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(Checks compass directions)

Yes, yes I do.

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The less perishable of these crops...are refridgerated and transported the world over, while the more perishable ones are flown to far off regions and sold for high prices.

I think you got less and more mixed up here. You'd need to refrigerate the more perishable(ie more prone to perishing) crops while the less perishable crops are flown out strait.

Also, in game there's a guy on the runway who says that there's only one plane flight every day, though that does seem kinda unrealistic...
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[up]Well how many airplanes have we seen? I think airlines are still a developing industry, used only for shipping with flying pokemon used for personal transport.
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For one I don't think that people in the Pokémon world need to travel that fast or that far as to need airplanes like ours (I'm talking big airlines here), and given that seaships seem to suffice (although there was a line in GSC, I think, implicating more demand of the S.S.Anne croiser). Also if we want to talk airliners with big demand, I'm not sure how the would the wilds react, in particular in migratory paths, or what happens when your plane's engines sucks a Skarmory in. Think a path with 10+ travels a day. But then again I doubt they use such tech for advancer airliners...

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So far the only airplanes in the Anime that I've seen are really big ones that apparently land on the sea. There was that Cargo Plane in the Zoroark Movie and then there was a plane from Kanto to Unova at the beginning of the BW season.
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Sandile Line

Morphs (Oak Catalog #)

  • Sandile (#551)

  • Krokorok (#552)

  • Krookodile (#553)

Physical Description

Sandile is a small, Ground-Dark crocodilian Pokémon. It is quadrupedal, .7 meters tall, and weighs 15.2 kilograms. Sandile’s body is covered in brown and black stripes, and it has a red and black striped underbelly. It has large eyes, which are covered by a masklike protrusion that protects its eyeballs from sand. It has a long snout with a single black stripe, which is tipped by a knoblike nose. Sandile has small, conical teeth, which are hidden inside its mouth. It has a stubby tail, and stubby legs.

Krokorok is now bipedal. It is a meter tall, and weighs 33.4 kilograms. Its front legs have evolved into a pair of arms, which end in grasping claws. Its eyes have become slightly smaller, and the mask has become more pronounced. Its back teeth and its front teeth now protrude from its mouth, and its nose has become proportionally smaller. Its tail has lengthened to give it balance while running, and a line of black ridges runs down its back. Its back legs have lengthened, and its feet have become adapted for running.

Krookodile barely resembles its first stage. Its brown and black body is now a deep crimson striped with black, and it has a white underbelly. It is one and a half meters tall, and weighs 96.3 kilograms. It has widened out, and its legs and tail have thickened greatly to compensate. Its arms are longer, and the claws are as well, allowing Krookodile to grasp its prey. Krookodile’s head is proportionally much larger, and its mask is much more elaborate, ending in two protruding ridges. Krookodile’s back teeth extend from its mouth, giving it the appearance of a constant wicked smile. Its nose is longer, and the large knob at the end has almost vanished, being replaced by ridged nostrils. The ridge of spikes on its back remains, although it no longer extends to its tail.

On very rare occasions, Sandile are born with olive-green stripes instead of brown, and with a blue underbelly. These Sandile evolve into Krokorok with deep brown skin, sand-colored stripes, and a gray underbelly. The resulting Krookodile are light brown, with sandy stripes and a light gray underbelly. These mutations are highly prized by collectors.

Notable Biology

The first important aspect of the Sandile line is its mask. All three members of the Sandile line protect their eyes from sand and dust with a black, mask-like ridge. In addition, they share a third eyelid, which they use to sweep off any stray particles. This mask has given Sandile and its evolutions a bad reputation. (See In Human Society)

The second is the front teeth, which are hooked. When a Sandile bites something, its teeth hook its flesh, enabling the Sandile to hold on to stronger prey.

Both Krokorok and Krookodile share a membrane over their eyes, which allow them to sense heat. This is useful for hunting prey at night. (See Diet)

Krookodile’s eyes can flip through a variety of lenses (thin membranes that cover the eyes) allowing it to see incredibly far into the distance. In addition, its jaws close with the force of a bear trap, and are able to crush a small automobile.

All three members of the Sandile Line enjoy fighting, and will gain confidence after defeating foes. In addition, many people confronting Sandile have made note of their loud roars and hisses, which can terrify a foe into inaction.


All three members of the line live in the Resort Desert. Sandile lives in the main desert, where it tunnels under the ground to escape the heat. Krokorok live in the Relic Castle, and are usually found either relaxing several floors down or hunting.

Krookodile are almost never found in the wild. The few sightings have all taken place in either the deepest level of the Relic Castle, or near Nimbasa City, where they frequently hunt.


All members of the Sandile Line are carnivorous, although they will, on occasion, eat berries. Interestingly, the hunting methods of the three members of the line are almost completely different.

Sandile hunt in packs, almost always for Darumaka. They do this by taking advantage of a technique that Trainers have dubbed “Sand Tomb.” A group of three to five Sandile will form a small network of tunnels (and a corresponding field of small sandhills), and hide in them. When a Darumaka (Or on very rare occasions, a Maractus) passes by, the Sandile pack will burst out of their tunnels. Gravity will cause sand to slide into the tunnels, and anything on the sand at the time (such as Sandile’s prey) will be dragged with it. After prey has been captured, the Sandile pack will bite it to death, rolling over in the sand to rip off pieces.

