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1 Ironeye18th Mar 2010 11:29:35 PM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
This will be where we will discuss the episode-specific antagonists. Since they will need to make sense in the context of the plot, this will also require making season outlines with help from the plot committee.

Anyway, Bobby has already expressed an interest in this. Does anyone else want to be on the committee?

So far, the antagonists of the first season:
  1. The Hydra (obviously)
  2. Zombies/The beings soon to be formerly known as the Heartless (this is more of a character/setting episode than a monster episode)
  3. Unknown (Wicked Witch makes first appearance, Korg gives his first tip, and Carrera makes her first appearance)
  4. Batman villains attack Ft. Knox
  5. Unknown (Murky accepts Hikari; Ironeye realizes he isn't acting when he's being friendly to Hikari)
  6. Unknown (Kara finally accepts Hikari; Ganondorf appears in The Stinger)
  7. Unknown, but probably also featuring Ganondorf
  8. Dr. Facillier and someone to raise some Class Vs, preferably unwillingly (Mrs. Gogol, Legba, and Baron Saturday are a great fit, especially since come from the Discworld equivalent of New Orleans, but we're already featuring Rincewind in a mostly background role and are incorporating a bit from Discworld Death for Composite!Death, so it'd be best if we didn't use another Discworld reference unless we have to; the current proposed alternative is Tia Dalma, who is working for Facillier because he has her locket.)
  9. Unknown
  10. Tybalt
  11. Finale Part 1
  12. Finale Part 2

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2 arks19th Mar 2010 05:43:11 AM , Relationship Status: Mu
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Ironeye, could you post approximate locations or location ranges for each of these episodes?
Video Game Census. Please contribute.
3 gorgardard19th Mar 2010 01:56:31 PM from post-apoc candyland
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I'm in on this. Also second what arks said, if you have it.
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Thirding, but I wasn't under the impression we'd planned that much yet.
5 Ironeye20th Mar 2010 12:36:23 AM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
Let's see... Since 2 is in Lousiana and 4 is in Kentucky, 3 is presumably in Mississippi, Alabama, or Tennessee. The finale is in Kansas. Episode 8 is obviously in New Orleans (giving us three Louisiana episodes—more than enough). For everything else, we have Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma in some combination. Seriously, since we have no time frame for the entire season, there is no need for events to follow in route order—skipping ahead a few days (and thus hundreds of miles) here and there is allowed.
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6 Ironeye26th Mar 2010 04:47:28 AM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
I updated my above outline a bit. Also, here is the etherpad we've been using to take notes on episode 2, and here is the tentative route that the team will be taking. Note that the route is tentative, but Kansas and Baton Rouge are a given. (Baton Rouge isn't listed as a stop because it's already on the way to New Orleans from Texas.)

Also, regarding Facillier's partner, I think that Mrs. Gogol and Baron Saturday really are the best choice, even if it does mean making another Discworld reference—they're from a fantasy city that's a mix between New Orleans and Disneyland, perfect for pairing with a New Orleans Disney villain. Beyond that, assuming that they survive (which I suspect they will), they can briefly return in Season 2 to comment on the Fairy Godmother, since her m.o. is similar to that of the villain they are committed to destroying in their source fiction. (Alternatively, they could say something in this season as Foreshadowing, but I'm not sure how the topic would come up.)

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7 gorgardard6th Apr 2010 12:35:00 PM from post-apoc candyland
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Which Discworld book are these characters from? Research time...
8 Ironeye6th Apr 2010 01:40:12 PM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
Witches Abroad, as linked in the first post.

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9 Ironeye22nd Apr 2010 12:22:56 AM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
Some notes from a while ago about the New Orleans episode:

  • Mrs. Gogol, Baron Saturday, and Legba
  • Dr. Facilier threatening Embers (Emberella) somehow
  • The villains working out of the haunted mansion
  • King Gator (All Dogs Go To Heaven, the original BLAM) shows up at some point
  • Mrs. Gogol is using Legba as her agent to get help.
  • At some point, someone complains "Great...more swamp."

Open with a mysterious conversation between Gogol and Facilier, setting the scene in a rather cryptic fashion.

As the team is slowly driving through New Orleans, their motor home is attacked by a large black rooster (Legba). They initially dismiss this is a random wacky event, but the insistence with which the rooster tries to get their condition convinces them otherwise. They pull over to figure out what's up, leading to Matrix attempting to catch lunch. This doesn't end well...for Matrix (Legba got into a stalemate with Greebo, after all).
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10 Ironeye30th May 2010 04:05:13 AM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
In order to keep things more manageable, I tried to see how much I could cut down S1 without losing any important content. After all, even between the plot, established monsters of the week, and character arcs, some episodes are rather barren. First off, let's cover the cuts.
  • Overlaying everything leaves E9 completely empty, so it's gone.
  • We don't really have enough planned for the finale to split it into two pieces, so E11 can be folded into E12.
  • Of the 4-8 block, only 5-7 have character development, while 5 and 6 lack anything important plot-wise. Moving the E5 development to E4 while shifting the 6-7 development to 7-8 lets us chop 5 and 6.
The result is the reduction of a previously 12-episode season into a much sleeker 8 episodes.


