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2376 SullenFrog21st Dec 2010 11:52:31 AM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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Nope, doesn't appear to be one and I don't believe anyone's called it. Go for it.
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Speaking of Wailord, perhaps someone should do a page explaining how different Pokemon species can breed successfully?
TVTropes Nuzlocke Thread. - Arceus Help Us All.
2378 Marioguy12822nd Dec 2010 03:02:25 PM from various galaxies
... Should we even touch Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action?
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
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^^ ... Artificial insemination? Failing that, magic.
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[up] That works.
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2381 Neo_Crimson22nd Dec 2010 04:04:09 PM from behind your lines.
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More weird shit going at those Day Care centers? wild mass guess
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It depends a lot on the genetics. Are Pokémon families more like breeds or species?
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Its not that difficult. Sperm cells are microscopic, no matter what the size of the animal, and since Gender Denotes Breed a female Pokemon will never give birth to something it's not equupped to handle. And really, I'd consider Egg Groups as Genera just more cloesly knit that the IRL ones.
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2384 CalamityJane22nd Dec 2010 05:58:51 PM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
Hmm, well, I'll try to avoid that whole breeding fiasco for the page. But just to be safe, since I've never done this before, is there a sort of format for this kind of thing? I've combed the thread for a bit but I haven't found it yet.
2385 SullenFrog22nd Dec 2010 06:00:37 PM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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Here's the Pokemon entry template; Tangent has also linked to it on the first post of this thread.
2386 CalamityJane22nd Dec 2010 06:05:33 PM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
Guess I was just being an airhead then! I'll probably have it before Christmas.
Has anyone called dibs on an entry for Glitch City? Because if not, I'll do it.
Hey, this looks really fun and interesting.

Can I write one for Jynx and Smoochum?
Has anyone made a template for geography? It would really help with my Glitch City draft.

Smoochum Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Smoochum [#238]

Smoochum is a small humanoid Pokémon. Its entire body is covered with smooth, pink or cream colored skin. The only exception is its disproportionately large head, which hosts scraggly sandy blond hair on top. Smoochum's limbs are vestigial and lack digits. Its lips are quite prominent.

  • Jynx [#124]

Upon evolution, the hair grows down to the feet and becomes much straighter. The skin changes to a crimson color and expands, forming a flabby "dress" around the body and down to the legs. The only exceptions are on the facial area and hands, which darken to a deep purple, and on the upper torso, where patterns of gold or white appear. Early reports of supposed black-faced Jynx are often decried as racial propaganda of Kanto colonists, although rumors continue.

Notable Biology

The brains of Smoochum and Jynx are very large for their body size. Most of the nerve endings for sensory regions connect to the lips, which are used for taste and touch. At early stages of life, Smoochum attempt to use their lips on everything; sometimes, they even overbalance themselves on their small legs trying to "kiss" new objects. Analysis of their saliva reveals large concentrations of narcotics similar to ethanol, possibly for self-defense or dulling pain.

To develop better coordination, Smoochum will constantly rock back and forth; its evolved state, Jynx, practices extremely graceful body movements similar to a dancer's. This locomotion seems to be an element of communication between Smoochum and Jynx. Despite Jynx's well-developed vocal cords that allow a range of sounds similar to human speech, Jynx rarely ever respond to verbal signals, except those of song.

Smoochum and Jynx also have a complex body temperature and hydration system; they are homeothermic, but keep their internal organs cool instead of warm. Their skin is extremely porous and allows both entry and exit of water; as a side effect, the thinner skin of Jynx dries quickly under intense sunlight. Both forms shed and freeze their excess liquid as sweat, creating a perpetually cold mist around their bodies.


Because of their unique hydration methods, Jynx and Smoochum prefer dark, moist caves where the temperature remains at a constant below-freezing. Small puddles or bodies of water are staples of their territory, since the Pokémon must clean their lips and hair regularly. Despite their relation to Jynx, Smoochum are often found in sunnier regions such as lakefronts, as their thicker skin provides protection and they have access to more food items there. Both Pokémon will migrate, but they tend to settle down in one region as long as it can support them.

Mountaineers often tell of groups of Jynx gathering along passes and singing to lure men to their doom. Others report how they know people who were taken in and nursed by the Pokémon. However, such behavior seems pointless and against their nature, and the stories are probably not true. Most researchers agree that Jynx tend to avoid open mountain areas, due to the low water content in the air.


Smoochum and Jynx are both primarily herbivores and eat lichens or grasses. Despite their large mouths, these Pokémon are toothless. They scrape or pick off the plants with their powerful lips and swallow food whole. Under harsh conditions, they may resort to devouring eggs for protein nutrition, cracking the shells with their lip muscles and sucking in the yolk. Because of their low internal temperatures, the forms must use specialized enzymes to digest their foods; x-ray analysis of Jinx also reveals internal mastication of food with psychic abilities and muscle contractions.

