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5526 Neo_Crimson26th May 2011 08:09:33 AM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
I think they should be listed as distinct morphs, like evolutions.
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5527 Locoman26th May 2011 09:22:28 AM from Mandrill Maze
I guess I could help with a buffing... I don't much like using the chatroom, though.
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5528 rmctagg0926th May 2011 02:09:45 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up][up] Yeah, like with Deoxys.
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@Yellow: The article is a start, but brief, and the fact that it is not fitted to the template hurts it in terms of making it harder to follow. Figuring out how to use the template is pretty important for this sort of thing so you should probably try that first.

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5530 memyselfandI226th May 2011 04:19:52 PM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
[up][up][up][up] Isn't it canon that Rotom possesses appliances though?
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5531 Marioguy12826th May 2011 04:21:12 PM from various galaxies
Yes, but the fact it changes and gains new attacks by possessing various appliances will be taken into consideration.
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5532 memyselfandI226th May 2011 04:21:38 PM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
Ah. That makes sense.

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5533 Tangent12826th May 2011 05:20:28 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Though, given all the appliances that exist today, it should be made clear that the listed forms are just a sample.

(What did Rotom possess 1000 years ago?)
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5534 memyselfandI226th May 2011 05:24:32 PM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
(Weapons? Metal instruments?)
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5535 rmctagg0926th May 2011 05:24:46 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Perhaps they'd try to possess Magnemite, or they just followed lightning storms.
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5536 SilentReverence26th May 2011 05:28:53 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Hmmm... I'm wondering now when we'll see Nintendo DS!Rotom, Segway!Rotom and Chainsaw!Rotom.

Talk on draining moves in the chatroom at the moment.
5537 Tangent12826th May 2011 05:55:05 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Could be increasing cause for concern as more things get electrified... Your electric car getting possessed? A smart house?
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5538 Swampertrox26th May 2011 06:01:17 PM from Sea Mauville , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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@Marioguy 128: A lot of the new Litwick article is self-contradicting.
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5539 rmctagg0926th May 2011 06:01:46 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up][up] That'll have to go under Hazards.
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@Smiggins About that... I literally know [b]NOTHING[/b] about wiki markup or anything like that. Not one thing... I use the headings from other articles to set mine up. Also, that was all I could think of at the time. What else do you think is needed/wanted?
5541 SalFishFin26th May 2011 07:56:51 PM from A respectful distance away , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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Shuckle is mine, as well as Buneary and Meditite.
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5542 Neo_Crimson26th May 2011 07:58:47 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.

This must exist. Make it happen Game Freak.
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You complete me.
Well,Dunsparce's Egg Group would give creedence to the "insect like reptile" camp, similar to Gligar being an "arachnid-like mammal"
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@Yellow: I'll try and give a breakdown for what I think is missing for each step, after having a close look at it...

Physical descriptions: Rather than just describing them as looking like seahorses, try and flesh out how each exactly sorta looks - snout shape and size, "wing" shape and size difference and so on. Make sure to note sizes and the alternate colour form.

Notable Biology: Try and get some biology in there, if you are able - that is, physiological descriptions of how things work. Something like that exists in most of the articles, especially most of the recent articles. Put in some speculation about why Seadra has poisonous spines but Horsea and Kingdra don't, rather than just state it. Describe the organs that produce whatever it is they shoot. Describe the different abilities the Pokemon can have (Swift Swim and Sniper, and if you're feeling generous throw in the hidden ability Damp), and how physiologically they could work, even if it's only a sentence or two. Go into as much detail as you can about how Kingdra develops the dragon type when compared to it's unevolved forms, but also keep in mind that Kingdra is definately not on the level of Metagross, Dragonite and the like, at least in terms of raw stats. The place to mention who uses them and how they are regarded probably belongs in a In Human Society section (see below)

Habitat: Do they have a favoured climate? Look up their locations in the games and mention some of those.

Diet: You should probably mention hunting tactics and how they get their food here, in addition to what they eat. Kingdra doesn't get mentioned either in this section, though its diet is probably similar.

