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326 Tangent1283rd Apr 2010 01:42:06 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
It's possible that public schooling is a bit more lightweight, with mandatory classes ending earlier.

Though for most, competitive battling is probably more of a vacation activity anyways; only the really good (or family-supported) trainers can make it a full-time endeavor.
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327 Pykrete3rd Apr 2010 01:52:57 PM from Viridian Forest
Something like, you can continue school exemption if you get X badges in your first year off? That would trim the fat a bit and restrict continued career training to people who can actually function self-sufficiently.
328 Tangent1283rd Apr 2010 02:09:32 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

So, similar to how schools have study-abroad semesters/years, a Pokémon journey is a special education program, though likely much more commonly participated in. (But is it a majority, or just a sizable subgroup?)

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329 Pykrete3rd Apr 2010 02:13:34 PM from Viridian Forest
Imagine you were offered the chance to get out of school for a year and travel with cuddly creatures on government dime when you were ten and too young to think of things like poor travel conditions.

I'd assume fifth grade is full of nine-year olds, and sixth consists almost entirely of eleven-year-olds tongue
330 Neo_Crimson3rd Apr 2010 04:49:02 PM from behind your lines.
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Gastly Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Gastly [092]
  • Haunter [093]
  • Gengar [094]

Physical Description

Gastly appears to be a round, ball-like organism with large eyes and mouth surrounded by a cloud of gas. Haunters are triangular shaped heads with disembodied hands. While Gengar are large, shadowy, imp-like creatures.

Notable Biology

All members of the Gastly line have the ability to levitate, phase through matter, and even become completely invisible. Of these abilities only levitation has any scientific basis. The Gastly line is known to emit strange electromagnetic waves, presumably these waves are manipulated by the Gastly in order to float. Similar to how Magnemite levitate. Its intangibility and invisibility abilities continue to baffle scientists.

Biological samples taken from the Gastly line show that they do not have DNA in the conventional sense. In fact they seem not to be carbon-based lifeforms at all. As their molecular structure seems to be more akin to a gas compound. A gas that is not found normally on Earth.

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar observed over long periods of time have shown no signs of aging. In fact, specimens confirmed to have been owned by trainers over 100 years ago are nearly identical to modern specimens. Leading to the theory that the Gastly line do not age, and may in fact be completely immortal.

Some scientists have theorized that the Gastly line, and indeed possibly other "Ghost" pokemon, may be inter-dimensional beings. Citing their radically different biology and blatant disregard of the Laws of Physics as evidence. The fact that Gastly are almost completely etheral, Haunter less so except for the strange disembodied hands, while Genger seems to have a solid physical form. Indicating that their "evolution" may in fact be them getting used to our dimension, manifesting more and more of their true forms, points toward this theory.

More research on this subject is required.


The Gastly line is commonly found in caves, old abandoned buildings, graveyards and burial sites, or other locations associated with death and the supernatural. The scientific community stresses that this is merely a coincidence and "ghost" pokemon are not actually supernatural. Recent research at these sites have reported strange electromagnetic waves, similar to the ones emitted by Gastly.

More research on this subject is required.


Gastly seem to be omnivorous, eating whatever food they seem to care for. Specimens observed in the wild have shown no consistent eating patterns. Other specimens have been observed to go for long periods of time with out food or water with no ill effects. Indicating that they may not need to eat at all.


The Gastly line, especially Gengar, have been known to be extremely mischievous. Going out of their way to frighten, trick, steal from, and otherwise harass humans. This in itself is not particularly harmful. Except that Gastly have a tendency to lick humans and the saliva of the Gastly line contains a poison that causes shivering and chills in humans. Haunter's saliva is especially toxic and can cause these symptoms for long periods of time. It's mostly harmless in small doses but can cause musle and nerve damage, possibly even death, in large ones.

In addition the gas produced by Gastly is highly toxic and can be deadly is inhaled in large quantities over a short period of time.


The mating ritual of the Gastly line usually consist of mates circling each other, then coming close and licking each other, exchanging saliva in a form of "kissing". After a while the female vanishes for a period of time. Then reappears with a fully developed egg. Similar rituals are conducted for other species within the same Egg Group. Where the female goes, or what happens during that time remains unknown at this time.

Social Structure

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar tend to gather in small groups from anywhere from 3 to 10. Though groups of over 50 have been observed in areas of high Gastly concentrations. These groups lack any real organization or leadership structure.


That seems to be everything. Anything I might of missed?

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331 Gilphon3rd Apr 2010 05:02:19 PM from The Third Sound , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
I'm not sure it's entirely plausible for their tendency to appear places associated with death or the paranormal to be entirely coincidence.

