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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
Yes, I saw this the other day. I have no real opinion on the article itself, though I'm somewhat irritated that someone is making articles without consulting this thread first...again.
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Your army sucks.
Nuke it, no articles should be put up without first being reviewed on this thread. No exceptions.
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That seems a little bit harsh when you put it that way.
3855 TracerBullet11th Mar 2011 12:27:58 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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^x2 (*cough* We let the Staryu article slide even though it wasn't posted on the thread first. *cough*)

Personally, I think that we should at least review the article before we bin it. (That said, I think we should seriously consider adding a disclaimer in that note saying that we reserve the right to nuke articles that aren't submitted properly.)

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I'm fully aware of how harsh it is, but this thread is the project's best source of regulation. If we let things slide then it destabilizes the quality control we have on it.

So I stand by my call for Exterminatus on the TM article. If the author has a problem with it, he's free to repost it over proper channels.

[up] I remember wanting that to be nuked as well.

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I think that I'm just going to de-list the article, but leave it intact. I can't seem to find any forum posts by this Mr Wacked guy, which is a shame, since it means that I can't PM him...

But yeah, we should still look at the actual content of the article.
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At Tracer Bullet's request, I submit for your approval/snark/mocking the TM article I had drawn up. Just what the heck are T Ms? What do they do to a Pokemon? Are they strictly scientific in nature, or are more bizarre forces at work?

Technical Machines


A technical machine, also often referred to as a Tm, is a device used to rapidly induce the learning of new techniques to a Pokémon. The benefits of the use of such technology is readily apparent- a move that could take long periods of training to learn could be learned in an instant, or moves otherwise never available to a Pokémon can be taught. This drastically improves a Pokémon's flexibility in battle, and proper selection of moves can ensure that a Pokémon who would normally have little chance of overcoming a type disadvantage suddenly has the upper hand- this sort of phenomenon has been seen time and time again, with Water-types using Ice-type moves to overcome Grass pokemon, or Electric types using Fighting-type moves to defeat Rock/Ground Pokémon.

The exact processes that a technical machine uses to teach the moves are fiercely guarded trade secrets, though speculation and theories claim the machines do everything from restructure DNA and body structure forcibly, to bizarre theories on psychic or mystic augmentation that suggest the machines could be likened to spellbooks for Pokémon. More practical minded researchers not affiliated with Tm-producers have put forth a more down-to-earth suggestion, that the machines merely awaken latent abilities that were there all along and were somehow made dormant via natural selection.


The current process of a teaching machine is nigh-instantaneous and painless. One downside however, is that, for reasons still unknown despite exhaustive research, a Pokémon can only remember four moves at any given time. This means that a trainer must make crucial decisions as to what moves their Pokémon will remember, and which it can afford to forget. Caution should be taken, however- Pokémon have their own preferences to moves, and may object- quite forcibly- to having a seemingly useless or inane move replacing a tried and true technique. However, many if not all trainable Pokémon will come around if shown the new move is a boon to them- one such example involved a rather irate Gyarados, furious with being made to forget Bite in place of the Thunderbolt technique, who became much more accepting of the loss when it found it could now deal with mating rivals with ease.

Theories have been put forth that perhaps Alakazam, a Pokémon with incredible memory, could be key in discovering a means to overcome this limitation, but such studies have ended in failure. One empath, on conversation with an Alakazam, claimed to be told the reasons for such were akin to why one could not put all the world's oceans in a single 1 gallon jug, and any further inquiry was met with rebuff or silence.


Pre-League-regulation Tms were highly unreliable, prone to only allowing temporary use of a move, causing brain damage ranging from memory loss to insanity, and fatal mutations in a Pokémon's genetic structure. For this reason, Tms have a history of being mistrusted by some, who see them as tampering with nature for man's amusement. In recent years, however, safety measures along with League inspections have resulted in no confirmed reports of legal Tms resulting in anything more detrimental than the normal loss of a move, though black-market Tms still do exist and have been known to cause injury and death in Pokémon. Despite this, Tms now only suffer minor controversy regarding safety, to the point that Gym Leaders have found it a tradition to hand out Tms related to their type to successful challengers.

