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551 Blissey12nd Jun 2010 09:40:34 AM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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It's my peronsal favorite pokemon line, the Trapinch line!

Trapinch Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Trapinch [328]
  • Vibrava [329]
  • Flygon [330]

Physical Descriptions

Trapinch have a round, red body with a white underside and stump like legs. Their head alone is at least as large as their body. They have distinctive, beady little eyes.

Vibrava have an elongated body, similar to that of a Yanma, which is a pale yellowish in color. They gain green wings in the shape of a rhombus, as well as two similar looking projections at the end of it's tail. The beady little eyes of Trapinch have now turned into large, green eyes.

Flygon is much more reminiscent of a dragon in body shape. It's body color changes to a pale green, with dark green splotches on it's knees and top of it's head, as well as dark green stripes on it's tail. It now has three of the rhombus looking projections on the end of it's tail, and it now has a large, red lens covering each of it's eyes.

Notable Biology

The jaws of a Trapinch are extremely strong, able to crush boulders with ease. They use these jaws to help make their sand pits regardless of the presence of obstructive boulders in the area. They are able to go for up to a week without any water.

The wings of a Vibrava are not yet developed enough for flying. They are instead used to manipulate sound waves. By vibrating it's wings rapidly, it can produce ultrasonic waves that can knock out any potential prey. Fortunately, humans are more resistant to these sound waves; they only cause headaches.

Flygon's wings are fully developed and allow it to fly. When flying, it's wings both kick up sand around it into a sandstorm, and also produce an eerie singing noise. This has caused Flygon to also be known as the spirit of the desert. Every Flygon has a slightly different song which they use for identification, much like fingerprints in humans. Flygons red lenses protect it's eyes from the sand, allowing it to see fairly well even in a sandstorm.


All three pokemon are found in dry, arid climates, though Flygon are particularly rare in the wild.


All three pokemon are carnivorous in nature. Trapinch make pits in the sand that are very difficult to escape from. Anything that falls into it's pit will likely become food for Trapinch. Vibrava, as mentioned earlier, use their wings to produce ultrasonic waves that incapacitate their prey; they then inject it with a poison to finish it off and then feed. Flygon utilize the sandstorms they kick up to disorient their prey before moving in for the kill.


Trainers are advised to never put anything besides food near the jaws of a Trapinch unless you want it crushed beyond recognition. When feeding them, be careful not to get your hand bitten. Also, should they fall onto their backs, it is very difficult for them to get back up without outside assistance. When traveling through a desert environment, be extremely careful to not fall into a Trapinch sand pit; they are thought to be the leading cause of traveler disappearances in desert regions.

Trainers should be wary of taking Vibrava into busy public places. Should they get agitated, they will begin vibrating their wings, causing sound waves that will produce a splitting headache in everyone in the vicinity.

Always remember that a Flygon will produce a sandstorm in sandy areas by flapping it's wings, whether it intends to or not. Therefor, it is wise not to have your Flygon fly in sandy areas where you wouldn't want a sandstorm, like on the beach.


When a female Flygon goes into heat, she will kick up a large sandstorm and start producing a special mating call song with her wings that can carry for miles. Any males in the vicinity will hear this song and enter her sandstorm. She will fly erratically through this storm, and the first male to find and catch up to her will be the one she mates with. Later, she will dig a hole in the ground to lay her eggs in, then bury them and leave them.

Social Structure

All three in the line are fairly solitary creatures, though Trapinch have been known to team up to produce intricate underground burrows on occasion. In the event either a Vibrava of a Flygon come across each other, they will generally ignore each other and go their separate ways, though Flygon will take a moment to register each others unique song for future reference.

thoughts? questions? concerns?

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552 SilentReverence2nd Jun 2010 11:08:57 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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This whole thread is pure win and I have already started using some of the entries for research, so I wanted to say thank you to the tropers working on this. I'd also like to know they're going to write Lileep/Cradily line soon, seeing as Anorith/Armaldo has been done already, as I would use it for immediate research.

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Why'd you spoiler that? I say you are perfectly qualified to write a Lileep line entry, since you are writing one where Lileep is the protagonist.

Hell anybody is qualified to write one as long as the end result roughly matches what we've seen in the games/anime/mangas.
554 Neo_Crimson2nd Jun 2010 11:40:56 AM from behind your lines.
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Speaking of Yanma, I should probably do that one next.

Also, have you guys noticed that, so far, the vast majority of pokemon seem to be carnivorous?
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555 AceOfScarabs2nd Jun 2010 12:03:56 PM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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That probably explains why non-pokemon animals are so rare.
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556 Rainbow2nd Jun 2010 01:17:24 PM , Relationship Status: Puppy love
The comment about most Pokemon being carnivorous made me think, which ones wouldn't be? I would guess that the ones that eat things that humans wouldn't even think of as food wouldn't count (such as Sableye, they eat rocks) as carnivores. What about Leafeon or other non-poisonous grass types? I saw a project similar to this (a Pokemon trainer's guide on that said they like to eat flowers. Do Teddiursa and Ursaring eat the same kind of foods that bears eat? What about the Jigglypuff and Clefairy lines? I would guess that Koffing and Weezing eat pollution like Grimer do?
557 Pykrete2nd Jun 2010 01:24:32 PM from Viridian Forest
^^ Of course they are.

