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Hey, welcome to my first blind liveblog! Well, near enough, as I've seen only a few strips. This one is of Lucky Star by Kagami Yoshimizu, originally published by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, and brought over here by Bandai Entertainment Inc..

The first volume was translated by Rika Takahashi. (I snuck a peek at Volume 3's copyright page, and it's a different translator, so I'll have to remember to note that when I get volume 2. Hopefully it won't be delayed and delayed like volume 2 of Yotsuba&! was; volume 4 of Lucky Star has been delayed itself, but at least as long as I get it by the time I finish volume 3, it's all good. Here's hoping I get volume 2 before I finish volume 1...)

Anyway, let's start.

The cover of volume 1 has two girls with light purple hair and purple eyes and one with dark purple hair and green eyes. One of the girls with light purple hair has a yellow bow in it, and is watching the other two play what looks like a Playstation series console game, though it may be something else if they decide to write around the trademarks.

Inside, on page -1 (for lack of a better term), there's a pencil sketch of somebody all bundled up and thinking about how few appearances she(?) has, and that "It's cold, in all sorts of ways...."

Page 1 has a girl with long pink hair and purple eyes. She's wearing glasses (you probably know who this is already), a square academic cap, a sailor fuku, a white lab coat, purple hose, and green shoes. She's holding a green book and a pointer.

Next, the contents page. We've got 25 episodes! The two light-purple-haired girls from the front page adorn the upper right and lower left of the page in their sailor fukus.

A quick flip-through (don't worry, I didn't notice any blindness-spoiling content) reveals that there are only a couple of leaves (4 pages) that are in color.

episode 1: begin activity

January 2004 issue, Comptiq.

There's a girl with long hair sitting on the ground, drinking something hot. She's all bundled up.

the girl who dashes off

This girl is racing another one, and is in the lead. After the race, another girl with a ribbon in her hair records the win. She's impressed, but not particularly surprised at "Kona-chan"'s performance. She recalls the girl's athletic proficiency, and asks why she doesn't join a team, noting that a lot of them are trying to recruit her. She says it's because she'd miss prime-time anime.


Kona-chan bites the pointy end off of a dessert food. As she eats, she asks the girl from before, Tsukasa, where she eats a choco-coronet from. Tsukasa considers, and says from the "head". Kona-chan sees, but doesn't know which end that is.


Tsukasa identifies the skinny end as the head; Kona-chan thought it was the fat end. Kona-chan asks Tsukasa for her reasoning; she says it's like a seashell, and asks Kona-chan for hers. Kona-chan figured it was like a caterpillar, which shocks Tsukasa. Kona-chan does, however, figure that the seashell makes for a better image. Tsukasa rather agrees.


Kona-chan continues nibbling, and licks at the chocolate that starts coming out, as the long-haired meganekko walks up. She fidgets as Kona-chan continues the cycle, before telling her about another way: tearing off the skinny end and dipping it in the chocolate.

being picky

"Nothing less from smart Miyuki-san," Kona-chan responds. It's just something Miyuki heard was the correct way to eat one, is all. Kona-chan decides to ask Miyuki which end is the head. Tsukasa doesn't want to think about it.


"A girl that lives at her own pace, with tremendous athletic talent. However, she's not what you call a girl of sports — she's a girl that loves anime and games. Her senses are slightly off from normal people. As a compliment, one would say 'she has a unique sensibility.'"

Next time: Episode 2!

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I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
episode 2: older sister

February 2004 issue, Comptiq

Tsukasa sits at the kotatsu, eating orange(tangerine?) slices. It's peeled rather nicely, moreso than I've ever managed.


Tsukasa and a girl we haven't been introduced to yet (same color, or at least light value, of hair, and pigtails) are sitting at the kotatsu, when a man asks them if they're okay with their homework. Tsukasa isn't really that well prepared, not being able to resist playing around during long vacations. She says they're in such a bind, but the girl, her sister, reveals that she's almost done, having done it a little at a time. Tsukasa seems to be wondering how it's possible, given that they've been playing around together the whole vacation period.

differences in consciousness

The girl, now identified as Kagami, receives a call from Miyuki as she's sucking on Pocky. Miyuki suggests a study group, which Kagami agrees is a good idea. (Miyuki's kinda pretty without glasses here. But she is cute with them.) Later, as Kagami noshes on onigiri, she gets a call from Konata, who makes the same suggestion, but Kagami knows her well enough to know that it'll just involve Konata copying her homework.

yin and yang

Konata tells Kagami she'd like to copy her homework. Tsukasa seems to be up for it, as well. Kagami notes the straightforwardness of the request. She agrees to allow them, but points out that if they don't do the work themselves, they'll do poorly on the exams afterward. Tsukasa reflects on the wisdom of this, and bows out. Konata, on the other hand, claims to only be good at studying the night before an exam, so is still in. Kagami thinks she should think it over too, and that Konata's reasoning, and I quote, "doesn't get down to the solution of the root of the matter!" That sentence, and a lot of what I've seen, could be rewritten so it flows better, I suspect.

efforts and results

Kagami walks down the hall and into... I don't know yet whether it's just Tsukasa's room, and she's just going in to check up on her, or whether they share it (Kaga-mi casa es Tsukasa?). She finds Tsukasa asleep at the desk, her books still open. She smiles, noting that she decided to do the work herself, and that she can be very serious at heart. However... due to the probable low percentage of correct answers, she can't bring herself to look.

yin and yang 2

It's exam time! Konata seems unconcerned, but Tsukasa is putting in some effort.

Then the day comes for the exams to be handed back. Kagami asks how Tsukasa did, but she's embarrassed to say: though she did her best, it came out 58%! Konata chuckles, displaying her 86. "And thanks to everyone, a great job." Kagami isn't convinced; it's only a points' difference from hers.


"Kagami's twin sister, the younger twin. A normal girl with normal grades and normal athletic reflexes. A caring person that can be swept away by the atmosphere. She may be pretty tough mentally, she can adapt to all of Konata's aloof comments."

Next time: episode 3!

