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Unnatural History:

 51 Nexus, Tue, 13th Jul '10 6:07:18 PM from The Other Side Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
glad you guys like the show — I'm a producer on Unnatural History — love the feedback — I know Werb, creator of the show, really loves the conversations happening online — if anyone has a question feel free to post it and we'll get back to you — thanks for all the support — hope you have enjoyed the last few episodes, the ones up ahead are really fun ;)

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Comic-Con footage/ interviews for Unnatural History:
OMG Shiny Pidgey!
I'm sorry guys, but I hate the show. Now, I was fair, and gave it a chance, but after seeing 2 eps, I made a face that went like this tongue
Old-Timey Bathing Suit
I haven't seen the show...figured it would be bad, considering Cartoon Network's record with live action, but seeing the positive feedback I'll try watching an episode on YouTube.

What I don't get, even without seeing it though, is....why Cartoon Network? Why do you need a live action show on the network? They should do what Disney and Nick did and just start a different channel. They can call it CN Real and put all the live-action shows they want on that. I would've probably tried watching Unnatural History then.


-The Kilpaloon
OMG Shiny Pidgey!
^ that is sorta annoying. It's called CARTOON network, not live-action tween sitcom network!
Old-Timey Bathing Suit
I know! If they want to get better ratings on Cartoon Network, what they should do is start a block called 'CN Rewind' or something, and show all the old favorites like the old Looney Toons, Dexter's Lab and the Powerpuff Girls. I know they have Boomerang (that's their network right?) But I'm sure they'd have tons of old fans watching again!


-The Kilpaloon
OMG Shiny Pidgey!
^ Boomerang is one of my fav channels, besides Nicktoons. Why? The nostalgia is flowing.
Old-Timey Bathing Suit
^^This! I would watch it all the time, except we don't get that channel on my TV.sad I can only see it when I go to my friend's house and watch TV there.

In conclusion: Want to watch a show about kids solving mysteries on Cartoon Network? Stick to Scooby Doo Cartoon Network! It works!

-The Kilpaloon
OMG Shiny Pidgey!
and Powerpuff Girls. That show kicked ass
 61 eudaemon, Fri, 30th Jul '10 7:58:09 PM from Republic City
Firebender this show. It's like I'm not supposed to like it because I'm against CN Real, but this actually has substance, unlike the failed CN Real shows. All the crap getting past the radar is awesome! It doesn't feel like a kid's show, but more of something for older teens and even adults. CN seems to be heading in a darker (and attracting an older audience) direction with their new PG cartoons and Unnatural History.

I think this show belongs on SyFy Channel more so than Cartoon Network. It'd fit in well with the other shows there.

The theme fits, but SyFy doesn't do much aimed at a younger audience.

I like this show, but some of the "facts" are total contrivances. I have no problem with bizarre fantasy biochemisty involving poisonous/venemous birds and centipedes, but one thing about that situation REALLY bothered me...

The centipede involved looked a lot like the Gigantea Scolera (sp?) centipedes. The very, VERY agressive centipedes that inject Hydro Cyanic Acid in place of venom. Yeah. I kjnow it's somewhat unlikely, but I can see a five year-old or something getting sick, thinking this will cure them, finding one, and killing themselves trying to handle the thing.

Maybe I'm just paranoid though. This reminds me of Warehouse13 a bit... Department of Centipedes? Just throwing that out...

Okay So Its Average
1) Poisonous birds — look em up, you might be surprised by what you read.

2) Dept. of Centipedes — don't watch warehouse 13 (even though it's shot in the same city that Unnatural History is made) — is there a 'dept. of centipedes' on that show?
For those who've been digging the show — just a reminder that this Tuesday's episode, The Curse of The Rolling Stone, was suppose to follow the pilot (it's actually episode 101) — It also boasts one of our most kickass fight sequences and we hope you enjoy it!

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The Network Decay page has an interesting section on Cartoon Network- it seems that the CN head has seen all the other networks abandon their core premise for something different and wants to join in, but every time they try it fails miserably and they have to go back to cartoons.

The Animation Age Ghetto actually works in our favour this time, as nobody wants to watch CN if they don't want to watch cartoons.
anyone catch last night's show? thoughts? (next week's episode is all about Houdini!)
glad you guys like the show I'm a producer on Unnatural History love the feedback I know Werb, creator of the show, really loves the conversations happening online if anyone has a question feel free to post it and we'll get back to you thanks for all the support hope you have enjoyed the last few episodes, the ones up ahead are really fun ;)

Wait, what? Are you actually the producer?

yup, I'm one of the producers of the showsmile

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 69 Mukora, Wed, 11th Aug '10 8:51:01 AM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
^ You'll forgive me if I don't take you at your word.
no worries — I've been posting at a couple other forums too, answering questions, reading feedback — it's been a lot of fun.
 71 PRIVATE Corp, Sun, 15th Aug '10 5:52:32 AM from the Middle of Nowhere
Steam Punk in the Works
My mind's boggling over the fact that you, a producer, is really One of Us... wow. Hmm... well, I like to ask: Why Cartoon Network? Just why? That's all I want to know.

And I like where you guys are going with this. This is a million times better than CN Real and a trillion times better than Out of Jimmy's Head. I'm not really fond of Henry, for his... uh skills(?), but at least the show's good. It's not perfect, but still good. At least you guys are doing well at making a better show than the other live-action shows.

Werb and I are pretty big fanboys — we get stoked about upcoming releases (Thor, Sucker Punch, this week's Scott Pilgrim, Batman) just like everybody else. We play vids, listen to music and geek out as much as the next guy. We'd love to pretend that we're these serious cigar smoking 'Entourage'esque producers... but we're not.

Why Cartoon? Well, here's the quick version — they approached Mike because of his work on The Mask, Face/Off, Tomb Raider, Curious George, Firehouse Dog and he pitched the show — Mike wrote it based on that initial pitch/ meeting, we then shot the pilot in 10 days last year and Cartoon greenlit the series. It's a Warners show, but it was written for the launch of Cartoon's first attempt at one-hour live-action. I suspect Tower Prep (I think it premieres after we complete our initial run) went down the same way — the only difference is that Dini's show is solely owned by Cartoon where our show is technically a Warners show (created for and airing on CN) — I hope that helps.

Thanks for the kind words — if you've dug the series so far, I really believe you will LOVE the rest of the season (and where the series is ultimately headed in season 2) — the last five episodes are a blast, they're pretty awesome (and kinda epic, which you'll see) — thanks for giving us a chance.

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 73 PRIVATE Corp, Sun, 15th Aug '10 3:00:34 PM from the Middle of Nowhere
Steam Punk in the Works
Hmmm... interesting. Well, thanks for answering my question. I hope you guys get a good run with Unnatural History. As long as you are pleasing the people watching the show, then you got a really good show.

It's least it's not CN Real, that's all I'm saying
Check out my blog

Read this

I adore this show. It's fun and light, but also thrilling and adult enough that I find my attention grabbed for the entire episode. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds.

I do have one question - "Curse of the Rolling Stone" was obviously supposed to come after the pilot. Do you know why the network moved it?
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