In the red corner you have a well-built, fully mature tiger.

In the blue corner you have an equally well-built, fully mature, sentient, fire-breathing dog-tiger that can outrun Autobahn traffic, and can also optionally learn to charge its fangs with lightning, shoot Frickin' Laser Beams, vomit neurotoxin, shatter boulders, metallize its tail, block any incoming attack with a magic shield...

Even if they're not trying to eat each other, they're still competing for territory and food.

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558 Blissey12nd Jun 2010 01:34:29 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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I imagine Jigglypuff eat berries, and the song is a defense mechanism. Clefairy probably gain energy from moonlight or something weird like that, being aliens and all.

of course, there's always catchall Pokefood for just about everything. What does Brock put in that stuff anyway?
559 Pykrete2nd Jun 2010 01:40:41 PM from Viridian Forest
Probably similar mixes to dog food, though adjusted for overall party composition and with bags of things to add in for each individual's preferences. If we have non-pokémon livestock somewhere, that can include commercial meat.
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It's Soylent Green.

"Soylent Green is Pokemon! POKEMON!"
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As promised earlier today:

The Cinnabar Anomalŷ̵̼͎

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

The Anomaly (#???-existence is debated, unofficially assigned number 000) No other morphs known.

Notable Biology

The Cinnabar Anomaly is a cryptozoological phenomenon. Believed to inhabit the waters surrounding Cinnabar Island, it (or they) are supposedly responsible for the disappearance of several ships.

Even working from vague eyewitness accounts, it is still impossible to create an accurate picture of the animal. Various sources have claimed that the Anomaly resembles a ghost, an animated Kabutops or Aerodactyl skeleton, or, most disturbingly, a massive tower of distorted colors and images. None of these forms have been photographed or filmed reliably.

The exact nature of what this creature is, if it even exists, is still unclear. Some claim that the Anomaly is a deformed, aggressive Porygon, an ancient Pokémon still uncategorized by modern science, some sort of extraterrestrial lifeform, or more exotically, a protrusion into our universe from a higher dimension or even a sentient hole in the fabric of reality. The Anomaly is generally regarded as a myth, though a dedicated team of "Cinnabar Watch" volunteers monitor the oceans surrounding the Island in the hopes of sighting the Anomaly. Even some Professors have contributed to the upkeep of the Cinnabar Watch. Professor Birch in particular has given a lot of time and money in order to keep the project going, and has been quoted in saying that he believes that the Anomaly may be real.


The Anomaly is believed to inhabit the waters surrounding Cinnabar Island, although similar creatures have been sighted as far away as the Sinnoh region. Whether or not they are the same animal is unknown.




Some conjecture that dozens of Trainers and swimmers are killed (eaten? absorbed?) by the Anomaly without anybody knowing. However, less than five ships have disappeared without in recorded history, and three of those are believed to have encountered navigational failure at sea and were subsequently salvaged from the seabed. The exact fate of the other two ships is still unknown.

The waters around Cinnabar contain more radiation than one would believe. Most attribute this to seabed deposits of uranium present, although a small minority hold that this is a direct byproduct of the Anomaly. The handful that claim to have encountered the Anomaly seem to be mentally unstable; this has cast severe doubts upon the existence of this beast. Some claim that the mere sight of the creature is sufficient to drive one mad. If one is to encounter this Pokémon (should it exist), catching it is not recommended. It is unknown if such a being is even possible to catch, even using the most advanced forms of Pokéball.



Social Structure


(A no-prize to anybody who knows what the Anomaly is called in our world!)

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562 Blissey12nd Jun 2010 03:38:52 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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It's Soylent Green.

"Soylent Green is Pokemon! POKEMON!"

but wait, carnivorous pokemon already eat other pokemon, so...maybe it really is?

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563 Neo_Crimson2nd Jun 2010 04:07:54 PM from behind your lines.
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You should mention that unusually strong specimens of pokemon not native to the area have been sighted in the same area as the Anomaly. And that former Kanto League Champion Red has supposedly seen it, though he has refused to talk about it (or much else for that matter).

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Cheeky son of a....
The mere sight of it can drive you mad eh? Sounds like a Great Old One...
565 Neo_Crimson2nd Jun 2010 04:44:00 PM from behind your lines.
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^According to Fanon, its just that.
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566 hazzaboner2nd Jun 2010 05:24:57 PM from Sniper Land (your heart) , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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I think something should be said about an old Viridan expert or the item duplication thing.
My next project is going to be the Evee line. I have a rough draft of all the different morphs typed up right now, but I need some suggestions as to how and why Evee has such a variety of forms. Any ideas?
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568 Neo_Crimson3rd Jun 2010 03:04:05 PM from behind your lines.
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It think it was said a while ago, that Evee is very sensitive to various radiations and other environmental factors, and rapidly evolves to compensate.
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569 Tangent1283rd Jun 2010 04:53:04 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Not really evolving in the naturally-selected-mutation sense.

