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4701 Tangent1286th Apr 2011 07:52:51 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
@Marioguy: Well, we don't want to ignore anything completely. The anime usually requires a lot of reinterpretation, but a lot of it is still useful.

"Haven't watched/played it" is an acceptable excuse, of course. Though others may be able to drop interesting facts in.

(And for that matter, I think we did have a lot of the funding for the Cinnabar labs coming from underworld sources. At the least it helps explain why the Teams have such cutting-edge technology.)

Justice Man: Thank you. Your tone is a lot better than it was last night. smile
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4702 Locoman6th Apr 2011 07:55:34 AM from Mandrill Maze
So, for the Golett line: I was thinking that the line's ghost-typing comes from having a Yamask forcefully inserted into a clay body. The evolution into a Golurk comes from the Yamask evolving, the energy drastically shifting the outward shell into a new form.

Sound good?
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One of the Gollett Pokedex entries says that no-one can identify the energy that keeps it running.
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4704 Locoman6th Apr 2011 07:59:41 AM from Mandrill Maze

Then perhaps it's some other kind of unidentified Ghost-type Pokemon?
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4705 Neo_Crimson6th Apr 2011 08:02:27 AM from behind your lines.
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I was thinking you should be more broad and say they used "spirits", avoiding mention of specific Pokemon. There really isn't any reason for Yamask, specifically, to be involved here.
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4706 TracerBullet6th Apr 2011 08:03:33 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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Personally, I wouldn't attempt to tie Yamask with Golett, the two seem to be radically different as Ghost-types. Golett are essentially animate robots with funky typing created to defend a tower (it's the only spot where they're encountered in-game), whereas Yamask are entities that seem to have a connection with the personas of long-dead people. Also, the two don't seem to have a lot in common when it comes down to battle style (which should be there if Golett construction involves Yamask). Also, some explanation of how Golett are capable of reproducing beyond artificial construction is needed, and "casting a 'mon that doesn't live in your same area into a lump of clay" doesn't seem to be a particularly elegant solution...

Of course, this could just be me being picky...
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4707 CalamityJane6th Apr 2011 08:04:40 AM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
I argree with Neo. I don't think having Golett be a Yamask inside a clay body is a pleasant thought.
4708 Locoman6th Apr 2011 08:06:03 AM from Mandrill Maze
Probably not a Yamask then. Just some kind of unidentified Ghost Pokemon that's now extinct or something. My big idea for them is that no more can be created, but they have astonishingly long lifespans and usually outlive their Trainers.
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4709 Neo_Crimson6th Apr 2011 08:09:04 AM from behind your lines.
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That doesn't explain why they can breed. Unless whatever sorcery created them made them actual living creatures fully capable of reproducing.
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4710 rmctagg096th Apr 2011 08:09:26 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Problem is, the Golett line can breed.
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But it's possible to hatch a Gollett from an egg.

EDIT: The ninjas are out in force today I see.

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4712 TracerBullet6th Apr 2011 08:10:16 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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^x4 I would vehemently disagree with making it so that a non-legendary can't reproduce. Namely because it blatantly voids a significant element of game canon, and also because it just seems like a cop out when we already have a majorly weird method of reproduction for Ghost-types and have bizarre entities such as Siglyph reproducing (in some truly funky ways, to boot).

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4713 Locoman6th Apr 2011 08:10:31 AM from Mandrill Maze
Two Golurk/Golett build a body before their spirit energy fissions amoeba-style, so that a small portion of their life-force animates the Golett.

How's that?

Also, I didn't know they could breed...

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4714 SilentReverence6th Apr 2011 08:12:44 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Like how a Purrloin gets out from an egg, you say?

EDIT: grieviously ninja'd

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4715 SullenFrog6th Apr 2011 08:12:53 AM from Voormithadreth , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
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And this, gentlemen, is why we do research on our subjects before writing articles about them.
4716 rmctagg096th Apr 2011 09:25:34 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up] Nods in agreement.
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If we're going for consistency, my Article has them as one of the MANY, different pokemon the Route 4 guys bred; in this case they used their Schizo Tech to build artificial bodies for a local population of ghost pokemon that is now extinct in the wild outside the ones with bodies.

Darmanitan, Yamask, Cofagrius, Sigilglyph, Volcorona, Larvesta, Golett and Golurk were all bred by the Yongosen people.