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
unchanging everyday life

March 2004 issue, Comptiq

Is that Kagami? Anyway, she's wearing a headkerchief and white shirt with a dress over it, and licking a whisk while also holding a bowl with mixed... well, mix in it.

one step in front

While Tsukasa eats what appears to be toast with jam, Kagami reads the paper. There seems to be an increase in statutory rape, and something about the morals of teachers. (The spoilered sections represent what's hidden by Kagami's head and thumb, respectively.)

Later, she discusses it with Tsukasa and Konata as they walk to school. Konata attributes it to too much playing of dating sims and porn games rather than morals, saying those are really common situations. (Statutory rape in dating sims and porn games? Teachers playing them? ...both?) Kagami remarks that the statement could apply to Konata herself, and warns her not to go committing any crimes. Then she finds herself wondering why Konata, a 10th grader, knows what's in those games.


Tsukasa realizes that Valentine's Day is approaching, and talks about the air getting rosy around this time. Konata thinks about her games, and recalls that building up the trust points in the days beforehand is more important than the day itself. Kagami doesn't think there's anything unusual about the day. "The boys have too many dreams." Konata takes it that nobody was able to get the "Win Kagami's Heart" flag up. Kagami asks if Konata has something planned, but her memories of it are... of playing video games, if I'm interpreting this correctly. Kagami worries about Konata's future, and tells her to stop applying terms like "flags" and "trust points" to Real Life.

gaudy train of thought

Konata notices that there's a pattern to the sisters' lunches: one day, it'll be something like:

  • rice with green peas
  • mini hamburg steaks
  • fried eggs flavored with fish broth
  • sautéed carrots
  • broccoli
  • etc.

(sounds good to me, depending on the fish)

...and other days, it'll be like:

  • rice with seaweed
  • broiled salmon
  • pickled vegetables

(that sounds good, too)

Konata finds the difference obvious. Kagami explains that they alternate making lunches. She's awful at household chores, so she keeps it simple. Konata gets excited, thinking Kagami might be the sort to blow up pots when she cooks. Kagami points out the "manga-esque filter" that Konata's brain seems to have on it, saying that people like that don't really exist.

saint valentine's

So, the day arrives, and Konata asks some of the girls about their plans. First, if Miyuki is giving chocolates to anyone. Yes, to her father and older brother. Tsukasa? Yes, to everyone who's nice to her all the time, which includes Konata. She hands them over and is thanked. Finally, Kagami, who doesn't seem to Konata to have any flags up. Kagami has no plans, and tells Konata to stop with the flags already. Konata thinks everybody's Valentine's plans sound boring, but Kagami doesn't want to hear it from someone who lives in the game world.

dreaming maidens

Kagami talks about the ticklish atmosphere, brought on by fleeing signs of tension amongst the seeming normalcy. Tsukasa claims to understand how it works a bit: if one of you confesses love for the other on that day, and finds it reciprocated, it's (according to her) especially wonderful. Kagami tells Tsukasa she's "such a maiden"... huh? I wonder what the Japanese word and its connotations are... Anyway, Kagami wouldn't go so far as to say it's a conspiracy by the confectionery industry. Konata thinks it's special, however... because she can get confectioners' chocolate heavily discounted. Kagami figures she either has no dreams, or is just cheap.


She's eating a popsicle.

"Tsukasa's twin sister, the older twin. However, she is not like her younger sister and has very good grades. She is the type that works hard when nobody is looking, and loves to put up a front. Konata is a friend through her younger sister. Though they are in different homeroom classes, she visits the two often."

Next time: episode 4

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 4: the other side of the lens

Miyuki is shown kneeling with a book on her knees. She's looking up, adjusting her glasses, and smiling.


The list of student with the highest exam results has been posted, and apparently, Miyuki's name is there. Konata calls her "amazing" for always seeming to be at the top of the class, and asks if she has any faults. Miyuki is embarrassed to admit it, but she sometimes thinks too hard or spaces out; she accidentally cuts herself on the veggie slicer; she trips over her own feet; or bumps into electrical poles. Tsukasa is horrified, but Konata figures those to be moe points with an element of "clumsy girl", rather than being faults. Miyuki herself seems to be surprised that Konata considers that as appealing to the moe aesthetic; Tsukasa wonders what her mind's eye could possibly be seeing.


Konata notices what I did back on pg. 8 (ep. 2, "differences in consciousness"), that Miyuki already has good looks, but questions why she wears glasses, given that she's limiting her target audience that way. Tsukasa refocuses the question. (Ba-dum-tsh!) She asks why Miyuki doesn't wear contacts, relating that she heard eyeglasses can hurt your vision. Miyuki's embarrassment increases, but admits that she's scared of putting anything in her eye, and can't keep her eyes open underwater. Konata thinks she's naturally cute, a "natural airhead" type.

she really collided

Tsukasa, while accompanied by Konata, notices Miyuki pacing in front of Yoshimizu Optometry. In her pacing, she runs into the sign. Konata figures it's better for her to stay that way. "I tell you, a natural monument!" Tsukasa just thinks it looks painful.

the amazing version

Konata starts the strip with a rousing reiteration of what Tsukasa apparently told her before the first panel: Kagami's got a cold and is staying home. Tsukasa says yes, and that it doesn't look like the flu. Konata claims her lack of smarts protects her from the flu and suchlike. Tsukasa had heard that about colds, but asks if it also applies to the flu. Beat Panel. Konata hadn't realized they were different things, believing the flu to be "the amazing version" of a cold. This causes Tsukasa to lose confidence that they're different things.

really is the amazing version

Similarly, Miyuki reiterates Konata's question about the difference between a cold and the flu. She compares them, with the conclusion that they're different illnesses, following up that influenza really is scary. Konata is deflated by this news, prompting Miyuki to stress that they share symptoms as well, which would make an allowance for Konata's "scaled-up version" idea, adding that colds are spread by viruses as well. Konata is cheered up by this.


Tsukasa notices Konata with a "complicated" look on her face. Konata says it's about that conversation. Tsukasa identifies the conversation meant. Konata is recalling that she didn't deny Konata being dumb. Tsukasa is horrified, and tries to explain that she was more thinking of the difference between colds and influenza.

superior, inferior

Hey, that's a chapter of The World Ends with You!

