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[up][up][up] In the Castle, there's a room where you can switch your party up (just in case you were unprepared after the Elite Four), and the Grunts in there say they've hacked the system, and can liberate 'mons from anyone's PC box. Which is why you can transfrer your own guys from what is apparently an unauthorized machine.

And yeah, poor Munna. I'm guessing that nightmares are basically the equivalent of spoiled food to those that eat raw dream mist.

By the way, I can't access our page on the main wiki, so I need to ask; have we done Absol yet? If not, a follow-up; can I do the Absol entry? I feel like it'd be extremely fun to explain Absol's powers and pariah status.

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We did Absol already.
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Well, when I can see wiki pages again, I'll run through the list and see if there are any favorites of mine left to do.

Hm... what about the Slakoth line? It's not a favorite of mine per se, but the question of why the species becomes lazier than ever after a brief time as the insanely active Vigoroth is an interesting one.
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6179 rmctagg095th Oct 2011 11:10:58 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Already been done, the reason for that is that Vigoroth is the hyperactive teenager stage.
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6180 Enlong5th Oct 2011 11:22:28 AM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
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Hm... the Larvesta line?

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You are not having luck today... tongue

(Mind, that an entry is written already does not mean you can't contribute! We have all starters undergoing revision, reminder for all plus me!)
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yes, if you've got something you think worth adding to an existing article, feel free to contact the author about it!

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Oh, well there is one thing. I may have sped through it, but I didn't see much on the Trapinch line about the transition between morphs. I'm actually very interested in how Trapinch become Vibrava, because of how different the two forms are.
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6184 JuiceBoxHero5th Oct 2011 03:55:13 PM from the butthole of Texas

About Wobbuffet...what's the PEFE's verdict on the tail end of it being the brain or whatever? I know someone else did the article, but still.
6185 rmctagg095th Oct 2011 05:18:07 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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It's left rather ambiguous.
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6186 JuiceBoxHero11th Oct 2011 01:55:26 PM from the butthole of Texas

Going to see if I should start on the Silph and Devon articles. Wondering how old those two companies should be, since I'm going under the idea that they both wield considerable amounts of clout.
6187 Neo_Crimson11th Oct 2011 02:31:02 PM from behind your lines.
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^Fairly young I guess. If Saffron is supposed to be downtown Tokyo, then Silph could be a extremely wealthy Zaibatsu style company that surfaced in the wake of recent economic growth.

Not sure about Devon though.
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I don't know. Japneese Companies are incredibly old in some cases.

Kurt-style balls would be Silph Co Products as he workes for them, and they're based in the Kanto-Johto area, which is the origin of Pokeball technology.

Devon seems significatly younger.

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Devon seems to also be more openly focused into other lines of productions that direct application of the Pokéball technology, or at least that's what the anime and manga seem to imply. Could give some insight in their competition (if any, or in what form) for the brand.

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Devon seems less Pokecentric than most; doing construction excavation multimedia etc. Maybe we can get some Mac/PC Coke/Pepsi Dc/Marvel jokes in?
6191 JuiceBoxHero12th Oct 2011 08:04:22 AM from the butthole of Texas

I'm a Silph...and I'm a Devon.
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Just making a reminder to everyone making articles to remember to renew your Dibs.
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Hey guys Pokedex looks awesome. Does anyone mind if i do the Blitzle line.
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It looks to be open, so feel free to take out Dibs on it. Just add a note to the Dibs page saying so.
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Here's what I've got for my Blitzle article, any tips, criticism, additions or comments would be welcomed. Cheers Guys.

Blitzle Line

Morphs [Oak Catalogue #]

Blitzle [522] - Equus voltera

Zebstrika [523] - Equus teslus

Physical Description

The members of the Blitzle line are a pair of quadrupedal, equine Electric type Pokémon with short black and white hair that are related to the members of the Ponyta line and in many respects share similar physical characteristics that are really only different in the element they resemble. For example, where Ponyta has a mane resembling fire, Blitzle’s mane resembles a bolt of electricity.

Blitzle stands at around 80cm tall and can weigh anywhere between 20 and 40 kg. It has a short mane of stiff white hairs running down its back that starts on its forehead where it resembles a lightning bolt protruding from Blitzle’s head and ends at the base of the neck. Blitzle also has a very short stump of white hair resembling a tail. Upon evolution into Zebstrika it doubles in height becoming around 1.6m tall about the height of an adult woman and can weigh between 70 and 90kg. During evolution Blitzle’s mane grew to the point where it now flows down to Zebstrika’s tail which is now much longer and ends in a vague star shape as well as growing a second “lightning bolt” on its head.

Interestingly for an Equine species Blitzle and Zebstrika do not have the typical black sclera of the eye that other members, including Ponyta, have but rather a yellow sclera, as of writing the reason for this is not known.

Notable Biology

The most obvious feature of the Blitzle line is their mane which resembles a bolt of electricity running down their back and which starts at a lightning bolt shape, or two in the case of Zebstrika, on their foreheads which resemble horns but like the mane are simply very stiff hairs. The hairs on Zebstrika’s back are notably less stiff than those on its head and neck allowing them to be squashed down allowing for Zebstrika to be ridden if you have its trust.

Zebstrika possess large powerful legs that allow them to reach incredibly high speeds to the point that they can outrun their cousins Rapidash. At full speed these Pokémon make a thunderous roar similar to a large peal of thunder.

As well as the electrochemical cells that are common in most electric types the members of the Blitzle line also possess pyro chemical cells allowing them to learn the move Flame Charge through levelling up, during evolution Zebstrika grows a small pyro-sac allowing it to learn to move Overheat with some practice and coaching. These abilities also prove that the hairs of these Pokémon are flame proof.

