So who reads DMFA?:

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I needed the laugh, though... <sniffs>
1052 MajorTom28th Jul 2012 06:50:25 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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^^ Well we do have parallel plotlines going on so we kinda have to switch lanes from time to time lest we get caught up too much in one.
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Hey, since I can't post this in the comic's forum (secret page rule), and it doesn't really fit WMG (at least not yet) or Headscratchers, is anyone else trying to make sense of the Hybrid Genetics series? The weres "don't exactly like a lot of the other races save for beings, phoenix, and cubi" - given in the context of some theoretically possible half-breeds not existing, when the only other races they can breed with are dragons and mythoi, so when they were "nearly wiped out by another race," it doesn't seem hard to guess which race that is (hint: not the apparent wastebasket taxon). Then you've got the two races they have an affinity with: cubi, the dragons' ancient enemies, and phoenixes, surely not coincidentally the only race that can breed with beings and not humans, and also the race that raised Pyroduck... yeah, something tells me it's more than laziness that's linking the two. Given that it's the weres who "have a different story" about what happened to the humans, it seems pretty logical to infer the dragons are responsible for that, too - which might explain why they're only allowed on "the boonies," and likely put a very different spin on Cyra's actions, and Fa'lina's plans for Pyroduck. Then the the fact that angels are dying out while they "happen" to be visiting SAIA around the same time Dan is studying... it all adds up to something, but damned if I can friggin' come up with anything.

...and more importantly... is Amber OK?

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[up]Agreed: you've got a little refining of targets to do before it's a true WMG... but you have some nice observations, there, regardless.

And, I'm also a little worried about her, to be honest. It may be a case of a blown-up computer, though, with a slow supplier for a new one... After all, if it were illness, her husband would be on the line to reassure us (and, probably post some backup Fluffy stuff). At least, I hope so. smile
1055 MousaThe143rd Aug 2012 03:47:42 AM from Northern Virginia , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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  • Dan is being accused of a crime he didn't commit
  • Abel is being accused of a crime he didn't commit
  • Aryanna is a petty witch without a soul
  • Fa'lina had her reasons and while they weren't nice they were adaquate enough reasons
  • Destiana because it's plausible since she is technically from Lost Lake and we don't know if she knew who Merlitz was, could've been an accident or maybe self-defense.
  • A new character will be introduced at the last minute so no one else will be to blame.

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1056 MajorTom3rd Aug 2012 04:34:08 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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And it seems we have a SPAH in our midst.
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[up][up]Seems like it could be a disgruntled mother of an ex-employer or a very unhappy Ex, then. No point spoilering, really. [lol]
Oh man. Did anyone else think this whole strip was leading up to a "Merlitz's death was actually some kind of misunderstanding" setup only to be whammed by the last panel? (I mean, I figure the phoenix oracle was being completely accurate.)
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It's also possible that he pulled a Destania and changed his name marrying Aaryanna. Thr odds of that may be even better if it's the same phoenix, but I'm not doing an Archive Trawl on a smartphone.
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Except she's never lived in or been employed by Lost Lake... and she hasn't even been coming to Lost Lake for a while... during which time she's been off in no-Being's-land... and it probably would have come up that she was seeing Merlitz again, let alone having married him, when she ran into Dan and Abel... and the Phoenix Oracle didn't use the word "killed" for Destania...
[up][up][up][up]Oh yeah, I didn't see this coming.

Well, the blunt object brigade has good reasons for their belief. Who at Lost Lake knows the whole story, that they would trust? Dan is at SAIA, and they don't know Able.

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1063 MajorTom10th Aug 2012 04:25:08 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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"Allah may guide their bullets, but Jesus helps those who aim down the sights."
[up]Epic guilt-trip, though. Wonderfully craggy scenery to this one, with a gulf down the side... tongue

So... if Abel wasn't there holding things up with his birthday and being a big, Cubi distraction... Would the Blunt Object Brigade have a lot on its conscience... or would they not help out (reluctantly) when they find out a bit of what's what?

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Perhaps something different would have happened the last time Merlitz's adventuring party dropped by the inn to say hi.

Also I like the fact that the nurse cubi has been accurately reproduced in the background of this week's strip.

But indeed, the question of which cubi from Lost Lake killed Merlitz is huge. I can't help but feel it would be kind of a copout to reveal that one of the existing characters is a cubi, or introduce a hitherto unseen character.
1066 TeChameleon10th Aug 2012 11:12:53 AM from Alberta, Canada
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... wait. Since when do Cubi not leave bodies? I thought they were emotion-eaters, not cannibals... (you know what I mean, those of you who immediately thought 'but Merlitz wasn't the same species as them, so technically it's not cannibalism...'. And you know who you are tongue). Whatsizface... Nitemyst(?).. made some crack about it being hard to tell how long it'd been since Merlitz died, since it was hard to tell when you were dealing with races that don't typically leave bodies...

For that matter, that makes it sound like they Never Found the Body, and are assuming that he's dead because of the crystal thing. Well, that and the phoenix oracle, but still. Hmmm.

So, new cubi, Aaryana, Abel, Destania, or Dan for candidates if Merlitz is actually dead- with Aary-kitty being the most likely candidate if the flame-chucker actually is dead; or Amber pulling a fast one on us somehow. I'm voting for 'pulling a fast one', honestly. Just randomly killing Merlitz off-panel would be a bit odd for the usual style of DMFA (although what's with all these omnipotent types declaring the crew of Lost Lake to be doomed, anyhow? Are we getting to the endgame of the comic, with tech coming into its own courtesy of Jyrras' secret labs?)
1067 MajorTom13th Aug 2012 04:19:07 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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My name is Abel Rewanz. You didn't kill my father but prepare to die anyways.

Cue either Badassery or an untimely (near?) death.
"Allah may guide their bullets, but Jesus helps those who aim down the sights."
I must say that this comic makes me love CC much more and makes me hope that he lives through the upcoming events.
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Who's CC? Also, can't stop noticing Abel's effeminate clothes despite the badassery.
I think that Abel was the one that "killed" Merl. The last time an oracle gave a "straightforward" answer, I was still a riddle, it just seemed like it wasn't. Abel "killed" Merl because he knew that he was going to die, but wasn't able to (or didn't try) to stop it.

Also, I have a feeling that Abel is going to be seriously injured/killed soon, because the Amber's rant on a guest strip a while back involved telling Abel to sue her, because he wasn't going to like the events that were going to happen.
[up]I'm not going to consider him dead, until I see the Xs in his eyes... and, even then... First zombie Cubi? Hey... Devin can show him how it's done... tongue

But, yeah: he might, actually, have been partly responsible... along with Aaryanna. After all, had Merlitz met neither, he wouldn't have fallen off a cliff... or whatever. tongue
[up][up][up] CC's my little nickname for Abel that I came with when I remembered a certain Hershey's chocolate and the corresponding resemblance of Abel's universal physical appearance. Can anyone guess what the nickname is from the information given? waii

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Millions of stars exist and I've the chance to reach at least one and when I do I'll have it shine brighter than all the rest.
Cookies and Cream? Which, according to his bio page, is already one of his nicknames.
[up] >_> I just checked Abel's cast page and you're right. My response: FRIG it all! I'm always late to the punch with my idea though it has been quite a while since I read the "Cast" sheets.
Millions of stars exist and I've the chance to reach at least one and when I do I'll have it shine brighter than all the rest.
1075 MajorTom17th Aug 2012 04:39:28 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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"Allah may guide their bullets, but Jesus helps those who aim down the sights."

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