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Indeed. Right here
7202 ILoveDogs29th Oct 2012 12:30:47 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Posted dibs on the Gothita line and Audino. If anyone wants to collaborate, PM me.
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7203 TracerBullet29th Oct 2012 05:24:05 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
Guess Who...?

Regarding Piplup

I think that it's been around long enough to consider revising. (It's kinda short and some elements of it should probably be re-examined.) It would still be a good idea to try and get formal Word of God consent for revising from the original author if at all possible before getting too far into it, though.
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7204 ILoveDogs29th Oct 2012 05:57:00 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Sounds good.
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7205 Andygal30th Oct 2012 07:12:03 PM , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
just noticed a silly nitpicky thing in the walmer line entry "Wailmer and Wailord both mainly breathe oxygen.", actually fish breathe oxygen too, they just extract it from water, it should say air. I don't know who is responsible for that entry but it should be fixed.
7206 rmctagg0930th Oct 2012 07:44:17 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
The original author isn't around anymore, but I fixed it.
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7207 Andygal30th Oct 2012 09:57:02 PM , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
oh, hey I noticed nobody has dibs on the Skitty line, so I knocked up an article for it, just because, actually mostly for the meme and a shitty Homestuck reference but hey.

Skitty Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Skitty [300]

  • Delcatty [301]

Notable Biology

Skitty is a small mammalian pokémon with short cream coloured fur on its belly and face, and slightly

longer pink fur on its back, it has very short stubby legs and its head is very large in proportion to

its body. The other notable feature is that the end of its tail is signifcantly thicker then the rest,

and is additionally covered with thick fur the same colour as that on its back.

When exposed to a Moon Stone, Skitty evolves into Delcatty, Delcatty is around twice as large as Skitty,

it is mostly covered with pale yellow fur, with purple-pink fur in a ruff around its neck, on the back

of its head, and a small tuft on the end of its tail, it is much more evenly proportioned then Skitty

without the stubby legs and oversized head it displayed in its first stage.

Certain mutants of this line have been seen, with bright yellow and orange-red fur in both forms, like

all such colour mutants these are highly prized by collectors.


Both members of this line prefer to live in lightly forested temperate areas, they are primarily

nocturnal and at their most active just after sunset.


Members of this line are opportunistic feeders, they scavenge meat wherever they can get it, and eat

berries otherwise, being naturally docile they do not hunt unless desperate.


Skitty and Delcatty are generally thought of as being harmless, cute Pokémon, and this is mostly true,

they are extremely non-confrontational and avoid conflict if at all possible, prefering to daze and

distract an attacker and then run away, however, like most Pokémon they can be dangerous in the right

circumstances, particularly in the case of a mother who feels her young are threatened. In these cases

they can deliver a painful strike with their tails causing welts and bruises, and on rare occasions,

broken bones.

Courting and Childrearing

Due to Delcatty's rarity in the wild, most breeding is done by Skitty, females go into heat twice a

year, unless they are currently caring for young, and will typically mate with any availible male during

the heat cycle, in the wild they generally reproduce ovovipariously, carrying the eggs (Skitty usually

have one or two at a time, whereas on the rare occasions they do breed in the wild Delcatty will have

two, three, or occasionally four offspring at a time) for around three months before they are ready to

hatch, and typically staying with the offspring for four to five months after they are born, Skitty

reach sexual maturity at around one year of age.

Oddly, [[Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action Skitty and Delcatty are genetically compatible with a wise variety of

Pokémon,including the enormous Wailord]] , however actually attempting to breed the two is

not recommended and will probably just result in injury or death to your pokemon.

Social Structure

Members of this line are solitary, but not territorial, as they do not maintain a fixed den, but wander

from place to place looking for food.

In Human Culture

Being extremely cute, Skitty and Delcatty are very popular as pets, and among Contest enthusiasts, being

docile though they tend to be depicted in background supporting roles in the media rather then as

major characters, one of the more popular recent examples involves [[Homestuck a character

resurrecting a dead childhood pet to act as an NPC guide in a reality warping computer game.]]

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7208 ILoveDogs5th Nov 2012 03:00:36 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Oh! I'd also like dibs on the Petilil line.
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Hey, just wanted to point out a flaw regarding Regicite (skip to the bottom if it's all a bit tl;dr). In the Regice entry (and elsewhere), it's very heavily stressed that it's a nonmetal compound, yet also displays metallic properties (like excellent thermal & electrical conduction).