Krokorok still use the ambush approach, but as they are now bipedal, they no longer tunnel. Instead, they will hide in a large sand dune, waiting for prey to pass near (again, usually Darumaka). When it does, Krokorok will burst out, chase its prey down, and kill it with a powerful bite. As Krokorok are faster than most Pokémon living in the Resort Desert, this generally works.

Krookodile are apex predators, and even less subtle. While they still hunt Darumaka, they will also hunt Darmanitan. In addition, they have been known to hunt in the area around Nimbasa City, mostly for Emolga or Tranquill, and sometimes even Liepard. Their approach to hunting is simple. They will stalk their prey quietly until within striking range, then burst out of nowhere, stun their prey with an incredibly loud roar, and crush its spine in a single bite. Any attempt to steal meat from a Krookodile kill will be met with the same bite.


The Sandile line is a dangerous one. While it is generally true that even a Krookodile will not attack unless provoked, there are far too many ways to anger one. Sandile are largely peaceful, although their bite is surprisingly powerful, and any attempt to get between a Sandile and its meal will result in a first-hand account of said bite. In addition, when in the desert, make sure to avoid any large clump of small hills, as if you fall into a Sandile trap, they will have no qualms about eating you.

Krokorok are rather more dangerous. A Krokorok bite is excruciatingly painful, and (due to bacteria buildup in the Krokorok’s jaws) will usually lead to severe infection. Krokorok’s claws are quite sharp, and will cause deep cuts if used. Fortunately, Krokorok are rarely found outside the Relic Castle except when hunting, at which point they have already found a target, and will most likely ignore you (Again, it cannot be emphasized enough how deeply unwise it is to come between a member of the Sandile line and its meal).

Krookodile is a completely different story. While they are mercifully rare in the wild, Krookodile are both incredibly powerful and incredibly easy to anger. Their biting power, which has only increased, will most likely shatter bone, and is completely capable of taking off an arm or leg. As such, if you see a Krookodile, barring the presence of a very high-level Pokémon of a Water, Grass, Bug, or Fighting type, the proper route is to leave as quickly as possible.

Should you find a clutch of Sandile eggs or baby Sandile, the proper response is to evacuate the area quickly, as the mother is likely not far away, and will immediately react should you come too close to her brood.

[[Trainer’s Notes: Should you wish to own a member of the Sandile Line, capture them as a Sandile, while they still have a pack instinct. If captured as a Krokorok or Krookodile, they will most likely never accept you as a master, let alone a friend. In addition, when traveling in the desert, do not release your Pokémon, as they may be attacked.]]

Courting and Childrearing

Only Krokorok and Krookodile mate in the wild, although Sandile will breed in captivity. In the wild, Krokorok will only breed with other Krokorok, and Krookodile only with other Krookodile.

Once a year, Krokorok and Krookodile will seek out a mate. Females will create nests inside the Relic Castle, and males will fight each other for the right to mate with a chosen female. After mating, the male will go on its way, while the female will lay her eggs, usually five to ten in a clutch. She will guard these eggs incredibly fiercely, and anything, Pokémon or human, which comes close to a female Krokorok/Krookodile’s eggs will die.

Sandile eggs will gestate for 50 to 110 days, the heat of the sun providing incubation, and the mother providing protection.Sandile young will be closely guarded for the first few months of their lives, until they are old enough to survive on their own.

Social Structure

Sandile live apart from both Krokorok and Krookodile, as both its evolutions will generally eat it on sight.

Krokorok are usually found in small groups of two to three, although they hunt on their own. However, when intruders are found in the Relic Castle, larger groups of Krokorok will form to drive them out.

Krookodile are rare on their own, and nobody has ever seen more than one at once in the wild. As such, most scientists believe that they are solitary Pokémon.

In Human Society

The signature masks of the Sandile line, coupled with their aggressive natures, have given Sandile and its evolutions a bad reputation in human society. In media, Sandile (Although Krokorok are more common, due to their bipedal gait) are portrayed as criminals, and Krookodile as mob bosses.

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Nice, I'd note that the mebrane also protects them from the blinding sunlight relflected off the desert sands as well as let them see heat. Note how beating a foe riles them up with Moxie, and how Intimidating they can be.
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I wonder what happens if Feraligatr and Krokorok encounter each other in the wild.
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[up] They wouldn't, since they both live in completely different environments.
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@Blissey: That is a good point. From where I was sitting when I was writing the article, though, I figured that perishable crops needed to get where they were going quickly, which is why they'd be flown, while the non-perishable ones would still probably perish after a bit, and shipping would still take a while. The Palkia article puts the Unova-Sinnoh distance as a very large one (15,000 km). A jet that could hit 750 km/hour could get there in a day, but a ship would take weeks. Unless they were frozen and not just chilled, the perishable things would not last, and if they were frozen, they would sell at a lower price. Maybe there isn't a hard and fast rule about it?

