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4126 Neo_Crimson23rd Mar 2011 08:25:15 AM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
[up]The Eevee line are going to be colab articles. Not one person can call dibs on them.
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Ah. For the best I imagine. I'll try my hand at an article or part of one. Where would I post it?
4128 CalamityJane23rd Mar 2011 08:36:39 AM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
You post articles here on the thread.
All righty, thanks for the help.
All righty, I did a rough copy on the Glaceons. I took some knowledge from the Riolu Line page as well as a few other pages. It's still a rough copy though so things can change as needed. I also used some knowledge from the games and a few other things. (mostly how they're so rare) and also used a few paragraphs or two from the WMG section in regards to only seeing glaceon/leafeon in only Sinnoh. enjoy :)


Notable Biology

Glaceon is larger and more streamlined then it’s evolutionary predecessor Eevee. Despite where it lives, typically in the harsh snowy areas, it has shorter fur then Eevee however due to it’s high metabolism, it can live quite happily there. However, due to this high metabolism, it might have problems in other, warmer areas of the world. Frequently, many novice trainers take Glaceons into warmer areas of the world who then suffer from heat stroke. Due to their unique colour scheme, they can also camouflage themselves in a hail or snowstorm, making them significantly harder to attack or to see. It also allows them to use their most powerful learnable move much more efficiently.

Method of Evolution

Like Leafeon, Glaceon must be leveled up near specific Icy rocks in Sinnoh or Unova. These rocks are unable to be found anywhere else in the world and lends some credence to the theory that all Eevee originally came from Sinnoh before overhunting and collecting drove them to the Vulnerable Species listing according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Even in the presence of the hormones that cause an Eevee to evolve into Espeon or Umbreon are present, they won’t take effect as the ultraviolet radiation from these icy rocks overrides the changes due to the hormones.


As stated above, Glaceon prefer cold environments, usually in areas with frequent hail or snowstorms allowing their natural camouflage to help them blend in and hide from other trainers.


Due to the lack of many available food sources and high metabolism, Glaceon have adapted to become Omnivores. Their teeth are also very strong which allows them to bite through foods that have long since been frozen solid.


As stated above, Glaceons have a high metabolism. As such, they need a large supply of food to remain healthy. They should also never be taken near volcanically active mountains or into anything warmer than a temperate region or they run the risk of overheating and becoming exhausted. If you absolutely MUST go near these areas, trainers are strongly advised to keep their Glaceon inside a pokeball for as long as possible unless they’re absolutely needed and as soon as they’re no longer needed, they should be recalled immediately. An improperly trained Glaceon is also a hazard for the trainer because they can control the temperature of the atmosphere and pummel their trainer with hail or create a blizzard around said trainer. They can also make their fur very sharp and very cold. As such, physical contact with a Glaceon isn’t recommended until it warms up to you(Incredibly Lame Pun link goes here). In addition, trainers are not recommended to hunt for Glaceon. Due to the conditions they live in, they are harder to catch, harder to see, and are unaffected by the hail. In addition, their most powerful moves will always hit. In addition, Glaceon are very hard, bordering on nigh impossible to find.


Glaceon have a complicated and rarely observed mating ritual. Because of this, little is known about it. However what is known is that a Glaceon mating pair will migrate to a slightly warmer area so the newborns can live. As with all Eeveelutions, Glaceon have a very low rate of reproduction, equally about two or three pups per year which usually occurs during the spring.

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Put Exclamation Points (!) before the headers for better formatting. And uh, Eevee hasn't been started yet.

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Will do. And I know it hasn't been done yet. This is just a contribution to the page when it gets up.
4133 Locoman23rd Mar 2011 01:15:32 PM from Mandrill Maze
It's spelled Unova.
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New region spelling+ me = fail spelling. Fixed now :)
4135 Locoman23rd Mar 2011 01:35:52 PM from Mandrill Maze

Timburr Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Timburr (532)
  • Gurdurr (533)
  • Conkeldurr (534)

Notable Biology

Timburr and its morphs have been stigmatized for many years, which has resulted in many negative stereotypes and perceptions about the line entering popular culture. Possibly owing to the bloated, veiny musculature and tendency to wield enormous weapons, these creatures are often depicted as savage, stupid beasts intent on attacking anything nearby. The reality, as any Unovan Pokémon Professor or dedicated Trainer will tell you, is quite different.

