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5926 SilentReverence1st Aug 2011 11:39:20 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
A shame to see you go, Marioguy. Was fun having you around.

Also, Minccino article is posted. Removing from Diibs to announce Nidoran rev. 4.0; before the end of this month the Latii entry should be posted too in order to dibs for Totodile rev. 2.0 (if I'm not mistaken) as discussed in the chatroom.

Will only have partial connection tomorrow.

5927 SullenFrog2nd Aug 2011 08:23:26 AM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
It should be readily apparent by this point, but...I'm dropping out as well. I've removed my claims from the dibs page, and if you feel that changes are necessary to some of my articles then I will not stop you from enacting such.

Just wanted to make that official.
5928 rmctagg092nd Aug 2011 08:50:42 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sorry to see you go Sullen. Damn, that's two people in a row.
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

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5929 SilentReverence2nd Aug 2011 10:09:25 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
5930 rmctagg092nd Aug 2011 07:33:27 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Calling dibs on the Tirtouga Line.
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
You complete me.
And vets to, we need a new leader now.

5932 SilentReverence5th Aug 2011 12:08:47 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
I feel good. Scratch that. I feel happy. And useful. I feel like I have done a good thing.

A couple of hours ago I received a mail from Annarti (or Narti), the guy who wrote Black Albino. "What?", you ask? Well I have commented the story a couple of times in the chatroom already so as to not be verbose tl;dr: it's the one Nidoran fanfic of the early 2000s, and the one that inspired me to continue liking those cute critters.

Guy had just authorized me to use his characters for the We Are All Pokémon Trainers roleplay, which I eventually did and credited for* . But he added an attachment to his mail — an outline for the fic he had written already some 10 years ago.

The important thing about it, in what concerns this thread, was not that it was a pretty interesting and well planned outline of what ended up being a nice, solid, if dead, fanfic, but instead the extra at the end of the document where he wrote a pretty complete for the time (circa 2002, that is Gen II), analysis on the Nidoran line. I'm gonna call it Nidoran Article version 0 and you'll see why.

It had everything that we'd expected to be there in one of our articles: basic description and analysis of the line, physiology, evolution, social structure, predation hazards, a breeding section that unlike mine made sense, plus some bonuses like (micro)habitat, lifespan, habits and scientific name, and the guy even had answered by then the question posited at PEFE's start page of "What kind of nests do Nidoran build?", which, granted, I myself haven't worded out the answer for yet. By 2002. This made me feel strongly. Being quoted, linked to and recommended by Aqua Bunny is one thing, and it is a great thing mind, but this guy here? I see it now: he formed me as a PEFE researcher.

Back by early 2000s I was at that point where GabuEx's article mentions the crossroad of "aren't you getting too old for that?". Not just for Pokémon, but for a lot of things, kinda finally giving up the last Hope Spot of idealism on the so-called scale if you want. But this fic was one of two or three things that, reminiscing those times, prevented me from taking the plunge* . Black Albino was not just a good Pokémon fic #38468253252 where random Trainer #4899757 had a random Nidoran #1634278. It was a good. Nidoran. fanfic. And it helped me skim thru a stage of life by preserving something that I liked. It provided me with questions that I'd have to find the way to answer when I re-awakened to my "have fun" side years later.

I "recovered", duh, and I started enjoying asking myself those questions. That eventually ended up with me here, somehow, and you guys know how that turned out. I first came here sheepishly, knowing me good enough to write research for myself, but never having submitted it to peer review. Then a relatively basic, by my terms, Nidoran article dibs call, and working on more entries and reviews from there, always keeping the Nidoran entry by the side, always feeding it and nursing it. Heck, it's the only entry (so far) with official version numbering!

