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6926 rmctagg0919th May 2012 10:08:37 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up] I've personally got nothing to add.
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[up][up][up][up] For the explanation on why Corpfish aren't in Kanto/Sevii; I don't remember the geographies of each of the places (countries?) but are there mountains or something that could provide boundaries to the Corpfish?
[up]Seeing as Johto and Kanto are part of the same landmass and the Sevii islands are not that far south of Kanto i don't see how the Corphish and Crawdaunt could easily swim the distance within a week or so by going through the ocean.
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6931 rmctagg0919th May 2012 11:33:40 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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The Johto population is only found in the Safari Zone i.e. introduced, so it's likely that conservation efforts are what keeps them from spreading out into Kanto and the Sevii. Not to mention as a freshwater species they probably can't withstand that much saltwater for that long.
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6932 Blissey120th May 2012 12:42:07 AM from a random PokŤcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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yeah, having to cross the middle of the ocean is a pretty huge deal for most aquatic critters that don't normally live there.
6933 Regitnui20th May 2012 10:38:31 AM from Blind Eternities
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Hi, I'm new, but I've been lurking around the wiki page for ages. I have two questions:

1) Are you interested in letting a slightly crazy pokťmon fan help out?

2) Would you be interested in having an article on humans in the pokedex?

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6934 Blissey120th May 2012 11:06:12 AM from a random PokŤcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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while there is some evidence that pokeverse humans are slightly different from us(much more durable for one thing), I think we're mostly going with a Like Reality Unless Noted approach, so I'm not sure there's a need for an article on them. Not to mention, it'd be kinda odd to write that kind of article in universe

That being said, we are always open to new members/contributors. Welcome to the forums and the Project!

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6935 Yomegami20th May 2012 01:22:33 PM from out of nowhere
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I've also been eyeballing this project for a while, and I figured that contributing an article or two might help me get motivated to write something.

First off, does the article for the Zubat line need a revision? I was looking at the one listed on the project's main page, and it seems to be really...lacking.

Secondly, I'd like to give the Victini article a shot if no one else has claimed it yet/it's not a special circumstance like the starters are.
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6936 rmctagg0920th May 2012 01:30:32 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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I'd suggest getting in contact with Marioguy 128 first before starting a revision since he was the original author of that article, but it should be okay for you to do the Victini article since no one has it on Dibs.

If you'd like any help, there's always at least one person inside the chatroom.

EDIT: Fixed the link.

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6937 Yomegami20th May 2012 04:25:32 PM from out of nowhere
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Okay, I spent a few hours working on Draft #1 of the Victini entry. Hopefully I didn't screw up too much.

The lore and recent sightings section are a bit sparse since there's not a lot of official information on Victini's role in legends and I've no idea what else to put there; and I didn't want to draw on the anime too much since I don't watch it.

Anywho, here's my first article and it's for a legendary. Probably should have started out with a more common Pokemon, but eh.


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Victini [#494]

Physical Description

Victini is a small, mammalian Pokemon that displays features common to both rodents and lagomorphs. It is covered in short, cream-colored fur which darkens to red orange on its ears, hands, and feet. Its head is rather large in proportion to its body. Its eyes are blue and lack visible pupils. Its mouth, which is usually in the position of a friendly smirk, contains a pair of small fangs.
Victiniís two tails resemble a pair of wings and are used as such, which allows Victini to fly. As they need much power in order to support the Pokemonís weight in the air, the muscles around its hips and legs are very large. Likewise, the lower half of Victiniís body is wider and more bulky than the upper half. Victini has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot, and the shape of its limbs give it the appearance of bearing cuffs.
Victiniís most notable feature is its extremely large, rigid ears. Between their position, their shape, and the fact that theyíre a different color from the rest of Victiniís body, they strongly resemble the letter V. The V motif is also seen elsewhere on Victini - a V-shaped, thin line of black fur decorates its chest and stomach, its tail-wings are usually held in a V-shape when not in use, and one of Victiniís hands is often held in the ďV-is-for-victoryĒ sign when the Pokemon is idle.

Lore and History

Among the people of the Unova region, Victini is widely hailed as the personification of victory. A commonly held belief is that a person who has gained Victiniís trust will always be victorious, regardless of the circumstances. As such, Victini is a common figure on Unovan coats of arms.

