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7751 rmctagg098th Mar 2014 08:05:23 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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I already informed Tangent yesterday.
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Delete it, then PM the troper about it.

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Cutlisted it, sending a PM now
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Oh man I gotta work on that Froakie bio >_>
How do we promote a forum post to an actual page? I'd certainly like my Feebas entry to be promoted.
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Putting final touches on Meditite article and updated Dibs page with my dibs list from before the clear out. Meditite, Litleo and Fletchling.

If anyone has any problems with the last two let me know.
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7757 Icalasari29th Mar 2014 12:04:14 AM from Alberta, Canada
I want to call dibs on Klefki, although I'm not sure how magical in nature I can go? I know the recent short shows they can open portals to other worlds, at any rate, and Fae are generally extremely magical. I only just recently found out about the Fanon dex, so I'm unsure of how far one can go with the entries in terms of pure magic and fantastical depictions

Also, when the Eevee line is eventually worked on, I'm hoping to help with Umbreon? I've come up with fairly mundane explanations for how everything works on it, and am only really stumped on whether the word Spray is an exaggeration, and if not, how far it can spray its sweat to poison somebody
I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
7758 Umbramatic6th Apr 2014 01:57:48 AM from WAAPT , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Is it alright if I replace my Honedge dibs with Goomy? The old claimer dissapeared months ago and the dibs expired.

Plus I have no clue how to explain Honedge's biology but have lots of ideas for Goomy. ^_^;

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7759 rmctagg096th Apr 2014 04:12:06 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Fine by me.
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

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7760 Icalasari6th Apr 2014 11:20:32 PM from Alberta, Canada
Oh, Honedge is open?

In that case, I'm calling Dibs on Klefki and Honedge. Lots that can be done with a ghost in a sword

I'll type up some preliminary stuff tomorrow as right now it's stupid o'clock

EDIT: I am not opposed to collaborative help, btw - Others may have ideas I never even thought of before, after all

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I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
7761 Icalasari7th Apr 2014 09:52:22 AM from Alberta, Canada


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Klefki [707] Magnencij Kleptes

Klefki are 20 cm greyish silver Pokemon with a mouth resembling that of a keyhole on an older style lock. They have a small, pink body of sorts hanging from the bottom of their "head". On the top of their heads is a horn that makes up roughly half of its size, the horn having two protrusions on the front that make it resemble a key. On its face is a small, pink gem of sorts. At the base of its horn are two long, metallic offshoots that it uses as arms.

Notable Biology

This Pokemon's metallic body appears to be mostly a shell of sorts, controlled through a mild form of ferrokinesis - in fact, the only parts of the Pokemon that appear to be biological would be the key hole face, the pink gem in its head, and the teardrop shaped body below it.

The gem embedded in its head is used as a focus for its ferrokinetic and fairy powers, allowing it to increase its power and manipulate the metal more easily. It's theorized that its ability to manipulate metal may in fact be connected to its fairy powers, and the gem is used to overcome metal's natural resistance to its primary typing.

The body below the head contains the majority of the Pokemon's organs, the stomach being an exception, kept within its large cranium instead. It is a common misconception that this part is pink - the marking on the front, in fact, is the actual colour that appears after vigorous cleaning. The Pokemon shows extreme discomfort and the typical allergic reaction to the metal it coats itself in when this substance is removed, leading to theories that it may have evolved this overtime in order to protect itself from the common weakness and, eventually, incorporate it as a natural defense against predators.

The mouth is a hot subject for debate among researchers. Depictions of this Pokemon show it as having a less key hole shaped mouth, with the more common design having begun to show up roughly around the same period as the invention of the lock and key. In more recent times, a few rare sightings of Klefki with narrower, slit like mouths have been showing up, the first sighting being shortly after the invention of the first key card, leading to several possible theories as to the connection between this Pokemon's shape and its seeming connection to keys.


