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3876 TracerBullet12th Mar 2011 11:07:04 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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^x2 Beats me, I would hope that they would be more advanced than educational DVDs, though. Actually, that Plasmids idea doesn't seem that bad, assuming that you can figure out how on earth such information would be delivered through a disc-based medium. (Is there some sort of interface with the 'mon?) Also, I would assume that in practice, learning moves via TM wouldn't be an instantaneous process, seeing as a 'mon still needs to accumulate actual experience using a move. Also, I really think that you should consider making the properties of TMs vary by region, as that opens the doors for more storytelling possibilities (e.g. how a certain move is rarely available as a TM in Sinnoh, available off the shelf in Johto, and completely absent as a TM in Unova.

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Personally I like the idea (and thought of it quite a while ago) of the TM simply bringing recessive parts of a Pokemon's body up to date. For instance, a Raticate has a vestigial body part to breathe fire. The Flamethrower TM brings it up to functionality.

I also thought up a justification for HM field moves. They're not necessarily teaching the Pokemon how to use a move, but how to use it safely. HM Surf doesn't teach a Pokemon how to swim, it teaches it how to swim with a human on its back with the human being safe the entire time. HM Cut teaches it how to cut things down without injuring itself, etc.

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3878 SilentReverence13th Mar 2011 06:22:25 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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So essentially an HM is a course on how to use the move avoiding No OSHA Compliance, or aimed to something like a ISO 9000 Standard? Me likes it a lot, as it also provides a senseful explanation of how they could been kept abusiness; care would have to be taken with the "trade secret" stuff however. It seems to also cover nicely why the HM list varies somewhat from region to region.

The idea of TM "bringing a vestigial body part up to date" may be workable, somehow, but even with that there are body parts that are simply not going to be usable for attacks; for example, due to their shape, Empoleon's "hands" could not be usable to hit with a punching attack (regardless that the attack itself can be attempted); the closer thing would be a slap attack, otherwise the steel cover will hit the opponent before the hand does. And would a Snivy be able to learn Thunder Punch (haven't got up to speed with G5 movesets yet) and if the answer is yes what happens when it evolves? The alternative would be, of course (gods no) anime-style "glow and grow" but IMHO it brings more troubles than it's worth.

That said, it is still far better than TM being somehow "instant body/memory modification".

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Still new here so I don't really know how to do the format (Hopefully it turned out right), but here is my attempt/contribution.

Feel free to approve/disapprove and point out any flaws or things I missed, this was kind of a rushed job.

Yamask Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

Yamask (#562) Cofagrigus (#563)

Physical Description

Yamask have small black bodies with three appendages: a pair of arms with four fingered hands and a thin tail. The latter of which is used to hold its vessel, usually a golden mask depicting a vaguely humanoid face. Yamask has red eyes with circular blotches of red just beneath them, giving them the appearance that they are crying.

Cofagrigus in general resemble golden coffins with a hole through which its eyes and newly developed mouth can be seen. It possesses four long shadowy hands which replace its original limited appendages. The material from which its shell is composed no longer has any molecular resemblance to any known metal, and is highly durable and resilient.

Notable Biology

As with most ghost Pokemon, members of the Yamask line are able to float, pass through solid matter or become completely invisible. While Yamask remain mostly in an intangible state, Cofagriguses prefer to remain solid.

Yamask carry around metal masks to use as protection, they have been observed raising their masks to defend themselves when threatened. If no properly shaped material is found, Yamask create their own masks through a process detailed below.

Yamask consume metal and use it to expand the size of their mask, converting its molecular structure in the process. Scientists attempting to study this process for industrial uses have made little success due to Yamask’s ectoplasmic nature. Yamask favor softer, more malleable metals for consumption, but alter its structure to form a more durable material when developing its outer shell.

Once Yamask has attained enough material to fully cover itself, its body fully matures into a Cofagrigus, growing a mouth and two extra arms with which to manipulate its environment. At this point their shells are as tough as steel, giving them substantial protection against attacks far surpassing that of any known ghost Pokemon. Cofagrigus often create shells of oblong shape. Wild Cofagrigus have their shells fashioned in the shape of coffins, theorized to be the result of observing the sarcophagi of the kings and nobles found in their habitat.

In ancient times Yamask and Cofagrigus were highly favoured for use as tomb guardians due to their diet and reproduction methods. Both blend in easily amongst the treasures often stored in the tombs of kings and noblemen. They thus served as the perfect deterrent for potential grave robbers.