But I look at it today and I realize, many of those questions that danced around my head when I wrote the article, they were already solved, about ten years in advance. Someone else liked them Nidoran enough to tackle on the challenge, and did a damn fine job. Then that person put some of those answers on write in the form of fanfic, not as literal answers or questions, but as a narration of a world. A narration that planted the seeds in my head to ask the same questions, and develop ideas to reach similar similarly solid answers. It took the heck of five years, and some really weird six-degrees-of-separation routing, but the answers are now here.

Perhaps the only thing that pains me a little bit is that, for what it seems, the Nidoran article is the best thing I will have ever written on the internet, and I can't really be happy for that back at real-life home* . But right now I don't care about that. Perhaps there was a call somewhere that I answered, if pretty late. Today I've got a really weird confirmation that I've done something good. It has taken a lot of effort and required quite some commentary, and in my own terms I will insist, it still is half-done, but I feel it's on its way from good to great. No matter if the "real world" doesn't see it as something financially productive, career-building or what the heck; I personally think the ones that had to judge this have already cast their vote.

But I'm not stopping. Not after this. I already called Dibs on revision number 4 of the Nidoran article. Yes, that's as many as four ones. There's a lot of work that has to be done. The breeding still makes no sense. The article still needs a nice artwork, ideally something spruce with the Royal Evolutions. The Darker and Edgier parts have to be toned down to happy-but-realist. The paragraphs on early description don't have the same conciseness as other articles's do, there are inconcluse parts on their habitat and social structure sections, the "in popular culture" section could use some normalizing, I really want to bring down a non-dark, non-grim reference to Watership Down, and there's one more pack of ideas to bring in to discussion, one more person to credit... as in the end, this will really be the fifth version of the article. As a programmer, I count from zero, I should have figured something like this ought to happen... Annarti's outline is pretty solid, considering that it doesn't have the tremendous blunders that mine does, and I think with the adequate care and debate, this information can be integrated into the article, it's not like his soul isn't there in the wiki article already.

I have time. I'm not rushing this. My help is required for the Totodile article too, whose next revision I also want to inspect closely. And anyone else developing or revising entries knows they can count with me, so long as I have the time and am not sleepy. But as I debate, propose and promote, ideas are being added, mixed, spiced up to this entry that is always by my side, in a special folder that is never sent to archiving or saved to a shelf. Here, and in many places, it's part of my identity. Every time I answer your questions, I'm also wondering "does this work for Nidoran, somehow?". So drafts will make an appearance eventually. Your help will be required or requested, too.

All this information will be subjected to peer review to maintain a high standard of quality that ensures this entry is worth of what it has already earned. And people who love Nidoran will know they are not alone in the world as once I thought I was.

I'm not just a Nidoran fan. Being a fan is fine, it's just too simple.

I'm a Nidoran researcher. Just like, somehow, my teacher also was. Thanks, Annarti.

And no, I don't care that this post is long. it wouldn't be me, this me if it wasn't. Pompous and smug of my part as it might seem, for today I think the world deserves it.

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Outer Cloyster
Good to hear you're feeling inspired, or at peace with the world, or, you know what I'm saying.

I've got the Geodude article done. Pointing out mistakes and suggesting some potholes would be appreciated - I don't make veiled (or not) references to anything in the In Human Society section.

Geodude Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Geodude [074]
  • Graveler [075]
  • Golem [076]