Anyway, Konata asks to see Miyuki's end-of-trimester report cards. (I know it's a more accurate term, but before this manga, I've only heard it used in connection with pregnancy...) Tsukasa, who has joined Konata, is awed (yet not surprised) by Miyuki's grades. Konata is a bit frustrated that she's losing. Tsukasa reminds her that Miyuki is at the top of their class, so neither Konata nor Tsukasa will be able to win. Konata, however, doesn't care about grades, just that Miyuki has a bigger bust.

somewhat embarrassing

Aww. Kagami is, as stated before, at home with a cold. In the blackness are Speech Bubbles, Which are thankfully easy enough to match with their owners: Tsukasa announces that she's home. Her mother welcomes her, and notes her friend. Tsukasa says she's one of her sister's friends. Her mother thanks Konata for coming all the way out there, but Konata tells her, "Oh, no. I take this opportunity to visit—" which... is it a standard phrase?

Konata notices that when Kagami's sleeping, she has a pretty cute face. (Shoulda seen the one on pg. 9, "efforts and results", panel 3. Kagami's eyes open to find Konata staring her in the face. Konata sees that "she's up, she's up!" Kagami it embarrassed at being seen like that; she asks why Konata came over, and tells her to go home.

visiting the sick

Kagami is unsure. Konata, visiting just for her sake? She's willing to just take the sentiments, saying she'd feel bad if Konata caught it from her. Konata said she was a bit worried about her. Kagami goes all fuzzy and finds that this is making her happy, thinking that Konata is worried due to the new strain of viruses. Kagami had thought that all Konata thought about was anime and video games, and is touched by her concern. But then Konata springs homework on her, and remarks that she got to see a cute sleeping face. Kagami tells her to go home; she's not doing homework this time!


"Classmates with Konata and Tsukasa. Great looks, good grades, wonderful manners make her a model student, but she can be a natural ditz at times. She got to know Kagami well from both of them being class representatives, which led to her friendship with the other two girls."

Next time: episode 5!

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
I'm glasses.
Liveblogging a 4koma manga?

That's weirdly Post Modern.
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It's Po Mo! I guess. I don't know. It's certainly not as weird as someone liveblogging the post he would have made as though he had made it.
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 5: footsteps of spring

There's a woman or girl here sitting what we used to call "Indian-style"... not sure what it would be called these days. There's an Asahi in her hand (seems a popular brand of beer in these things; it could just be my Small Reference Pools), and sakura are falling around her. I suppose we'll find out more about her soon enough.

this is normal

Someone in the Hiiragi household (mother, perhaps?) tells Kagami that Miyuki is coming by. Whoever this is seems impressed that she called in advance for confirmation. She arrives with flowers, asking about her health. Kagami welcomes her, saying she's almost fully better, and thanks her for the flowers. Miyuki says she thought of visiting right away, but it got late. Kagami assures her that it's fine. (Yeah, it's probably a good thing that she wasn't over when Konata was.) Miyuki brought printouts of the class rep. meeting, for which Kagami thanks her. Miyuki is concerned about making her tired, but Kagami tells her not to worry: tearing up with joy, she continues, "...this is what someone visiting you when you're sick is supposed to be like." Miyuki wonders if something happened.

how a good person thinks

Kagami relates what happened, but Miyuki figures it just might be Konata's way of caring for her. She figured that her kidding around about the homework was to make her feel better, and that maybe the watching her sleeping face thing was something she couldn't help, as she was trying to keep from being rowdy. Kagami finds herself unable to think this way.

how to spend a long vacation

Miyuki notices that she hasn't seen Tsukasa yet, and wonders if she's not there. And then who should come through the door? Why, it's Tsukasa, still in her pajamas and a robe, giving a "Morning" to her sister, and inquiring about her health. Then she notices Miyuki, and shuts the door in surprise. Kagami remarks that Tsukasa lives her life in a manner more relaxed than the sick.

honesty and kindness

Tsukasa pokes back in and sheepishly says she's not usually like that, but it's like they say, "Spring sleep never knows something or other ("Spring sleep does not know of dawn," as the translator notes tell us), and welcomes Miyuki to their home. Miyuki understands, having had difficulty waking up lately as well. Tsukasa has noticed Miyuki's sleepiness lately. Kagami... thinks? "Oh, you know, somehow... I see an endless stream of ditzy comments followed by a compliment... Call it carefree, or being an airhead... That's fine, but go change into some clothes."

the promised day

Konata hits her palm, realizing. Soon, she has Kagami on the phone, saying something about being over her cold, and going out and playing for the first time in a while. Konata also mentions conspicuously that she's done with her homework, which shocks Kagami. Kagami asks her to confirm that, but Konata says she lied. She claims it's because you have to tell some lie on April Fool's Day, but Kagami thinks it's just because she doesn't want to do it herself.

found a bored person

Here's a panel for people who like close-ups of girls' socked feet... I'm not one, but I am aware of the appeal. Anyway, Kagami tells Konata how bored she must be to call at that time of day to tell her AFD lie, then says she'll see her tomorrow, and hangs up. Then Konata gets a call from "Kuroi", her teacher. She apologizes for overwriting a save file on a video game Konata lent her. Konata is shocked, but then Miss Kuroi reveals that that was her AFD lie.


Then Konata tells Miss Kuroi that Miyuki said it must be easy to be a teacher, if Miss Kuroi can be one. Beat Panel. Miss Kuroi gets upset, so Konata tries to reveal that she was telling a lie, but it's not clear whether she got through...

since we're here

Back at the Hiiragi residence, Kagami tells Tsukasa what Konata did, then asks her if she did anything like that. Tsukasa says she did. Kagami asks what it was, noting how unusual it is. Kagami gets a question mark from waiting. Tsukasa blushes and eventually says that her lie was that she had told someone a lie. Kagami is startled by the meta-lie, and reminds her that she doesn't have to force herself to lie. She suspects that Tsukasa forgot about it until Kagami mentioned it.

no progress

Tsukasa asks what kind of lie Konata told. Kagami relates that it was about her having finished her homework on her own, realizing that she was being dumb by falling for it. She beeps the TV on. Tsukasa makes the amazing deduction that that must mean she hasn't done it yet. Kagami is sure that's the case. Tsukasa sees. Kagami voices suspicion that Tsukasa was thinking how glad she was that she was not alone. Tsukasa tries to deny it...