More recently controversy, however, concerns the sudden switch from disposable Tms to reusables. This switch has been met with euphoric rejoicing among trainers and doomsday wails among those financially tied to the Tm manufacturing business. Obviously, a Tm that can be used again and again is a boon to a trainer with more than one Pokémon that can use the move in question, however, to Tm manufacturers, it means that repeat business will suffer. For example, the coveted Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt Tms are now being treated as family heirlooms rather than oneshot, expensive gifts. Opponents of the new reusable Tms claim that such a switch will kill the Tm industry as a whole: "Why buy a Tm when you can ask a neighbor to borrow one for three seconds?" was one rhetorical question asked by a distraught employee at a Tm production site. Whether the reusable models are temporary or permanent is yet to be seen, although old trainers are scrambling to get new versions of their favorite Tms.

Move Tutors

To be filled...
3860 TracerBullet12th Mar 2011 09:45:31 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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A couple things that I'm not sure of:

  • I'm not sure if it makes sense to say that 'mons fully forget moves beyond the four that they immediately employ. Granted, they probably won't be able to use them in any meaningful battle-related capacity, but I'm pretty sure that a Gyarados that forgets Bite still has an idea of how to use Bite, it's just that he/she has grown out of practice with said move.
  • Are TMs' DRM system universal, or do they vary on a per-region basis? If they vary on a per-region basis, I could see a big gray market for out-of-region TMs (reusable TMs in regions with non-reusable DRM systems, and cheaper non-reusable TMs in regions with more expensive reusable TMs). Also, do TMs have anything analogous to region locking?

Oh yeah, this would be a good time to mention that my Pidove article is complete and I'm looking for proofreaders...

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Beyond the fact that I call Gameplay and Story Segregation for the four moves stuff (or, closer to what Quest For The Legends did, four moves only are allowed in league-sanctioned battles) the only thing from the article that called my attention for discussion is the instantaneousness of the TM workings. I mean, instant deep-body modification, or instant teaching for that matter, is kind of ridiculuos for a number of reasons — how a Manectric could use Thunderbolt is most likely different to how a Pinsir could use Thunderbolt. The whole "training tape" thing, albeit far more problematic in and of itself (ie.: do you need to but a separate TV set? are the courses in multiple languages? is the acting good?) presents a far more sensible timeframe of operation.

Also, yeah, it would be interesting to see how do T Ms operate between regions.

I'm not that good with proofreading since English is not my primary language, but I'm willing to contribute what I can to the discussion of the Pidove article
3862 TracerBullet12th Mar 2011 10:47:37 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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^ So did you want me to PM you a copy, or to just post it?
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I'm generally dissatisfied with explanations along the lines of "trade secret", especially for items that are a part of everyday life. Even if the developer created the devices on their own, without drawing on or contributing to research, surely they'd be lucrative enough to have been reverse-engineered.

Training videos are a somewhat ordinary explanation, but they are easy to explain in detail and don't have massive technological side-effects. Plus the presence of DRM makes more sense (however irritating it is).

Though then we would need to figure out the implications of T Ms in PMD...

EDIT: Also, I'm home for spring break and thus available all day for chat. Will probably be popping away from the computer regularly, but I'll reply eventually if anyone asks.

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Do you highlight everything looking for secret messages?
I agree about ignoring the 4 move limit. It just makes no sense outside of gameplay balance.
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Whelp, I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing by undercutting the momentum of the TM discussion but...

Pidove Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Pidove [#519]
  • Tranquill [#520]
  • Unfezant [#521]

Physical Description

The members of the Pidove line are avian Pokémon that exhibit significant alterations in physiology and behavior at different points within their life cycle, with few constants between these stages other than an overall diet and the presence of gray plumage on regions of their bodies.

The initial form, Pidove is an avian creature that typically stands around 30 centimeters from head to toe and weighs just over two kilograms. Pidove are characterized by their distinctive plumage, which consists of a large light gray region covering its breast, distinctive regions of black feathers including a region surrounding and encompassing its tail, bands at the top and tips of their wings and a similar band running along the back of their neck, with the rest of its body, including a prominent tuft of feathers towards the back of its head, covered in a moderately dark gray coat of plumage. Other notable features of a Pidove's appearance include pink lower legs with feet with black nails on each foot's three digits and its heels, black "Generalist"-style beaks with pink cere located above and towards the sides of said beaks, and eyes with yellow sclera.

