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Hmm. Interesting.

Lumper view: If you identify with the acting character, it is role playing. The degree to which you can control that identity is a detail.

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The problem is, calling any game or experience where you "identify as a character" "role playing" would include practically every game ever invented. You "identify" as Mario when you play as him; you "identify" as Link or Solid Snake. It's far too broad a specification to be useful.
Okay. That might be too lumpy even for me. Although I can say that the experience of being the shooter in Wolfenstein 3D is very different from being the Shoe in Monopoly.

The shooter W3D shooter and a guy I rolled up for an AD&D campaign have a bunch of stuff in common. From my player's perspective, they have more alike-ness than the Monopoly Shoe.

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From my viewpoint - The basic difference between a tabletop RPG and a computer RPG is that the tabletop RPG involves roleplaying, and the computer RPG... Doesn't, particularly.

However, that means that pretty much any mechanical trope that can apply to one can apply to the other, common to do so otherwise. RP Gs is a cross media genre that can be divided into Eastern, Western, Roguelike and Tabletop, while Tabletop games can be divided into (at least) Miniature Wargames and Tabletop RP Gs.

As for the title - This should be an article, there should be an index of tropes, it might be useful to divide the index into 'videogame tropes', 'tabletop tropes', and 'both' but not to make those separate pages.

OK so things are called Role-Playing Games because they have a shared bunch of tropes. Funnily enough some would argue that this ends up including things that don't have role playing but since we are tv tropes, the fact that they are lumped together because of shared convention above the actual intended meaning of the name is very "us" and so tabletop and computer (and any other I can't think of) things called Role Playing Game should have the same trope page.
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