Geodude, Graveler and Golem are arguably the best-known rock Pokemon and amongst the best-characterised by scientists, as well as being one of the more common lines of this type. Geodude looks essentially like a large, usually grey rock with two strong arms sticking out of the side, and is less than half a metre tall on average. Its dense, roughly-spherical body makes it potentially rather heavy for its size, but the weight of this Pokemon tends to vary a lot even when they are at a similar size (see Notable Biology below), though they are no lighter than 20 kilograms. They have no legs, and move by rolling or hauling themselves around using their arms, and their "face" is dominated by their large eyes and mouth. Graveler is markedly larger (now approaching a metre tall and no lighter than 100 kilograms), and comparatively heavier. Its arms, eyes and mouth have shrunk compared to a Geodude, but it now possesses a small pair of legs and an extra pair of arms. The final evolution, Golem, grows to about 1.4 metres tall, with some specimens being recorded to weigh over 700 kilograms. None have been recorded being lighter than 300 kilograms. The most physically different of the three Pokemon, Golem now has a distinct lizardlike head and more proportioned arms and legs (though its arms are still smaller than Geodude's in relation to its body.) It changes from grey to brown, and its rocky body develops into distinct scale-like segments. Golem are very rare in the wild, as an electromagnetic burst is required to trigger their transformation from Graveler, however, the trading machines produce energy in the same wavelengths which is how most trainers acquire a Golem. A rare non-heritable mutation causes the shells of this species to take on a distinctly golden hue. They are prized by trainers, but due to their worse camouflage in their natural habitat, do not fare as well in the wild as their more common counterparts.

Notable Biology

The skin of these Pokemon looks like rock, and this description is partially correct. Geodude, Graveler and Golem incorporate rock salts, silicates, and other rock and mineral components into their bodies from rocks that they eat. Their digestive system is capable of breaking down rocks and minerals into their components, which then get taken to the skin of the Pokemon via a specialised series of transport proteins present in the Pokemon's circulatory system before being reassembled by a suite of specialised polymeric enzymes and skin excretions, and in the case of a Golem can reach up to an inch thick. Their skin itself is composed of a rough layer of thick scale, which in itself provides plenty of protection. Underneath this rocky exterior, Geodude, Graveler and Golem are all organic and are subject to disease and injury, something that novice trainers may forget, given that they look like rock and eat rock. Depending on the exact region, the composition, weight and to a lesser extent colour of a Geodude, Graveler and Golem varies, entirely dependent on what rocks they eat. In areas with higher-density rocks and minerals, the Pokemon will end up heavier - a Geodude subsisting mainly on haematite for its shell will be heavier (and redder) than one subsisting on granite. They shed their rocky shell as they grow, and roughly once a year once they are a Golem. Once the shell is off their bodies, they typically eat it immediately to begin replacing their shell as soon as possible.

Internally, these Pokemon have very strong muscles and bones to carry their great weight. Much of their body is muscle, with many organs being smaller than other Pokemon of their size. To compensate, they have anaerobic systems that use an alternate metabolic pathway to most other species that produces significantly more usable energy. They are also cold-blooded, and spend most of their time motionless to conserve energy except when very young. When they have to move, they can do so with surprising speed, but usually only over short distances. Geodude tend to be the most active of the line, having the least weight to support and the most thoroughly-developed internal organs, and they can often be seen hurling themselves up and down slopes when they are not staying still and pretending to be rocks. Graveler, despite gaining legs and a pair of extra arms when it evolves, is the most lethargic of the line and will tend to remain motionless in an area that sees a lot of Pokemon traffic. Graveler's limbs are all vestigial and are mostly used for coordination when it starts and stops rolling, and for moving food to its mouth. It shows crude multidexterity with its arms - it is able to use them all at the same time for tasks, but their limited movement range mean they cannot do much with them anyway. Golem gains distinct, fully-functioning arms and legs when Graveler evolves, and does not seem to need the second pair as these longer arms can do more work than two sets of vestigial arms. The distinct head that it develops also provides a couple of advantages. First, Golem's eyes are now in front of its body, rather than on its body, and are on the sides of its head, giving it a much wider field of vision. Second, having a distinct head allows the mouth and brain to be removed from the body, freeing up space and allowing the internal organs to develop a little more; as a result, Golem is a little more active than Graveler, and much better able to respond to changes in its environment.