A Timburr (Megastethus eutherium) is a small but powerfully built biped, with a large sensitive nose and enormous muscles. They are one of the strongest Pokémon in proportion to their size, capable of lifting up to one hundred pounds with little effort. One feature that the line has become famous for is their tendency of finding a weapon, usually a club, to fight with. Commonly, this takes the form of a small tree trunk, log, or large branch. They are remarkably skilled with these, and in the wild often use them to bludgeon enemies into submission. Indeed, possessing a club is crucial to their society, meaning that a Timburr that is old enough to walk is instinctively driven to find a club. A well-trained Timburr can use their club for many purposes; the traditional bludgeon, of course, but also as javelin, lance, or pole-vault to allow for great flexibility in battle.

Soon after evolving, a Gurdurr (M. metriotherium) will abandon their wooden club in favour of something far heavier and durable. Usually, this will be an iron beam or steel bar, but less urbanized specimens will sometimes use oblong boulders or other naturally-occurring substitutes. Bolstering this change is a sizeable increase in their already powerful physique. Tests have showed that an average Gurrdurr is capable of lifting almost twelve times their own weight; coupled with the sheer hitting power of their traditional weapon, not much can stand in their way should they so choose.

Conkeldurr (‘’M. torotherium’’’) are extraordinarily rare in the wild, and when they do appear, leadership is their destiny. A Conkeldurr is a truly magnificent specimen of musculature and power. As of yet, there seems to be very little upwards limit to their strength; one particularly strong Conkeldurr has been observed bench-pressing a pickup truck. Traditionally, Conkeldurr graduate from a steel beam to a paired set of heavy objects- usually twin discarded concrete pillars, but just as often large boulders or some other large blunt object. Despite their hunched, thuggish appearance, the species are in fact quite intelligent (rivalling humans in terms of IQ) and can be compassionate and gentle; even producing artwork in zoos or research facilities or taking care of dolls or other baby stand-ins. To date, it is unknown exactly how wild Conkeldurr arise, but what is known is that the radiation emitted by conventional trading procedures is usually strong enough to stimulate evolution of Gurrdurr into Conkeldurr. As such, the majority of specimens can be found in captivity. Despite their large size, Conkeldurr have surprisingly easygoing temperaments , possibly due to their high IQ. It has been said that a Conkeldurr taught humans the secret of mixing concrete, although this is most likely a myth inspired by the creature’s propensity for lifting heavy objects.


Troops of Timburr and Gurdurr can be found across Unova. They are surprisingly adaptable; just as common in the woodlands outside Pinwheel Forest as they are in the mazelike caverns of Mt. Twist. In addition to this, they are frequently domesticated by humans, who find work for them in the construction or building industry, due to their robust strength and size and dextrous fingers. Sadly, construction workers will sometimes bait or taunt these creatures, which leads to attacks; thus cementing the creature’s status in the public eye as violent monsters.


To say that these creatures are voracious would be a gross understatement. To fuel their massively powerful bodies, all three members of the line spend most of their idle time either eating or searching for food. Timburr prefer to forage from low-hanging bushes or shrubs, searching for fruits or berries to eat. Quite often, their weapon will be used here as either a pole to dislodge high-hanging fruits, or, more commonly, to beat the tree until the food comes to the ground- a crude but effective foraging strategy. Gurdurr and Conkeldurr, on the other hand, are willing to supplement their diet with fresh meat. They often hunt small game. Usually, this will either be young Purrloin, Lillipup or Patrat. This involves subduing them, before delivering the final blow with their weapons. In captivity, many Trainers prefer to feed them high-energy protein shakes or other meals high in vitamins and electrolytes to fuel their relentless appetite and make sure they have enough energy for battling.


Despite their strength and power, Gurdurr and Conkeldurr are also quite intelligent and are quite aware of their own strength. Young Timburr, on the other hand, sometimes do not realize that they are wielding a weapon that is quite capable of shattering a man’s ribcage, and so are only recommended to experienced, patient, or particularly durable Trainers. Like most Fighting-type Pokémon, it is not considered wise to deliberately aggravate them, lest the offending person find himself on the receiving end of a log, beam, or concrete block. A Gurdurr’s blows can easily knock out even tough Pokémon like Herdier; turned against humans, their attacks can easily crush skulls and mutilate flesh beyond recognition. It is considered extraordinarily unwise to aggravate a Conkeldurr, as they can pulp a human’s bones with a single hand.

Courting and Childrearing

Two Gurdurr that mate will first stage a long and drawn out mock-fight, often involving acts of intimidation, clashing their weapons, and long and protracted mock-sparring matches. The act of coupling itself is short and brief; pregnancies last for about nine months before giving birth.