"Homeroom teacher for Konata's class. A teacher that feels more like a friend that every school has at least one of. She and Konata lend each other games a lot. The subject she teaches is world history."

Next time: episode 6!
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 6: a season of new beginnings.. maybe

So here's Konata in a short-sleeved seifuku. She has her hands behind her head, and her top is riding up, showing a bit of tummy.

if you look at it again, it may change

The homeroom class assignments have been posted, and Kagami is in a different class again. Tsukasa cries about it, but Kagami says she sees her enough as it is (Konata, probably; I don't think she's referring to Tsukasa... is she...?), and would get tired if she weren't in a different class. ... She says that, but after the others are gone, she looks again...


(Yes, it's capitalized in the manga. I don't know why, or why it isn't before.)

It's the new trimester, and Tsukasa is sleepy. Kagami points out that it's because she made a habit of sleeping in until the afternoon. She greets the approaching Konata, and notes a sleepy look about her. She asks if she's been doing that too, but instead, Konata's been playing video games for three days. (She's forgotten to sleep; has she forgotten to eat, as well? Maybe we'll find out...) Kagami notes how similar the two are in their slovenly mannerisms.


In class, Tsukasa notes, and Konata agrees, that the teacher is late. (Is what Tsukasa actually says less Department of Redundancy Department in Japanese than in English?) Miss Kuroi slides the door open and tells everyone to get to their seats. She notes to herself that she barely made it in time. She introduces herself, and tells them, since they've all moved up a grade, not to feel like they're on vacation forever, and to do their best with a change of heart! The students don't feel she's convincing at all, and note that her hair's a mess.

in all reality, it's hard to make a choice

Konata ponders her career path. Tsukasa considers that although you have dreams, it's hard to make a choice when you're thinking realistically. Konata wants to know if it's all right if you find a job where your talents can be utilized. One of the Hiiragi twins (it's hard to tell which from the pointer) asks if she has a special trait. Konata answers that she can do all the exercises they do in the "Amino-Shiki" commercials. Tsukasa considers that amazing, but Kagami doesn't think it has anything to do with her career path. (Kinda reminds me of when Osaka was thinking of being the one who watches the drops of anti-aging cream fall into the bottle.)

(Amino-Shiki, officially "Nenshoukei Amino-Shiki" is apparently a sports drink. The translator notes give a URL to a commercial for it on YouTube, but it's in all caps, so the value for V (VVKNRXKLOTG) might be wrong if it's case-sensitive like I think it is. Also, I haven't gone looking, so I haven't checked it for content.)

it is on my mind, after all

Kagami walks through a door, thinking that she ate too many snacks between meals. Tsukasa complains that she grew horizontally, while Konata finds that she didn't grow at all. Miyuki walks through, the very picture of confidence. Kagami yells at Miyuki for having such composure; it frustrates her. That's right, folks, it's Measuring Day!

the usual group

Lunch break. Kagami comes over to sit with Tsukasa and Konata. Konata has a thought: Kagami visits them often, but doesn't she have friends in her own homeroom? Kagami tells her not to think she's the same as her, and wonders if she's trying to pick a fight. (Tsukasa seems to be becoming alarmed.) Konata thought everyone was ignoring her. Kagami tells her to worry about herself first, given that her crazy gaming is leaving her with zero social skills.


Kagami asks Konata if she had any friends before she started hanging out with them. Yes: back in junior high, she had one really good friend, but she hasn't talked to her in a while, and wonders what she's up to. On Parent Visitation Day, she said her future dream was to become a sorcerer. Kagami thinks this indicates that birds of a feather really do flock together, and seems amazed that this was someone in junior high.


Kagami wonders how Tsukasa and Konata became friends, given that they don't seem to have much in common. (I guess "slovenly mannerisms" don't count. ;) ) Apparently, she was in a bind because some suspicious-looking guy was approaching her, so "seeing that as good a time as any", she went up and pinned him down. (A little note tells us she's an experienced martial artist.) While unsure about the violence, Kagami figures she does have good traits in her... although the "good a time as any" bit gets to her. Turns out it was just a foreigner likely asking for directions. Though she was in a bind; she didn't understand any English. Kagami says that's no good, and wonders why Konata is still looking victorious about it.

lately, there are few cancellations

A certain season which Konata dislikes has arrived. Tsukasa wonders what's going on. Konata says it's pro baseball season. Tsukasa thought that, since she was athletic, she'd like watching sports. But the thing is that baseball pushes back everything else, messing up her schedule. Add to that that some late-night anime gets canceled, and you've got one unhappy Konata.

Yui Narumi

"Konata's cousin who is a female police officer that works in the traffic rules department. Perhaps it's in their blood, but she lives her life at her own pace much like Konata. She is most good at jumping to conclusions, and her pet phrase is 'That's a surprise!' She's a newlywed that recently got married."

Okay, we didn't really need the "female" part, since those who didn't get it from the picture could probably pick it up from the use of "her". Also, is "newlywed who recently got married" to distinguish her from all those newlyweds who got married a long time ago or something?

Next time: episode 7!

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episide 7: ideals

There's a girl here that I don't think I've seen yet. She has a couple of barettes in her hair and is wearing some kind of... sleeveless hoodie, with overalls. Her hands are tucked into the front of her overalls.

a fun life

Back in school after a long weekend, Kuroi asks if they had fun during the break, but notes that they had a lot of homework and midterms right after, so probably couldn't afford to play around. She mentions apologetically that she did play around without thinking of any of it. Konata gets Kuroi's attention, and says that she, too, played around the entire break, not worrying about it. Kuroi kinda thinks that she especially should maybe worry about it.

heavily ill

It's morning homeroom, a different day, and Kuroi finds Konata absent.

Later, in the teacher's lounge, she gets a call from Konata wanting to stay home sick. Kuroi notes that that's unusual of her, and asks if it's a cold. Nope, it's the May Blues, and she's rather lethargic. Kuroi demands she come in anyway.