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4718 memyselfandI26th Apr 2011 03:58:21 PM from The Biosphere , Relationship Status: A teenager in love
[up] Um....what?

[up][up][up][up][up][up] Sorry about Sigilyph, it was all I could think of.

Also, can I launch the Sandile article?

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Ok, I removed everything that wasn’t explicitly made canon by the games or other articles; I had to add there collapse because it was the only logical way I could explain an entire civilization disappearing in the New World without a major Ass Pull. All the data is based off Pokedex Articles, and the Sigilgliph, Yamask, Larvesta, and proposed Golett articles.


The Route Four Civilization was an indigenous civilization that existed in the current Unova Route 4, from the year -10XX to 18XX, when their state was formally dissolved by the National Government.


The RFC are though to be descendents of the earlier Houses of Black and White , which were destroyed in the succession Wars of -7XXX , although they seem to be cultural distinct; with the feudal Patriarchal society of the Houses of Black and White being replaced with a monarchal society, lead by a dynasty of monarchs. The society existed in various states of development in its history but by the year they contacted the old world they had been severely limited to the point where the National Government dissolved there state in 18XX.


The most standing testament to the RFC was there incredible development in there breeding of species. No less than eight recorded morphs are known to have existed in high status in the RFC Society. The people were known to have bred Yamask and Cofagrius as guards for the spiraling tombs and Larvesta and Volcarona were worshiped as holy beings of the suns in the nation.

Most notable in there exploits is there engineering of the Golett line. These Pokémon thought to merely be anachronistic automatons were revealed by Doctor James Turner of GFU to actually be brilliantly designed inhabitation modules, devolved by the RFC to house native populations of the thought extinct ghost Pokémon A. maton . The constructs were noted to be of such well design that there are no native, un-housed members of the line in the wild, and the breeding was through enough to compel all mated members to compulsive create constructs for there young from the local environment. Both the breeding methods taken and the designs of the Constructs are unknown to any but, elder RFC Sages, who in this day an age are all but extinct.

A perhaps most stunning example of their breeding skills is seen in the manipulation of local Darmanitan populations. Darmanitan, a Pokémon known for violence aggressiveness and overall physical strength, was bred to, when significantly damaged, enter a clam Psychic state, of self-meditation and reflection. Blocked out from all outside influences, the special abilities of the Darmanitan increase by over three thousand permil and it gains significant defensive abilities as well as techniques classified by the Pokémon League as those of Psyche type; a method of Pokémon type changing not to be seen until the creation of Castform in 200X some 3000 years later. All attempts to recreate this stock of Darmanitan have failed, and currently the only source is form the population still hosted at the gates of Relic Castle.

There skills extend farther out as well, the Sigilyph were so heavily and well bred by the RFC that even now, populations invariably flock to Relic Castle , the former site of the RFC Capital which archeo-anthropologists believe they and others were used as Guardians.


Military instability instigated by the old worlders lead to the Nation being severely dilapidated, until in 18XX the National Government dissolved here state.

Modern Times

Currently Descendants of the RFC people live throughout Unova and its neighboring regions.

In popular Culture, RFC artwork has been the inspiration for many modern artistic designs and, the Pokémon bred there have been the source of countless films and movies.


The RFC Society is survived by the Pokémon they bred; even today their breeding techniques are nearly irreproducible and the Pokémon he keep cling to there old functions, guarding empty castles, patrolling an area for intruders that will never come, or waiting patiently at the gates of there master’s, home, hoping for a master to return that is long dead.

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4720 Marioguy1287th Apr 2011 11:55:55 AM from various galaxies
[up]Uh, what? Who the heck are those people?
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4721 CalamityJane7th Apr 2011 12:09:28 PM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
Made up people that don't exist in Pokemon canon.
4722 Marioguy1287th Apr 2011 12:14:33 PM from various galaxies
... Is that even allowed?
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4723 TracerBullet7th Apr 2011 12:15:40 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
Guess Who...?
^x4 It doesn't seem bad per se... But considering how much this historical fluff affects other fluff related to Unova, it probably merits more than a little group discussion than we typically devote to articles (Region-shaping articles + unilateralism generally doesn't make a very nice mixture.)...

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4724 CalamityJane7th Apr 2011 12:20:22 PM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
I think this might be pushing it a little too far.
4725 Locoman7th Apr 2011 12:39:09 PM from Mandrill Maze

This might be pushing the envelope a tad. Expanding on details is fine, but making up something entirely?
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