Social Structure

In the wild, Timburr and Gurdurr live in small, hierarchical social groups (formally known as troops) as that travel over a set territory. These social groups are dominated by the largest and strongest Gurdurr in the troop. Should a usurper attempt to take control, he will challenge the current leader to a ritualized duel, which often involves fighting. These contests are rarely lethal, though, and at worst the loser will wind up with a few bruises and wounded pride.

If and when a Conkelldur arises from wild stock, this individual will, through a fashion, attempt to unite the tribes via the standard method- defeating the previous leader in combat. With the superior size, strength, stature, and musculature of a Conkelldurr, this is a relatively easy task. Once several such tribes (often between four and five) have been brought under the command of the Conkelldurr, the new head of the group will proceed to mate with each and every receptive female Gurdurr- a Herculean task, and one that requires great stamina on the part of the Conkelldurr. Pokebiologists believe that this promiscuous behaviour promotes the spread of the advantageous genes that promote secondary evolution in Gurdurr. Soon after the death of the leader, the group will fragment once more and disperse. It should be noted that Conkelldurr are extraordinarily rare in the wild, about one in 500 Gurdurr evolving into one naturally.
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4136 Blissey123rd Mar 2011 01:53:34 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
while I find no issue with the article itself, it does raise another question. How are zoos handled in the pokeverse? Something we should bring up in the next chat...

also, the description of Conkelldur rounding up all nearby troops under their command put me in mind of a Warboss gathering orks for a Waaaaaaaagh!! I guess it's a good thing for us that they're actually pretty friendly, huh?

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4137 Locoman23rd Mar 2011 02:20:59 PM from Mandrill Maze
^ Glad to see you caught the Shout-Out. tongue

Also, there's a zoo in the Kanto Safari Zone, IIRC.

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4138 SilentReverence23rd Mar 2011 02:28:54 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Just to verify as I don't have access to my logs for some reason (and the chatroom's log is not too easily searchable). Do I post the SWOT preview here in a (well duh) post or do I create a Dibs style subpage, or something else?

I'll comment later on the more recent developments.

I'm not exactly sure how the evolution rocks lend credence to the theory that Eevees are native to Sinnoh...

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[up][up] 'twas discussed in the thread, actually. Just post it in the thread, probably.

EDIT: I'd personally have the Ice/Grass rocks host certain fungi/bacterial colonies that chemically trigger the evolution, but that's just me.

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4141 Neo_Crimson23rd Mar 2011 03:08:54 PM from behind your lines.
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Wow Conkeldurr sounds a lot like an Ork Warbo-

also, the description of Conkelldur rounding up all nearby troops under their command put me in mind of a Warboss gathering orks for a Waaaaaaaagh!! I guess it's a good thing for us that they're actually pretty friendly, huh?

Damn, ninja'd. But now I want to get a Conkeldurr, stick a pirate hat accessory (if it exists)on it, and name it Bludflagg.

Also update: I made some progress on the Regigigas article, but due to college stuff it probably won't be finished until at least Thursday night.

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4142 Locoman23rd Mar 2011 03:14:17 PM from Mandrill Maze
Of course, an Ork rounds up others to fight and kill.

Conkeldurr round up their lesser kin for a MASSIVE ORGY.
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4143 Neo_Crimson23rd Mar 2011 03:17:11 PM from behind your lines.
Your army sucks.
I wonder what would happen if two WAAAA-er "troops" with got together? Fight for supremacy? Warbo-CONKELDURRS fight it out and the loser's troop gets assimilated. Even bigger orgy?
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4144 Locoman23rd Mar 2011 03:33:27 PM from Mandrill Maze
Something like that. Of course, they're really rare in the wild so I didn't address that.
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4145 Blissey123rd Mar 2011 04:20:25 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
Also, there's a zoo in the Kanto Safari Zone, IIRC.

Oh hey, I'd forgotten all about that. But weren't there only like 4 mons there?
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Can I claim Sigilyph, the Freaky Psychic Nazca Bird Pokemon?
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IF it hasn't been called already, go ahead. You can check what's been called and what hasn't by checking the Dibs page.

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Outer Cloyster
I don't see it on the main page or the Dibs page, so I'd assume you can.

Love the Timburr article
4149 Locoman23rd Mar 2011 05:41:27 PM from Mandrill Maze
I called the Dwebble line, if that's OK by everyone else here.

^ Thanks. smile

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Because I have left it pending for an entire week already, here you have it, an initial analysis of the project's standing. We will be able to improve upon it (beginning with compiling actual strategies) once we are done fine tuning some things like the guidelines.


This [preliminary] entry functions as a compilation of the PEFE Project's attributes and environment in an attempt to perform SWOT Analysis of its organization. As it stands the analysis is not intended to be, and should NOT be taken as, Serious Business — yet it should provide information good enough for the consolidation of the organization's future development strategies.