There are three noticeable subspecies from this line, and they all bear differences in their skin below the rock shell. One subspecies has skin with many evenly-spread anchor points for the rocky shell, allowing the Pokemon to use normally-dangerous attacks without any risk of hurting themselves, as the shock of impact is dissipated around their shell. Another is the opposite - it has very few anchor points. This instead causes impacts to not spread so much into the body, allowing them durability to survive almost any attack and continue functioning as the shell takes the majority of a powerful blow while it is intact, though it tends to fall apart more as a result. The shells of these Geodude, Graveler and Golem tend to require more replacement than the first variety if the Pokemon has to engage in a great deal of fighting. The third, rarer subtype develop an uneven, thinner rock shell. As a result, they need a little less energy to support their bulk, and the unusual angles in their shell can sometimes deflect attacks harmlessly, which is much more noticeable in a sandstorm when their shell cannot be accurately scanned for weaker or flat points.


These Pokemon are universally found in mountainous conditions and caves. Geodude are found in just about every cave in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Graveler are also found in these caves, and are also found in Unova's Challenger's Cave, though they are not as common. As stated above, Golem are rare in the wild - while they have been seen in the wild at these locations, seeing one is unusual. This is assuming one even manages to see them as they are well-suited to their environments, naturally looking like any other large rock.


Pokemon from this line are omnivorous and can eat almost anything, though they generally take a long time to digest their food. Geodude, being more mobile and more inclined to live outside caves, are generally the most likely to eat plants. They tend to eat trees, branches and shrubs, eschewing leafy material. All three members of the line are ambush predators - Geodude tend to wait until the limb of a Pokemon or person passes nearby before grabbing it and attempting to crush it, while Graveler and Golem tend to charge at things that come within range, using powerful attacks to prevent the prey's escape. All members of the line eat rocks, minerals and to a lesser extent, soil. During the first stages of life, a Geodude will eat huge amounts of rock. After their shell is developed, the Pokemon tend to only consume smaller amounts.


Geodude and Graveler are the most commonly-encountered members of this line. Geodude in particular can be very dangerous to inexperienced trainers, as they may well not have a Pokemon that can damage their hard shell. Furthermore, Geodude are the easiest member of the line to miss, and if stepped on nearby, they tend to react by violently swinging their arms at the offender. If this occurs on a mountain slope, the offender may well find themselves bouncing down the mountain. All three members of this line sometimes get from place to place by rolling down slopes, and if they pick up enough speed, they will flatten everything in their path. They also learn a number of powerful attacks that, while common to Rock/Ground types, Geodude (and to a lesser extent Graveler and Golem) learn them quite early. Finally, all three members of this line are capable of learning Selfdestruct and Explosion, and may well decide to use it if they feel seriously threatened. They can survive the blast, but other things often cannot. To make matters worse, some of them as outlined above are virtually guaranteed to survive strong attacks, so even if one does have access to a powerful attack for dealing with these Pokemon, they may remain conscious and detonate themselves anyway.

Despite their strength and natural camouflage, Pokemon from this line are relatively easy for an experienced trainer to deal with. The most important thing to note is that while their physical toughness is incredible, their shells offer no protection against elemental attacks. Water and Grass Pokemon in particular can easily break apart the shell, but even fire attacks that do not rely on physical contact can do a lot of damage. The second thing to note about them is that they are generally unintelligent. Their response to danger is, "hit it until it stops moving", which one can use to their advantage - even if one may not have a Pokemon that it is well-suited for fighting Geodude or Graveler, by getting them to stay mobile and using cover that is bound to be present, you may be able to defeat them without too much trouble, though watch out for their tremor-making abilities. Finally, if you stay observant, you can spot the Pokemon and simply walk around them. It does take a lot of practice to spot these Pokemon, though.

Courting and Childrearing

During winter, female Geodude, Graveler and Golem will dig a hole and lay a clutch of many small eggs, with Graveler and Golem having somewhat-larger clutches. They typically pick a spot near something edible, such as moss or near grasses. They cover this hole with earth, and the smell of the eggs attract male members of the species to fertilise them, who will bury them again. Newly-hatched Geodude mature quickly, eating a huge amount as they rapidly increase in size. Because their rocky shells have not fully developed, they are very vulnerable and many will not make it to adulthood, some being eaten by other members of their line. Once their shell develops and they become close to adult size, their activity levels plummet.