That's an oxymoron. Metals are defined by the possession of metallic properties, such as those. Whilst there are some elements that aren't metals that possess metallic properties, they aren't nonmetals either. True nonmetals show little to no metallic behaviour. Elements that show intermediate (both metallic and nonmetallic) properties, as it is stressed that Regicite does, are termed metalloids.

Basically, Regicite should be called a metalloid compound, not a nonmetal compound, or it's Critical Research Failure.

Of course, if I've got something wrong here, feel free to point it out, but if not, the Regicite bits should be changed.
7210 rmctagg097th Nov 2012 10:57:38 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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The weirder properties of Regicite are kind of the point, and graphite carbon is an example of a nonmetal that can conduct electricity and heat.

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And that's why carbon is sometimes (but not always) classed as a metalloid. It depends how tightly you're defining metalloid. Carbon's like, intermediate between metalloid and nonmetal, so it's fair to call it one or the other.

However, the tone of the Regicite passages imply that it behaves as such as nonmetal (and hence is one) that it couldn't even be considered a metalloid ... and then lists metallic properties :/

I know that this is all just for fun, and Regicite's meant to be weird in a cool way, but there's exotic, and there's conceptually impossible. It's kind of like insisting that a blue car is orange.
Chatlog for regicite discussion

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Is that like a final decision or something? At any rate, I'd like to point out that metalloids can most certainly be crystalline. Boron, silicon & tellurium, the classic metalloid examples, can all be crystalline.

The real problem with regicite is this part of the Regice article:

"The properties of the compound, dubbed Regicite after the Pokemon itself, exhibited many bizarre properties //such as being magnetic and being an extremely good conductor of heat and electricity, despite obstinately being a non-metal//."

This basically says that Regicite is the arcehtypal nonmetal. One of the basic characteristics of a nonmetal is that they're poor conductors. Sure, you don't have to have all the traits to be a nonmetal, but that statement makes regicite out to be the /perfect/ nonmetal. As such, it cannot—by definition—be a good conductor, since it should have //all// the nonmetal hallmarks, including poor conduction. But it's a good conductor, so it can't be "obstinately" a nonmetal. It must at least be a metalloid or a nonmetal in the looser sense.

It's not like I'm making this stuff up or anything, a quick wiki walk will reveal that. You can handwave it with "well their chemistry is different than ours (i.e. reality)" then what's the point of coming up with sci-fi explanations for anything. I'm not saying it MUST be a metalloid (though that would be cool, since you don't hear about them a lot), but at least tone it down so that regicite doesn't come off as the perfect nonmetal, when it clearly can't be.

edited 8th Nov '12 5:32:18 PM by TheTalkingToaster

You can handwave it with "well their chemistry is different than ours (i.e. reality)" then what's the point of coming up with sci-fi explanations for anything.

Keep in mind, we do want to strike a balance between what is truly realistic and staying with the spirit of the source material. Also:

(07:33:02 PM) VeniaSilente: He seems to continue ignoring the key point. I'd rather deal with the matter in person if it was somehow possible. Again: the regicite part _is_ available for rewording.

Maybe if you could stop by our chatroom?
7215 Tangent1289th Nov 2012 10:02:10 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Notice to Master Weaver: articles go in the Fanon Pokedex namespace, not Main. If you are going to place your articles on wiki pages, please move the content to the proper page, then cutlist the Main-namespace ones.

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I... don't know what that means.
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7217 Tangent1289th Nov 2012 10:34:47 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
I've moved the articles to the proper namespaces and cutlisted the mainspace versions
7219 ILoveDogs11th Nov 2012 07:21:45 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Okay, this is what I have for Audino:

Audinos are bipedal, vaguely porcine Pokemon that grow to about 1.1 m (3'07") and weigh 68.3 pounds on average. The majority of Audinos are pink and cream in coloration, with pink continuing down their sides. Their most salient feature, however, is their large floppy ears (reminiscent of pigtails). These ears have thin, curled feelers extending from them, and are very sensitive.