This Pokemon has been noted taking up residence at the ruins of a hotel, commonly known as the Lost Hotel by passerby. Considering that they have also been observed near damp caverns, where various lichens and mosses grow (See: Diet), it is currently assumed that the sometimes damp and always dim conditions within the hotel, along with the abundance of keys and other small detritus produce a highly desirable environment for the fairy type.


Klefki prefer a diet rich in minerals and mosses, although they will eat various molds if need be. The minerals are used to maintain their outer shell, which they use to keep themselves protected. Trainers raising this Pokemon are recommended to, on top of the usual plant matter they ingest, include a zinc supplement - While they do use iron quite frequently, too much has been known to break down the protect pink coating on their bodies and within their digestive tracts, triggering an allergic reaction, which is avoided when they are fed zinc instead.

Recently bred males will require a larger amount of metal for a short period of time, and may feed on small bugs to help supply the metal needed. It is recommended to instead increase the supply of zinc and add in about one part iron to every 4 parts zinc during this period, as eating insects will often irritate their stomach linings as they eat the bugs whole and alive, lacking any teeth to crush them with.


Klefki is considered a fairly minor risk to trainers, but like any Pokemon, these risks still do exist. When nearing the territory of a Klefki, if the Pokemon feels threatened they may begin to shake the various objects they have gathered at the intruder, as a warning. If not heeded, the Pokemon will begin to escalate, using guile and quick wit to outsmart the perceived threat, catching them off guard with status moves in the middle of an attack from their foe.

When in full on battle, Klefki are capable of a number of underhanded and devious tricks, such as using any light that is available to blinding their foe, sometimes even causing damage with the brightness. They may also manipulate their horns, grinding them together to create an ear splitting screeching sound. This technique, dubbed Metal Sound by trainers, will often break the concentration of a foe, allowing Klefki to get in an easy, unresisted ranged attack. On top of this, they are also able to turn the strength of a foe against them, resulting in the opponent becoming harmed by their own brute strength. Due to this, if one desires to battle a Klefki, it is recommended to bring a Pokemon that can resist both Steel and Fairy attacks, and uses moves of the special persuasion. A Fire type is usually enough to scare them off, as the sudden influx of light will make them an easy mark for predators, not to mention that the heat is able to melt off the protective coat and expose them to the very metal they are allergic to.

Outside of battle, if the Klefki is at ease, it may pull a variety of pranks on those in its territory. For the most part, these pranks are harmless, if not a bit irritating - Stealing keys and necklaces, jump scares, and so on. However, if one approaches your mouth, it is highly recommended to cover your lips immediately - Like some ghost types, Klefki are able to steal life energy, their method requiring a kiss. Some reports also state that they may kidnap a human and bring them to an "alternate reality" (See: Powers).

Tame Klefki are less of an issue, although it is recommended that, if you are trusting them with keys or something else valuable, you get them a couple partners that you can keep an eye on. Else you may find your keys on a wild Klefki when on a stroll one day.

Courting and Childrearing

The Pokemon begins to prepare for courtship from the day it has developed its metallic covering. Gathering the shiniest baubles and trinkets it can find, it manipulates its arms to be able to pierce the object, creating a hole to lace their pseudo arms through - whether it's a shiny rock, a sparkling gem, a soft feather, or so on. This has a chance at destroying the object, which has led to a preference for objects that already have holes in them. During mating season, males and female begin to present their collections to each other. The Klefki will choose an item from each others collections, and if they agree to it, they will exchange the objects with one another and find a shaded, secluded spot where moss and mold may be growing.

For the next few days, the female's lower body will begin to balloon in size, producing five to eight eggs, while the male defends his mate and gathers metals for later consumption. Once the eggs are laid - each about the size of a pea, the male will first shed his protective covering before applying his protective pink coating to the eggs. The pair will switch duties as the male will be weakened, having to regenerate his covering. Once the male has regenerated, the pair will leave the majority of the items from their collection, keeping only the item they exchanged with each other, and part ways. The items serve to confuse predators, who mistake the nest as an abandoned pile of junk.