Known Sightings

The most recent sighting of a Victini was at the Liberty Garden. Team Plasma attempted to catch it with the intent of using it to fulfill their plans of Pokemon liberation, but were stopped by a particularly strong trainer.
Another Victini also appeared in a region known as the Vale, and in particular a small town called Eindoak. It is claimed that Victini made friends with the king of the Vale and used its powers to keep his kingdom safe from war many years. More recently, it was at the center of an ill-advised plot to restore glory to the kingdom, which only resulted in the near devastation of the region. At the conclusion of this incident, Victini vanished and has not been sighted around the area again.


Like many small, mammalian Pokemon, Victini has a high metabolism. However, Victiniís metabolism creates abnormal amounts of energy - much more than the Pokemon actually requires. In fact, it needs some way of venting this energy or otherwise the excess could overwhelm its body. Victini can vent this energy through powerful attacks - it has access to a wide variety of moves including electric shocks and barrier-shattering punches, but it seems to prefer attacks bearing Fire and Psychic properties. Even particularly powerful attacks known for their inaccuracy become very effective since Victini can also use its energy to boost its eyesight.
However, Victini is usually upheld to be a friendly sort of Pokemon - itís usually not seen fighting. This is due to its preferred method of energy venting. First, it stores excess energy in specially designed cells in its sweat glands. These cells load the energy onto specially designed salts. Victini can then give the energy to another Pokemon by touching it and letting the Pokemonís skin absorb the energy-laden sweat. Pokemon empowered in such a way often exceed the limits their species normally have - itís possible for a Victini-boosted Tepig to take down a Samurott, for example. Such boosts have been cited as the reason why Victini is hailed as the bringer of victory.
Some sources claim that Victini can also become invisible; however, these claims lack scientific backup as of current writing.


As previously stated, Victini is normally rather placid. Those who have interacted with it say itís cheerful and very slow to anger. That said, there are some things to be wary of when dealing with Victini.
First off, the energy transfer process can make even a normally weak Pokemon very powerful. If Victini chooses to transfer energy to a particularly vicious Pokemon, such as Houndoom or Salamence, then dealing with the newly empowered creature becomes insanely difficult without suffering major injury or possibly dying in the process.
Victini can become even more powerful if it chooses to use its energy to fuel its own attacks. Its preferred fire and psychic attacks have a wide variety in and of themselves, and Victini is capable of wielding many other types. Notably, it is even rumored that Victini is capable of using the same sorts of flames and electricity that Reshiram and Zekrom are usually associated with. These same rumors also mention the most powerful of Victiniís techniques - a flame-enhanced charge bearing Victiniís signature V that requires all of its energy to execute. Suffice to say, anything on the receiving end of these moves is likely to be heavily injured or possibly killed.
That said, avoiding the worst Victini can conjure is simple. Victini generally will not transfer energy to a powerful or aggressive Pokemon, let alone use it to power itself up, if it is not threatened. If a trainer simply leaves Victini be should he or she be fortunate enough to encounter it, it is incredibly unlikely to be much of a threat.


As with any other small mammal, Victini requires high-energy food in order to function. What exactly Victini eats when itís not in the presence of trainers is currently unknown, but it seems to enjoy food that is high in carbohydrates - in particular, cookies. Those who have met Victini say its favorite type is macarons.

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6938 Regitnui20th May 2012 10:24:16 PM from Blind Eternities
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I know nothing about Victini, so I can't really edit that.

However, I do know something about pitcher plants. Would anybody mind me taking a swing at the Bellsprout line article?
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6939 rmctagg0920th May 2012 10:28:50 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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No one's claimed Bellsprout for the moment, so I don't see a problem. Just remember to add it to the Dibs page first.
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It's nice to see a few new articles.

I don't believe Genesect has shown up in anything; would it be inappropriate to do an article based is what is currently known? I think I could work with the idea.
6941 Regitnui21st May 2012 08:54:48 AM from Blind Eternities
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I think Locoman dibs'ed Genesect already. Find him (or her?) and check if they're doing anything.

I notice a critical lack of one of my genIII favourites... Why has nobody touched lotad?
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6942 Swampertrox21st May 2012 09:04:42 AM from Sea Mauville , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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[up] It was dibbed in June 2011, so it expired already.
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6943 Regitnui22nd May 2012 01:10:22 AM from Blind Eternities
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Consider the lilypad frogs re-dibs'ed. They're some of my favourite gen3 mons.
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6944 Umbramatic22nd May 2012 06:19:37 AM from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE , Relationship Status: N-timing
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OK, wiki'd Seviper, and now I'm planning out a collab Duskull article with Tracer Bullet.
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6945 memyselfandI222nd May 2012 06:43:22 AM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
I remember the guy who claimed Duskull once...almost a year ago. ._.

