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2201 SilentReverence8th Nov 2010 05:16:38 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Just talked to Da Men (among them Fast Eddie), they said that once we are ready we could move The PokÚdex - Extended Fanon Edition to the Web Original namespace. Only that, the subpages won't need to be moved. That in accordance to the "rid of Troper Works, recategorize pages" strategy being established there.

2202 InsanityPrelude9th Nov 2010 12:53:25 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
Hey, who's working on the Eevee line?
2203 SilentReverence9th Nov 2010 01:08:36 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
No one. It is a general consensus that that entry will be built in a collaborative maner, as well as TVTropius. W should really put a label about that on the wiki page...

2204 Neo_Crimson9th Nov 2010 03:14:43 PM from behind your lines.
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[up]We should also make Tropius the official Pokemon of TV Tropes.
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2205 Tangent1289th Nov 2010 03:48:21 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Nah, don't want to get into gen wars. wink

(Though I did recently register the domain. tongue)
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2206 InsanityPrelude9th Nov 2010 03:49:00 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
No problem. I don't feel up to tackling something as well-loved as the Eeveelutions anyway; I was just surprised it hadn't been done yet. Maybe Drifloon...
2207 Anomalocaris209th Nov 2010 03:52:59 PM from Sagittarius A* , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
I don't want any damn vegetables.
[up][up]But it's Tropius! Even Gen I purists must love the banana-bearded TV Tropes Pokemon! Also, is my berry article linked to on the first post? I should really check that myself, but I'll probably miss it somehow.
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2208 Marioguy1289th Nov 2010 04:05:32 PM from various galaxies
[up]The only thing Tropius is good for is being an HM slave.
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2209 Neo_Crimson9th Nov 2010 04:26:28 PM from behind your lines.
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[up]So? It has trope in its name! It's the obvious choice!
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2210 SilentReverence9th Nov 2010 05:05:25 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
↑↑Well, at least it's not Bibarel. Meaning he can fly. And give you food in the meanwhile. It's like traveling by plane, but you land where you want and without being gangraped by the TSA.

We should totally start the movement. I don't guess a YKTTW would be appropriate but then where?

2211 InsanityPrelude9th Nov 2010 08:04:59 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
I've started to write an entry for Meowth and Persian in my head, but I'm hitting an obstacle here: how does Pay Day even work? It'd be pretty impractical for Meowth to carry its hoard around everywhere, especially since it doesn't have thumbs, but summoning coins out of nowhere doesn't make much sense either.
2212 Tangent1289th Nov 2010 08:17:54 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Yeah, we don't want Kanto's economy to be wrecked by the local housecats. tongue

I suppose that Meowth could use their forehead coin in a manner similar to Mijimaru's shellblade.
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
2213 Marioguy1289th Nov 2010 08:33:27 PM from various galaxies
... It's their... excretions? Or it's made from energy.
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2214 Rainbow9th Nov 2010 08:37:03 PM , Relationship Status: Puppy love
They could have the ability to shoot out objects that look like coins, or the forehead coin could get multiplied for use in attacking. Wouldn't that be similar to the metal-based powers that some of the Steel type Pokemon have? Or they really could have the ability to create coins, but the coins could be unmarked so you can't tell what they're worth and maybe coins created by Pokemon using Pay Day don't count as real currency?

About the Berries, I was thinking about things like the Wiki and Iapapa berries, the ones that cause confusion in Pokemon that hate their flavors. Maybe that works because the berry's flavor is so extreme that it overwhelms the senses of a Pokemon who hates that flavor.

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2215 Neo_Crimson9th Nov 2010 09:28:13 PM from behind your lines.
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[up][up][up]I agree with Tangent, the "coin" on its head could just be a metallic "nail" (possibly indicating that Meowth had Steel-type ancestors?) that can be detached and weaponized.
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2216 InsanityPrelude9th Nov 2010 09:40:42 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
This is pretty rough, but here's a start anyway.

Also, formatting hates me.

Last revision (Nov. 16th): Revamped Pay Day. Added behavior section. More re-wording.

Meowth Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Meowth [052]
    * Persian [053]

Notable Biology

Meowth and Persian are quadrupedal feline Pokemon with prominent whiskers and retractable claws. The wild-type coat is short and soft, cream to white in color. In Meowth, this is accompanied by brown pointing on the ears, tail and back feet; the ear and foot pointing fades after evolution. The tail of both stages features a distinctive whorl at the end.

Meowth is small, weighing nine to ten pounds on average. Its nose is difficult to spot, as it is nearly flat and covered in fur, but this doesn't seem to impede its breathing. It is capable of standing bipedally for relatively long periods and unusually flexible shoulder joints by quadruped standards allow it to throw small objects. Meowth's most distinctive feature is the "coin" embedded in its forehead: actually a keratinous structure more akin to a horn. Metallic deposits within the coin lend it its shine. If its coin is not broken off early, Meowth sheds it on a seasonal basis. The coin reaches full size within two weeks after being broken or shed, but takes longer to regain its mature thickness and luster.