In school, she's so lethargic it's hard to get her moving when it's time to go home.

On the way, she reads Comptiq. (Heh! As of this writing, the Wikipedia picture of Comptiq's cover has Konata in the upper right. I assume the issues of Comptiq in her 'verse don't serialize Lucky Star.) Then she notices something on Comp-Fest. (This is basically an offer in which you send them stamps, and they send you quo cards with illustrations from running series. Quo cards are prepaid cards that can be used in convenience stores, fast food places, gas stations, drug stores, CD shops, and so on. Thanks to cellphone usage, they've pretty much replaced telephone cards in such giveaways.) Konata figures she'll get a part-time job, since she'll be using a bit of money. Kagami points out that it seems like she gains energy when it has to do with her hobbies.


Kagami remarks that she'd never heard of anyone trying to stay home with the May Blues. But while she herself doesn't compare to Konata, she does notice that lethargy is a common part of that time of year, and that she doesn't feel like doing homework when she goes home. Konata says she's the same way. Kagami is feeling lethargic, so she asks if she has to point out the flaw in that comment... which is, of course, that Konata's that way whether it's May or not.


In school, Miyuki sighs. Tsukasa asks what's wrong. Miyuki says that, like contact lenses, she's afraid to go to the dentist, and her avoidance made a cavity she has worse. Plus she has frail teeth, so she gets cavities even with proper brushing. Tsukasa asks if being afraid of going to the dentist isn't normal.


Konata asks why she didn't go until her teeth were hurting that badly. Beat Panel. Beat Panel with question mark. It is strange, Miyuki admits, but when her teeth start hurting, she knows it'll be tough for her. Tsukasa finishes her thought, saying that for some reason, you just don't want to go.


Konata, never having had to go, has no idea how scary they are. Tsukasa is jealous of her inexperience. Miyuki lists the medicine-y smell, and the tension in the waiting room, but what gets Konata is when Tsukasa mentions the sound of spinning drills. Konata gets a mental image of a man with Scary Shiny Glasses whose entire forearms are drills, and admits to that maybe being a little scary... while breathing heavily.


Konata thinks boys might like dentists, because of the drills. Tsukasa, however, thinks there's a difference between looking at a drill and one being used on your teeth. (I'd say there's also a difference between a dentist's drill and one used in carpentry... or mecha anime.)


Kagami comes in, ready to go. (Tsukasa isn't quite.) Konata can't go back, however: she's started a part-time job. Kagami is shocked that she did, and wonders if the "Comp-Fest" is that important to her.

and some gods pick them up

The twins are walking home. Kagami remarks that Konata surprised them, and Tsukasa reiterates that Konata got a part-time job; she thought Konata was joking! Kagami thinks that's part of it, but also that she's surprised she could get hired. Tsukasa thinks that's a bit harsh.

right girl in the right place

Kagami can't imagine Konata keeping herself busy with work, for one thing. She does, however, wonder where she's working. Tsukasa guesses a bookstore, as she likes manga.

The next day, Kagami asks. Turns out it was a cosplay café. They're stunned at how perfectly suited she probably is to the job, but wonder if it's all right for her to work there.

Next time: episode 8!

OH! In other news, I've ordered the first four volumes of the anime. So maybe some of the dialogue will be cleared up. Or muddied some more, whichever.

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Okay, from here on out, it'll be totally not blind. I've read from this episode to the end of volume 5. Also, I've watched the anime from volumes 1 to 6 and the OVA, so that might color things. More when I return...

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 8: various appearances but contents are still the same

This time, the four in chibi form adorn the page: Miyuki in the back right, Konata in front of her, Kagami in the back left, and Tsukasa sitting in front of her.

changing uniforms

Kagami has just finished adjusting her summer uniform. (She hasn't put her hair up yet.) She notes that it becomes mandatory that day. She guesses that Konata would be the type to wear her winter uniform, and that there's always someone who does. (Perhaps, but wasn't she wearing the summer uniform last episode?) Then she hears a voice of morning greetings. ...It's Tsukasa, wearing a winter uniform. They look at each other, then Tsukasa shuts the door, sort of like in episode 5. Kagami remarks that there was someone really close who did it. (Good thing she has a sister, or she might have gotten out the door like that.)


Kagami says she forgot to enter a sweepstakes, and she was aiming for the prize a little. Konata claims that Kagami lost due to lack of love. Kagami says she forgot amidst committee meetings and exam studies, but Konata, never having forgotten to do things related to her hobbies, asserts that those are just excuses. Kagami tells her not to compare them like that; Konata remembers because she doesn't think of anything else.


Konata mentions that the two aren't particularly alike, considering that they're twins. Kagami says that it's because they're fraternal (two-egg) twins, so they aren't as similar as identical (one-egg) twins. Konata gets it, pointing out that while Tsukasa is laid-back, Kagami is violent. Kagami objects to the characterization.


Konata decides that, since their hair color is the same, and their skin color is the same, maybe they would look more similar if they wore their hair the same way. Kagami says she doesn't have to force them to look similar. Konata imagines a combination, then chuckles and says that "cute" styles don't look good on Kagami. Kagami tells her not to imagine things and say rude things based on that, and that she's already aware.

so-se-ji (homophones for: twins / sausage)

Kagami mumbles something. Konata's stomach rumbles. Beat Panel. Konata is getting hungry with all this talk of eggs and sausage. She also didn't have breakfast, so that might be part of it. Kagami points out that she's the one who brought it up, and that they weren't talking about food.

june bride

Konata reads a letter announcing that Kiyotaka Narumi and Yui Kobayakawa are getting married on the xx of June.

At school, she relates the news to Tsukasa, who thinks it's nice that she'll be a June bride. Konata wonders why such a wet, dark season is representative of happiness. (I wonder if part of it isn't that the idea didn't originate in a place with Japan's climate... or maybe they're more similar than I think! Who knows...)

brides in june

So they've gone to Miyuki with the question, which Miyuki reiterates. Miyuki explains the origin of the month name as coming from "Juno" of Roman myth, and gives her Greek name, Hera, and function, overseeing marriage and childbirth. Because of this, the idea is that people married in this month are protected and blessed by her. Konata asks if Hera is Zeus's wife, which Miyuki says is correct. Konata has an image of her being envious, so it doesn't seem happy. (I think "jealous" would be a better term, and the dub writers at Lucky Paradise seem to agree.)

