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3676 SilentReverence3rd Mar 2011 07:59:46 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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Log of tonight's chat:édex/110304

Well, at the moment we are talking some things about stuff. You know, stuff like the PC system, and what does that "PC" actually mean. It's not a single PC, definitively, and it is likely that Pokémon are not stored actually in digital form, otherwise Can Of Worms. See the log I will later provide for details.

Speaking of which, because I have been doing some heavy worldbuilding I have decided to extend the integration of TCG elements that I did with my Nidoran entry with the other entries, I have decided to go look around for some information about what Pokémon can do according to the cards. What I have found is that some of them add interesting facets and abilities to Pokémon, and extend the perceptions that we can have of them. Best of all? It is Canon.

Lemme leave you guys some "invites" for research. Did you know that, if we take the liberty to reinterpret some TCG terms to better fit the games/manga/anime...

  • If Dodrio falls asleep, it is likely only one of his heads will, and the others will instinctively lead the Pokémon away from danger?
  • If Dodrio gets close enough, his three heads will peck the opponent repeatedly, from different angles and at different speeds, eventually evading their opponent's defenses?
  • Some, probably all of the Eeveelutions can retain some Normal-type traits (weakness to Fighting, perhaps?) some time after evolution? (The Other Wiki suggests Eevee evolved too young may become smaller-than-normal Eeveelutions)
  • Jolteon can launch spikes that, once scattered in an area, insulate it from Electric-type attacks?
  • Espeon can detect when a Pokémon is using a move that requires them to charge up energy from the ambient (like Water Pulse, perhaps) and send a mental shockwave that forcibly interrupts the charging?
  • Umbreon may have a technique like Shikamaru's "shadow bind", ie.: a move version of Wobbufett's Shadow Tag?
  • The Three Legendary Birds suffer an effect that synchronizes and raises their powers when the three of them are together? (this adds some spin to Movie 2, perhaps)
  • Xatu can send a psychic wave that causes more pain the more stored energy their opponents have? (a form of psychic resonance, perhaps)
  • Ursaring can be taught to use a Lariat?
  • Fanon Pokedex/Ho-Oh can "convert any energy [sent to him, read: attacks?] into Fire"?
  • Sceptile may be able to use Razor Leaf? (games say they can't)
  • Medicham, but not Meditite, may be able to use Shoryuken ie. Sky Uppercut? (games say they can't)
  • Luxray's special sight is powerful enough to supposedly distinguish which Pokemon are stored inside a nearby Poke Ball or similar device?
  • Some electric Pokémon can transfer part of their electric energy to an (also Electric-type) ally for them to use?
  • Lucario may not only have the ability to understand human speech, but also the ability to quickly learn different languages?
  • Azelf can temporarily prevent an opponent from being retreated, presumably to their Poké Ball?
  • Uxie has a power similar to Disable, but that is activated automatically whenever an attack hits it?
  • Palkia has an attack that allows him to materialize a friggin' wormhole in the battlefield? Somehow, a Pokémon entering such area will be transported back to their Poké Ball or similar containment device (food for the apricorn theories, yes?)

Admittedly, some of the interpretations are fairly liberal, but they help give more credence to some aspects already available in the more known forms of Canon. But those things are there, they are likely based on the games or manga or anime, so using them is like "bringing them back". And it may be a good starting point to add new elements to the articles.

I hope you guys enjoy this, in particular those of you who happen to write the entries of the Pokémon I have touched here.

Seeing you next week, as it seems I'll be unavailable for the weekend.

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I can wait 'til Pokémon Grey to get Snivy, as my brother is getting White.
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I'm envying Europeans for getting a game before us.

I never thought this day would come.

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Indeed, Europeans get a game first, and Duke Nukem Forever is actually coming out. If the Chicago Cubs actually win a World Series I'll probably buy into all the 2012 rumours.

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Also, I might not be around for the chatroom tonight, since I have to go out to dinner and then afterwards we're going to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for Family Movie Night. My mom brought a friend along as well, which usually means that I'm not going to like it.
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[up][up] That's fine; I'm doing a lot of things tonight as well, and Silent's offline. (Snow White is actually quite well animated even today.)

And yes, find a copy of Watership Down. You'll love it. (Any major library should have a copy.)
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@ Above 3:

If you're interested, Tangent left a link to that online portal. Currently, the conversation consists mostly of me pestering Tangent.