Maybe strong human grief or fear makes it easier for them to manifest? That would also explain their tendency to play tricks on humans; they do it to further stabilize themselves.

ideaWhat if all Ghost pokemon are really from the distortion world, and simply have varying methods of interacting with regular one?

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332 Tangent1283rd Apr 2010 05:08:14 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Well, it'd certainly make things less lonely for Giratina.
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333 Neo_Crimson3rd Apr 2010 05:40:07 PM from behind your lines.
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They're not coincidences, and what you said is probably the case. But mainstream scientists are playing the Agent Scully here.
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334 Kinkajou3rd Apr 2010 06:37:15 PM from you're not your
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ideaIt takes a high amount of energy for a Haunter to fully manifest as a Gengar in our dimension, hence the trade evo.
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Another interesting bit of information to consider is Shedinja. It only appears when the cast of Nincada shell from when it evolves into Ninjask is left behind. This suggests that the ghost spirit was using an empty body to anchor itself in this world.

Rotom's different forms could be seen as behavior similar to this. By taking the form of different objects Rotom tries to stabilize it's hold on Earth

I wonder if it is plausible to assume that ghost pokemon in general are emotion eaters? In general any emotion works, but certain species have favorites. The fact that Dream Eater is a ghost type move common move for ghost-types and is essentially eating emotion leads credence to this theory.

Ghastly line - Frustration, surprise.
Misdreaveus line - Fear
Shuppet line - Spite, Envy
Duskull line - Fear, Desperation
Shedinja - Devotion, Protection
Froslass - Loneliness, Helplessness
Drifloon line - Greed, Fear
Rotom - Entertainment, Frustration
Sableye - Greed, Fear, Curiosity
Spiritomb - Penitence, Isolation

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336 Rainbow3rd Apr 2010 07:57:34 PM , Relationship Status: Puppy love
Except Dream Eater is a Psychic-type move that is probably more associated with the Hypno line than Ghost-types. Although a lot of Ghost-type Pokemon do seem to be involved in manipulating/feeding off of people/other Pokemon's emotions, and the Gastly line CAN learn Dream Eater.

Come to think of it, the Hypno line has some interesting similarities with the Gastly line, given that they both sound rather mischevious/sneaky/manipulative, they both can learn Dream Eater/Hypnosis, and Hypno can learn Poison Gas as well.

337 Gilphon3rd Apr 2010 08:14:02 PM from The Third Sound , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
I would theorize that Rotom and Shedinja require a physical 'focus' to remain in the 'real' world, and that Shuppets can exist without one, but if they choose to take one, they become Banettes.

I'm not certain the Drifloom line are extra-dimensional like the other ghosts; they seem natural enough.
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338 Kinkajou4th Apr 2010 01:47:34 AM from you're not your
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The Drifloon line is just full of ectoplasmic gas.
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339 Rainbow4th Apr 2010 05:27:44 AM , Relationship Status: Puppy love
Given that they look like balloons with tape over a popped hole, maybe they possess broken balloons? And in Drifblim's case, they possess bigger balloons like hot-air balloons and blimps? (or the balloon grows when the Pokemon possessing it evolves?)
340 Kinkajou4th Apr 2010 05:32:02 AM from you're not your
One Man Army
Maybe the size increase is due to the gas expanding. Of course, being a Pokemon, it would modify its biology to accommodate the additional gas.
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341 AceOfScarabs4th Apr 2010 09:06:05 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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Drifloon family are Tsukogami of popped balloons!
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342 Neo_Crimson4th Apr 2010 09:37:44 AM from behind your lines.
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Should we create a separate "Ghost Pokemon Theory" page? Because most of that information won't readily fit into the Gastly article.
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343 Kinkajou4th Apr 2010 04:06:20 PM from you're not your
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I think we should.
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Would anyone mind if I did Beldum/Metang/Metagross? I have some ideas relevant to them...
345 ElementBlue4th Apr 2010 04:43:39 PM from clapclapclapclapTexas
Resident Psychokinetic
It may be the case that all Ghost Pokemon are more-or-less the same in their homeland, and only really manifest as Pokemon upon reaching the normal world. All of them seem to be possessing something or other, Gastly uses toxic gas (perhaps it's composition shifts upon being possessed), Shuppet has the appearance of a Japanese paper doll, and Froslass may have a body composed of possessed ice. Also, it seems that Ghost Pokemon have the same basic makeup even with all the objects they use- a dark purple or black "skin", and an insubstantial core.

EDIT:, yeah, go ahead Afti. I'd like to help with that line, too.