Next time: episode 9!
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 9: a clever way to do it

The episode image is of Konata holding her hands palms out at neck/lower face level. The tip of her tongue is sticking out of a small smile, and the tops of her eyes are rounded. It's a pleasant picture, I think.

mercy is...

Hey, they actually shaded this one for reasons other than trying to express the emotions of the characters.

Kagami comes in and tells Konata that there was a place in a game she borrowed that she didn't get to the other day. Konata reminds her that it's more fun if you solve it on your own. Kagami figures that's true, and since Konata understands that, she should do her own homework by herself.


But then they went back to unshaded the very next strip.

Konata is reminded that detectives in games and manga (and TV, and regular books, and...) keep running into murders. Kagami points out that the plot doesn't progress if they don't. Konata is wondering if they don't do background checks or finding out if a client's spouse is having an affair, which is apparently most of what the real thing does, according to the websites Konata reads. Kagami asks if Konata would enjoy watching ("watching"? You play games and read manga. If you include the other media, then maybe "watch" is appropriate... then again, a lot of games have cutscenes...) Konata concedes that it wouldn't be fun, and would lack the thrill.


Konata notes the lack of fiction's clever tricks in real cases. Kagami figures the really gruesome stuff gets censored. Konata gets the idea that such difficult cases end without the public knowing... or are never solved. Kagami considers that a risky line.

times have changed

Tsukasa asks Konata if she hates that there's so much rain lately. Konata notes that she used to like the rain. Tsukasa says how it gets you wet and keeps your (hung) laundry from getting dry (I guess clothes dryers aren't used that much in Japan...?), making your clothes smell funky, so she's not favorable toward it. She asks Konata why she liked it; Konata replies that rain would cause the sports broadcasts to be canceled, thus allowing her to watch anime like normal. Tsukasa notes how much it's like Konata to say that. (Definitely not with the facial expression Kagami would have.)

seasons that roll by

Konata is feeling extra-gloomy now. Tsukasa asks what's wrong. Konata says she hates sports broadcasts, and with the Olympics coming up, all sorts of sports are being broadcast...

various people

(The title of anime episode 3!)

Konata is thinking. The topic? She notes that in manga, extremes of academic aptitude are often represented within the same school. She finds this strange when you think about it, while recognizing that it adds flavor. Beat Panel while Kagami looks at her. Kagami totally agrees.

entrance exams

Kagami is surprised Konata got accepted. She wonders if Konata pulled an all-nighter for her entrance exam, given her skill with doing so for normal tests. Konata looks away, at first with a frown... then a smile, leading them to believe she actually did that.

controlling people's minds

Konata lets on that it did take more than one night. Kagami is surprised she was able to sustain it, based on her usual study habits. Turns out her father said he'd get her a game system, based on the rank of her school: if she got into a school ranked "D", she'd get a Dreamcast; if she got into a C-rank school, she'd get a PS2. (This school netted her a PS2 and a computer.) Kagami notes mentally that he knows how to control her. She also wonders why he has to do that just to get her to put some effort into it.

but more so

But all this talk gets Konata to thinking...

Beat Panel.

Beat Panel, with a question mark by Tsukasa's head.

Konata wonders how Tsukasa got into the same school as them. Kagami doesn't know, either. Tsukasa is shocked that it wasn't harder for her to say.

most proficient genre

Konata beats Kagami again. Kagami says she can't win against Konata if it's a fighting game. Konata tells her to pick anything else, even something that's not a fighting game. Kagami challenges her to a quiz game, confident of her own victory.

However, Kagami loses, which comes as a shock to her. She wonders if Konata memorized the questions and answers...


Tsukasa, Kagami, and Konata are sitting around the table. There are sweets of some sort on a napkin (US definition) or something on the table. Konata notices that Kagami hasn't eaten any for a while, which is unusual. Kagami claims that there's no reason behind it. Konata guesses that she's dieting for the summer, which Kagami denies. Konata notes that Kagami doesn't have anyone to show her bathing suit to, prompting Kagami to tell her she doesn't need to go there.

a sudden conversation

In class, Konata is nodding off. Kuroi-sensei calls on her to answer a problem. Konata says she wasn't sleeping, leading Kuroi to believe otherwise.

a reliable girl

Tsukasa notices that she forgot her English textbook. Konata recommends that she borrow Kagami. Kagami calls her careless, and advises her to check her bag the night before. She hands it over anyway and is thanked. Konata remarks that Tsukasa forgets a lot of things. Kagami notices that Konata hardly forgets her textbooks. Konata claims to be reliable on that count. She leaves her textbooks there, and they're there when she returns. Kagami doesn't think that's being reliable.

is that so?

Kagami points out that leaving them there prevents her from rehashing the material, but Konata doesn't do that anyway. Kagami says not to tell her she leaves them there even when there's an exam coming. Konata realizes that that may be why she forgets to do her homework, but Kagami just thinks she has no will to.


Konata asks to see Kagami's homework for that afternoon's Japanese class. Kagami wonders why Konata doesn't go to Miyuki for that, since she's in their class. Konata feels that Miyuki seems to be too good a person to ask that of, but she isn't sure if Kagami understands the feeling. Kagami kinda gets it, but it's unsatisfactory.

it took a bit longer

Kuroi-sensei calls for Izumi, then asks if she's late. Konata opens the door, saying she's not late. She expains her tardiness as being the result of helping someone out, and listening to the one she helped afterwards, and it took longer than anticipated. Kuroi understands, and says it's a good thing, but asks what game she's talking about.

i got caught

Kuroi-sensei calls for Izumi, then asks if she's late. Konata opens the door, saying she's not late. She explains her tardiness as being the result of some guy deciding to hit on her, and that group of guys being persistent, and... Kuroi finds herself in a bind because the story is full of holes, and yet, she would feel bad nitpicking them, both as a teacher and as a human being.

thought of a mania

Konata sees that there's a quo-card giveaway for Comp-Fest. Kagami asks if she actually uses them. She doesn't. Kagami wonders why she bothers. Konata asks if Kagami doesn't want items with her favorite titles when they come out, just to collect them, and as a fan of the series. Kagami has to think about this. Konata decides that she doesn't, and therefore, Konata herself must be an otaku, and strange. Kagami says she vaguely understands, but tells her not to resolve herself in such a strange way.