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Chatlogs since Thursday are browseable here. (The viewer is a bit finicky and might go up and down a bit, but the logger itself seems stable.)
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3700 Locoman6th Mar 2011 05:47:32 AM from Mandrill Maze
Behold, contributors to the Pokedex! A NEW GENERATION IS HEEEEEERE!

Snivy Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Snivy [#495] (Arbroserpens superior)
  • Servine [#496] (A. coeloraptor)
  • Serperior [#497] (A. majoris)

Notable Biology

Snivy are distant peripheral cousins of the Treecko line. With a bipedal stance, long tail, a large head, and bulbous eyes for seeing in low light levels, they do indeed bear more than a passing resemblance to their relatives, despite living on opposite sides of the world. They share relatively similar lifestyles- both fill niches as small, opportunistic arboreal insectivores. Of note are the three tufts of leaves on their tails; they fulfill a similar purpose and are the immature form of a epiphytic plant. Snivy are also extraordinarily fast; something that they will often use to their advantage when fleeing from predators. Combined with their ability to remain motionless and their camoflauge skills, it is rare for one to be found if they do not want to be detected. Snivy can be notoriously difficult to raise and are only recommended for patient trainers; they are very finicky about how they are handled, treated, and fed.

Servine, the evolved form of a Snivy, are far faster and stronger than their previous form. They posess a row of alternating leaves on their back, which allow them to feed far less and spend more of the day basking in the sun. They are less mobile and more sedentary. Furthermore, the limbs of the creature are even more degenerate than before, and as such Servine are not used to travelling quickly. They do, however, have incredible reflexes, and, using their elongated neck and spine, can strike blows extremely fast. Servine are unique in the fact that both they and Serpiror posess hinged jaws, meaning that if nessecary they can swallow preywhole.This does mean that they will be unable tomove for many weeks as their prey is slowly digested, so competitive battlers may want to stick to using League-approved Pokémon food instead.

When Servine evolve and reach sexual maturity as Serperior, they lose their legs entirely, becoming more serpentine in nature- a classic case of phylogeny recapping evolution. Serperior, while lightning-fast if required, prefer to remain sedentary in the wild, waiting for their prey to come to them. Serperior also posess great strength, and will most frequently subdue opponents (whether prey or challengers) by exerting a bone-crushing squeeze while at the same time draining the foe’s life enrgy with moves like Mega Drain. All three members of the line, like most Grass types, spend much of their day basking in the sun to fuel their symbiotes and boost the power of their Grass-type moves.


Snivy, Servine, and Serperior flourish wherever there is sun. Although partial to forested or wooded areas, the line is quite adaptable and populations have been observed along coastlines, in marshes, and even in deserts. In addition they are the official Grass-type starter Pokémon of the Unova region, which means that they can frequently be seen under the care of future League challengers.


All three animals are carnivorous. Their hunting style varies greatly with the prey- smaller animals are usually either dispatched with a bone-crushing squeeze or in some cases swallowed whole. One Serperior was discovered to have eaten an entire Pansear alive, although the beast was killed when the Pansear attempted to burn its way clear of the creature’s gullet.


The entire line is not to be trifled with. While a Snivy attack may leave the victim with little more than a broken rib or two, Servine and Serpior are capable of directly sapping an opponents energy- when turned against a human, their attacks can be permanently debilitating or even lethal. This is to say nothing of the fact that a Serpirior could simly asphyxiate a human and simultenously crush every bone in their body by squeezing him to death. Fortunately, years of domestication mean that tame Serperior and Janovy are both rather relaxed animals, and will only really attack if struck first or if they feel if their life is threatened.

Courting and Childrearing

Serperior reproduce like many other reptilian Pokémon. Females become fertile in springtime, and after that coupling will take place between any two compatiable individuals in the same area. In captivity, Serperior can, with assisted reproduction technologies, breed with Pokémon in the same egg group. Eggs are laid in excavated burrows or in other secure spots, at which point they are abandoned.

Social Structure

While newly-hatched Snivy may travel in small groups, there is no formal social structure among them. Serperior and Servine are usually somewhat isolationist, and only will reluctantly interact with other Pokémon in a Trainer’s party.

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