The second form, Tranquill, typically stands 60 centimeters in height upright, and weighs 15 kilograms on average. Tranquill exhibit a number of physiological differences from their initial form, including the emergence of markedly longer tail feathers, the development of a longer and more noticeably hooked beak, and longer legs with an absence of heel nails like their prior form. A number of characteristics of Tranquill's appearance also change significantly with its evolution, its markings in this phase of its life include a fused set of reddish-pink arc-shaped cere above its eyes and beak, the redistribution of gray feathers to cover regions on its outer wings and the front of its head and neck, black regions covering the entire back of its head and neck, encompassing a prominent set of feathers towards the rear of its skull, the tips of its wings and tail feathers, bands lower along the outer surface of its wings, and a ring of tufted feathers around the rear of the base of its neck, with all other regions of its body covered by plumage similar in coloration to the darker gray regions of Pidove. Other changes in Tranquill's appearance include its possession of a yellow as opposed to black beak, and the presence of white sclera.

The third form, Unfezant, averages 120 centimeters in height and typically weighs in at just under 30 kilograms. Unfezant diverges significantly from the appearance and physiology of its younger brethren. Although it is capable of flight much as its younger counterparts are, an Unfezant's body plan is significantly more terrestrially-oriented than that of either that of Pidove or Tranquill. Unfezant's legs and tail plumage are proportionally longer than that of either of its younger forms, and its beak is similar in proportion and type to that of that possessed by this line's initial form, Pidove. Unlike its prior two forms, Unfezant exhibit dramatic sexual dimorphism. Females individuals possess brown feathers over a region encompassing their lower breast, both sides of their lower bodies, and the base of their tail, and have a mottled pattern that occurs where this region intersects a dark gray region covering their necks and the bulk of their head feathers at their upper breasts and back, feathers with a similarly dark gray pattern are also present on a small region of Unfezant's wings and partially compose Unfezant's banded tail feathers, female Unfezant also retain regions on their bodies covered in a lighter gray plumage, which covers the bulk of their wings and a heart-shaped region encompassing its face and part of its upper neck. Male Unfezant share the same gray-colored regions that their female counterparts possess, but have a region of green, as opposed to brown feathers that covers their lower bodies, two light blue regions above their eyes, and a "mask" of vivid red feathers including two particularly prominent, gradually arcing feathers with a vaguely streamer-like appearance. Other noteworthy changes in Unfezant's appearance include the alterations to its legs, which are now gray-colored, and possess noticeable spurs emerging along the back of the lower legs.

Members of the Pidove line occasionally exhibit a rare genetic mutation that causes individuals to possess significantly different appearances from normal members of this line. As Pidove, these mutants possess lighter and vaguely bluish plumage, orange sclera, and more reddish fleshy regions of their body. Upon their evolution into Tranquill, these mutants develop plumage of differing shades of green in place of conventional gray and black plumage, and possess a lavender cere along with similarly colored legs, as opposed to the red and pink coloration for these regions on normal Tranquill. Mutants that attain the final form of this stage have brown and olive plumage as opposed to the conventional gray plumage of typical Unfezant. Females have a lighter brown region in place of their normal brown plumage, whereas male mutants possess a teal region in place of their normal green plumage, along with a vivid violet mask and lilac eye markings.

Notable Biology

A notable facet of Pidove biology is the use of feathers and noisy calls as a method for intimidating would-be assailants. Although this behavior is best associated with male Unfezant's use of their distinctive calls and prominent head feathers stemming from their "mask" to frighten weaker creatures away from its mate or offspring, all members of this line appear to exhibit some sort of behavior analogous to this practice, which range from puffing out feathers to mobbing opponents while making loud calls.

Pidove by and large appear to become markedly more socially reserved as they evolve, with social interaction increasingly centering upon an immediate circle of intimates. The degree of aggression that members of this line exhibit appears to vary significantly by location. Pidove and Tranquill that live near urban environments appear to prefer to flee perceived disturbances to a greater extent than their counterparts further away from centers of human habitation. Unfezant appear to be significantly more aggressive than their younger counterparts, though appear to be reluctant to attack when not provoked.


The members of the Pidove line possess a range whose diversity is matched only by those of a handful of other Pokémon. Pidove and Tranquil can readily be found in forests, in grasslands, in mountainous and sea side locations with cliffsides conducive to nest-building, and are one of a small number of Pokémon that routinely reside within human settlements in their feral state. Unfezant possess a more limited range, and are typically not found outside of forest and grassland habitats. Known wild populations of Pidove and its evolutions appear to be significantly concentrated within locations in Unova, with the primary non-urban populations of these Pokémon concentrated in the west and southeast of the region.


