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The PokÚdex - Extended Fanon Edition:

 4776 Tracer Bullet, Fri, 8th Apr '11 7:36:26 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
Guess Who...?
@ c 123: Bulbapedia is your friend...
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Erm, Darmanitan has no real ties with the ancient civilization other that, well, living near them.

 4778 Neo Crimson, Fri, 8th Apr '11 8:49:18 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
Weren't the ones in stasis supposed to guardians or something?
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 4779 Justice Man, Fri, 8th Apr '11 9:49:22 PM from Maryland !
You complete me.
Yeah, they* only exist directly in front of the Relic area; and the local population of there pre-evo Darumaka leads credence to a breeding program.
Outer Cloyster
@c 123: The Swablu article looks good, but just as a matter of formatting, you should probably have the section called "Abilities" called "Notable Biology" instead. The hypothetical "Abilities" section is for describing the odd, rare or unexpected abilities of Pokemon - which in this case would be Natural Cure and Cloud Nine (from Dream World). Neither of those are ...probably worth describing beyond a sentence (probably just mentioning if you felt like it that Altaria and Swablu have a phenomenal ability to recover from illness and the like when resting.)

It's not impossible that an ancient civilisation bred or modified Darumaka. It's plausible, even. But it's not the only explanation, I guess.

In regards to a hypothetical article on Omni-Sacs, I probably would hold off from writing it - at least until most/all of the Pokemon entries are done. My working theory for it would be that the organs can produce potentially a wide variety of different substances to create different effects - however in almost all Pokemon species (pretty much everything except Mew and Smeargle) functionality has been lost to a lesser or greater degree. Mutation and the like, causing the substances manipulating whatever it is they're manipulating to become nonfunctional - I mean, if something isn't useful in survival, there's no driving force towards keeping it working properly. But I'll focus on other things for now. Like hippos.

Does anyone have any idea on how Sand Stream could work? I'd like suggestions since I'm a little stuck for ideas that make any sense

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 4781 Marioguy 128, Fri, 8th Apr '11 11:28:54 PM from various galaxies
Well, were any other weather changing Pokemon done?
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I imagined sand just billowing out of the cavities Tyranitar and Hippowdon have...

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 4783 rmctagg09, Fri, 8th Apr '11 11:51:08 PM from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Maybe for the latter, but I see the former just stomping the ground and creating dust.
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It's typed rmctagg09.
 4784 Marioguy 128, Sat, 9th Apr '11 12:03:31 AM from various galaxies
Besides, the sandstorm stays even after the Pokemon switches out. So it can't just be blowing out of cavities.
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 4785 Blissey 1, Sat, 9th Apr '11 12:06:16 AM from a random PokŔcenter Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
they may have switched out, but there's still tons of sand in the air.
Outer Cloyster
My main problem is after the sand has been expended from the craters, how does it stay airborne?

I mean, sand is lightweight, sure. But there has to be a constant rotational force going on in order to do enough damage to scour people and Pokemon...

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 4787 Blissey 1, Sat, 9th Apr '11 12:12:10 AM from a random PokŔcenter Relationship Status: I know
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but then you have to ask, how does it stay airborne even while they're still on the field?

edit: oh wait, that's exactly what you were saying. nevermind...

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 4788 memyselfand I 2, Sat, 9th Apr '11 5:40:46 AM from The Biosphere Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Possible explanation: Sand is being expelled constantly at incredibly high force, even after the Pokemon leaves, there's enough residual force to cause the sand to keep swirling for maybe ten seconds.
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Explaining Sand Storm would be a good stat before going for Sand Stream.

Maybe it's actually bits of dead skin (with a coarse, sand-like consistency) secreted by the Pokemon as an anti-predation measure?
Landorus reaches a whole new level of being disturbing with that...

 4792 0blivionmobile, Sat, 9th Apr '11 7:41:25 AM from Oooooooooooooooooooooklahoma~!
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Maybe it's not just sand that being expelled. If they also send out waves of hot gases with the sand, it might explain why the sands still blows with enough force to physically injure. A random hot convection current would wreak havoc on local (how local is variable) weather, and winds could pick up sand and dust.
 4793 Justice Man, Sat, 9th Apr '11 9:38:15 AM from Maryland !
You complete me.
It's plausible, even. But it's not the only explanation, I guess.

Its the most likely, Occam's Razor dontchno. Besides wider liberties have been taken.

Maybe the sand moves so fast, that it stays in the air for five to six turns afterwards?
 4794 Calamity Jane, Sat, 9th Apr '11 1:47:06 PM from California Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
So this topic came up while I was in the chat. I've noticed that a lot of Dark Types are primarily social creatures. So far the thread has come up with 9 Dark-Type evolutionary lines that are heavily social, if only because they travel in packs, as opposed to being solitary pokemon.

Worth discussing.
This is gonna take a while.
 4795 Neo Crimson, Sat, 9th Apr '11 2:05:30 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
I guess that's due to the perception that fighting an outnumbered opponent is dishonorable, which Dark types thrive on.

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 4796 Blissey 1, Sat, 9th Apr '11 3:05:20 PM from a random PokŔcenter Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
so, I was wondering the other day, would grass type mons be on the menu for a herbivore?
Only the ones that are more plant than animal, I'd think. An herbivore might want to eat a Maractus or Tangela, but a Chikorita or Bulbasaur wouldn't be too appealing. Some might want to prey specifically on a Bulbasaur's bulb or a Meganium's flower petals the same way seagulls like to eat the umbilical cords off of newborn seals, though.

I could see some grass-type mons as having a nondetrimental existence with others, such as letting Caterpie/Wurmple feed off excess sap or nutrients produced.
 4799 Tangent 128, Sat, 9th Apr '11 9:21:28 PM from Virginia Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Well, nothing is really going on in chat, so I'll probably exit in half an hour if it stays quiet.

But, a thought- are the Routes that we see in-game a sort of national parkland? We know roads exist, and yet they always stay out of our way...
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 4800 Calamity Jane, Sat, 9th Apr '11 9:24:11 PM from California Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
There's a difference between Hiking Routes and Freeways, you know.
This is gonna take a while.
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