Think of this as a Boring Yet Practical strategical analysis rundown For Science!.




For the purposes of this page, the people working at the Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition Project, as well as the actual idea, are treated as an actual organization doing its business in order to pursue its objective in its surrounding environment. For all the emphasized terms above you'll find adequate related statements in the project page and in the forum thread, which will be linked to eventually in the section above. Or you can just read the opening post (and the foreword).

Of note is our mission statement: "Hopefully, creating or collecting the pieces of Fanon to fill in the gaps, making a more coherent and immersive world."


Each following section enumerates and justifies the elements that compose the SWOT tuple as present in the project's organization. Instances identified are tagged so that they can be referred to once the stage of cross-strategy compilation is reached.

For the purposes of the analysis, the project's members are considered "tropers", meaning attributes common to the TV Tropes culture count towards strengths and weaknesses of the project itself* . However, procedures originated from TV Tropes, such as technical adjustments or regulations, are still to be considered as opportunities or threats, as they stem from outside the Project's the sphere of influence.


"Strengths" are things present in the organization that help it against competitors. We're not really competing against someone else here so let's take it as "stand out in our environment".

The first identifiable strengths for the project is its openness to expansion. ([S1]) By the project's very nature we can (theoretically) always find ways to improve existing entries and add new material, and in the greater terms no newcomer perspective is unwelcome. This is related to and supported by the "wiki culture", that is being open to contribution. In terms of internal organization and opportunity for new members to come in, there are few (if any) practical barriers of entry beyond what our current interaction medium exposes.

Associated to the above, but fundamentally different, is the wide assortment of the Canon that can be made available by our members. ([S2]) Be it the games, anime, mangae or the TCG, someone here knows about and is willing to discuss. Meaning, debate of key theories grows solid. The familiarity with different branches of the canon, as well as the ability to analyze the canon and both provide and discuss content for entries (such as what happens with Pokedex Researchers Have No Sense Of Scale) grow as the variety in contributors does.

The first observable effect of both strengths above, attested by those who read many articles, is the ability to project "our-world" media into "their-world" instances, such as the Godzilla references, while maintaining intra and inter consistency.

The already existing internal organization is strong enough to keep the engines running, and "self-aware" enough to correct itself when problems occur. ([S3]) Currently the project organization follows some basic, but tightly defined guidelines such as "post an entry in the thread first" and "a dangerous world isn't necessarily a hellhole". There is no such thing as a Head Honchkrow except for particular cases where editorial control is needed, and when needed the ability to establish or execute policy has been treated as a temporary de-facto power.



"Weaknesses" are stuff in the organization that harm the ability to compete, or as wehave it "stand out".

One current weakness originated from the Project's own history is the major lack of an institutional image, in particular in what regards promotion to the outside world. ([W1]) As such, "workplace loyalty" and "brand loyalty" towards the project are absolutely not measurable. The current standing of the project, "something that's there Just for Fun" in the TV Tropes Wiki, does not help matters; we are still using wiki resources for a goal that lies beyond TV Tropes's actual scope, meaning we can be asked to leave the place becoming temporarily a nebolous assembly of ideas without notable identity.

As a consequence of being currently hosted and logistically tied to TV Tropes, the project's policing, both technical and behavioural, relies on the TV Tropes one. Far worse, [accountable] membership is also tied to the TV Tropes one ([W1b — pending]) ever since The Google Incident.

A weakness inherent to the project's doing and goal, in their simplified versions, is TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, in particular the evolution of analyzed perspectives and entries that may tend to run towards a Darker and Edgier tone ([W2]). We explicitly try to avoid the standard human byproduct of "over-analyzing" media while providing the mantras described above. Care must be taken to ensure a consistent approach to deal with the tints of D&E that are already present in some entries.

A minor weakness, but a one that can bite hard if left unattended, is the presence of a fuzzy Bus Factor. A project's "Bus Factor" is colloquially defined in Software Development as how many people in the project can be Put on a Bus or Thrown Under A Bus before the project can not be adequately run anymore ([W3]). All members can edit entries and work with the wiki markup; but that's different from designing or enforcing policy, running the communication channels and helping contributors synchronize (Grand Theories, for example) — tasks that require an assignment of responsibilities.



"Opportunities" are stuff in the environment that benefit us, ideally more than they benefit our competitors; in our schema, these are things that help us gain notability.

A good guess is we can start with the Obvious One, that is: the continuation of the Pokémon franchise itself. ([O1]) So long as more generations, games and other media* are being made, our project not only won't run out of material, but will also remain "relevant" as an Adaption Distillation perspective to contributing eyes. Meaning the project won't fall back to obscurity, development-wise, due to something like becoming a Guilty Pleasure.