There are three distinct sub-groups of these Pokémon that show different reactions to different types of moves. The first group possess what most trainers call the Lightningrod ability; these members can alter the polarity of the electrochemical cells in their mane and “lightning bolt” to attract the electrical attacks of other Pokémon and absorb it to raise the power of their own special attacks, thus protecting their teammates and themselves from receiving damage from these attacks, for an unknown reason the moves Discharge, Electro Web and moves that unexpectedly release electrical energy such as Hidden Power are unaffected by this ability. The second sub- group possess the “Motor Drive” ability once thought to be unique to Electivire; these Pokémon are able to absorb any electrical attack that hits them and instead of taking damage from them will divert the energy to their muscles, an effect that then increases the speed at which these are Pokémon are able to move for a short amount of time. Finally the third sub-group possess the “Sap Sipper” ability; these are the only members of the species that take damage from Electric- type attacks they however are able to absorb any Grass-type move that hits them and use its energy to gain a boost to their own physical attacks instead of taking damage.

As with all Pokémon the Blitzle line have members that exhibit are rare phenotype that alters their colouring. These members have a blue colouring to their hair instead of black and a yellow tinge to their mane as a Blitzle and a purple colour to their hair and a blue tinge to their mane as a Zebstrika.


Both Blitzle and Zebstrika prefer to roam the wide open plains. Route 3 in Unova is a favourite for solo Blitzle as the grass there is long enough that they can use their striped patterns to hide from any predators that may be around. Upon evolution to Zebstrika most members will migrate to Route 7 as the grass there is among the longest anywhere in Unova and the only grass in the region long enough to allow solo Zebstrika to hide from predators using their striped patterns. Colonies of both Blitzle and Zebstrika are rare in other regions to the point that the average trainer is unlikely to ever encounter them unless they are accompanied by a Professor or Ranger who knows where specifically to look.


In the wild both members will graze mostly on the grasses of the plains they call home but will also happily eat any fruits, berries and leaves they can find. They are also known to happily wander into a lightning strike to charge up and gain energy. When captured it is best to feed your Blitzle or Zebstrika hard fruit like apples as this both gives them the nutrition they need but will also keep their teeth from growing too large and becoming painful. During a thunderstorm it is a good idea to let your Blitzle or Zebstrika out and allow it to absorb any Lightning it can as a nice treat and to keep its mood up.


As with any Pokémon it is important to exhibit care when around Blitzle and Zebstrika especially wild ones or those that are not used to you. If startled both these Pokémon will not hesitate to shock those they feel are a threat, if their mane begin to spark you should slowly back away without making any sudden movements as this means they are angry and are likely to attack. As is the case with Ponyta and Rapidash NEVER under any circumstance approach Blitzle and Zebstrika from behind even if they are familiar with you, they will perceive you as a threat and will kick out with their hind legs. As a Blitzle this will easily fracture bones and in some cases break them and as a Zebstrika breaks are guaranteed and in some cases death can occur due to broken ribs puncturing the lungs or the skull being crushed. Also it is important to keep your hands away from their mouths if you are unfamiliar to them and to not allow strangers to feed your Pokémon as they can easily break fingers with their bite. There have even been cases of Zebstrika nearly or completely severing fingers with their bite.

Social Structure

Blitzle and Zebstrika live in groups known as harems which generally consist of one male Stallion with up to six adult female mares and their foals. Bachelor males either live alone or with a group of other bachelors until they are old enough to challenge a breeding male. Foals are always protected by their mothers, the Stallion and any other mares in the harem. If attacked the mares will surround the foals to protect them while the stallion attempts to scare off the predator.


In the wild Blitzle are unlikely to breed with only the oldest doing so. Zebstrika however will breed in the early spring with the male breeding with every mare in his group. The average gestation period is 365 days after which the mare will give birth. The baby Blitzle will quickly learn to stand and walk. The foal will nurse from its mother for around a month before moving on to grasses.

In captivity both morphs can and will breed with others of their species as well as other members of the field egg group such as their cousins Ponyta and Rapidash as well as the Sandshrew, Skitty and Shinx lines among others. This does of course pose disturbing implications with Wailord the largest known Pokémon and Diglett one of the smallest both being present in this group. As such it is advised to keep such breeding to Pokémon of similar size to Blitzle or Zebstrika.

While in the wild Zebstrika will give birth to live young the safety of captivity allows both morphs to birth slightly less developed young within eggs.

In Human Society

Blitzle and Zebstrika have long been used in Unova for the same purpose as Ponyta and Rapidash have in the areas where they are common. Pulling carts and as a burden barer are the two most common examples along with transportation in the days before cars. At one time Blitzle and Zebstrika were used in races for entertainment and betting however this has dropped to the point that these days one is ridiculed for trying to enter one in a race. This situation forms the plot of reasonably successful movie. A Zebstrika also stars in an movie about a group of Safari Zone Pokémon sent back to the wild.

Just as a side note i'm not sure how to pothole the references I made.

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[up] To pothole, you use two pairs of square brackets:

[[like so]]

Then, right after the left-hand side brackets, enter the name of the trope/work you're referring to with no spaces between the words. If the page has only one word, then surround that word with two pairs of curly braces:

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For example:

[[SarcasmMode Yeah, that's a great idea.]]


Yeah, that's a great idea.

Look through the edit function of a random page to see more of what I mean

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You should also change your heading format to for example: !! Habitat which becomes:


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Cheers for the help guys. changes have been made. Let me know if you think i should add anything else or take anything out.
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Maybe fir in a reference to the Field group family.
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You should also make a reference to them laying eggs in captivity and being capable of both that and giving birth to live young as you've already stated. Also, the time required for a Blitzle foal to switch from milk to grass seems a bit too long to me. The punctuation could also use some work.

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