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6851 Locoman28th Feb 2012 02:03:02 PM from Mandrill Maze
Hey, guys. It's been a while, but after going back and playing through Pokemon White (and a vacation in the New York region tongue) again I've rekindled my interest in Pokemon and this project. I was thinking of doing some writing for Unovan cities and gym leaders, if that's alright.
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6852 rmctagg0928th Feb 2012 02:08:53 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
I don't see a problem. Welcome back Locoman.
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6853 Tangent12828th Feb 2012 02:10:22 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Welcome back!
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6854 Locoman28th Feb 2012 02:21:17 PM from Mandrill Maze
Nice to be back. smile
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6855 RandomChaos28th Feb 2012 03:25:52 PM from My own little world
No Dragon Power
it should be saying they eat both nectar and blood or something.
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6856 Locoman28th Feb 2012 03:30:32 PM from Mandrill Maze
I'm the guy who wrote the Wurmple article, actually. tongue

I don't really see them as drinking nectar, the official entries state stuff to the effect that Beautifly sucks juices from their prey and I find the idea of a flock of murderous butterflies amusing. tongue

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6857 RandomChaos28th Feb 2012 03:35:17 PM from My own little world
No Dragon Power
sorry I thought we used the anime two and that shows nectar.
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6858 Locoman28th Feb 2012 03:43:34 PM from Mandrill Maze
I think it's a matter of personal preference, to be honest. tongue

Anyways, I was playing around with a Castelia City article. I was going to assume that Castelia is much, much bigger than it is in the game, and is probably more like Manhattan than Goldenrod, with cars, streets, and heavy levels of urbanization. Central Plaza is more like Central Park, with a sizeable, albeit human-maintained, area of wilderness. Because of the high human populations and intristic dangers of Pokemon running wild, Pokemon over a certain size are only allowed in specific designated places, and when not in a gym they're required to be on leashes or otherwise restrained.

Does this more realistic interpretation go too much against the spirit of the games, or...?

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6859 Blissey128th Feb 2012 05:18:27 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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I think it makes sense. The whole purpose of the project afterall is to present pokemon in a realistic light, so I don't think you should worry too much about being too realistic.
Made a few tweaks to the ability template i posted a few days ago. Let me know if you think any other changes need to be made.
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I don't have the skills to make an entry, but may I make a few suggestions?
6862 Blissey129th Feb 2012 05:34:47 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
Made another change to my Ability Template by adding a Further Research heading.

Here is my Scrappy ability article.


Description of effect

Enables moves to hit Ghost-type foes.

Physiological Response- Biological

Pokémon that possess the Scrappy ability have small amounts of the substance Umbrate in their cells as well as the ability to incorporate some of this Umbrate into beam attacks.

Physiological Response- Physical

The Scrappy ability has no known effect on a Pokémon’s physical appearance.

Psychological Response

The Scrappy ability has no known effect on a Pokémon’s mental processes or abilities.

In battle Response

Due to the Pokémon with the Scrappy ability have small amounts of Umbrate in their cells and the ability to incorporate it into their beam attacks Pokémon that possess the Scrappy ability have the unique ability to counteract the immunity Ghost- type Pokémon normally have to Normal- type attacks. This means moves like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact that would normally pass straight through a Pokémon such as Gengar or Chandelure will not only make contact but deal damage. This ability can make a great difference in battle and trainers incorporating this into their strategies are becoming more common.

Environmental Response

The Scrappy ability has no known effect outside of battle.

Further Research

Due to the fact that Pokémon with the Scrappy ability possess small amounts of Umbrate in their cells when other members of the same species without this ability do not Pokémon researchers are investigating how the members with this ability came about the Umbrate in their cells. Research is also being put into the minimum amounts of Umbrate required in a Pokémon’s cells for this ability to become evident. A small group of researchers from Kanto and Johto are doing research into why the only two species that can have the Scrappy ability as a common ability are both female only species and whether this may have implications for other research being done on this ability. As with all abilities research is being done to find how abilities are passed from parent to child and what factors affect this inheritance of abilities.