After roughly two years, Meowth evolves into Persian (unless it is exposed to an Everstone, which Meowth owners frequently purchase for this reason- see Hazards.) It increases in size, now standing an average of three feet tall at the shoulder, with a more lithe and powerful stature like that of its fellow big cats. Unlike the younger stage, Persian have not been observed to move bipedally. The original coin is shed for the last time, and shortly replaced with a smaller, round red "gem." The gem is harder than Meowth's coin and firmly fixed in place. Persian does not shed its gem.


This line is remarkably intelligent, with at least one Meowth reported to have learned human speech. It is unclear, however, whether this is mere mimicry as exhibited by Chatot or if he actually knew what he was saying. Despite its intelligence, Meowth's often contrary nature makes it tricky to train. Wild-caught Persian are very resistant to training; as such, almost all trained or pet Persian were raised from the Meowth stage.

Meowth is notorious for its habit of seeking out and hoarding shiny objects, particularly round ones. It carries its finds back to its den, and if forced to abandon it, may take a favorite item along if it is able. Kittens still living with their mother do not accrue their own hoards, but bring objects to their mother instead; pet Meowth frequently do the same for their owner, even past the age when they would normally have left their parent.

In battle, Meowth is known to deliberately break off its coin, which appears to cause it no pain, and throw it at its opponent. This serves as a distraction while Meowth closes in to bite and claw at the foe. If its coin is still growing back from a previous loss, other small objects are sometimes utilized.


Meowth is native to Johto and Kanto. Populations have also become established on most of the Sevii Islands, likely descended from Meowth and Persian brought there as pets. While their native habitat appears to be forested areas, both wild and feral populations are frequently found in the vicinity of human settlement. As a popular pet and Contest Pokemon, there exists a considerable market for Meowth in other regions.


Meowth and Persian are carnivorous, though they may nibble on green plants on occasion.


Meowth's hoarding can make it a danger to its Trainer's valuables. Appealing trinkets should be kept well out of reach in a household where Meowth lives; it is adept at climbing and making its way into surprising spaces, so often "out of reach" means behind a lock. It is also necessary to provide a scratching post, mat, or tree and train Meowth to use it as soon as possible, as it needs to scratch regularly and will use the furniture to do so if there are no other options.

Many people who keep Meowth as pets purchase Everstones due to Persian's infamously fickle temperament. Even a Persian that has been around humans from birth may claw its owner if annoyed, and it is easily provoked. [Trainer Note: It calms down if you can get ahold of its whiskers, but it's much better to just back off and let it cool down.] Watching its body language is a useful tool to know when to back off, as Persian raises its tail when it's preparing to strike.
While Meowth can usually be trained and acclimated to humans and other Pokemon without much trouble, wild-caught Persian are nearly impossible to completely tame. Serious injuries and even deaths have occurred when a formerly wild Persian unexpectedly turned on its owner.

Courting and Childrearing

This Pokemon reaches sexual maturity during the Meowth stage. Females go into heat roughly twice a year; during this time they make loud calls, and if living indoors, will attempt to get outside by any means necessary. A Persian in heat can be especially destructive in her attempts to escape. Intact males may mark their territory by scratching or spraying, and if allowed to roam frequently get into fights over females. For these reasons, many pet Meowth/Persian keepers opt to have them spayed or neutered. After a successful mating, the parents go their separate ways, and the female gives live birth to an average of 2-4 kittens after roughly two and a half months.
The mother cares for her young for the first couple of months. Approaching a wild Persian with kittens should be avoided if at all possible; a tame Persian may allow her trainer/owner near if she's in a good mood.

Social Structure

Meowth tolerates others of its species fairly well, and wild or feral individuals will often form loose colonies. However, it prefers to hunt alone. It can become quite attached to its human trainer, but unlike Skitty and Delcatty, Meowth is not a "lap cat."

Persian is much more solitary, voluntarily approaching other Persians only to mate. A tame Persian considers its trainer part of its territory, and doesn't take well to other people or Pokemon.

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2217 Neo_Crimson9th Nov 2010 09:44:17 PM from behind your lines.
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What's with the double forward-slashes?
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2218 InsanityPrelude9th Nov 2010 09:45:35 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
That was me forgetting how forum formatting works.
2219 SilentReverence9th Nov 2010 10:03:54 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
↑Gone thru that sometimes, made me laugh.

For a quick change I'd get rid of the first-person in the TN but beyond that, the article is a pretty nifty starting point and about middle-point done.

And female Persian 'completely read like my cat. Oh god she's leering at me now...

2220 InsanityPrelude10th Nov 2010 06:20:08 AM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
My cats tend more towards the friendly side. (And massively derpy in Squeak's case.)