Yes, I swear that Chimecho line article will get finished soon. >_>
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6946 Regitnui24th May 2012 12:49:06 AM from Blind Eternities
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Preliminary Bellsprout article done. Criticism wanted!! I used the species name as a common noun rather than a proper one, since we don't go around writing about Zebras and Elephants. By the way, who do I ask about a scientific name? I'm thinking Nepenthes something...


Bellsprout Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Bellsprout [#069]

  • Weepinbell [#070]

  • Victreebel [#071]

Notable Biology

"The bellsprout line are a family of grass/poison pokemon native to swamps and tropical forests. Their most distinctive feature is the 'bell' for which they are named. This bell, while resembling the instrument, is actually an oversized, adapted leaf that acts as their primary method of capturing prey.

Within this bell they produce two kinds of liquids. The most notable of these is an acidic compound that is both their primary method of dissolving food and primary method of defence. When irritated, the members of this line have a tendency to 'vomit' this acid at the offending party.

The second of these liquids is produced in lesser quantities, and prevents the acid from dissolving the walls of the bell. This compound is so effective at its job that it has become the basis for most acid-neutralizing formulas in the modern world.

Bellsprout is the juvenile of the line, and feeds on small insects which it traps in its vines. It can also, like normal plants, gain food from photosynthesis, as it has two leaves on either side of its vine 'body'. However, it still needs to catch and eat prey on a regular basis. Bellsprout's defining feature is its ability to run on its stiff roots. This, combined with its accuracy at flinging its vine, makes bellsprout an efficient predator. This same flexibility also makes it extremely difficult to hit.

After about two years, bellsprout will hook itself onto a root or branch by its vine and evolve into weepinbell. In this form, it has lost its vine, hanging now by a short, wooden 'hook'. The Weepinbell now takes up life as a sedentary hunter. [Trainer's Note: Your weepinbell may dislike this stage of relative immobility. Allow it to ride either on your shoulder or on a sufficiently large pokemon and this will soon pass.]

Its bell is larger, allowing it to eat larger prey. It acid is now also stronger, and while reports of it dissolving steel are a little far-fetched, weepinbell's acid is more than capable of dissolving flesh (see Hazards). Weepinbell will attempt to eat anything that walks past by spitting this acid and drawing the victim into its mouth.

It retains the leaves it had in its previous form, but these are now located on either side of the bell. These leaves are used to cut larger meals down into chunks small enough to be digested. This ability has been dubbed 'Razor Leaf' by the trainer community, and is a staple battling technique.

Many weepinbell remain in this stage for the remainder of their lives, but those who are exposed to radiation from a Leaf Stone evolve into victreebel. As a victreebel, they are significantly larger and heavier. They now rest with the mouth of their bell upwards. To prevent rain from filling the bell, victreebel has grown a leaf 'lid' which they can close over their bells.

Along with this, they now possess a whip-like vine which they can use as a prehensile limb. Victreebel have been observed moving with an awkward hopping, but these pokemon often retain the sedentary lifestyle of their previous form. Nevertheless, they remain deadly predators. Now equipped with four sharp, wooden 'teeth', they attract prey with sweet scented acid, then clamp down, trapping the prey inside their bell."


"The bellsprout line can be found in forests and swamps of Kanto and Johto, with sightings in Sinnoh. Bellsprout are often seen running along the forest floor, either in pursuit of prey or being pursued by predators.

Weepinbell can be found in bushes and trees, patiently waiting for prey to come by. Occasionally a weepinbell will fall out of its perch onto the forest floor. They will generally make their way into a bush or long grass where they can hide. If a weepinbell's bell fills with rain, a mankey or primeape may take the weepinbell and drink from it.

Victreebel can be found near their preevolutions, and are rumoured to live in colonies deep within the heart of forests. However, most scientists and trainers who have set out to confirm these rumours haven't returned."


"Unabashedly carnivorous.

The diet of any member of the bellsprout line is limited by what they can reasonably fit within their bell. Bellsprout eats insects, and will often chase a prey item that catches their eye and dodges their vine.

Weepinbell will take small animals in addition to insects. Rattata and ledyba have been found eaten by these pokemon. Larger pokemon have also been subdued and eaten by blundering into an area particularly thick with weepinbell.

Victreebel will eat almost anything, even some pokemon the same size as them. Persistent rumours have victreebel eating unwary trainers, but this may merely be brought about by victreebel's habit of 'hugging' people it is particularly fond of by clamping them between its leaf and 'mouth'."


