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Here's "Feebas Line" with some additions.

Feebas Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Feebas (#349)
  • Milotic (#350)

Feebas is a shabby, tattered-looking bass with an average weight of 16.3 lbs (7.4 kg) and an average height of 2 ft (.6 m). Its main body is a faded brown with scattered darker, rocky brown spots. Two rocky brown spots also mark the sides of its nose. Its fins are all colored a dull blue, with several indentations on its caudal fin and a triangle-shaped hole on its dorsal fin. Its eyes are surrounded with black edges, and it has lips that are a bright pink.

Milotic, in contrast to Feebas, is a sleek, elegant oarfish with an average weight of 357.1 lbs (162.0 kg) and an average length of 20 ft 4 in (6.2 m). Its main body is an ivory white, which ends at the head in a point, meant to streamline its swimming. Its tail is patterned with mainly blue, hexagonal sections with a few red sections bordered by black scales, ending in a fanlike composite fin made up of smaller blue fins with red spots. Located above the eyes are two 5 ft (1.5 m) antennae that end in a hook, allowing it to feel disturbances in the water and escape if needed. Above these barbels are two hairlike fins that hang at the individual’s sides. These hairlike fins are shorter in males than in females.

Notable Biology

Feebas is often compared to Magikarp as being a weak fish that is not worth training. Its weak physiology and repulsive appearance causes many trainers, especially women, to turn it away as worthless.

Milotic, on the other hand, has been renowned in song and story for its captivatingly elegant appearance, which has inspired many works of art. Milotic is said to have the ability to calm those in conflict by removing its negative emotions.

Feebas is known for being exceptionally rare to find, which gives it a high value to fishermen. Managing to find and catch one is held as an achievement among those who fish for them; catching ones with gleaming scales (explained below) is considered an even greater one.

As a Feebas matures, its scales may start to gleam like diamond, some having more gleaming scales than others. These “Prism Scales” are considered a mark of health and beauty among Feebas, thus, Feebas with more Prism Scales are also more successful in reproduction. Individuals with enough of these Prism Scales are destined to evolve into Milotic. Milotic have high concentrations of these Prism Scales in its tail and some on its body. These also help in Milotic choosing their mates.

It is not uncommon for those to think that the Feebas line is closely related to the Magikarp line due to the parallel of a weak fish evolving into a strong serpent. However, genetic testing and analysis of behavior, anatomy, and physiology have shown that this parallel is merely coincidental.

Milotic has the unique ability "Marvel Scale", which is only shared with special cases of Dratini. It causes its scales to harden while under stress, such as poison or burning. This adaptation allows it to effectively endure more physical harm while it defends itself from attackers. It is not active all of the time since it uses much energy to activate and its hide impedes quick movement. Special Milotic are able to use its beauty to enchant the opponent with the "Cute Charm" ability.


Feebas congregate in areas choked by masses of seaweed and other water plants. This ensures that they have enough cover to hide effectively from predators. The most easily accessed of these areas are the Hoenn Route 119 River and the Unova Route 1 River. These spots are frequented by those who wish to catch this elusive fish. A small population has been found in an underground lake inside Sinnoh’s Mt. Coronet, but this spot isn’t as frequented by fishermen due to fogginess and attacks by other Pokémon.

Milotic are extremely hard to find and catch in the wild, since it lives at the bottom of large lakes and in deep sea areas.


Feebas mostly eats small insects and plankton found in the kelp in which it lives in. Milotic eats plankton and small fish and crustaceans by straining the water through special structures in its mouth.


Feebas are generally docile and do not pose much threat to humans. Its Tackle and Flail may leave a mark, but will not cause lasting injury. However, a few Feebas are known to know powerful attacks like Surf, Ice Beam, and DragonBreath, though these cases are known to be rare and may be the spawn of feral Feebas or Milotic.

Milotic has a gentle and peaceful nature and will not attack unless provoked excessively. However, if it does attack, it is strong enough to destroy large cruise ships and decimate coastal regions. Its Hydro Pump is particularly strong.

Courting and Reproduction

Mating between Feebas occurs during the spring. Male Feebas release a pheromone that signals females that it is time to mate. The females then choose to mate with males that have higher numbers of Prism Scales. This ensures that the healthiest, most beautiful Feebas will be produced. The eggs are fertilized internally in mating, and 3-7 of them are generally produced. The female then hides the eggs among the kelp to ensure that predators like Carvanha and Basculin don’t eat them.

Milotic mate from late spring to early-mid fall. Male Milotic similarly release a pheromone that signal females and the females choose males with more colorful and shining tails studded with more Prism Scales. The eggs are fertilized internally, and a single spawn generally ranges from 10-13 Feebas. After fertilization, the female will search for a suitable mass of seaweed to lay its eggs in and hide the eggs to protect the spawn from predation.

