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1 Thnikkafan6th Jan 2010 01:30:22 PM from Faroe Islands (not really) , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
I bought Audiosurf a few days ago. If you don't know what Audiosurf is, it's an indie game on Steam, and you should buy it.

It manages to make Crowning Music of Awesome even more awesome than they already are. Amazingly, it's not just the fast or cool songs that turn out well. One of the best looking and playing ones was "Dear You", because it was so slow and beautiful.

Also, it's interesting how Hot-Blooded songs turn out.

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Audiosurf is mad fun to play, but almost funnier to watch. Seriously, Touhou replays ain't got nothing on this game what mesmerizing colors and paterns are considered. I'm considering to rebuy it, since my old copy got lost with my old computer, but I have very few M P3s at the moment.

On another note, is there any MP3 length restrictions? Because if not, would it be possible to do an audiosurf on for example Delirium Cordia, or similar concept albums? Now that's endurance mode for ya.
3 Tangent1286th Jan 2010 08:36:30 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
I don't really play beyond Mono, but I do like it from time to time.

I think I once loaded Who's On First as a track.
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I pretty much just play Casual Mono in Ironmode, since I have more fun trying to catch the color blocks than I do trying to dodge the greys, and I just can't think fast enough to get a decent score on color matching modes. Except Vegas sometimes.
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...*quietly* Row, row, fight tha powah.

Err. *louder* I need to redownload this. I used to have it and I sucked at it horribly. I distinctly recall playing it with Queensryche "Operation Mindcrime", Libera me from Hell, and the Pokémon theme song.

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6 InsanityPrelude12th Jan 2010 10:43:54 AM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
It's nice being able to compete with Pointman/Pusher players (I prefer Eraser) since the big update back in October.
7 Ezekiel31st Jul 2010 02:04:02 AM from The Other Side
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I've been trying to find a game with a similar concept - "playing your music" - for the iPod, and the closest I've come is Song Summoner, which doesn't even count, good as it is.

For Audiosurf, I like to do runs of a whole CD at a time. I'm going to do the soundtrack to Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero next.

I also recently uploaded a track to Youtube for the first time. I always play Vegas

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8 SparkyLurkdragon31st Jul 2010 08:44:28 AM from Southeastern Oregon, USA
I wish this wouldn't crash every time I run it on my computer. sad

Playing the PokeRemixStudio version of Primal Dialga's theme was awesome, though.

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9 Ezekiel5th Aug 2010 10:14:08 PM from The Other Side
Real horrorshow. :3
(Sorry for the thread necromancy.)

I love Audiosurf. It's a bit addictive though.

I usually put Winamp on Shuffle and play all the tracks that come up... I'd say the hardest song I've played is either Dead Virgins Don't Sing by Dog Fashion Disco or a more obscure track Hour Of The Wolf by Rat King. Both start off easy, then about halfway in: Surprise Difficulty.
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11 rifflet14th Aug 2010 05:18:33 AM from beyond the graaaaave!
Out of curiosity, what is the hardest song anyone has ever played on audiosurf? I have stopped attempting to find out on Youtube as most of the comments consist of :" LOLZ THIS ISNT TEH HARDEST SONG GO DIE IN A PIT SOMEWHERE!!1!"
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^"I" by Meshuggah.

21 minutes of Extreme Metal. I doubt anyone has put an Audiosurf of it on YouTube, but you might find the song itself. It's crazy, man.
Black Inches
It was fun to pull off a stealth run of the Black Mages version of Dancing Mad. That has some painful parts...
Real horrorshow. :3
The hardest songs I play seem to be the ones with weird and extremely fast sequence. I'm usually fine when the blocks are regular-but-fast, but when it's kinda syncopated I tend to lose it. Havestar (Optics version) by I:Scintilla is pretty hard overall.
Out of sight... out of mind... out of hope, and out of time...
Necro because I just got ahold of Audiosurf and am playing it for the first time.

This is pretty fucking fun, if I may say so myself. Interactive visualization like this for music should've been done a loooooong time ago.
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Electivirus + Video Game Soundtracks + Audiosurf = Addiction.
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You want hard? Try loading up three minutes of pink noise in Audiosurf. I'm serious. As weird as it sounds, it's Nintendo Hard at the very least.

One of the best Marathon Levels I've tried in Audiosurf was "Still Alive" from Portal stretched out to eight times its normal length with this program. 24 minutes of awesome.
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Black Inches
The longest song I've played on Audiosurf is the Black Mage's remix of Dancing Mad. Did it as a stealth run, too. Fun, though.
Necro because I just got ahold of Audiosurf and am playing it for the first time.
This, pretty much.

Just got it today. Playing a bit of Linkin Park, David Guetta & Lapfox Trax to break it in.

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This is surprisingly difficult.
22 IanExMachina1st Jun 2011 05:03:04 PM from Gone with the Chickens
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I only do the middle Mono (can't remember what it's specific name is) on ironmode.
I usually play my collection of Mash-ups.

I'm not really fussed about the hardest songs, (although song of the ones with heavy off beat drums make the acceleration choppy and can lead to mistakes) I just love the ones with the corkscrews in them.
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Just got this game. Plugged 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' into it.

Best. Thing. Ever.
Jonah Falcon
Try Journey of the Sorceror.
Jonah Falcon
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Right, minor thread-rez because I've been having trouble playing this game for a long time. It was working fine, I don't play for a few months, now whenever I go to play it it says it's validating the Steam Cache Files, then it pops up with "The Steam Servers are currently too busy to handle your request" and says its validated it. That's it. Nothing else happens, and this has been happening for weeks. I eventually went to Delete Local Content and it says that it does so, but it doesn't appear to. I check the Folder, everything is still there. Add to that, now it's got a permanent "Download Paused" message next to it on my games list, a download that doesn't seem to want to resume.

So yeah, I've got no idea. Anyone know what's going on?

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