All stages exhibit a primarily herbivorous diet, and receive the bulk of their sustenance from feeding upon fruits and seeds. Tranquill and Unfezant appear to hunt periodically, the former appearing to do so on a more regular basis than the latter, with a heavy observed bias towards insectoid prey. All three stages in this line appear to engage in the practice of swallowing small stones, which become lodged in these creatures' gizzards and assist in crushing consumed food to be more efficiently digested.


Although they typically occupy a lowly position in most ecosystems' food webs and their reputation for being docile Pokémon is not wholly undeserved, unduly harassing a member of the Pidove line is an endeavor to be undertaken only by the exceedingly foolhardy. Although urban Pidove typically prefer to flee in the face of a perceived threat, which has led to the seemingly nigh-pervasive practice of children of pursuing Pidove, it should be noted that they and more notably their non-urban counterparts have been known to mob assailants while in flocks. Although an individual Pidove's use of attacks such as the Quick Attack or Air Cutter technique is unlikely to cause much more than a minor laceration or bruise, it should be noted that being assaulted by a group of 20-30 noisy, angry Pokémon is both a vastly more painful and frightening experience. Tranquill are less ready to flee from the face of a potential threat than their younger counterparts, and are significantly stronger. Assaults by individual Tranquill will typically result in moderate bruising and scrapes, with more severe encounters capable of breaking minor bones and leaving gashes deep enough to necessitate medical sutures. Assaults by groups of Tranquill, while potentially serious, are not likely to leave life-threatening injuries. Harassing Unfezant is a vastly more dangerous exercise, as individual Unfezant are capable of readily causing hairline fractures in major bones and causing significant internal bleeding with their attacks. Although rare, reports of imprudent trainers dying from lack of medical attention after being attacked by an Unfezant on an isolated route are not unheard of.


All three stages in a Pidove's life cycle are capable of reproducing, with reproduction among Pidove being most commonly documented due to its comparative abundance to both of its evolved forms. Courtship among all stages in the Pidove line is initiated by male individuals, and involves fanciful displays of the male's plumage to would-be mates, which grow increasingly elaborate as an individual evolves. Upon successfully wooing a female, the male will mate with his mate at his mate's nest, and typically separate shortly after the female lays her eggs to leave the female to incubate and care for her young, though exceptions have been periodically noted, most commonly among Unfezant. One of these exceptions appears to be the occasional exhibition of harem behavior amongst Unfezant, in which a male Unfezant will mate and remain bonded to a number of female Unfezant for at least one mating cycle. In the wild, the observed average clutch size is 2-8 eggs, depending upon which form the female is, though curiously, most mating cycles in captivity only appear to yield one egg. Although members of the Pidove and its elder brethren are capable of mating with Pokémon outside their own line, this practice appears to be rare outside of captivity.

Social Structure

Female members of this line typically care for their young up until a point shortly after they are capable of independent flight, during which the female will provide her offspring sustenance from gathered food and crop milk. After this period of time elapses, said offspring will be left to fend for themselves, and typically either live alone, or as a member of a flock of other Pidove. Pidove flocks typically are composed of 20-30 individuals, and are relatively unstable, with members joining other flocks or entire flocks dissolving on a semi-infrequent basis. Upon evolution, Tranquill retain the flocking behavior of their younger counterparts, though said flocks seldom exceed 8-10 individuals, and are even more unstable than those of their younger counterparts. Cross-stage flocks are uncommon but not unheard of. The final form of the Pidove line, Unfezant, does not appear to exhibit a meaningful flocking mechanism beyond the occasional harem, with groups of Unfezant seldom exceeding 5 individuals before counting any offspring.

In Human Society

Members of this line have long been extensively domesticated by humans, and are among a small number of Pokémon to be raised commercially for food, although the practice of raising Pidove as a food source appears to have markedly declined with the rise of large-scale urbanization. Members of the Pidove line historically have also been used occasionally as an avenue for communications, with numerous recorded accounts of trainers using Pidove or Tranquill to ferry messages to and from remote locations.

Thoughts and commentary would be highly appreciated.

In other news:

Present Queue:  *

Oh yeah, this would also be a good time to announce that I've decided that the three articles immediately following my contributions to the Tepig article will be joint writes (so that way I can have a bit more time to help buff our other collab articles). If any of you guys would be interested in helping me out with one of those articles, feel free to let me know.

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Cross-stage flocks are not uncommon but not unheard of.

Looks like you made a typo right here.