Social Structure

Feebas live in schools of 15-20 individuals. The male with the highest amount of Prism Scales is chosen to lead the school.

Milotic are generally solitary, only congregating to mate.

Open to comments!

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25 April 2011: Added some suggestion on Marvel Scale.

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@Waxing: just checking; did you ever register the entry for writing?

Also a good thin that lil' Magikarp expy hasn't been forgotten.

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5153 memyselfandI222nd Apr 2011 10:56:03 AM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: A teenager in love
It's a good entry, although I'm not sure about referencing real-life animals like that. Do they exist in the Pokeverse?

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You complete me.
Well he might be using oarfish as an informal classifaction for the Pokemon, but I can see why.

Also, the two are at least somehow related; they share the Dragon Egg Group and thus can interbreed.

I can do a Latin name for you.
@Silent: Sorry, I didn't know about the Dibs page sooner.

@Justice: Now that you mention breeding, we are going to need an article on how Pokémon breeding works. Also, the reason I wrote Feebas as unrelated to Magikarp is because that Feebas isn't just a Magikarp Expy, it's actually a Foil. The Pokémon Generation III Families page says so. But since breeding is in the picture, I agree, it should be taken out.

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I'm calling Dibs on Zangoose and Seviper since I like that duo and no one has called dibs on them.
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5157 CalamityJane22nd Apr 2011 04:44:08 PM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
If we're going to talk about how pokemon breeding works, then I will abandon this project.
5158 Neo_Crimson22nd Apr 2011 05:11:47 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
We probably don't have to mention the actual sex, but we should at least touch upon how Egg Groups and inheritance works.
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[up] Should that be the chat subject for tonight?
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5160 memyselfandI222nd Apr 2011 05:34:53 PM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Claiming the elemental monkeys; is it okay if I do them as a single article?
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5161 CalamityJane22nd Apr 2011 05:47:35 PM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
That feels rather lumped, but I suppose that in order to avoid getting repetitive with articles you can do the monkeys as one article.
5162 memyselfandI222nd Apr 2011 05:50:35 PM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: A teenager in love
[up] Cool. Thanks!
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Back to breeding, how would you say that breeding would work? How would two Pokémon be in the same Egg group? How would moves be passed down between Pokémon?
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You complete me.
Similar to IRL Genetics; Egg Groups are a commonality to the modern Linean Families.

The Morph trigger is carried on the X-Chromosome; while moves are carried on the Y.

(Thus why Gender Determines Species)

Jane already knows my Incense and Gender Ratio theories.

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The problem is when something like a Serperior can breed with a Pikachu, but I guess Egg Groups are wider than Family and Phylum.
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The Ground Egg Group was always mostly Mammals* ; Serperior, according to it's data, isn't even really a snake so much as a Snake shaped vine. (Like Onyx is just a snake shaped Rock.)

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They still share an Egg Group, however, and it's actually eight non-mammalian lines.

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Actually it's three; two of which don't evolve.

And no, Onyx and Serperior can't breed.

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I guess it just means if two things can breed, they're related enough or something. I swear I remember seeing somewhere that all Pokemon are pretty closely related anyway, just wildly different in morphology. And Mew is a common ancestor or something isn't it?

If nobody minds, I'll call dibs on Heatran. Are we considering Heatran a legendary or not? I can work either way.
5170 rmctagg0922nd Apr 2011 06:44:29 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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I was speaking about Serperior and Pikachu.
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5171 Blissey122nd Apr 2011 07:22:11 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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I think Heatran is just normal, albeit extremely rare, mon.
5172 Marioguy12822nd Apr 2011 07:25:18 PM from various galaxies
[up][up][up]Heatran's a legendary.

About breeding, if we're gonna go into how breeding works, I'm out. But I don't mind things like egg groups, moves inherited, and things like that.

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5173 SilentReverence22nd Apr 2011 07:31:21 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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The one thing about writing about how breeding work is the notice that, in no way so far (for what I have checked) the courting and mating sections of the articles go about courting a member of other species. Beyond that, something scientific like egg groups can be talkable about without be off-putting to people here. At the moment I think we're better of letting be a "[establishedly] kind of happens" thing so that we can have a better basis to support it after the discussions on other subject. But meh.
Outer Cloyster
I do know that if I put Heatran as a Legendary, it won't have a lot of background myth to it. Such a volume of myth can work as a ordinary Pokemon too, I was planning on saying that not a lot is definitively known about Heatran (it is kind of a Volcano Monster From Nowhere, plus it can be of both genders apparently. Still can't breed though, although its base Egg Steps (existing in the game code only) are much, much smaller than almost every other Legendary)
5175 TracerBullet22nd Apr 2011 08:19:33 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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We've got the beginnings of a chat rolling, folks. All that's left is for some more people to talk...
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