first time we hear Sue utter more than two phrases in a row that are not taken from anime? ò.Ô
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87 is out.

I could see things coming down to Angela and Keiko both wanting Madarame's affections.
so,anybody excited for the new anime?I just don't understand why they are Darrin everybody's voices,you can't just ditch Nobuyuki Hiyama like this...
375 Heatth7th Jul 2013 01:22:55 AM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Bumping because this manga deserves it.

I bought the first volume in a whim and then proceeded to read the whole thing on the internet. I am surprised on how much I ended up liking this. It have all the appeal of The Big Bang Theory, but with less focus on sitcom and a good sense of passage of time. That last bit is probably what makes the story so good, I think. It allow the cast and the plot to be recycled while still keep the same feeling of the show.

One interesting result of this constant change of focus, at last for me, is that I end up "tricked" into reading Yaoi in the latest chapters. Queer Romance is not a genre I got myself reading with much frequency (or at all) so seeing its inclusion here was quite a surprise, specially as the author seems to be taking the issue seriously. I am quite curious to where this will be going but, for now, I am actually cheering for Madarame/Hato* if only for the break of the taboo of having a serious gay romance in a non specific genre.

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