In other news, I made some edits to the Starly Line entry and added a mention towards Torchic farming in the Habitat section of its article.

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I've finally added a paragraph about Blisseys/Chanseys supreme wallage capabilities in the Chansey article.
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I feel like joining this and adding some articles on Pokemon League backstory, like the Elite Four and Gym Leaders and how the system works and such. Or does this already exist?
Revised Unown article. Tell me what you all think.


Morphs [Oak Catalog ]

  • Anger [201-A]
  • Bear [201-B]
  • Chase [201-C]
  • Direct [201-D]
  • Engage [201-E]
  • Find [201-F]
  • Give [201-G]
  • Help [201-H]
  • Increase [201-I]
  • Join [201-J]
  • Keep [201-K]
  • Laugh [201-L]
  • Make [201-M]
  • Nuzzle [201-N]
  • Observe [201-O]
  • Peform [201-P]
  • Quicken [201-Q]
  • Reassure [201-R]
  • Search [201-X]
  • Tell [201-T]
  • Undo [201-U]
  • Vanish [201-V]
  • Want [201-W]
  • XXXXX [201-X]
  • Yield [201-Y]
  • Zoom [201-Z]
  • ????? [201-?]
  • !!!!!! [201-!]

Physical Descriptions

Unown are small Pokemon, they are only half a meter in height. They are light as well, weighing only five kilograms. There are twenty eight known variations of Unown. Twenty six of them are shaped like letters in the latin alphabet. The remaining two are shaped like a question mark and explanation point, respectively. The majority of the Unown's body consists of a black material, which a large "eye" in the center of their body. Samples taken have shown it to contain several carbon compounds not found anywhere else in the world. Trace ammounts of, strangely enough, Regicite are also contained within their bodies.

Lore and History

Several native Johtian myths discribe a powerful Creator emerging from the stars. When the Creator spoke, His speech became words. These words, according to His will, wrote the writings that form the world. All that existed was written down by the words. The sea, the land, and the sky. The story of every living being was written down. Finally, the stories complete, the Creator rested, and His words fell asleep, stored in sacred temples. They await the day that the Creator would speak once more.

It is now believed that the Unown are the inspiration for this myth.

Known Sightings

The Ruins of Alph were one of the most mysterious archeological sights in all of Johto. Whatever ancient civilization built them is unknown. They seemingly had no purpose, being large empty buildings with carvings of various Pokemon. Including, strangely enough, Pokemon which had been long extinct by the time the buildings had been constructed. But strangest of all, were the writings covering the walls of the structures. The writings engraved into the walls were comprised of the modern latin alphebet. This despite the fact that the Ruins of Alph predate any Latin speaking civilization, and are geographically seperated to such an extent that any such crossover is impossible. Finally, the engravings were, as far as any linguist and archeologist could tell, gibberish.

Recently, answers to some of these questions have been answered. One of the smaller buildings escavated contaned what appeared to be a sliding block puzzle embedded into the wall. Researchers did not manipulate it, due to fears of the mechanisim being damaged. A young trainer, ignorant of how to handle such relics, entered the ruins during a time when security over such things was lax. The traner solved the puzzle, and this activated some unknown trigger within the ruins. The engravings came to life, removing themselves from the walls, Revealing themselves to be Pokemon. It is now beleived that the Ruins of Alph exist as a sort of holding pen for the Unown. Why they are contained within these buildings ,however, is still unknown.

Shortly afterwords, ruins in Sinnoh and the Sevi Islands also suddenly became inhabited by Unown.


Unown has no mouth and has never been observed eating anything. It is unknown what, if anything, Unown eat.


Individually Unown are amoung the weakest Pokemon. Any traner looking to capture one can do so easily. Unown can levitate, and project a wave of psychic energy known as Hidden Power. This energy takes on elemental properties, unique to the Pokemon using it. This is the extent of an individual Unowns battle prowess, the largest danger being the chance that the particular Unown will use an element your Pokemon is weak to. Unown also possess impressive regenerative abilties. Capable of healing from any injury, if a large enough peice of an Unown is broken off, it will actually grow into a new Unown.

However, Unown are rarely encountered individually. Instead they group together in massive swarms, hundereds at a time. Psychic probing has lead to the conclusion that the Unown link their minds to form a hive mind, enhancing their powers in the process.

In this group, the Unown are a force to be reckoned with. Witnesses have reported masses of Unown producing high level psychic effects, as well as strange phenomena that have no current explanation.