Upon hatching, the babies will not venture far from the pile as they gain size, devouring any moss and mold they can find, along with their father's old metal coating, before parting ways, splitting the objects left by their parents.

Social Structure

These Pokemon form a loose social group, respect dependent on who has the most and best looking objects in their collection. While tastes have been noted to change from clan to clan, a consistency has been noted in that keys are the most highly prized. For the most part, the Pokemon remain solitary outside of these comparison competitions, however, the ones with the highest social ranking will tend to have a few stragglers of the opposite sex, usually 2 or 3.


Klefki, for the most part, lack any powers that are truly unique, or even worthy of note among fairy or steel types. However, it does appear to possess one poorly understood ability, which is currently under research by the scientific community. According to eye witness testimony, Klefki occasionally open portals to another realm. This was previously thought to be superstition fueled by belief in the mythical fairy world, but recent video evidence has shown a Klefki opening one of these portals using one of the keys it carries. Research is currently underway as to figure out the mechanics behind this ability, how it may have used it before keys were invented, and where this portal may lead to.

In Human Culture

This Pokemon began to appear more prominently around the time keys were invented. Particularly affluent individuals in ancient times would wear Klefki as wrist bands, letting them and the keys dangle from below their wrists. They also appear in some legends where humans were taken to a land of fae, trapped their for ages before reappearing - One such tale involves them taking the human to a ring of Foongus, opening the portal there.

In modern times, this Pokemon has been used as a symbol in video games to indicate the number of keys left - featuring very prominently in the Legend of Zoroark.


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I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
7762 Umbramatic8th Apr 2014 11:50:44 AM from WAAPT , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
Looks good, only problem I can see is we usually keep the hanky-panky part of reproduction vague, so go into a little less detail on that section.

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7763 Icalasari8th Apr 2014 01:27:19 PM from Alberta, Canada
Edited it so it still basically says that the pink coating is applied, but doesn't say the exact purpose

So, if it's good, then do I make a subpage? Also, going to start working on Honedge soon

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I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
7764 rmctagg098th Apr 2014 01:49:24 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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It could probably use an IHC section, and you should sign it with your handle.
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7765 Icalasari8th Apr 2014 03:28:40 PM from Alberta, Canada
IHC? What's that an acronym for?

EDIT: Ah, In Human Culture. I used the base template to make this, and that lacks the section XD

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I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
Since no one told me how to promote a forum post to a page, I made Feebas. It's completely open to contribution.
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7767 strawberryflavored9th Apr 2014 10:18:24 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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All you do is take the text of the post (with wiki formatting) and paste that onto the page

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[up]I thought we needed special consensus before we do that.
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7769 Icalasari9th Apr 2014 08:50:22 PM from Alberta, Canada
Finally have an idea for IHC. I'll type that up, and make a page for Klefki?
I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
If I can, I'd like to refresh my dibs on Xerneas. Just want to make sure I have a chance. Also, I have a few ideas for Honedge if you are indeed open for collab.
7771 ultimatepheer10th Apr 2014 03:40:14 PM , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
I've got an idea...
I am fairly certain Box Legends don't get done until the third version comes out with more information.
No, it's not a good idea, that's why it's mine!
7772 rmctagg0910th Apr 2014 03:52:25 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Yeah, box legends are off limits until Z/XY2/Whatever comes out.

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
7773 Icalasari11th Apr 2014 02:11:22 AM from Alberta, Canada
Yeah, Taxima, I am up for collaboration

This is what I have so far for Honedge:

Diet - Instead of life force, I think it feeds on blood, using the iron in hemoglobin to maintain its metal exterior. People thought life force long ago because, well, getting weak, light headed, and eventually dying when a ghost latches onto you?

The mechanism for this is that the ribbon arm latches on. On it are many, many tiny holes lined with small teeth, much like a leech's mouth. This then goes to the blade - A rare colouration can occur if there is an abundance of prey or if they are just an incredibly skilled hunter, meaning that the shiny ones should be avoided by weaker trainers at all costs as they have been feeding so often that their blade is perpetually stained red.