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346 Neo_Crimson4th Apr 2010 05:38:52 PM from behind your lines.
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I have some ideas for that line, and inorganic pokemon in general. But go ahead.
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All right. Some thoughts on that:

Beldum have powerful telepathic abilities, but have a highly non-centralized nervous system that leaves them basically void of any individual will, completely vulnerable to suggestion. In the wild, they congregate and form hive minds, guiding each Beldum as a limb of a single entity. In captivity, Beldum cannot form hive minds; as a substitute, they are totally subservient to their owners. However, they lack the intellect as individuals to do much more than charge violently at foes. In exceptional cases, they have been known to manifest telekinetic energies, but they cannot do this reliably. Once their psychic abilities develop sufficiently and they have enough stored energy from their food to survive for about one week without eating (Beldum telepathically destroy and devour their prey's minds before beginning the meal, to sedate the prey and to foster development of their psychic powers) they will take control of a lesser Beldum, lure it into a safe, secluded cave wherein a lengthy evolutionary process may occur, devour its rudimentary mind, and fuse the two heads of the bodies together. Once the head of the master Beldum and the empty shell meet, the nervous bundles inside their eyes are forced together through telekinesis, rupturing the soft tissues of the eye, and telekinetically restructured to form a central brain, while the body between the arms is completely transformed and new eyes developed, connected to the brain. The levitation organs, stomachs, and hearts in the bodies of the individual Beldum are digested as a source of energy to continue the radical change of the evolutionary process, and new ones develop in the cavity of the new central body. The eye-socket joints remain, allowing the manipulation of the arms. After about a week, the Beldum has fully integrated the unlucky victim into its own body and formed a brain from the nervous systems. It is now independent of the hivemind, but will remain in its protection for two to three weeks as it adjusts to its new existence, and the new tools available. Beldum will not assist Metang is hunting, so Metang must learn to use their powerful new bodies and developed psychic abilities to hunt; once they have fully adapted, they leave for higher in the mountains. Metang still are extremely social; they will seek out partners and hunt as teams, allowing them to take down large prey with ease. One Metang will establish itself as superior to the other; as they hunt together, the two will become closely telepathically linked. Eventually, the superior of the two will merge the inferior into itself through telepathically sedating it, using magnetism to rip its nervous system from the rest of its central body, eating the central body, and incorporating the brain and limbs into itself during evolution into a Metagross. The superior Metang will remain the dominant personality, but its personality will be tempered somewhat by the merge with the mind of its inferior. The composite brain is extremely intelligent, with half of its four regions not used for any kind of sensory analysis. However, the new body, including a substantially larger, thicker central body to protect the enormous brain, is too large to levitate as a matter of habit; rather, Metagross walk on their four limbs and levitate only during hunts, as a means of fast-but-tiring travel. When prey is caught, they pin it down with their four arms before eating it whole. The entire line preys on Rock and Steel types; the high mineral content is vital to the growth and maintainance of their bodies, which are largely iron. Metagross steadily grow an unusable fifth limb from their back as they consume more and more iron in their prey; when it is full-size, it is split off as a Beldum. Metagross can produce as many as 12 Beldum in three months, given a healthy, abundant diet. If food is scarce, the developing Beldum is slowly reabsorbed into its parent for nutrition.

Not the article; just some notes on how biology and social structures could work.
348 Neo_Crimson4th Apr 2010 06:42:29 PM from behind your lines.
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Very nice, if a bit Grimdark.

My theory about inorganic pokemon are that they are "alternate-composition lifeforms" in that they are not made up of carbon and do not have DNA but are made up of minerals and have DNA like compounds based upon those minerals. All cells, organs, etc. are made up of that mineral. For example Geodude have hearts, brains, stomachs etc. But they are all made up of rock. Magnemite are the same except that they are made of metals. While Voltorb are made (presumably?) of plastic.

I hope that makes sense.
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349 ElementBlue5th Apr 2010 08:08:35 PM from clapclapclapclapTexas
Resident Psychokinetic
Dark and edgy indeed. But you know, Metagross is pretty scary if you look too close. Here's some input from me:

The Beldum line are primarily inorganic- perhaps artifacts from the same civilization that produced the legendary Golem Pokemon. Beldum has little Aura inside it, with what appears to be electromagnetism and small granules of electrically charged metal running through it's marrow-like interior. Beldum have very little independent thought, with most of it's actions guided by instincts to find a colony of Beldum, or to defend itself. Once a colony is found, it joins to a hive mind composed of the consciousness of the other individuals. Borg - no, wait - Beldum collectives are very synchronized, very fast, and very durable. They pose a large threat to landing airplanes and other machines that get are unlucky enough to in the way.

As a Beldum evolves, it steadily becomes more of an organic organism, which allows it to make an effort to expand upon it's psychic abilities. I may or may not do more stuff for the evolutions. I just like Beldum.
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350 AceOfScarabs6th Apr 2010 08:08:35 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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A bit of information for Houndour family: Their biologically produced fire is made by igniting a chemical compound that causes severe nerve damage, particularly to pain receptors. This is why scars inflicted by their fires "never stop burning".
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