(For the first time, but definitely not the last, the mangaka puts a second punchline in the otherwise empty space beside the strip, effectively making it a fifth panel.)

Kagami asks if Konata is just going to look them over later. Konata tells her that she gets happy just by having it in her hands.

Next time: episode 10!
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 10: the rowdiness before battle

The picture is that of Kagami with her back to the reader, but looking back with one eye, tongue a little bit out, wrist on hip, and the other hand holding a popsicle (fudgesicle?) with at least one bite out of it. Her attire is some sort of sleeveless top, a skirts, and socks. (I don't know what grade this makes her.) Her tails are up in ox horns.

girl who cried wolf

Konata is actually ill this time. (Maybe she's not as stupid as she said; see episode 4.) She tries to call in sick, but Kuroi thinks it's just an excuse, and that May is over, so the May Blues are out, and that she should hurry up and get there. Konata is stunned.

a question of motivation

(Anime episode 4's title!)

The heat has drained Konata's will to do anything, so she calls up Kagami to request that they come to her house instead of her going there. But Kagami mentions the freshly-baked cookies, which is just the motivation Konata needs.

feelings are a spice?

Konata remarks how tasty Tsukasa's cookies are. Then Kagami lets on that she baked with Tsukasa, and Tsukasa was teaching her. Konata stops in mid-eat. They question this. Konata finds that when she heard it, some of the cookies didn't seems as tasty in her memory, and she's wondering if the one in her mouth is Kagami's, and she brings her eating to a nibble. Kagami objects.

how to spend summer vacation 1

It's almost time for summer vacation! Kagami lists the beach, the pool, and summer festivals, and asks if there are any must-do's out there. Konata's contribution: a twice-a-year festival in Ariake, the war-zone known as Comiket! Kagami is a little alarmed, and says that's only for her.

how to spend summer vacation 2

Well, there are all kinds of events for all kinds of people, such as going home for the holidays. Kagami asks Miyuki if there's something she usually does. Miyuki lets on that there's a plan to go overseas again. Kagami gets jealous of her "again"; they don't even go on domestic trips very often.

source of power

Kagami brings up Konata's place of work. She was wondering about it because she thought they only hired people with good figures and stuff. Konata lets on that although she'd been lamenting her lack of development up top, she found in one of her games that someone said that "the lack of breasts is a symbol of high status! It is rare!" and suchlike, which calls to mind that among certain people, this is more attractive than even a normal size, which means she's valuable. Kagami wonders how that could make her so confident. (I'd say it's because it reflects an attraction that actually exists.) Tsukasa wonders if that makes her valuable...

power of influence

Kagami asks Konata that with finals coming up, if she's all right playing games, and points out that if she channeled even a little bit of her gaming passion into studying, it would improve her grades significantly. Then she has a thought. What if a game that lauded studies came out? Would something incredible happen? There are "moe"-based vocabulary books...

no sense of awkwardness

Kagami brings up the subject of the rise in teenage crime. Konata notices that when they ask the neighbors, all of them say things like, "He was usually such a calm boy... he never seemed to be the type that would do that." Kagami figures that superficial personalities don't seem to be of any use... but also lets on that if Konata did something, she'd say that she thought she might do something like that.

never on vacation

In P.E., Konata and Tsukasa sweat out the downtime.

During lunch, Konata says it's so hot, she doesn't feel like doing anything, and they had P.E. on top of that. Kagami understands, but points out that she always has a reason for that.


Konata reads an issue of Comptiq. In honor of the 1st anniversary of its renewal, they're holding a summer Compfest! As a loyal reader, Konata finds something about it. Kagami asks why she's getting so emotional about it. (Okay, here's a nice picture of Konata's face:) Konata says that when the customers getting together and riling themselves up makes them feel as though they're doing their part to make the festival rowdy. Kagami wants her to point some of her passion towards school, noting that when she says "festival", it doesn't seem help her be interested in the athletic or arts festivals.

In the end, Konata lets on that she did her best to think of what to present for the arts festival.

Next time: episode 11!
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
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episode 11: do your best, young ones

The episode picture is of Miyuki in a yukata and covering her mouth with a uchiwa fan, and carrying a bag of some sort. Her long and thick hair is braided behind her, culminating in a ribbon.

impatient impulses

Konata is carrying books when the phone rings. It's Kagami, asking about Konata's progress with her exam studies. Turns out she's been cleaning her room instead, and she explains how when you're pressed for time, you feel like cleaning instead. Kagami understands, but urges her to do her best and not to escape from reality. (Hey, I thought she was good at pulling all-nighters?)

impulses in a crisis

Konata is trying to study, but her concentration doesn't last, so she takes a "30-minute" break. But that time comes while she's reading manga, so she extends it by 30 minutes...

somehow, especially when you're in a rush

Eventually, Konata decides she can't continue her studies that night, so she'll try to sleep.

Black panel.

And now, the sound of a mosquito. This irritates Konata... (By the way, she seems to have changed into sleepwear between the first and second panels.)


The next day, Konata relates that she ended up reading manga. Instead of scolding Konata for her lack of studies, Kagami remarks that Konata has strange tastes in manga and games: she reads shounen magazines, and mostly plays dating sims. Konata says that her father's tastes were probably affecting her own, as she was often with him when he read or played. This makes Kagami wonder what kind of father plays dating sims or games with cute girls with his daughter there. She understands the shounen mags, though.