Several notabole incidents follow:

  • A sudden earthquake caused a section of the Ruins of Alph to collaspe. The damage was severe, and it was beleived to be impossible to restore. In response the Unown left the ruins, swarming outside the collapsed area. Observers reported it "as if time was being reversed." The collapsed section rebuilt itself under the Unowns influence.

  • People involved in researching Unown have been known to "vanish" for periods of time. When they return, they have no memory of what went on while they were missing. At least one eye witness report states that the Unown take them away, this would colleraberate with one incident in which the Unown were hostile, detailed in the "Hazards" section.

  • Reports of many unusual Pokemon in the Ruins of Alph. These inculded Pokemon not found in Johto, entire colonies of "shiny" Pokemon. One infamous event involved Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys sighted all at once in the central plaza of the ruins. Any attempt to make contact with these Pokemon resulted in them vanishing. It was eventually discovered that these are illusions created by the Unown. A psychic probe by Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina reveals, in the Gym Leader's own words, "They were bored. So they played a prank."

  • However, the full extent of the Unown's "illusion" generating capabilties (if what they do can truly be called illusions) was revealed in what is known as the "Crystal Tower Incident." It involved Dr. Spencer Hale, a well known archeologist and researcher, and his daughter, Molly Hale. Dr. Hale had uncovered some tablets with Unown engraved on them, and was studing them at his private residence. However, the tablets contained true Unown. The Unown reacted to Molly, altering the very landscape. The Hale mansion became a massive tower, while the surrounding land became a wasteland made of crystal (no samples of the crystal were able to be taken). Finally, the Unown produced a simulacrum of the Legendary Beast Entei. This "Entei" displayed incredible power, easily on par with the genuine creature, according to reports of trainers involved in the incident. Interestingly enough, according to reports, the Unown lost control of their power, and had to be stopped forcefully by the "Entei" they created. How and why the Unown reacted in this way is unknown.

Unown constantly emit radio waves, to the point where any large mass of Unown live any wireless communication is rendered useless. When using a radio in these conditions, a sound described as "eerie" plays. Strangely enough, the sound has been identified as extremely similar to a song played in some religious ceremonies in Shinoh.


Unown do not seem to mind being captured. In fact, due to the fact that they are both rare and easy to care for, many collectors try and get one of each kind of Unown. There are no confirmed injuries or fatalties from trainers and collectors attempting to capture Unown. The only time the Unown have performed hostile actions is when any indivdual attempts to deface or otherwise harm the Ruins of Alph.

One notable incident involved fifteen people suddenly appearing in front of the entrence of the ruins. Upon being questioned, they confessed to being unauthorized diggers, searching for treasure in the Ruins. They claimed that, as they were digging into the Ruins, a swarm of Unown decended upon them. They quickly dispatched the Graveler and Dugtrios they were using to dig, before turning onto the diggers themselves. According to one of the diggers; "They took us away to this... this place. It wasn't right. Everything was... was twisted and WRONG. Joe over there, he was on the ceiling, while Andy was thrown into a lake, that was ON THE WALL. And... everywhere, not just letters. But... other things to. They weren't happy. Not happy at all. They didn't like us trying to enter without their consent." Attempting to get any more information out of the diggers was futile, as they had all been severly tramuitized by the incident.


On March 24th 20XX, a researcher at the Ruins of Alph reported that a trainer with a Pokemon had never seen before came to the ruins. Upon entering the central plazza, the Unown reacted wildly, swarming around the trainer and the Pokemon. However, there did not seem to be any hostility. Both the trainer and the Pokemon vanished. They reappeared a few hours later, the trainer holding an unknown Pokemon egg. Attempts to find the trainer and this Pokemon have proved fruitless.

This story coincides with a reported sighting of Arceus by Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh Pokemon League, see Arceus article for more details.

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@Blissey: Link? Cause I can't seem to find the article.
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[up] Right here.

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Oh, that article. I replaced the size tag markup by the way.
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@ Blissey:

Wait, wasn't that "Joy family" bit Jossed a short while ago?
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If we can reach a consensus on how we want the T Ms to work, maybe ala Bioshock plasmids on a technological level, then I can rewrite to accommodate. It would allow me to avoid handwaving it with "Trade secret", so any ideas?
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[up][up]ah right, I forgot about that. I'll change it. Though I still think Joy being a title is kinda weird, as that would make "Nurse Joy" be two titles and no name.

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