"The bellsprout line has a number of hazards which the prospective trainer must prepare for. Firstly, every member of the line produces sweet-smelling acid within their bell. while this acid in bellsprout is little more than a lure, in the later members of the line it can inflict painful chemical burns.

While most trained members of this line have control over the amount of acid they use in a typical attack, wild varieties don't, and will attack at the slightest provocation. Thick fabrics are a must when travelling through areas known to be weepinbell habitats.

While secondary to their acid, the leaves of the bellsprout line are sharp, and many members can whip up a storm of these sharp leaves if they feel threatened. Again, these scale with evolutionary level. While a bellsprout can inflict little more than a papercut, Victreebel are able to cut to the bone if sufficiently pressed."

Courting and Childrearing

"All forms of the bellsprout line are capable of breeding, though most breeding in the wild is done by victreebel. Female victreebel will carry unfertilized bellsprout eggs/seeds under her bell, and a male will fertilize them by coating them with pollen using his vine. The eggs are then deposited in a secluded place. The eggs are then abandoned, with the bellsprout hatching two weeks later."

Social Structure

"The members of the bellsprout line are generally solitary. Several bellsprout running around independantly of each other is be a common sight within the forests of Kanto and Johto. While Weepinbell have been known to exhibit cooperative behaviour in large groups, these are mostly accidental, with no additional social behaviour noted.

However, on occasion victreebel has been seen providing weepinbell with leaf stones, allowing them to evolve. It is unclear whether this is a case of intentional behaviour or merely instinct."
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6947 Blissey124th May 2012 01:04:08 AM from a random PokŤcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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pretty good so far. Only issue i have is the most breeding being done by victreebel bit. Since they're by far the rarest of the line, it would make more sense for weepinbells to do most of the breeding, though an area with a victreebel would obviously be dominated by that victreebel.

I'm pretty sure that's how we've done it in all other articles on mons with stone evos.
6948 Regitnui24th May 2012 06:30:02 AM from Blind Eternities
Worldweaver Spider
My reasoning was (should've put this in the article) that the victreebel evolve weepinbell to replace themselves, as a kind of secondary breeding.

And anyway, I couldn't figure out a reasonable way for the sedentary weepinbell to find a mate that wasn't sitting right next to them. They were going to breed by 'kissing', touching bells together, then letting to more mobile bellsprout spread on their own.
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Some comments from Silent:

(11:02:06 AM) VeniaSilente: 1.- I can try coming up with a scientific name during the weekend. Nepenthes will definitively be a component somehow.

(11:03:34 AM) VeniaSilente: 2.- I'd say for conformity / consistency we should use Capitals or lowercase for either all species or none, considering we are supposed to provide a scientific-like view, but I'm impartial to either way. Will hear more commentary.

(11:04:33 AM) VeniaSilente: 3.- You might want to reference the naming issue of the missing "l" in Victreebell, which I've also referenced and related to the missing "o" in Feraligator (check the Totodile article for more details)

(11:05:55 AM) VeniaSilente: 4.- Nifty work referencing that awesome Bellsprout from the anime~ I'll remember to be more careful against a Bellsprout next time.

(11:10:41 AM) VeniaSilente: 5.- I'd probably go into deeper distinction of the leaves, such as categorizing their type (see for more details).

(11:11:16 AM) VeniaSilente: 6.- It might be worth to mention that like probably most Plant mons, Bellsprout has dual respiration (leaves take CO 2 +water and produce O2 + sugars, whereas the rest of the body might take O2 as nutrient (the anime at least suggests a Weepinbell can suffocate, not sure it if was because of no CO 2 or no O2)

(11:15:17 AM) VeniaSilente: 7.- Mention of the two abilities, Clorophyl and Gluttony, would be adequate. Dunno what other entries are doing about Gluttony but it looks like it'd fit more in Diet or in Social Structure than in Notable Biology.

(11:15:42 AM) VeniaSilente: ....and I guess that is it for the moment.

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6950 Blissey124th May 2012 10:15:10 AM from a random PokŤcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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My reasoning was (should've put this in the article) that the victreebel evolve weepinbell to replace themselves, as a kind of secondary breeding.

so that's what the victreebel providing weepinbell with leafstones bit in social structure was about then. So essentially who gets to breed is a highly controlled thing, and victreebel collectively ensure they have enough numbers? That could work.

You could probably add "It has been theorized that..." onto the social structure or breeding section to allow you to go into more depth on that.

also, kill the quotation marks :p

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