Yamask were commonly believed to have once been human , a rumour stemming from the masks they carry. Researcher speculate that the “masks” are a result of human intervention, made specially for Yamask to inhabit to give them a more terrifying visage as tomb guardians, while others feel that the resemblance to a face is an attempt to frighten potential threats as Yamask themselves do not appear particularly frightening.


Yamask and its brethren have only ever been found in the wild within desert tombs and structures where gold and other metals are in abundance.There are Some scientists speculate that this is because they were cultivated by the ancient Unovan desert civilisations specifically for the purpose of guarding tombs. The lack of records of wild Yamask appearing in other desert regions seems to support this hypothesis.


Yamask and Cofagrigus are omnivorous, capable of susisting on a diet of berries. Both require large amounts of metal in order to maintain and expand their shells. As such they can prove to be extremely expensive to raise and take care of, especially if their favoured metal is gold.

While Yamask can sustain themselves on what little desert berries they can find, in the wild Cofagrigus are ambush predators, laying in wait for unsuspecting prey before wrapping it up in its four shadowy arms and dragging it into its mouth. While Cofagrigus will normally go for smaller prey such as Sandiles and Sandshrews, it is suspected that this is how many would-be grave robbers met their grisly ends.


Extreme caution should be taken when encountering wild Yamask or Cofagrigus, as they instinctively see humans as potential threats to their supply of metals. While Yamask are more likely to run away if alone, Cofagrigus and large groups of Yamask may attack those they perceive as threats. Trainers exploring desert ruins such as the Relic Castle are advised to have a strong dark-type or avoid lower levels where Cofagrigus are more common and Yamask are more abundant.

Members of this line are highly protective of their trainers and anything of personal importance to their owners or themselves, and react violently in order to retrieve them if they are stolen away. There have been several instances of Yamask and Cofagrigus wreaking havoc at dig sites and museums when their masks or treasure was taken away or put on display. For this reason only replica masks and coffins are placed in display in museums. However, many wealthy collectors often employ them to guard their private collections even to this day.

Both members of the line also possess the unique ability to temporarily negate certain traits of Pokemon they have come into contact with. The duration of the effect varies depending on the victim. Pokemon affected by this can also pass it on to other Pokemon that touch them. While the effect is only temporary, it is advisable for trainers to keep one’s Yamask or Cofagrigus from having prolonged physical contact with Pokemon that do not share this ability.

Owners are also warned to not allow their Yamask or Cofagrigus to be around silverware or jewellery unattended, lest they decide to have a little snack at their trainer’s expense.

Courting & Childrearing

Members of the line amass a large pile of metal to form a sort of “nest” atop which they mate and release several young Yamask into the pile. The Yamask will then select or fashion a suitable mask, staying close to their parents until they are strong enough to protect themselves.

Social Structure

Members of this line generally live solitairy lifestyles upon maturity. Yamask tend to live in groups for better protection until their shells are sufficiently formed, upon which they settle down in a single spot as Cofagrigus and only come together to mate. Yamask and Cofagrigus will band together if they perceive a threat to their source of metal but otherwise try to stay out of each others' way in the wild. Their protective nature over their homes and food carries over to their trainers and their trainer's belongings when they are domesticated.

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3880 CalamityJane13th Mar 2011 07:57:11 AM from None of your business , Relationship Status: Robosexual
Huh. I could've sworn that Cofagrigus and Yamask, with their over-protectiveness, would defend each other to the ends of the earth and back in a full Mama Bear/Papa Wolf team up, depending on what's being done. If a Yamask is being captured and the feeling is mutual nothing happens, but if a Yamask is being brutally injured then, Welcome to Egypt! Have fun while you're dead!

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Like I said it was kind of a rushed job, I lost most of my steam at the end and didn't put much thought into the last two sections. Now that you mention it I should have probably figured out a more developed social structure. I have revised the article accordingly along with some added nightmare fuel in the diet section.

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3882 Locoman13th Mar 2011 09:08:39 AM from Mandrill Maze
Good article, but you should probably make mention of their Mummy ability.
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[up] It's mentioned, just not by name. The "nullify traits by physical contact" bit.

TMs... possibly learning moves for some mons (or teaching a move "early") requires hormonial stimulation? Then, a TM would include both a detailed instructional course on the disc, and a supply of necessary stimulants. (Once a move is in practiced use, I would guess any needed hormones have become self-reinforcing.)

In the Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh regions, TMs simply come with the supply. Maybe in Unova the hormones can be cheaply obtained via pharmacy, so getting the disc explaining how to use them is the only hard part?