Foraging is an important part of Jynx and Smoochum life, and the main source of their migrations. The specialized lips of Smoochum are pressed against nearly any foreign objects, allowing it to distinguish the edible and the inedible. However, their inexperience can also lead to younger specimens consuming poisonous or hazardous objects such as stones, sewage, empty food containers, or Technical Machines. Jinx are more capable of choosing, and they seem to utilize a mixture of sight, touch, taste, and psychic senses to determine the best option.


While outwardly elegant, Jynx are quite dangerous. With their various movements, they project a psychic field that, more often than not, provokes similar movements in any humans exposed the Pokémon. Excessive time spent with Jynx can even create obsessions related to its dancing, especially in men. Some witnesses report that the voice of Jynx can also be imbued with extrasensory qualities, expressing feelings of depression, anxiety, confusion, drowziness, and dread. When provoked, Jynx and its unevolved form will spawn larger psychic resonances, leading to brain damage or physical trauma in their victims.

The frozen sweat vapor secreted by Jynx and Smoochum can range in temperature from just below freezing to colder than liquid nitrogen. The temperature is regulated, and Jynx at least will willingly raise it while around familiar humans or potential mates. Angry specimens sometimes utilize their metabolism to freeze large areas of water vapor, creating cold winds or pockets of air to attack foes with. A few Jynx have demonstrated enough power to actively change the climate in their habitats; sudden temperature changes in the cave system are easily attributed to incursions.

Courting and Childrearing

Jynx are only female, and therefore can only mate with other species of humanoid Pokémon. At the point of maturity, a Jynx's movements will become more frantic and graceful. These gestures, aided by psychic signals, are often used to win over a potential suitor. Some Jynx will even directly manipulate the brains of their targets to create attraction.

While caring for an egg, a Jynx will constantly sing to it. The purpose of the music is completely unknown as of this moment; attempts to listen to it by humans have yielded nausea. Upon hatching, the mother abandons its offspring; the newborn will have to fend for itself until it can find more of its kind.

Social Structure

Smoochum, upon hatching, search for other Smoochum to form small groups for both protection and for greater communication. Any food is shared with the rest of the members, and new sensations are often transmitted between them by lip contact. A psychic resonance surrounds the young, formed by the combined minds of the companions. This field diverts and confuses most predators, and alerts the group to their presence. Upon reaching a certain age, one Smoochum will evolve into a Jynx; upon doing so, it leaves the other young and begins scouting for a different source of food.

Jynx are typically solitary, and will attack other members of the species on sight with open-handed slaps and psychic assaults. When not in contact with other Jynx, they seem to eschew any sort of territorial boundaries, instead roaming around until they find an area with sufficient food or water. They sometimes gather briefly to exchange information through both physical and verbal communication. In some reported cases, multiple Jynx will band together in groups of up to four to care for each others' eggs, although the bond seems to disappear when all the eggs hatch.

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2391 hazzaboner23rd Dec 2010 05:53:52 AM from Sniper Land (your heart) , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Nidoran needs love!
If you think that's long, check out the Nidoran article. It's a thing of legend.

EDIT: Also, holy crap. This is a high quality article. The whole Jynx-induced depression/anxiety/lust/etc. is definitely High Octane Nightmare Fuel for me. They're like dementors combined with veela!

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2392 Neo_Crimson23rd Dec 2010 07:46:51 AM from behind your lines.
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I really have to ask how you would approach Glitch City, as it shouldn't really exist in the first place. Maybe as cryptological phenomenon like Missingno?
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2393 CalamityJane23rd Dec 2010 10:18:11 AM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
Well, here's what I got so far on the Wailmer Line! I did a bunch of research on whales back in 7th grade, so I hope the facts are realistic enough.


Wailmer Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Wailmer [#320]
Wailmer are large and spherical in shape, with much greater buoyancy than Wailord. Their tops are dark blue and their bottoms are a cream color, and they are situated with two fins and no tail.
  • Wailord [#321]
Wailord are oval-shaped and are lighter shades of blue. They have four fins instead of two and are the largest Pokémon in existence. They often look like one really big tail.

Notable Biology

Wailmer often find it difficult to swim and dive as a result of their shape, especially in their early years, and so are more commonly found than Wailord. Both Wailmer and Wailord are situated with baleen hairs instead of teeth. They must eat a lot of very small but very abundant water-type Pokémon such as Luvdisc in order to nourish such large bodies. Wailmer and Wailord are also situated with surprisingly hollow and light bones, possibly a result of their environment.

Wailord are even larger than Wailmer, recorded as the longest Pokémon in recorded history from tip to tail, and largest from belly to blowhole. Wailord are more oval-shaped than their pre-evolution, and are situated for better streamlining for swimming and migration. Despite their incredibly large size, they weigh less than a half-ton, as the tenth-heaviest Pokémon; a very surprising feat for a Pokémon of its size. Many have speculated as to why this is, but no definitive answer has been found yet.