What sort of things should I add?
2221 SalFishFin10th Nov 2010 02:13:26 PM from A respectful distance away , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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Note: Need a bit of help with this... Any suggestions?

Houndour Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Houndour [228]
  • Houndoom [229]

Physical Description

Houndour are foot-tall Dark-furred canine Pokemon with red muzzles and underbellies. Houndoom are larger- usually three or four feet tall to the top of their horns. Both of these Pokemon sport rib-like growths on their backs and what appear to be shackles around their ankles.

Notable Biology

The Houndour line is distantly related to the Vulpix and Growlithe lines, but more closely related to the Poochyena line. Like Vulpix and Growlithe, Houndour and its morphs internalize their fire and expel it through their mouths. Their fire is adapted for hunting and self-defense purposes; Houndoom strengthen their fire with a chemical that has been dubbed "Houdpalm," that is mainly derived from stomach acid, allowing the morphs to leave deeper burns than those of most other Fire Types, and often even cause major nerve damage. This has led to the urban legend that Houndoom flame burns forever.

Houndour also have a skull plate, which is shed in place of horns when it evolves. Houndoom has one more "shackle" per paw and one more "rib" than Houndour, as well as a skull "necklace".

Houndoom's "ribs" are special structures that house the Houndpalm. This substance is composed of stomach acid and other gastric byproducts. Their fur is resistant to it, in case a "rib" accidentally breaks, but if this substance were to come into contact with their internal organs (barring, of course, the stomach and esophagus), death would be slow and painful.

The other protuberances are believed to have had some advantage in the past, but are purely vestigial now, with the obvious exception of Houndour's skull plate, which protects the infant Pokemon until its skull hardens.


Houndour are usually found in areas of rough terrain, but many have made the transition to Grasslands, and even the occasional city.


In the wild, Houndour are mainly carnivorous, but supplement their diets with berries and grasses. Houndoom prefer spicy berries, which contain capscasin, which— among other unknown substances— will be incorporated into the Houndpalm. They will also chew rocks (and, once they become Houndoom, their discarded skull plate) to strengthen their outer "ribs."


The Houndour line does not begin to produce Houndpalm until sexual maturity. As such, Houndour caught in the wild are actually less dangerous than the average fire type, due to their usually compliant nature. They are recommended for intermediate trainers, but even a beginner trainer can make adequate use of one, provided that it has been spayed or neutered to prevent the production of Houndpalm. In fact, only spayed or neutered Houndour or Houndoom are allowed in official tournament play.

Houndoom caught in the wild tend to be more of a hassle. They have been reported to have challenged (and painfully defeated) their trainers for dominance or the chance to return to the wild. They react unfavorably to being neutered, and so are usually only used for breeding purposes.

Social Structure

Houndour and Houndoom share the intelligence of their cousins Vulpix and Growlithe. Houndoom hunt together in well-organized packs, using barks and other such sounds both to disorient their prey and locate each other. Older Houndour who are close to evolving join the Houndoom in the hunt.

Houndour that are caught by a trainer quickly come to note that said trainer is the leader, and establish a social hierarchy (usually with himself at a high position) within the party. They are loyal to their trainers to the brink of death, and highly protective of the other Pokemon in their party.

Courting and Childrearing

Houndour are sexually immature. When a female Houndoom comes in heat, she will send plumes of fire and Houndpalm into the sky, attracting males from all around, who will then pair off and hold fire-breathing "contests" of varying types. They attempt to overpower the other, breathe into the sky to see who can last the longest, or in some cases even hold contests of marksmanship. The winner earns the chance to mate. A Houndoom whose mate is pregnant is given leave from hunting duty until his pups are born. Mother Houndoom usually give birth to litters of five or six, and care for their brood for about six months, at which time, they will join in the hunting party.

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Aside from the complete lack of a hazards section, the main thing that stood out to me was the hellhounds' diet. In RL, canids aren't exactly obligate carnivores and regularly supplement their diet with plant matter. An example... Other than that, it looks like a decent start, it just needs a bit of polish and expansion.
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Is anybody working on Swinub? I'd like to give that a shot.
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2224 Neo_Crimson10th Nov 2010 04:00:13 PM from behind your lines.
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^I was after I finish Registeel.

Also the Houndour article, aside from several spelling and grammar mistakes. One thing stands out, fire is not corrosive its simply a visible form of heat emitted when something reacts with Oxygen. If you mean the substance that is ignited to make the fire, which presumably is a napalm-like substance, then that makes more sense.

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2225 InsanityPrelude10th Nov 2010 04:06:52 PM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
I think I will go more of a detachable-horn route for Pay Day, because now that I think about it, something that's naturally a quadruped probably wouldn't be able to throw things all that well. (then again anatomy and physiology isn't my strong point!)

I guess Persian and anything that can learn it by breeding/gen 1 TM 16 use it by Gameplay and Story Segregation. tongue

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