  • Episode 1: As we currently have it
  • Episode 2: As currently planned. In The Stinger, reveal that a mysterious woman (Carrera) was watching the zombie/Heartless fight.
  • Episode 3: The episode begins with a quick Monster of the Week fight (or the end of one). In it and immediately after, we get more of Ironeye looking out for Hikari. On the way back to the motor home, Ironeye heads off to a bar to clear his head (the reasons for which will be made clear at the end of the episode), with Kara ensuring that he has a chance to be alone. While there, he is approached by one of the female patrons, and things get a bit flirty between them. Back at her motel room, they both reveal that they realized that the other was using them, but went along with it anyway to attempt to learn more about the other (effectively an I Know You Know I Know situation without that line actually being used); Ironeye gets cuffed to the bed because he figures out that she knew that he knew just after she figured out that he knew that she knew. It turns out that she's Special Agent Carrera, the federal agent sent to hunt down Hikari, and she was just using Ironeye to get to her target. Meanwhile, back at the motor home, we get more arks/Cody friendship action and Matrix turns to Hikari after a bad conversation with Murky and Kara. (Either the Matrix/Murky/Kara or Matrix/Hikari conversation will reveal Murky's goal of finding her parents.) Carrera shows up with backup and causes a bit of trouble, but everything ends up getting interrupted by the Wicked Witch of the West before things can get resolved. In the ensuing fight, the Witch is forced into a retreat, Ironeye arrives (having used his powers to break the chain between the cuff on his wrist and the one on the bed), and the team is able to get in a sufficiently advantageous position to escape. In The Stinger, Ironeye is having a conversation with Kara about faking friendship with Hikari when the team gets their first hint from a mysterious stranger (Korg).
  • Episode 4: The team goes to Ft. Knox to stop a coalition of Batman villains from breaking in. The villains are defeated, but the Scarecrow manages to escape. Murky accepts Hikari as a member of the team. At one point, arks sees another team member in trouble, but goes for help instead of trying to help on his own. Hints of Ironeye's backstory are dropped as the audience gets to see him open up to Kara, also revealing that he thinks he never really was faking his protectiveness of Hikari, and was really just lying to himself about it. In The Stinger, the Wicked Witch orders Ganondorf to deal with the team, and then welcomes the Scarecrow into the fold.
  • Episode 5: Ganondorf sends the Huntsmen of Annuvin to fight the team, stepping in himself when all of his minions are defeated. arks asks Murky for fighting lessons. Ironeye convinces Kara to start treating Hikari like a member of the team even if she doesn't personally like him. At the end of the episode, we see Kara warming up a bit towards Hikari.
  • Episode 6: While passing through New Orleans, the team is contacted by Legba as part of a plan by Baron Saturday and Mrs. Gogol to enlist their help against Dr. Facilier, who claims to have captured Emberella and is threatening to kill her if Gogol doesn't make him a zombie army. After a case of mistaken identity and a chase through New Orleans (along with references to the last time the team had such a chase—it was a few months before, during Mardi Gras, and lead to Murky becoming the fifth member of the team), the trail leads to the Haunted Mansion. After defeating Facilier and discovering that Emberella never came into Reality, the team has to ally themselves with the undead Baron in order to save themselves from Gogol, who doesn't believe what they are telling her. During all of this mess, Hikari asks Cody about Ironeye's rather protective behavior, leading to Cody revealing that Ironeye is gay. At a later scene in the Haunted House, this leads to a rather awkward conversation between Ironeye and Hikari before they get onto the same page—Ironeye sees Hikari as more of a little brother  *.
  • Episode 7: Prompted by another hint from Korg, the team tries to infiltrate [bad guy place] run by [bad guy] with the help of [assorted mooks] and advice from Tybalt (one of the Witch's high-ranking subordinates) in order to find a map with the location of the Witch's castle. During the infiltration, Ironeye pulls Matrix into a Fake-Out Make-Out, the aftermath of which prompts Matrix to realize that Ironeye is gay, outs Murky as a Yaoi Fangirl Covert Pervert, and gives the first Ironeye/Murky bonding moment. A rather pissed-off Matrix runs afoul of Tybalt, who then disappears before the final fight. The team succeeds, but The Stinger reveals that Tybalt returned to the Witch and Ganondorf, warning them of the impending attack.
  • Episode 8: In the S1 finale, the team allies with Carrera to attack the Witch's partially-complete castle. Our heroes are split between the Hydra, the Scarecrow, and the Witch, with Tybalt and Ganondorf mysteriously missing (to the Witch's chagrin). Matrix and Ironeye get back onto civil terms. Hints are given of UST between Hikari and Murky. All three villains are defeated (with the Scarescrow surviving and being left in Carrera's hands). The team is offered a position in TV Tropes. The Stinger shows Tybalt appearing at the Dark Lodge (other members show in silhouette at most) and announcing Ganondorf as the replacement for the Wicked Witch.
We obviously don't need to do this, but I figured that it might be useful to see how things look when they are cut back a bit. Thoughts?

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I'm in favour of the edits. I think we need to keep things simple and fairly tightly plotted for the first season, rather than try anything overly ambitious, or viewers will lose interest rapidly, I imagine.
12 Karalora30th May 2010 08:01:04 AM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Looks good to me. Tighter storytelling and less work for us.

Am I the only one who thinks there's an enormous joke waiting in the situation of the Wicked Witch and the Scarecrow working together?
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