Strangely, despite being Water-type Pokémon, Wailmer and Wailord both mainly breathe oxygen. Their noses, as such, are situated on top of their heads for easier breathing. They are capable of holding their breath for over 10 hours.


Both Wailmer and Wailord often migrate to cool temperatures when their current habitat becomes too warm. Most Wailmer are found closer to the shallows than Wailord, and thus are more easily captured on beaches by children. They are substantially more common than Wailord, who usually prefer to swim in tight groups far away from human activity. A few Wailmer even decide to get closer to the tropical region of Hoenn, speculated to be them attempting to prove themselves to overprotective Wailord parents.

Most trainers get a Wailord through training and evolving a Wailmer, though there have been several occasions where a wild Wailord was caught instead. Wailord prefer to live deeper in the sea, often closer to the arctic circles, and often very far from large bodies of land. On occasion they will chase down rebellious Wailmer who come closer to Hoenn, but rarely decide to get closer than route 129. They are occasionally seen off the coast of Sinnoh. Wailord are very capable divers, the furthest recorded dive being almost 12,000 feet.


Wailmer and Wailord are both situated with baleen hair in the place of teeth, though when viewed from afar look a lot like teeth. Despite that, their diet is mainly carnivorous, often consuming large quantities of Luvdisc (oftentimes the only Pokémon thin enough to fit through the hairs). However, they are capable of eating regular berries if they are in thin slices. The same goes for Poke blocks and Poffins.


Wailmer and Wailord are not very dangerous in the conventional sense, as they do not like to attack anything substantially smaller than they are. However, many lost Wailmer have been known to confuse large boats as a Wailord, and attempting to group with the boat as a podmate has resulted in several cases of boat crashes and casualties, occasionally opening a gateway for Sharpedo to gather. Luckily, they can easily recognize a trainer riding on a Pokémon instead, so it is advised to ride your Pokémon when in Wailmer territory.

Attempting to catch wild Wailord is only safely capable if you are lucky enough to find a stray off the east coast of Hoenn or even rarer through fishing in Sinnoh. Finding them without diving is not common, though actual attempts to tail a diving Wailord are not recommended under any circumstance. Wailord are very fast, and can dive so deep that the pressure will not only cause a Dive bubble to pop, but may even result in death.

Courting and Childrearing

Wailmer and Wailord are both in the Ground Egg Group. Most Wailmer do not breed, but they will if in captivity. Mating season occurs only once every three years. When it comes time to breed, both male and female Wailord in a pod breach out into the sky as high as they can, to see if there are any other pods nearby to avoid inbreeding. If there is a pod nearby, the pods break up and reorganize themselves differently after they have all chosen a mate.

The pod stays together guarding the eggs for a very long time, and are very defensive over their young. Once the first egg hatches, the newly-made sub-pods say their goodbyes and go their separate ways. The new alpha family teaches their song to keep the families together during migration.

Social Structure

Wailord usually live in a system of pods and sub-pods. A main pod of Wailord is a system of families, often with one Alpha family leading the pod when it comes time to migrate. Outside of migration, Wailord usually live in sub-pods of two nuclear families consisting of parents and child Wailmer, ranging from 1-4 brothers and sisters per family. Oftentimes a specific Wailord Song is used to call the Sub-pods together for migration, each song different per each pod.

During mating season, mega-pods are formed, where up to three pods come together to mate with different Wailord. Nuclear families rarely stay together for more than 3 years, choosing a new mate come mating season. However, if a Wailord grows old enough to see their grandchildren, they will often take over for dead or missing parents and care for the Wailmer on their own.

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2394 Neo_Crimson23rd Dec 2010 10:34:16 AM from behind your lines.
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Wailord are even larger than Wailmer, recorded as the tallest Pokémon in recorded history from tip to tail, and largest from belly to blowhole.

That should be longest, tallest refers to vertical height. And I'm pretty sure there are pokemon that are taller than Wailord.
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2396 SullenFrog23rd Dec 2010 10:41:56 AM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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Woudn't they be gathered in pods rather than schools, seeing as they're whales?

This also brings to mind an interesting question: does whaling exist in the Pokemon world, and if so has it ever been as widespread and rampant as it has been in our world?
2397 CalamityJane23rd Dec 2010 10:43:42 AM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
^^^ Fixed it!

^^ No I will not touch Breeding

^ I don't really know that much about whaling, but considering that the Pokemon world presumably has more prominent animal rights I doubt it would be very widespread unless it was an island of people that were starving.

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You could always make breeding exactly like normal whales, Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action is an issue for another day.
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[up] You don't need to go into that much detail about whale sex. Just make up a mating ritual.

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