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 1 Mr Mallard, Wed, 13th Oct '10 11:47:14 PM from Australia, mate
Ok, so i'm making a fanfic that's basically Jak and Daxter (And of course the peanut gallery) on some serious drugs. So far it's pretty funny (Except for that damn 2nd chapter - it's more serious) but i'm stumped about what to write about after chapter 5. I have a basic timeline planned out that spans 20 chapters, but I need random, wacky situations to pin along to them. So far i've had Keira taken by Praxis (Because Samos is an incompetent father) and Seem being creepy and Yandere-ish towards Jak (Going as far as kidnapping Keira and giving Torn a lobotomy) and I have 3 more planned. But soon i'm going to run out of ideas. Can anyone help me here? you'll get a co-credit.
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