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1 Pacific2nd Jun 2009 07:11:44 AM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
Hey tropers. I think we should discuss Kingdom Hearts. We don't have a thread for it yet.

So... 358/2 days is already out in Japan! And I already know who the final boss is!!! and I didn't even want to know!! Kingdom Hearts fans are so sympathetic to people who don't want spoilers.

I'm pleased to see Donald and Goofy are playable! ..I'm pretty sure that's not a spoiler and common knowledge by now.
2 Sabbo2nd Jun 2009 07:21:30 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
I've got KH & KH 2, but I haven't played either of them yet. I wanna get through a few of my other games first. I almost half completed Chain of Memories a while ago though.
Phear them.
I've completed KH 1, but never played KH 2; methinks I might be able to borrow it from a friend pretty soon.
Finished first and second, didn't play Chain of Memories but played the PS2 remake.

Medium-to-big fan. Whoo! Still waiting on news about Birth by Sleep; that one interests me the most.
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Yes I'm getting KH for the DS, at first the gameplay looked kinda bland then I saw the E3 trailers and the other playable characters.

I hope DW Roxas is playable(as an unlockable) along with regular Roxas.
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Graphically, I was really impressed by 365/7, and I think I might just get it. I never did care too much for the mad fandom surrounding Kingdom Hearts, but I like the games themselves. I dislike the Organization, though, so I'm really not jazzed about having them on my team. I think I'll just overlevel Donald and Goofy.

Also, rumors are currently going crazy about a possible compilation release of the first two games on Wii. I'd actually buy that. I don't mind good PS2 games being ported. :P

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According to IGN, KH III Wii is inevitable(but they were wrong about Kid Icarus Wii So Yeah....).

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I was a pretty big fan of the first game, never played Chain of Memories, and wasn't as impressed with II. I felt they let the game world get too muddled; the mythology from the first game didn't really mesh with the second. Not to mention that Riku succumbed to Special Snowflake Syndrome when he turned into a Yin-Yang Bomb.

The increasing number of keyblades that appeared in the course of the games also got on my nerves. When it was first introduced, the keyblade was apparently, well, The Keyblade. When Riku created one of his own, it was something of a twist, but it was still explicitly a created object, and not of the same sort as the real keyblade, and it vanished when the princesses' hearts were restored. King Mickey's keyblade I could buy as part of a dramatic reveal, and even though it hadn't been hinted at before, I could accept the existence of a second keyblade. But when three, and then finally, with the addition of Kairi, four keyblades were brought into play by the end of the second game, it started to get on my nerves. When I saw the preview at the end of the second game, with the battle taking place in a field of keyblades, I felt as if the game designers were deliberately mocking me.

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On the whole keyblade issue, I kinda assumed that everyone has a keyblade but only people with exceptionally strong hearts can control one. Sora still seems to be the chosen one though(assuming the dream in KH 1 was only experienced by him).

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I think it was made pretty definite in the first game (in fact, I believe Word of God backs this up) that Riku was going to be the chosen one, but he was corrupted by the darkness, so Sora received the keyblade instead. If it were fundamentally his, then Riku shouldn't have been able to take it away in the first game. It seemed pretty clear at the time that it was the keyblade, and went to the person with the strongest heart.

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...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
Left Eye
But in KH 2 he was able to summon Kairi's as well. I kinda though he just had the ability to summon other people's keyblades. And if the key was Riku's all along how come Sora had the dream days before the key even appeared?

Guess I can't argue if it's Word of God though. :/

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12 ccoa2nd Jun 2009 06:24:51 PM from the Sleeping Giant
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The most commonly accepted theory about Kairi's keyblade is that it's actually Riku's keyblade, split in two, and loaned to Kairi. Which would explain why it's never seen again.

First, we already know that keyblades can be split into two (Sora's forms other than Wisdom and Roxas show this) and that you can loan one of the two copies to another (Roxas to Riku during their fight). So it does make sense.

Now where the heck Riku's keyblade came from is the question.

I am desperately trying to avoid spoilers but people are so very inconsiderate about it!
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I know, in fact there's already a Xion spoiler on IJBM.
14 Komodin2nd Jun 2009 07:45:02 PM from Windy Hill Zone , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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Wait, so Basically, Xion's a transgendered character? Disney okay'd this?!
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More like genderless.
What the crap is going on these last posts? What is a IJBM and what did you just say about Xion?

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It Just Bugs Me! and it sounds like Xion is the nobody of a male. I could be wrong about the spoil-texted bit, though.
Allright, I'm back from the Kingdom Hearts wiki.

No, Xion isn't that. She may be a concept that crawled from the deepest maw of marysuedom but she's not a Gender Bender anything.

Edit: Just read a bit more. What the hell is going on? It's not that Xion is the Nobody of a male, it's that she...

If you want to play this game, get the hell out of here. Now. I warn you. This is a big spoiler. A batshit insane one, too. I'm talking about "I Live on thourgh this arm!"- caliber stuff.

She, uh, has a partial transformation into Sora at some point of the game.

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That's insane and doesn't make any real sense, but it's still not much worse than anything else in the series.
20 Komodin2nd Jun 2009 09:15:09 PM from Windy Hill Zone , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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Wait a goddamn minute. So... Does she transform into Sora proper, or does she turn into a half-Sora Super Nobody-ish beast, not unlike Ansem and Marluxia's final forms?

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21 Elmer369192nd Jun 2009 11:17:30 PM from Your Wildest Dreams
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Well it turns out that Xion is actually an imperfect clone of Sora to be used by the Organaztion just in case the real Sora became useless to there plans to create Kingdom Hearts.

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Dude. The code goes [[ spoiler: text goes here]], minus the spaces. You can't just copy-paste the code straight from the markup help.

Jeez. I'm just glad I was already familiar with the spoilers.

EDIT: Ninja'd.

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Guys thank you for putting these things in spoilers, it makes Haven a happy troper.


Also, rumors are currently going crazy about a possible compilation release of the first two games on Wii. I'd actually buy that. I don't mind good PS 2 games being ported. :P

!!! This would be awesome.

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24 Karalora3rd Jun 2009 06:38:40 AM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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The first Kingdom Hearts game is the most perfect, amazing Crisis Crossover that by all rights should never have been made. Honestly, what was being smoked and who was smoking it when they came up with this idea? And where can I get some?

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of the concept. I would be a gigantic fan of the franchise if only a) the writers had stuck to a coherent mythos in the sequels, and b) it weren't for about 95% of the other fans.

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Hating the Kingdom Hearts fandom is good and awesome and even healthy. I wish for a Wii re-release of the first two games -or even better, KH 3 on the Wii!- just so I could taste the delicious tears of all the fanboys, just like when Squeenix announced XIII was going to be multiplatform (that was glorious if only because I could use and abuse a bitter reminder that the first six counted, for me).

Edit: Who removed that article?

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