Hazards: Probably give each Pokemon a paragraph describing their tactics in battle and how they respond to threats. Doesn't necessarily need to be a huge one - Horsea would be the shortest and Kingdra the longest. Note that Seadra cannot use its poisonous spines offensively at all, it can't learn a single move that inflicts poison apart from Toxic, which almost everything can learn. You should also note one of the major differences between Horsea, Seadra and Kingdra is that Kingdra actually has a respectable Special Defense stat. While you obviously can't mention it directly, it would be worth mentioning how it is far more resilient to elemental blows as a Kingdra, and not just from becoming draconic.

Courtship and Child Rearing: This section looks fine in terms of content.

Social Structure: So the evolutionary line is predominately solitary. What happens when they do meet? What if one's, say, a Horsea and one's a Seadra or a Kingdra? You probably should add in stuff like that.

In Human Society: This section is optional, and not everyone uses it, but I like this section. You can use this to talk about who uses the Pokemon (Clair, for example) and how they are regarded. There's a lot you could potentially talk about.

I hope this helps.
5545 memyselfandI227th May 2011 07:12:31 AM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: The vvillage twwo-wwheeled devvice
Claiming Spinarak.
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It does, thanks :) I'll get on it whenever I can.
5547 TracerBullet27th May 2011 11:32:59 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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@ Justice Man: Actually, you have it backwards from what I intended. Gligar was intended to be a mammal-like arachnid (hence why it's in the Bug egg group).
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5548 Neo_Crimson27th May 2011 08:07:15 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
Gligar (and especially Gliscor) struck me as reptilian. With the latter being based off Gargoyles and all.
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Litwick Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]/[Juniper Catalog #]

  • Litwick [607] /[113]
  • Lampent [608] /[114]
  • Chandelure [609] /[115]
Litwick is a short, half-melted candle with yellow eyes. Despite no presence of a wick, its flame burns with a flickering purple light and consumes energy, emotions, and other sensations from living things near it. Although Litwick are capable of forming mouths, they are primarily used for vocalization. Like other ghost Pokemon, Litwick is capable of manipulating its body, and can be found in many different shapes. Lampent bears an image similar to that of an old-fashioned lamp. Lampent’s glassy face shields its inner fire from being extinguished, and a small vent in the cover over its head provides it with air. The ghostly arms extending from Lampent’s body allow it to hold itself on objects, leading some communities to employ tame Lampent to act as streetlights. Chandelure is a medium size chandelier-shaped Pokemon with an appearance similar to Lampent. After evolving, Chandelure retains its globe-shaped glass head, but the covering above it is gone, leaving its flame to rise freely into the air. From the bottom of the globe extend two metallic bands, which curve upwards to about the level of Chandelure’s eyes. From each of these grows two candle holders, from which Chandelure releases flames for offense and protection.

Notable Biology

Litwick’s body appears to be made entirely from wax, existing as a massive non-lipid germinal epithelium, with fatty wax cells being stored to power its metabolism. X-ray equipment has been able to take images of Litwick’s body, which seem to show that it does have some form of internal organs made out of some waxy substance. Despite being seen to come into contact with solid surfaces, Litwick have occasionally been sighted floating through walls, which suggests that like other Ghost-type Pokemon, Litwick has some control over its molecules, so it is at least partially formed of umbrate. The Litwick line is notable in being one of the few known carbon-based life forms to have their cellular structure be primarily ester-sterol rather than the lipid based structure of most beings; this is hypothesized to be the result of the evolution of a Proto-Epilobia like creature (the Common Ancestor of the Indeterminate Pokemon) within a pool of high wax content, akin to the modern development of the Grimer. One of the most notable aspects of the line is that they are psychiphagic; while the Litwick may ingest the occasional raw minerals to build up its silicate shell, the primary chemical reaction that drives its biology must be fueled by a constant complex electric current, such as those found in the brains of most life forms. Litwick breakdown local minerals to form a buildup of ore with their bodies in a long internal “wick” with which they digest the ambient electromagnetism of various creatures. In this young age the metabolism is quite advanced, as a result most of their prey remains in a comatose state, leading to legends of them as a soul-stealer. The waste product of this metabolism, a constant purple-blue flame, is one of the hallmarks of the line and its glow has been adapted by years of evolution as a lure and a weapon. When significant amounts of ore have developed within its central spire, a Litwick will process them into large external shell, made of organic glass, which holds the reaming ester-sterol cells, now have been reduced to a single digestive track. From the central silicate head an organic metal system of capillaries flows outward, allowing better manipulation of the internal flame. At this stage the metabolism is significantly lesser, and, due to their more brittle state, they become scavengers, consuming the electricity from the brains of dead life forms as they fail.


