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2276 Marioguy12820th Nov 2010 03:54:51 PM from various galaxies
Well I'm reposting this so it can be evaluated. Black and White spoilers obviously.

Team Plasma

Team Plasma—our philosophy is to create a better world for Pokemon through dimensionally seperating this current world's Pokemon into another world where they can live freely without being subject to any human being's oppressive training and conditioning for danger in a phenomena called battling.

Recently, Team Plasma's motive has changed recently due to the rumors surrounding Seven Sage Geetis using the organization as a tool to gain domination of the Isshu region. There is proof in several of the incidents that happened in the past few months, such as the attempted capture of the Pokemon Victini, which is reportedly able to give a Trainer a victory in battle, no matter what. Any person who owns a Victini will win in everything.

! Activities

Headquarted behind the Isshu Pokemon League in the Castle of N, the actions were conducted throughout the Isshu region. Team Plasma often rallied in several towns and cities there, and several grunts were battled before the downfall of Team Plasma near the Pokemon League after N's reported change of heart. They were known to use and capture legendary Pokemon unlike previous evil team leaders that attempted to do so. Others involved the hurting of Pokemon, which is by law, illegal as it is not to satisfy the well-being of the Pokemon creatures.

! Organization

Team Plasma's hierarchy stemmed from bosses to grunts: the Boss, N, would have the Seven Sages administrate and watch every move the grunts make. Higher grunts had more evolved Pokemon while scientists stayed on the side to monitor the growth of each members Pokemon. Before becoming bosses, bosses must undergo a coronation ceremony supervised by the Goddesses of Peace and Love, which are moral compasses of Team Plasma, but rarely used as such. Geetis however, seemed much more an entity of his own than part of the Seven Sages as he did what he saw fit. The Dark Trinity, however are only loyal to each Boss and now, share a feudal relationship with Geetis including a ceremony resembling that of old England.

The Seven Sages function as administrative figures within Team Plasma so as to handle duties such as those of executives and legislators. Communication would go from them via e-mail and/or carrier Mamepato, to higher grunts and all the way to lower footmen. The IP addresses, like those of criminal organizations would be untraceable nor would they have a marked return address. Unlike Team Rocket, the Seven Sages along with N would supervise every move that each grunt would make. Mistakes would eventually lead to death sentencing via a drug-induced coma and euthanization. Before the disbanding of Team Plasma, N was their last reported Boss but Geetis seemed to have some sort of experience in handling the organization of Team Plasma as well as their activities with the Seven Sages being six.

! History

Team Plasma was originally a non-League organization that centered on bettering the morale of Pokemon, but up until N was born, things started to seem out of place. N lived with Pokemon and dreamed of another world for Pokemon alone, and Geetis, one of the Seven Sages fostered those ideas into place.

Rallies were held in Karakusa Town to market the organization, but soon after, their grunts hit a Munna in front of a Musharna so as to recieve its Dream Smoke, which enable Pokemon to enter the Dream World, a world only accessible through deep REM sleep, to spread their message. Thereafter, Aloe City Gym and Museum was attacked by several grunts and were robbed of a fossilized Dragonite head. But two male and female trainers were spotted battling several grunts after battling with N, the head honcho of Plasma. These two male and female trainers would then defeat N and Geetis using Reshiram and Zekrom while N used Kyurem.

Geetis then allegedly revealed his plan to control Isshu with Victini and he then decided that all Pokemon usage would be illegal but for himself to be dominant in the region, but after his defeat, he is reportedly on the run from government officials trying to hunt him down.
What should we do with this?

Speculation? Really? Uggghh. This article has no basis.

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2277 Neo_Crimson20th Nov 2010 04:01:05 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
Some parts of that just bugs me me. Like it being illegal to hurt pokemon, even though that would illegalize Pokemon battles, abuse is a better word here, or an explicit reference to England.
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2278 SullenFrog20th Nov 2010 04:01:23 PM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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Having not played Black or White or even looked at the games much beyond their version mascots, I can't really comment on this article's content and whether or not it is accurate.

That said, I suppose we could keep it around until the games actually come out over here, at which point localization will obviously necessitate corrections to some extent.
2279 Marioguy12820th Nov 2010 04:02:08 PM from various galaxies
It's speculating for the third version. Not good. It needs to have basis first.
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2280 EPIC21st Nov 2010 04:19:21 AM from Wherever the oxygen is.
Should we just use battling with Legendary Pokemon instead of explicit naming?
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Franlky, I found the article horrid. Delete it.
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I'd like to write a couple of entries on society, the pokemon league system, pokemon centers, and pokemarts in particular.
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2283 Tangent12821st Nov 2010 11:47:28 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
I can't say anything on the Plasma entry, because I'm avoiding plot spoilers until I can appreciate the full effect with the English release.

[up] Go on ahead. May want to reference the existing Gym and Trainer Card entries.

*vanishes back into ether*
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2284 SilentReverence21st Nov 2010 12:40:20 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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We could use an entry on League. We have made several overall references to it and at least veven planning the article will help make sure those check out.
2285 Marioguy12821st Nov 2010 12:47:29 PM from various galaxies
Well, the Team Plasma entry got cut. I'll take responsibilty for the entry and edit it as needed/put it on Rolling Updates, but I'll wait till the third version comes out.
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The International Pokemon League


The Pokemon League fulfills a number of purposes in day-to-day life. The best known function is the league's capacity as an authority on pokemon battles, and a sponsor for the various tourneys worldwide.