Obviously, that was just the physical description, and it still needs elaboration. If anybody has suggestions, feel free to PM me or post on this forum.
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7220 rmctagg0911th Nov 2012 08:19:10 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Audino look more like rabbits than pigs to me.
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From Bulbapedia:


Audino seems to be based on a rabbit with features of a nurse or physician, with its ears acting as stethoscopes.
7222 ILoveDogs12th Nov 2012 05:25:55 AM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Really? Sorry, I tried to check Bulbapedia as little as possible (I would feel like I was plagiarizing) and their feet and pink color looked piggish to me.
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It's like any other research, you use what resources you have and adapt the information (except you don't have to cite your sources :P)
7224 spiritsunami18th Nov 2012 07:07:39 PM from Right here, Right now
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Oh, yeah, here's what I had. Don't know why I didn't post this sooner.


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Spinda (#327)
Spinda are a family of small ursine mammals with red-and-white fur, characterized by their swirled eyes and unique spot patterns.

Notable Biology

It is said that no two Spinda have the same spot pattern, and while this is obviously an exaggeration, scientists who have studied its genome found that an astonishing number of alleles affect its spot pattern, estimating the number of different theoretically possible patterns to be in the billions. On rare occasions, Spinda with yellow spots have been found. Spinda often appear to be in a daze, but in reality, they just think differently than most Pokémon, with two variants, one that is completely immune to confusion-inducing moves and one that increases their ability to evade predators when in a state of confusion. Reports of a third variant that is strengthened by moves that normally weaken opponents are unconfirmed. It should also be noted that despite standing as tall as a human child of 6-8 years, they average just 11 pounds. The real reason that they weigh so little is unknown, though it’s a common bit in manzai routines for the Boke to claim that it’s because their heads are empty.


Spinda are generally found in the vicinity of volcanoes, such as Hoenn’s Mt. Chimney and Sinnoh’s Stark Mountain. This at first confounded scientists, as they showed no signs of being Fire-types. Only when a group of Spinda that disappeared in transport to Johto’s Safari Zone later turned up nesting in Ecruteak City’s two towers was a theory reached: it is not a burning fire that Spinda are attracted to but the remnants of an extinguished one. It is still unknown what led to this affinity for ashes.


Spinda are herbivores, eating berries, leaves, and even bamboo shoots. However, due to their self-serving worldview, they have no compunctions about forcefully taking food from other Pokémon, harassing Farfetch’d for the leeks they carry or attacking Tropius in order to pluck the fruit from their necks.


Spinda are a whimsical species that prefers to render its enemies harmless rather than directly engaging them. To this end, they have a variety of confusion-inducing attacks, most notably the strange dance known as “Teeter Dance”. Those who view this dance are left utterly confounded and enraged. They seem to have latent psychic abilities, but they are too weak to be considered true Psychic-types. They are not much of a threat to a skilled trainer, but should be avoided by those traveling without Pokémon—not because they represent any great threat to your safety but because dealing with them will severely test your patience.

Courting and Childrearing

Wild Spinda have a strange mating dance, which initially went unobserved by researchers who mistook it for the Teeter Dance; indeed, given the way they react to a potential mate, it’s possible that the two dances are somehow related. If the reaction is favorable, the Spinda mate. Spinda in captivity had not been observed to mate prior to the discovery of the small group living in Ecruteak City. Upon allowing the Spinda access to a bucket of fireplace ashes, the males were observed to rub a bit of ash upon themselves before engaging in the mating dance, and furthermore, they used the remaining ash to build a nest, especially concentrated around the mother and her young. It is theorized that the scent of the ash is used to disguise their own scent from predators. The birth of the first Spinda born in captivity was reported on with much fanfare. Mated Spinda stay together and take care of their babies, with the males going off to fetch food while the females protect the young. Once the babies are fully grown, they go off on their own. If the mates are young, they may mate again, or else they will also part ways.

Social Structure

Spinda are generally carefree, lacking a societal bond not because they necessarily dislike the company of others of their kind but because they simply don’t have any particular need. As stated before, however, the exception is a mated pair, who will stay together as long as their children are around.

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7225 Blissey118th Nov 2012 11:45:34 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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Really? Sorry, I tried to check Bulbapedia as little as possible (I would feel like I was plagiarizing) and their feet and pink color looked piggish to me.

It's like one of my professors likes to say

"Copying from one person is plagiarism. Copying from multiple people is research."

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