In general, I figured that planes wouldn't be used to transport people much mostly because the cruise liners allow trainers and Pokemon to stretch their legs and in general be more comfortable. I can imagine quite a few Pokemon species freaking out in an aircraft...

I would think a lot of them would be seaplanes of some form if only because there doesn't seem to be anywhere to land anywhere else except Orre, which is of course a giant desert. Perhaps they can land on the ground and water? Do we have those today?

Sandile line looks solid. Should I launch Misdreavus?
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I would avoid making explicit mentions to in-game areas and use the more broad, "The Sandile line are found in very arid regions, most commonly in the Unova region."

Also, this came up in the general topic. How are we going justify moves like Secret Power?

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we'll deal with that when the time comes!
4589 SilentReverence2nd Apr 2011 08:24:00 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Anime and Manga seem to offer different ways for the attack to work, and none seems to strictly tie it to the "environment" type, unless I missed something. Seems like a subject for the chatroom, some time in the future.

Also Natural Gift

4590 Neo_Crimson2nd Apr 2011 09:16:03 PM from behind your lines.
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The anime is really lazy with attacks, it's always "random body part glows and/or smacks something/fires a projectile".
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4591 TracerBullet2nd Apr 2011 09:20:37 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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wild mass guess 'mons in general are apparently masters of Aura, hence why so many of their attacks involve unnatural glowing. wild mass guess
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Eh The Aura/Obscura idea always seemed liked BS. A lazy cop out if you will. I thought this was SCIENCE! Based. Except when the lines between science and magic blur. (Which is pretty much Marvel Cosmic entity and Sinnoh/Unova Legend level) we need to keep it at least mid-range on the Mohs Scale; makes NO sense with our science but with theirs.

Maybe Secret Power is some universal hidden Variable Omni-sac trait(like Hidden power?))
And I thought we were just filling out the canon gaps with fanon. Any plausible fanon. When you have creatures that wield fire and ice and electricity and space and time and dimensions and blatantly ignore 'our natural laws', there's no hard and fast adherence to 'our science'. And since they don't even tell us 'their science', we're basically given a free reign.

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[up][up] With Aura/Obscura, one system ties together a large chunk of the paranormal phenomena. As opposed to having four separate weird/magicy things. Having it seems closer to Doing In the Wizard if you ask me...
Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
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What Thrombin said. The pokeverse is most definitely not a hard science verse. In fact, I I'd say the pokeverse falls at #2 on the scale. Hell, Aura/Obscura are pretty much Minovsky Particles.
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I'm with the others on this.
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I agree as well. If you try and explain everything using known science, you are simply going to go beyond what is biochemically possible, or plausible. Trying to do so will simply turn certain natural phenomena into something ridiculous
4598 Locoman3rd Apr 2011 05:44:46 AM from Mandrill Maze
We don't need to know everything about Pokemon, right? Isn't that what the professors tell you at the start of the game- "there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding Pokemon?"
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[up][up][up][up][up][up][up][up][up][up][up][up][up] Why is it bad to mention specific areas? Sandile are only found there, and people must have given the Resort Desert its name.
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4600 SilentReverence3rd Apr 2011 06:38:03 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Aura/Obscura at least has the advantage that it has been made to bring four phenomena together that would be far more unwieldly to treat each on their own.

As for the project, we are out to fill in the gaps, but we can not use any Fanon to do it. We ought to privilege Canon (one thing in Canon may help "fix" another broken one) and otherwise select, even better create, interconsistent fanon that is mostly descriptive. Otherwise we have things like what happened when the PMD RP discussion (we've yet to make a more precise statement on Giratina the Second and Stowaway Entei).

The anime's Power Glows is definitively a cop out the animators use to avoid having to animate growth or movement, I think they have already stated so. And it is nothing new (I recall Johto episodes doing it, at least). Ditto the newest Pikachu's "tail into metal" animation and the newest Confusion- or Attract-eyes. Even more important, it doesn't make much sense to do what is essentially Calling Your Attacks on a predator or prey. Now, parts of the body acquiring a material or a trait that makes tthem harder but reflects more light, like for Steel Wing, that is workable.

As for Secret Power proper, the attack is so tightly defined by the environment that the best I've been able to come up with is a sort of envirokinesis based on collecting energy around the place and releasing it in a signaturey manner. After all, all Pokémon in the same environment will replicate the same effect with this move, so it is likely the move is merely nature "on its own" helping a Pokémon do something. Anime's "surround in pink light and scream mightly"? BS show.

Put it bluntly, A Pokémon can collect a lot of energy around and let it work on its own, which since the energy is defined by the place will generate a place-specific effect. It is even possible the game's selection of environments is mostly a rude approximation and there is a bit more variety of it (for one, I'd figure using the attack over an ice sheet has a closer effect to Marsh!SP than using from above a 2m layer of snow).

Finally, (their) SCIENCE! does not mean that they have to a) find all the answers or b) not have some phenomena deeper involved than others or c) discard a particular energy source that seems paranormal to *us*.

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