The main objective of the project is to "fill in the gaps"; although this is not defined itself through a wider goal (which the project has but is different), one tangible opportunity in what regards to reaching the audience can be identified. Adequate promotion of the project added to a solid, nice growth in content quality may cause the project to effect other fanon. ([O2]) As a side effect of such controlled growth, the content can be further solidified as more people play around with it. The ultimate realization of the stated goal would be, of course, Ascended Fanon.

The ability of the contributors to use any and all technologies available to generate, catalogue and profile the documentation and articles would be at this point be a given, but nonetheless merits mention. ([O3]) (to be expanded)



"Threats" are stuff around the organization that threatens it (duh). Essentially it is stuff that damages our ability to compete or stand out, or that right out threatens our existence.

In the same way Nintendo / Game Freak provide us with our greatest opportunity, they also provide us with the greatest threat due their ownership of the franchise itself, namely the "Chrono Break Effect". ([T1]). While highly unlikely, it is possible that something may force N/GF to "Cease&Desist" us from the development of our project, or at least the publication of its contents. Due to the legality factors involved in such a decision, this might also force us to deal with N/GF via our real, legal personas.

Why such a decision would be taken by N/GF is a matter not in our reach to determine, making strategies to deal with the situation as unlikely to be constructed as unlikely the event itself is to occur. This threat is so nebulous that it may as well be considered nonexistent, but it is tough and primordial enough to still merit being counted upon. Relevant chatroom URL: [1]

The second threat we are bound to face is technological dependency. The project currently lies logistically hung down the TV Tropes system tree, with an added namespace for the entries and a forum thread ([T2]). We can have something like Quotes.The Pokedex Extended Fanon Edition, but it falls outside our purview as with any other namespaced page (meaning we can't have, for example, our own "Selection of Quotes" unless we use other paging system), adding with the external use of the name to the lack of hard institutional image. The existence of the thread and its integration to the wiki system is also not guaranteed, although pretty unlikely to change for the worse.

Being part of TV Tropes also means our articles are redacted in the wikilanguage of their weird spawn engine, forked from pmwiki so long ago that it simply can't be brought back to sync. This puts us in a form of Vendor Lock Out in maintenance of the project's contents in an editable format, as it means that if we move somewhere else, all the articles will have to be reformatted. WikiWords will likely among the first things to be substituted away, considering as well that from that point onwards the trope pages linked to also become content external to us.

One easily identifiable threat that does not stem from TV Tropes but becomes strengthened by the site's scope and audience, is the very thing we have been trying to defy from day one, that is: Darker and Edgier ([T3]). Note that is is different from the Weakness Darker and Edgier; some individuals might and will come from the outside to impose a D&E perspective into our articles beyond what the normal analysis of the canon would hint and regardless any other reason to edit an entry (think someone not agreeing with an article perspective on someone's [un]favourite Pokémon). While there are other perspectives that would be tried to let in, D&E merits some mention in that despite it forming part of our official standings and objectives, we haven't established a tight measurement of how much of it to let in.

A possible threat that was recently brought to attention of the contributors is the position of our project as Fanon ([T4]). An attempt to bring a roleplay as part of the stories told in Pokémon entries stirred up the water as to what do we consider Canon and what parts of the Fanon can we use. The position that gained most consensus is that as deep down we are bound to Patchwork Fic the [more glaring] problems of Canon (like Magcargo's temperature), the entries should end up as an usable perspective origin for stories, but not become stories themselves. As a corollary, we should avoid using already existing Fanon stories as basis for articles, as that can easily break our internal consistency among other issues because Fanon trends tend to strongly conflict with each other. A good example would be taking a [fan]work's perspective for location-based Eevee evolution, then finding it happens to clash with what we have established or corrected for other cases (such as Magnezone).

Pending (The two threats above should be theoretically lumped together)


Once all relevant elements that take part in the SWOT tuple have been identified, a set of strategies can be designed to deal with them in a paired or chained way, for example using an opportunity to combat a weakness, or using an organizational strength's output to mitigate a threat until the environment changes in a more favorable way.

For the moment, this section will remain void of strategical output pending discussion on 1.- the Project Guidelines and 2.- the final list of SWOT elements. Even now some basic strategies can be designed nonetheless. For example:

  1. signing of articles in order to help new users who want to contribute to already existing entries* .
  2. agreeing on a tightly defined, no matter how basic, procedure of membership* .
  3. scheduled backup or articles (including their source markup)* .

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