Social Structure

Geodude and Graveler do not associate with each other, and Golem do not associate with either of those lines. Both Graveler and Golem sometimes eat Geodude, particularly the baby ones. Wild Golem, on the other hand, do tend to group together in pairs. Observations have shown them to communicate through subsonic vibrations, with researchers likening them to a pair of old men sitting around talking - for the most part it has been shown that what they seem to say seems to have virtually zero content.

In Popular Culture

Geodude is probably the most well-known Rock-type Pokemon, and considered the quintessential example of what it is to be a Rock-type - slow, tough and dependable. For many trainers, this is the first Rock-type they see and catch, so the line has a large following. This Pokemon line has made appearances in more media than one can easily count, but regardless of what role they play in the story, they are almost always strong, slow and dim.

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5934 Tangent1285th Aug 2011 08:31:19 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Good story, Silent. grin

And good article, Smiggens. Only suggestion here is maybe elaborate a bit more on the advantages of Golem having a distinct head? You can post it on the wiki whenever, if you haven't already.

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5935 rmctagg095th Aug 2011 09:54:38 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Published my Marill article.
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5936 TracerBullet6th Aug 2011 11:33:58 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
Guess Who...?
Decided that Ledyba was looking a little lonely on my queue, and saw that Drilbur is up for grabs... So... Dibs, I guess.
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5937 SilentReverence6th Aug 2011 01:56:01 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
One question that jumped to my mind and that I didn't see addressed, or perhaps it was somewhat hidden, is why Geodude earns two extra limbs (arms, at that) upon evolution, yet when evolving again it apparently misses those arms. Does the existence of the arms provide an evolutionary advantage that is lost, comppensated or covered when it finally evolves into Golem?

Beyond that I'd like to check more troping and interaction with other species, which I will do past the weekend.
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They... merge? Biological precedent anyone?
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Made some adjustments.
5940 Kexruct7th Aug 2011 01:13:56 PM from Vvardenfell
I have an idea- why don't we make pages, with stats, move lists, and all that other garbage, for the characters on Sonichu? Just as a joke.
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5941 707ruz7th Aug 2011 01:52:55 PM from wandering
Another stain removed.
But that would require reading Sonichu.
5942 Kexruct7th Aug 2011 01:55:09 PM from Vvardenfell
We could just listen to the audiobooks.
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5943 rmctagg097th Aug 2011 03:01:12 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
I don't think that's going to happen.
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5944 SilentReverence7th Aug 2011 03:01:13 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
I lack a FUCKING emoticon for this. I thought our pranks would be, like, Pikablu, Latziken, Jellorita, or things like that.

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5945 Kexruct7th Aug 2011 03:06:45 PM from Vvardenfell
Would it work if each one had a thinly veiled insult against CWC?
They call themselves seamstresses -Feet of Clay
I've created a logo for the Fanon Pokédex if you want to use it.

Plain: [1]

With TV Tropes logo: [2]

I got the base image from Bulbapedia.

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5947 Neo_Crimson7th Aug 2011 06:30:19 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
[up][up]Fast Eddie doesn't want Tv Tropes to be a trolling base for CWC. Trying that would just be asking for trouble.
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5948 Marioguy1287th Aug 2011 07:03:17 PM from various galaxies
I'm not a part of the project anymore, but GOOD GOD, NO! And besides, the PEFE isn't supposed to be filled with take thats.
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5949 Demongodofchaos27th Aug 2011 07:16:14 PM from Reality , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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[up] Sorry if I may ask, Why are you not a part of the project anymore?

I'm not either, I'm just curious.
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5950 Tangent1287th Aug 2011 07:17:22 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
No Sonichu stuff, no. It's best for everybody, CWC included, if we just leave it be.

Besides, the goal for the project tone is "positive, but having the ring of reality", not "rip ____ a new one".
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