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I have an idea that explains Eevee many evolutions.

The Eevee line starts off as an Eevee. An Eevee normally evolves gradually, depending on its environment, to a form better adapted to its surroundings. The evolutionary stones trigger the evolution artificially to create Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon, as well as the Icy and Grassy Rocks on certain routes that let Eevee evolve into Glaceon and Leafeon.

Espeon and Umbreon are relatively new forms in comparison. Rather than evolving through environment, they come about though the presence of a trainer. The Eevee eventually evolves into a form that allows it to better protect its friend, with the form being determined by the sun's position in the sky (present or absent).

Not enough to make an entry, but it's a start.
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I like the idea that Eevee have inherently adaptable secondary genetics, so exposure to harsh climates and/or different environments, emotional states, and conditions can cause a genetic mutation-suppression protein to be reduced, allowing it to begin growing into a new form with a different Typing.
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I agree with all of the above. Sounds like a solid base for explaining the Eeveelutions.
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As do I. There is definitely potential there...
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And now they got me thinking about that Eclipseon fic I read somewhere...
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I also feel like I've seen that explanation before.
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In other news, I am still working on the Nidoran entry with several changes, some of them large scale, and I plan to have the next major release by the end of the year. The changes so far include a quick study of their names, checking the mating and birth rates to make sense, and trying to provide better background on the poison. I have yet to try justify the Ground-type adaptation upon royal evolution. And no, no fanart yet. I will be of course glad to receive suggestions as to any of those matters.

And talking about that, if anyone has suggestions for Hoothoot & Noctowl childbearing please let me know, because I haven't been capable to come up with something for them.

I still don't know which entry to do next...

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The Sentret article is still rather... bare. Seriously, most of the important details are outright missing!!! Unfortunately, I don't have much of an idea of what to do there, nor do I have the time to fix it myself...
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Sentret is up high on the revise list, yeah.

Hmm... I don't know if this would get an article or just be mentioned where relevant, but how effectively are poisons treated with modern medical attention?
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Considering how a move that causes grievous neck injuries is not considered to be game-breaking enough to be banned from use in competitive battle, I'd think that the Poke-world's got some fairly advanced tech when it comes to medicine. So, I doubt that treatment of toxins would be an issue beyond whether or not you got a suitable antivenom in time (which given the Antidote's catch-all properties and ubiquity, shouldn't be much of a problem)...

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On more recent news, are we going to consider moving the The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition project page to a different namespace in the wiki as per the new moving plan for Troper Works? (also, the previous two pages in that thread arfe highly relevant)

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So, I'm new to this Fanondex stuff and would like to make a page for Berries. I don't have time to read this entire thread, but have read most of the actual articles and have an idea of what to do.
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[up]How are you thinking of formatting it? There obviously isn't enough info on the individual berries to make them all separate, but there's also too many to just clump them all together. Perhaps group them by taste(bitter, sweet, sour, etc)?

and maybe a reference to Cherubi could be made.

at any rate, just throw down what you've got and we'll tell you what we think.

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I was thinking a brief description of each one (i.e. taste, texture, preparation.), its usage by Pokemon, and some additional notes (Such as common uses, health benefits/hazards, preferred conditions, attached folklore, etc.). As for sorting... Maybe just 1-32 and 33-64, or maybe quarters.

If you like it, I'll start working on it... tomorrow. Just hit 12:00 AM over here, and I'm tired.

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Berries? Go ahead. And "additional notes" are what we live for here. waii

For the project page, do you have a particular idea for which namespace to move it to? Forum Support, perhaps.

Maybe eventually the pages could be moved to a wiki of their own.

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So, how should I begin? Type up some stuff in a post and see if it's good? Edit that post to include whatever else I come up with?
2192 Blissey18th Nov 2010 11:43:14 AM from a random Pokècenter , Relationship Status: I know
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[up]sounds good. Rolling Updates are quite acceptable. Post a rough draft or whatever and we'll work from there.
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Cheri Berry


The tree of the Cheri Berry is of a moderate height. The leaves take on a bluish tint as the tree matures. The flowers produced by the tree are delicate and white, and produce the Cheri Berry from a long, spindling stem emerging from the center of the flower. This berry ranges from 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch wide, and is quite soft. Within the flesh is a hard pit about 1/3 of an inch wide. The pit is swallowed by the consumer, and eventually excreted somewhere else, allowing the Cheri Tree to spread its seeds.


Despite not producing natural capsaicin, similar compounds give the berry a mild spiciness, with a Scoville rating of 600. The flesh is soft and juicy towards the center, but somewhat fibrous around the skin.


The Cheri Berry contains a unique mixture of enzymes that can alleviate numbness and eliminate temporary forms of paralysis through small-scale nerve repair. As such, a Paralyzed Pokemon can cure itself of Paralysis with just one Cheri Berry.


The Cheri Berry is safe for consumption by both humans and Pokemon. It is a healthy food choice, giving high amounts of Vitamin C and the natural benefits normally associated with capsaicin. While most Pokemon are fond of these, Pokemon of the Glameow line are known to particularly love them, often seen hoarding large amounts of the berry or stealing from vendors. There is a legend that one of the founding fathers of the Unova region cut down a Cheri Tree in his youth, but showed his honesty and admitted to it. This is most likely a legend, though.

Chesto Berry


The Chesto Tree grows to be tall, with plumes of soft pink leaves covering most of it. The fruit of the tree is about 3 inches in length, and consists of two parts, an outer shell and an inner seed.


Both parts of the fruit are edible. The shell is a tough, brittle, dry tasting husk, while the seed is softer but even more dry and chewy. Both parts are high in fiber, as one could probably tell.