Pokémon with this ability

So far only 8 of the known Pokémon species have been discovered to be able to have this ability with only two of the species having it as a common ability the other six species can only have it as a rare sub-group known to trainers as the ‘Hidden Ability’ due to the rareness of members with the ability. The Pokémon with this ability as a common ability are; Kangaskhan and Miltank. The Pokémon with this ability as a ‘Hidden Ability’ are, Tailow, Swellow, Loudred, Exploud, Herdier and Stoutland.

As always comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome.

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6864 chicagomel5th Mar 2012 02:06:41 PM from Dinotopia , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
Is anyone working on the Cubchoo line entry? I'd like to call dibs if not. I know how to do so, I'm just double checking before posting.

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No one has put a dibs on it accourding to the dibs page so you look clear to go.
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Whaddya say?
Hey is anybody going to do the Seel line yet? Dewgong is one of my favorite pokemon.
I mean, Venusaur!

6867 SilentReverence5th Mar 2012 07:15:43 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
We don't have Dibs about it, so you could sign in and go ahead.
6868 SilentReverence6th Mar 2012 09:53:42 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Double post because it is about time the Totodile revision is ready. I still need some pointers thouhgh for which I have asked on advice and collaboration, without meeting much in return. So, re-requesting here to bring closure to the revision:

Things still lacking or needing improvement in the beta revision:

  • Hydro Crunch is already implemented.
  • Anyone contributing a writeup to the "roll of death"?
  • Still in need of references for the In Popular Culture section.
  • Still in need of assistance with the writeup of the Starter Controversy section.
  • Anything the canon says about Totodiles in PMD? I'm lacking information in that area.
  • Umbramatic: what happened to the authorization request on the Totodile artwork you proposed?

Hopefully these issues can be solved before next week so as to publish the new revision soonish.

6869 rmctagg096th Mar 2012 11:23:52 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
I guess I could try a deathroll writeup if I have the time, there's not exactly a lot to it.
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Whaddya say?
Here is my entry for the Seel line:

Seel Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Seel [086]
  • Dewgong [087]

Notable Biology

The Seel line, as the name obviously indicates, is a pinniped species of Pokemon notable for their thick blubber that help them survive in waters of temperatures of up to forty degrees below zero.

Like all pinnipeds, the Seel line lacks feet and thus only has flippers that allow Seel to move on land and propel through the water. However, once it evolves into Dewgong its flippers become far more delicate and thus it cannot move well on land. Dewgong can turn underwater with almost perfect precision due to these adjustments. Also, Dewgong's perfectly streamlined body allows it to swim up to speeds of eight knots. Their bodies are mostly covered with white fur that is very coarse — they can trap water and air to conserve the heat in their bodies. Members of this line use their sharp horns to break through ice so that they can breathe every once and a while. Seel has two beady eyes and a muzzle that is colored tan, in contrast to the rest of its body. Seel's tail closely resembles the shape of a water spout. They also have a tongue that is usually sticking out accompanied with two sharp canines that protrude from their lower jaw. In Dewgong, these canines are transferred to the upper jaw. The small beady eyes are now a bit larger, and the muzzle has disappeared. Dewgong is completely white, save for its eyes and its small black triangular nose. Also, Dewgong's tail and flippers are more fish-like as a contrast to the large whacking flippers of Seel.


Seel and Dewgong live in freezing cold seas where there are plenty of ice floes. They also like to make their nests in large icebergs. However, they also live in places that have freezing waters such as caves. Said caves include Kanto's Seafoam Islands, Four Island's Icefall Cave, and Unova's Giant Chasm. In these areas, there are far more Seel than Dewgong that will appear to a trainer, because Dewgong are either in their nests or hunting very deep underwater—too deep for a trainer to reach. However, a Super Rod can catch a few.


Seel is known to eat a wide variety of small fish such as Magikarp. Dewgong, however, hunt at night for much larger fish and some have been known to eat weak Piplups. Some have grown so ferocious that they can take down a full-grown Empoleon. Trainers can buy these small fish in some Pokemarts, but Pokemon Food for Seel and Dewgong is probably the best alternative. It is easy to carry, easy to pack, and lasts a very long time. Seel and Dewgong will also eat berries, but mostly ones that grow in or near water such as the Klepsy berry.