In addition to this, the league classifies the hazards and regulations regarding the ownership of certain pokemon, supports trainers, and preserves pokemon habitats.

Each region's local branch has a Pokemon League Arena, where a trainer can challenge the league's "Elite Four" and champion. How these final battles are decided is entirely up to the consensus of the league branch.

Functions / Duties

In the eyes of the league, their first and foremost duties are to protect the habitats of pokemon, and to protect the human populace from dangerous pokemon. The latter of these duties is the origin of the Pokemon Trainer program. The former, the origin of the Pokemon Ranger program.

Pokemon Trainer Program

The Pokemon Trainer program originated as a means of protecting towns from dangerous pokemon attacks, and to serve as couriers between towns, as the wilderness is dangerous for unaccompanied humans to cross. Only relatively recently did supporting competitive pokemon battling become one of its functions.

When a trainer registers, they receive a trainer card identifying them as an official league trainer, which has a magnetic stripe on the back that has a link to their pokemon league funds account. The league starts each trainer off with 3000 Pokedollars, which trainers can receive more of by winning competitive battles or selling goods at an official pokemart. This practice ensures superior trainers are well cared for. The possession of an amulet coin increases your league payout, the origin and reasoning behind this practice are unknown.

Vs. Seekers are devices made by the Silph Company as an accessory for trainers. They send signals to other Vs. seekers to indicate a desire for a rematch. When a Vs. Seeker receives one of these signals, it prompts the user to indicate their response, and then send back the reply.

Pokemon Ranger Program

to be filled


  • Pokemon Trainer Program: see above
  • Pokemon Ranger Program: see above
  • Pokemon Center System: A chain of buildings that serve both as a means of healing pokemon, and sheltering trainers. See article.
  • Pokemarts: Official chain of convenience stores that sell both day-to-day goods such as food and clothing, as well as pokemon training supplies. See article.
  • Pokemon Gyms: Officially sanctioned training centers. Beating the official gym leader indicates a step up to the next level of skill.
  • Anything else?

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2287 Marioguy12821st Nov 2010 01:09:05 PM from various galaxies
You should probably include information about rematches and that each region handles their Elite Four differently since Isshu let's you fight the members in any order.
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...Really? Cool. I'll update that.
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Updated, only put up minor Elite Four info. I'm saving that for a separate article.

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2290 Tangent12821st Nov 2010 01:47:42 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
I would note that the general trend of thinking seems to be that a PokÚdex is not something that many Trainers would own.

A VS Seeker may exist as an easy way to track down people interested in a battle, but tying it to a PokÚdex would mean you'd only be able to track down research assistants and the like. I'd suspect a VS Seeker is probably not a League-affiliated device at all, though nonetheless a common accessory for enthusiastic competitors. Likewise, the payout after a battle probably is a wager made beforehand, not paid by the League.

I have no idea if money's an issue in the Ranger games, but they probably would be on League payroll.
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I thought that it was a wager as well, but I later thought that it would be more rare than it is, given how gambling is usually socially frowned upon. I figured the league payout explanation seemed more logical.

The pokedex thing seems more reasonable though.

Also, I'm assuming pokemon exist in addition to animals right?

Are they their own kingdom, or a sub-kingdom of animalia?

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I'd say that Pokemon ARE animals, for the most part. An Ursaring would be a bear, part of Ursidae, for example, in my opinion.
2293 InsanityPrelude21st Nov 2010 06:53:08 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
At what point is it okay to make a new subpage instead of just linking to the thread? Just to make sure I'm not crossing any lines.
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Hmm. The Leagues seem to be more local. More akin to the Eastern and Western NBA Conferences than FIFA. And we really have no idea how integrated the Leagues are in other events. The rangers and the dex project seem to be a completely separate institution.
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2295 Pykrete21st Nov 2010 11:56:32 PM from Viridian Forest
I notice we somehow don't have an article for Weedle-Beedrill.

For obvious reasons, I would like to take this one.

Also long time no see grin

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2296 Tangent12822nd Nov 2010 12:25:26 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Why must the thread pick up so when I'm buried in assignments?! T_T
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@Chronix: Okay, I will admit there was a heavy amount of inference put into this. But I don't think it's all that much more ridiculous than ghost types being inferred to be inter-dimensional beings.
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2298 rmctagg0922nd Nov 2010 06:42:41 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up][up] I know how you feel Tangent. I don't think I'll be able to start on a new article until late December, when classes are done.
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Aww, I had started to write something on Weedle, but forgot to call it... Serves me right...

Anyway, if that's the case, can I try something on Zubat?

Oh, and, will done articles get a chance to be expanded upon? For example, the Remoraid article, which doesn't explain or even give much importance to how a fish becomes a freaking octopus...
2300 Marioguy12822nd Nov 2010 12:52:33 PM from various galaxies
Oh, I'm doing the Zubat line. I might put it on Rolling Updates though.
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