(Mystery Dungeon TMs would then be the first kind, I assume. Recycle then would regenerate the hormone from trace drops remaining.)
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Altru Inc's entry. I know, it's a bit awkward on the wording, but hey, I can edit it later. These are the villains in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, and be warned, there are quite a few spoilers in it if you have not played So A. I think maybe we should merge Team Dim Sun with Altru, Inc since they are the same organisation.

Altru Incorporated.

Altru Inc. is a large organisation within the region of Almia headed by President Blake Hall, grandson of it's founder Doyle M. Hall. Under the direction of President Hall, the Corporation made many developments in the Almia region, gaining public support at the same time. It's popularity skyrocketed with President Hall's promise of a new 'dream energy' that 'would render all forms of power redundant'. This took the form of Altru Tower, a huge structure that could be seen from anywhere in the Almia region.


In truth, Blake Hall founded and supplied funding to Team Dim Sun, using devices called Gigaremo and miniremo to control Pokemon against their will. After causing trouble in Seaport town, Team Dim Sun finally got what they were looking for, namely the Shadow Crystal, buried deep in the Chroma Highlands.

Using the Shadow Crystal, Blake Hall revealed his true intentions for Altru Tower: a gigantic Gigaremo that would take control of every pokemon in Almia at the anniversary of Altru. Inc.

This was the dream energy he promised, a machine powered by Pokemon everywhere. Using 6 special black gigaremo, he took control of Darkrai, using the Pokemon to power the device.

However, after turning the device to 'Level Dark', Darkrai went rogue, engulfing Blake Hall and his assistant Wheeler into a world of darkness. They were eventually rescued by a young Pokemon Ranger, and Blake Hall was exiled from Almia, to atone for his sins. Team Dim Sun was disbanded, the Sinis Trio returning to their home countries.

The Dim Sun executive Kincaid took members of Team Dim Sun to create Team Debonair, taking the tower over again. However, his plans was foiled by the same Ranger as before.


Altru. Inc began as Altru Oil, a small company founded by Doyle M. Hall in the middle of the Sea of Wailord, supplying oil to the citizens of Almia. After passing the company to his son, Brighton Hall, the oil reserves began running low, and Brighton responded by sending his workers to dig in the Chroma Highlands for more resources.

By a chance discovery, they found the Shadow Crystal and used pieces of it as an alternative power source, lying to Almia and telling everyone it was a special kind of coal. In reality, Brighton Hall was mesmerised by the Shadow Crystal's power, and in a ceremony asked that it's power be sent into his son, Blake Hall.

Realising too late what he had done, Blake threw his father out of the company at the age of 16, staking his claim by building the Altru Building in the north of Almia. Using ruthless means, Blake Hall made Altru Inc a large organisation, supplying everything used in the Almia region

Altru Tower/Tower of Peace.

As of the present time, Altru Tower has been renamed the Tower of Peace and opened to the public. On top is the Tower remains the Luminous Crystal, surrounded by the Tears of princes. It is a national monument commemorating the goodness in all men's hearts.

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3885 Marioguy12813th Mar 2011 06:30:22 PM from various galaxies
[up]Hmm looks good.

Has anyone claimed the Sewaddle line?

Saturn's doing the Larvesta line now.
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I sure am :3
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Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill procrastinating on Zorua. Sorry about that.
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and...that's it!

hmm...I guess I might as well add Heatmor to the list, since it and Durant tie into eachother so much. So

  • Heatmor

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The Pokedex entry for Heatmor is really vicious!
3892 Blissey113th Mar 2011 06:53:51 PM from a random Pokècenter , Relationship Status: I know
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[up]that's nothing, have you seen Jellicents entries?
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Did anyone read White's Kyurem entry?

Should Durant and Heatmor be in the same article considering it's a rivalry?
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I already claimed the Sewaddle Line Marioguy.
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Oh. Guess I'll take the other Bug type then.

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Oh, and did anyone claim the Solosis line? Cause that'll be another one I'll do.

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Say, has anyone called Joltik yet? I think I'd like to do that line.
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So, regarding the matter of assembling a welcome/introduction/guidelines post- Can we schedule a group chat for a time when a decent number of people can make it?

Which evenings are everyone likely to be available?

(It would also be an opportunity to get everyone on the same page for treating things like evolution, moves, and trainer journeys in more detail than the vagueness we've had to use out of uncertainty. Or else decide which things are better off left vague.)

EDIT: [up] I didn't see any calls in the last few pages. Though we really need to get a proper claim list up...

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