I think Pokémon evolution/development, while a common mechanism of rapid maturation, has multiple applications in different species.

In some species, it's simply a part of growing up- pretty much all Shinx will evolve into Luxio at some point.

In other cases, especially in resource-tight environments, only a few members of a species evolve naturally, and provide communal defense for the rest. For instance, most wild Magikarp never evolve, but you find suspiciously few Pidgeot fishing in the Lake of Rage.

It's a bit of a continuum; most Nidoran♂ become Nidorino, but not many become Nidoking, for instance. (Mineral-triggered evolution helps keep the proportion in line in this case.)

Branched-evolving species can occupy multiple environments easily; as such, Eevee is a very robust line. However, they aren't very common in most of the wild, since the juvenile Eevee can't be safely raised everywhere adults can be found.
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570 rmctagg093rd Jun 2010 05:06:47 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Does anyone have any theories for why a lot of Pokemon that evolve through the use of an evolutionary stone don't learn any new moves?
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571 hazzaboner3rd Jun 2010 06:40:36 PM from Sniper Land (your heart) , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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Maybe the radiation stunts their growth?
572 Tangent1283rd Jun 2010 09:20:59 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Picture goes here



Simple explorer-kit device, targeted at children.


Taking advantage of Professor Elm's "Out of the Ball and Onto the Road" public exercise campaign, Olivine Sporting developed an inexpensive pedometer under a Pokémon League brand license.

The initial design included a cheap Pokéradar to help Trainers keep tabs on any of their Pokémon with wanderlust. During field testing, one of the Scientists was reminded of his childhood adventures on the nearby Route, where he and a friend befriended the local Magnemite.

Inspired by this experience, and motivated by the enthusiastic response of pre-Trainer-age kids to the device, it was decided to focus the Walker's marketing on a younger demographic.

Sold cheaply and playing to children's imaginations, parents' nostalgia, and parent's desire to see their kids get exercise, the device has become the year's must-have gift.

Inner workings

The device's internals are an assemblage of cheap, standard electronic chips, powered by a motion-charged battery. A monochrome LCD screen provides the status of each component, and is scrolled through by two face buttons.

Provided functions:
  • Clock - set by positioning satellite
  • Compass/GPS - low location resolution; a recessed switch allows a parent to set a "home" location that the compass will indicate
  • Dowsing sensor/Poké Radar - though low-class components are used for cost reasons, the Radar features a creative programming trick that allows a nearby Following Pokémon to be filtered out, enabling the single-target chipset to still detect Wild Pokémon.


Many parental groups express concern that the device may encourage children to take dangerous risks while playing outside adult supervision.

Olivine Sporting has suggested that a child alone on a Route is actually safer with a Pokéwalker, due to the homing navigation and Wild Pokémon detection; still, they also insist on emphasizing a parent's responsibility to determine what activities their child can safely handle.
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Hmmm... interesting. Though you didn't mention the fact that you can store Pokemon in the Pokewalker.

I might have the Piplup line up tonight as well.

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Phanpy Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Phanpy [231]
  • Donphan [232]

Phanpy is a small powder blue elephent pokemon,that has two orange pads on both ears and an orange pad at the bridge of it's trunk. There is no gender difference. Donphan is a grey pokemon,with the bands having now grown into a bendable plate armor and it's large ears held out stiffly to the side. The armor has changed black since muturity,and armored bands hug it's legs. It also has small tusks and three claws upon it's feet rather then one. Females tusks are shorter then the males.

Notable Biology

Both morphs have the ability to curl up very tightly in a ball,known as roll out. When Donphan does so,it looks rather like a tire,and holds balance better due to the stiff ears. Both forms trunks are sensative,though Donphans less so.


Mountainous and rough area's,though often can be seen within walking distance of a water supply.


Both forms are herbivorous,and are usually found eating small bushes and long grasses.


Phanpy is not dangerous,and rather tends to run away from any possible conflict. Donphan,on the other hand,are fully capable of wrecking houses with thier rollout and other fighting heavy moves. They are also easily angered,so all trainers approach with caution.


The males have been seen doing what is called the 'love dance' which is basically the two males trying to out roll the other for the females of the herd.

Social Structure

The herds are led by the dominant male and are nomadic in nature. The Donphan protect the smaller Phanpy from danger by circling themselves around them,and should a predator come too close,a trio uses the rollout attack against them.

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Probably we shouldn't have most Pokémon being such Big Eaters; a stable ecosystem is preferred. And I don't remember Phanphy being portrayed as unusually voracious or active.

^^ I'd say the Pokéwalker doesn't store Pokémon. It's simpler that way.
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