The Chesto Berry contains mild, caffeine-like stimulants that can drive off drowziness (But not actual Drowzees, unless used as a throwing item.) and even awaken one from sleep. This effect works its way out of one's system almost as quickly as it takes effect.


Chesto Berries are enjoyed by humans and Pokemon alike. During the holiday seasons, Chesto Berries are often roasted, frequently over an open fire, and consumed. Their high fiber promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Pecha Berry


The Pecha Tree is a thin, shabby tree that produces striking indigo leaves and the Pecha Berry. This berry is a pink bulblike fruit with two or more leaves growing out from the stem. It is about an inch and a half in diameter, and is extremely squishy, often being reduced to mush when improperly handled. This is in part due to the hollow pocket inside the fruit. This pocket is where the seed develops, but most Pechas are picked before this to avoid the sudden turn in flavor.


The Pecha Berry is very sweet and tangy, and is so soft it has a texture like gelatin. It falls apart in one's mouth, or one's hand if you're unfortunate. Once the seed develops, the taste becomes extremely bitter and disgusting to the human tongue; humans are not fit to pass the seed within, while larger, more capable beasts tend to find the taste attractive.


Due to the harsh conditions that the species used to endure when growing in toxic soil, the whole tree contains powerful antidotes to many poisons. This is concentrated in the fruit, giving it powerful medicinal properties.


The Pecha Berry is often used in pies and cobbler, due to its tendency to fall apart. It is particularly favored by Poochyena and Stunky, and their evolutions.

Rawst Berry


The Rawst Bush is a short plant with pale red leaves. The fruit it produces are about 1.3 inches long and egg-shaped, with the broader end facing the stem. At the base of the stem, anywhere from 3 to 5 short leaves grow. Unripe Rawst Berries are green, and turn blue at peak ripeness. Overripe berries become a darker shade of blue and develop a mushy texture. The seeds are located on the skin of the berry, and are edible.


Rawst Berries normally are somewhat bland with a hint of bitterness. The texture is hard around the outside, but turns softer and juicier toward the center. The leaves are a good indication of how the berry will taste; the longer and curlier the leaves, the more bitter it tastes.


The seeds of the Rawst Berry contain proteins meant to help the sprouting plant endure dry conditions; when ingested, they help alleviate flesh damage caused by burns.


Rawst Berries are often used in baked goods, such as shortcake, and as jams and jellies. Their bitterness makes them an aquired taste. Fire-Type Pokemon seem to love these berries.

Aspear Berry


The Aspear Tree is tall with vibrant red leaves, and usually bears only two or three fruit at a time. The Aspear Berry itself is a round yellow fruit dotted with green rings. It is very hard, and about 2 inches in diameter. The seeds contain weak cyanide compounds, and should not be consumed. It is related to the Wepear and Leppa Berries.


It is difficult to bite through the tough peel, but the inside is very juicy and very sour. The core is inedible, and the flesh around it is somewhat paper-like. The flesh is also somewhat grainy.


The Aspear Berry stimulates blood flow, helping to regulate body temperature in cold conditions.


It is often used in pies or eaten sliced. Their natural sourness also makes them ideal for flavoring candy. The Jynx line seems to have a predilection for these berries.

Leppa Berry


Leppa Trees are short, straight-growing trees with pink bushy leaves. The fruit of the tree is about 1.1 inches in diameter. It is red toward the stem, and becomes a yellowish-beige down along the fruit. It is very hard. Two long thin leaves sprout from the stem.


The taste of the Leppa Berry can only be described as moist. Like the Aspear, the seeds are dangerous, and the core is inedible and papery.


There are little notable effects of the Leppa Berry, but it is high in sugars, giving a lot of energy as a result.


The Leppa is an all-utility fruit. It can be used in anything from salads to chocolates to pies, the last of which is a culturally-dominant food in the Unova region. It is often said that regular consumption of this fruit will ensure good health, and less visits to the doctor. It also inspired the name of computer company Leppa Computers. Wild Clefairy can often be seen carrying these fruit.

Oran Berry


The Oran Tree has orange leaves, strikingly contrasted with the fruit it bears. These Oran Berries are a deep shade of blue. They are round and plump, with a diameter of 1.4 inches and a very tough rind. It is in the same family as Sitrus, Nomel, and Grepa.


The Oran is noted as being many flavors rolled together into a single fruit. However, the low amount of sugar means the fruit is not very sweet. The insides are, like most of its family, divided into several wedge-shaped segments with fibrous film between and at the center. The acids present can damage teeth if sucked on.


No notable effects, other than being a nutritious fruit.


There are many uses for the Oran Berry. It is often juiced, used in a marinade, or made into frozen treats. The outermost part of the rind can be grated off and used as a zest. Many wild Pokemon are fond of it, especially woodland ones. There is a ridiculous joke related to the Oran and Nanab Berries involving repetition followed by a subversion and a pun.

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Fair enough in style. I don't have sufficient experience to judge the botany, though. tongue

An introduction entry on berries in general may be a good idea, though.
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Though a proper template is in order, how's this?:


!! Biology


!! Habitat


!! Taste


!! Effects


!! Use


!! Other


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Hmm... problem with that is that I have no idea what to put for habitat. Other than that, and the fact that I've had no use for "other" yet, it seems fine.

Should I edit my original posting to add more berries and change stuff?

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It's best if we can link to one post, yes.
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Next 2 added.
I chuckled at the chesto berries roasting on an open fire.
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[up]Figured I would slip in references to their real-world inspirations.

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