Seel are very playful Pokemon that love to socialize with members of its line at night. Seel is still a hunter, though, and will do so during the evening. During the day, Seel will sleep is shallow seabeds or on ice floes. Dewgong are a little less playful and sociable and also like to sleep during most of the day while hunting at night. On the other hand, both members of this line engage in territorial fights where they use their horns like swords. Their tusks can also be used as weapons as well, but this is more common for Seel. Seel and Dewgong are very loyal to a good trainer. Every victory for a Seel results in a clap of the flippers. When this happens, it is advised that the trainer claps his or her hands as well, because this symbolizes loyalty and a job well done. The equivalent of this for Dewgong is a tail slap to the ground. Since a trainer cannot mimic this, it is advised that they clap for this as well, because evolved Dewgong will still remember this from being a Seel. If a Seel is out but not battling, it will clap its flippers during a battle to cheer for their trainer's side. However, if a Seel is not owned by a trainer and watches a battle, say on television, nobody can tell which side a Seel is clapping for. This behavior was seen during a battle at the Cerulean City Gym between the gym leader Misty and the challenger Ash Ketchum.


Seel and Dewgong are very good Pokemon to be with young children, due to their very kind and carefree nature. However, this is just as long as they are not poked and prodded by the kids. Doing so might trigger an Aurora Beam or Ice Beam. Also, it is notable that their horns are extremely dangerous. Coming into contact with one at close range is not met without a trip to the hospital, or in extreme cases, the morgue. Also, it is not wise to come into contact with Seel or Dewgong during courting periods, as death will definitely result.


Members of this line do a mating dance on icebergs (Seel) or underwater (Dewgong). The dance involves striking each other's horns against one another in playful combat. In a few cases there have been some deaths as a result of this.

During the breeding season, males typically fast for six to eight weeks, losing a good percentage of body fat.

Like most mammals, the gestation period lasts about a year. Females give birth to a single egg, from which hatches a baby Seel, known as a pup. At about four months old, the pup is weaned.

Interactions With Humans

In the past, Seel and Dewgong were hunted for their pelt to make bedsheets and clothing. Today, Seel and Dewgong are put in many various circuses across the Pokemon World.

In Popular Culture

A fictional Seel is the star of a popular children's show that teaches youths many ways about safety through song. The Seel in the show is known for his very deep voice.

Dewgong is known from a slightly annoying and very catchy looping song on the internet.

Seel and Dewgong are also widely seen on posters for zoos, circuses, and aquariums. Most prominently is the Cerulean Gym, which has a big Dewgong likeness just above the main entrance.

Written by Tropers/Cgsilverscreen2020. On March 22nd, 2012 at 5:24 PM

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6871 Umbramatic22nd Mar 2012 05:27:40 PM from WAAPT , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
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I probably shouldn't be commenting, since I haven't contributed in AGES (damn you, WAAPT) but...

You have a pretty good basis so far in terms of what you do have, but pretty much every section needs MORE. Especially Habitat, which could be far more specific. (I understand, however, that that section can be hard to do- I always considered it one of my weak points. :P )

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6872 rmctagg0922nd Mar 2012 05:33:52 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
In addition to what Umbra said, I notice a fair amount of typos and that there appears to be no mention of Abilities. Also I'd suggest looking at the Spheal article as well.
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I think that ALL pinnipeds have fins instead of legs/feet.

edited 22nd Mar '12 5:34:28 PM by Grenedle

Whaddya say?

did a bit of a brush-up (i.e. changed MOST pinnipeds to ALL) and expanded the habitat. I promise I will get back to this but it will be a while since I'm going on a trip to France and Spain tomorrow that will last a whole week. Note that this entire article is open for editing. Also note that this is my very first time contributing something to a forum. Not just the tv tropes forum, but a forum in general, so there will be errors, but I will get better. I promise!
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6875 Umbramatic23rd Mar 2012 04:21:57 PM from WAAPT , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
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Oh, and Silent? The artist never answered the request. >_>
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