When they sheath themselves, the body purges the blood out through tiny holes in the metal shell. A thin membrane in the sheathe then takes in the blood and breaks it down into its component parts, using the proteins to help feed it and the iron to repair any damage to its metal shell. In fact, a Honedge would temporarily look like its shiny counterpart close to evolution as it would go on a feeding frenzy to get the iron needed for when it splits in two.

This thin membrane would actually be fairly sensitive, so a trainer cleaning it out of any waste - from blood that just got stuck in crevices and was left undigested to foreign contaminents - is recommended to use distilled water - the purer the better. Yes, being a ghost type means that it doesn't need to worry as much, as, in a worst case scenario, it could switch food sources to what ghosts are more typically known for (which would, unfortunately for it, lead to the break down of its shell over time), but having irritants would put the sword in a bad mood, as would using things like bleach or water full of contaminants.

You do not want a pissed off sword.

Due to their diet, it is recommended that one trains them to either feed on Pokemon you would cook up and eat yourself, or else have a carnivorous Pokemon on your team who doesn't need a blood rich diet, allowing the kills to be shared.

Breeding - Around mating season, the swords start to congregate and show off. The redder the blade, the better pick they have - after all, the redder the blade, the better a hunter they are (in theory). News stations put out travel advisories close to breeding season as this is another time when they go on a feeding frenzy, in order to build up the supply of blood within their bodies so they can appear redder. And going out into a route where there are hordes of ravenous, hungry, lust filled swords is probably a good way to significantly shorten your life span.
I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
7774 Icalasari13th Apr 2014 02:34:04 PM from Alberta, Canada
Ok, I read over Palkia's entry

Between it randomly showing up drunk somewhere before shouting at people for unauthorized manipulation of space and then disappearing in a ball of WTF, accepting a Chili Dog (potholed to Sonic the Hedgehog) that Cynthia just so happened to have carried with her, and doing things like turning people into Sharpedo and a bucket of water, it feels like somebody just wanted to cram as many references in as possible because, "Random is funny", despite a legendary needing to be the exact opposite of that

The only random thing there that made me feel more, "Oh dear sweet god that thing can fuck me up" instead of, "...What?" was the part on putting a woman into a TV as that was made to sound like a tormenting hell

I would like to get permission to do a rewrite on Palkia to fix these issues
I wonder what a strip tease from a creature made of souls would be like?
That's a lot of reimagining for Honedge's feeding habits. Here are a few things I came up with myself.

Diet. I was going under the original notion that it fed on life force, and that a Trainer who had a Honedge or above would need to purchase the artificial life force generator mentioned in the Litwik entry, but with an adaptor unit for the Honedge to "grab" onto to facilitate feeding.

Lore/History/Human Society: This one I was going for more rumors. The rumor being that the Honedge line is the spirit of a fallen soldier inhabiting his old weapon or a close replacement. This legend, true or false it is a ghost type after all, would be based on Kalos' extensive history of warfare and bloodshed.

For references, sense they are still kind of a thing, I would make one for the Soul Series and an Excalibur reference for Aegislash.

Evolution: This one focuses on Doublade. I imagine that when it finds the Dusk Stone needed, the blades would strike themselves against the stone as if "Sharpening" themselves with it, going in a rhythmic motion until the evolution kicks in. This is why Aegislash is twice as long as a Honedge with two ribbon arms, the Doublades fused during this alternating sharpening system.

Mating. I figured that the Honedge line would have duels with each other to find their mate. See who's worthy of each other. As for breeding, apart from the old egg mysteries of crossbreeding, paired off the Honedge line would actually carve their young. Finding solid materials like good stone or rare metal ores, they couple would take turns carving it into a sword shape. Their ethereal energies would then be used to animate the carving into a new offspring. Though they'll accept a real sword from trainers if offered to save time.


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