Litwick frequently live in places with large amounts of Psychic Pokemon, to better feed, due to worldwide hunting efforts due to their negative image the only known stable population of Litwick exist within Celestial Tower.


Although it has a mouth, Litwick does not actually eat physical food, the line is exclusively psychiphagous in the early stages of its life, using the neurological energy of other life forms to feed its eternal combustion, a necessary feature for its unique structure. Juveniles, in the highest phase of growth, often leach energy from other species to the point of permanent brain death, after it evolution when it’s structure is more conservative and more efficient, it tends to only feed on the ambient off put of recently dead life forms. Litwick uses its light to lure people and wild Pokemon to death in order to absorb the energy of the dying soul.

Like Litwick, Lampent absorbs energy from the living but do to their less massive physique they require less energy; thus they become scavengers; following those who are about to die, being able to absorb energy from them more easily than healthy individuals. Because of this, Lampent often hang onto buildings pretending to be lamps in order to more easily find prey. Because Chandelure are rarely sighted in the wild, there have been few opportunities to examine them. Based on the behavior of captive specimens, Chandelure appear to have a diet similar to Litwick and Lampent. However, most Chandelure are capable of draining far more energy. If any living thing becomes immersed one's central flame, almost all of its life force will be transferred to the Chandelure, leaving a barely animate and intelligence lacking body behind. This has lead to many stories of creatures called 'zombies' attacking.


Litwick is known for its habit of leading lost people into dangerous and often deadly situations by imitating human lighting in areas that are not safe for humans. It is commonly theorized that this behavior is due to Litwick not being mature enough to drain enough energy for survival from a living host, and thus attempts to cause deaths for it to feed upon. This may also have led to legends of Litwick leading dead souls to the afterlife, although it is more likely that Litwick actually absorbs the dead souls instead. Upon evolving into Lampent, it appears to gain the ability to sense when death is about to occur. It will often follow a person whose death it senses is near, siphoning off small volumes of energy from the target until their death. If a Lampent is following you for no apparent reason, don’t panic, but remain alert and seek medical assistance. This trickery has led to widespread mistrust of this Pokemon and many superstitions linking it and misfortune. However, in some cultures Trainers who own a Lampent are considered lucky, as they can save trainers that they like from accidents; but it is a bad idea for trainers to mistreat Lampent as they may intentionally lead those they hate into harm.


As the line is inherently Psychiphagous, be sure to ward your Litwick off from feeding on members of you party. Overfeeding is the number one causes of death around Litwick and, it is suggested that Trainers use radio-based Artificial Soul Substitute instead; foraging for natural silicates is encouraged however. Once developed into the median stage, your Pokémon may feed on ambient life energy from you and your party members, as by this stage substance is natural. Be wary of the flames, as, like other Ever burn Pokémon they are quite hot, and are tied directly to your Pokémon’s internal biology, and thus cannot be snuffed.

Courting and Childrearing

All members are capable of reproduction, although this is more common with the Juvenile stage, due to their larger amounts of fat and energy. Baby Litwick are produced when morphs of the line release a spermatozoon glob of molten wax, it is ingested by the female until. There, the wax from the male Litwick melts and mixes with some of the wax on the female; merging with her ambient ova cells and an egg is devolved within the female out of her natural occurring silicate. This method of reproduction generally occurs only where Litwick are swarming, as swarms tend to appear in areas with high amounts of residual life energy, such as graveyards, where infants have a higher chance of survival.

Interbreeding with other species is rare but possible. In the wild this does not occur, as the species only coterminous is incompatible to its Egg Group (and possibility the planet). In captivity, they often enjoy mating with other indeterminate group members, mostly by the inserting of their Spermatozoon wax into the protoplasm of the various mates (or vice-versa)

Lampent does not usually reproduce, as they channel their energy towards growing and finding a Dusk Stone to evolve. On the rare occasions when Lampent do reproduce, they do so in a manner similar to Litwick.

Social Structure

Litwick are solitary in the wild, as there feeding requires them to nurse on local Pokémon, contact outside of breeding usually leads to death. They have found a good hunting ground in the local Elgyem population as there significant Psyche energy provides quite a feast.

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5550 SullenFrog28th May 2011 12:02:04 PM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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GAAAH! Paragraphs, man!

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