She wonders what the mother has to say about it. Konata reveals that her mother died when she was really young. Kagami is sorry about that. (Though I suppose it could be read like she's sorry for bringing up something that might hurt to think about.) Konata, however, focuses on the fact that since this puts her in the position to do the chores a lot more, she's definitely better at it than Kagami. Kagami scolds her for dropping that kind of remark after her earlier statement.

can't do it

Konata wonders about Miyuki, suspecting that she might be bad at chores. When they see Miyuki, Konata asks about cooking, and Miyuki lets on that she only helps out every so often so she's not too good at it. Kagami thinks that since she excels in many other areas, her basis for considering something good might be different, so it shouldn't be thought of along the same lines. She thinks Miyuki is good at cooking, but Miyuki herself doesn't think so.

whatever happens happens

Konata wonders about Kuroi-sensei, who lives alone, but has a "negligent" image. Kuroi waves it off, saying that with convenience stores, you don't have to be able to cook to get by. Then, after a beat panel, She lets on that she does her chores properly. "Please stop with the jokes that don't feel awkward at all!" they think. "We totally took that one seriously there!"

everyone, do your best

While studying for exams, Kagami remembers that she lent her dictionary to Tsukasa, and goes to ask for it back. She finds Tsukasa cleaning to change her mood.

apron of love

Kagami finds Konata thinking hard, and remarks on the rarity of it. Konata says they're supposed to think of new menu items for the summer. Kagami is mildly surprised that exists, and wonders if Konata has stopped studying for exams. Konata decides that ultra-spicy ramen might be good, since nobody else would do it because it's hot. Kagami doesn't think ramen works in a café. Konata amends her suggestion to an ultra-spicy parfait. Kagami tells her to stop thinking reflexively like that, and that she'd never eat that. (Hey, how about coffee with Ranma ½ 'n' Half and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar? It'd be a beverage, but whatever.)


Konata says the Compfest is doing well, and remarks that she always finds herself sucked over to the register with graphic novels. Kagami finds that Japanese people have a weak spot for giveaways and limited editions, and recommends she keep it under moderation. Konata agrees, noting that when they happen, you find yourself buying multiple copies so you preserve one and promote the series to others. Kagami thinks Konata is a special case, not thinking there are that many people out there like that.

Konata continues by noting that you forget who you lent it to, and end up replacing it. Kagami reiterates that Konata is the only one who does that, and doesn't understand what she means by promotion.

Next time: episode 12!

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episode 12: beginner

The chapter picture is a cute one of Tsukasa in her summer uniform.

perfect girl

Tsukasa is out of breath, and both she and Konata are sweating. Konata wonders why they don't have swimming classes even though they have a pool. Miyuki remarks that it helps her out, as she can't open her eyes underwater, and therefore can't swim far. Konata finds her weaknesses unfair, somehow becoming cute. (Tsukasa says she can't swim, either.)

instinctive behavior

At the Hiiragi place, Konata comes over and is welcomed by Kagami. She notices the electric fan, set out because it's hot. Kagami invites her to hang out there and enjoy the air. Before long, Konata is saying "ahhhhhh" into the fan. Kagami returns with beverages in time to see it, remarking that she knew Konata would do it, and that Tsukasa was doing it earlier. (In slight contrast to how it went down in the anime, where Tsukasa had barely awakened by the time Konata did it, and did it herself when she came in. And when Kagami said she didn't do that, her father pointed out that she was doing it earlier.)


On another occasion, Kagami and Konata are talking over the phone. Konata wonders if they act as miko during the summer as well, but Kagami says they don't. Konata hears her munching Pocky, and asks if she isn't on a diet. Kagami lets on that she'd lost weight, possibly due to fatigue from exam studies. Konata notes that she's so quick (to do the things that lead to her dieting in the first place).


Konata sees Tsukasa, and the greet each other. Konata notices Konata looking down, and asks what's wrong. Kagami bursts into tears and laments her quick weight gain. Konata points out it's because she put herself off guard and snacked too much.


Kagami has settled into a gloomy state. Konata points out the lack of visible difference even 2 kg makes, and wonders why such a small difference in weight should make such a big difference emotionally. She starts to make a remark about girls, but Kagami points out that Konata is also supposed to be one.

a wise girl knows her own parent

Tsukasa greets Konata by showing off her new cellphone she got for her birthday. (Wonder what Kagami got...) Konata offers to exchange numbers, and Tsukasa accepts. Kagami didn't know she had one, probably because Konata leaves it at home most times. But that's okay because her father's pretty much her only caller. Kagami still thinks that makes her owning one pointless.


Tsukasa's still giddy about it, but Kagami doesn't think she should be so happy over it in this day and age.

In class, it goes off, and Kuroi-sensei confiscates it until after school, much to Tsukasa's alarm and embarrassment.


After school, while the four mains are talking, Kagami's cell goes off. It's her father, calling to check on her. Kagami reports that she's still at school, and talking with Konata and Miyuki, and that she'll be home soon.

Shortly after that call ends, Tsukasa also gets a call from her father...

(I guess there wouldn't be a punchline if Kagami had said Tsukasa was there, too, but still...)

absolutely safe

Kagami complains about the rise in spam text messages. Konata advises her to change her text address to something less obvious, like she did. Kagami asks what she has. Konata replies that it's "Meganekkogekilove" (serious love of girls with glasses) written in romaji  *, horrifying Kagami. Konata goes on to say than addresses like "maid_san" and "miko_san" are so popular that they're already taken, or at least there's probably a glut of those addresses with something, like a number, appended to make it just different enough. Kagami cuts her off, saying that she gets it, and not to talk about such things so loudly in front of the general public.

trials of the beginner

After Kagami and Konata greet each other, Konata notices Tsukasa sobbing, and asks what's wrong. Tsukasa weeps out "M-my cell... my cellphone..." Kagami explains that Tsukasa didn't remove it from her skirt pocket, so it went into the wash. "And it has met its death."

to each her own

Kagami goes into Tsukasa's room to find her crying, and asks what's wrong. Turns out a manga she borrowed from Konata touched her deeply. Kagami considers reading it herself.

The next day, Tsukasa thanks Konata for letting her borrow it. For some reason, she says "It was really amusing!" The dub of the anime definitely did better, initially leaving ambiguous the way in which she enjoyed it, rather than failing to capture it. Konata thinks it must have made her laugh, inspiring Kagami to wonder if they even read the same manga.

just on the receiving end

Tsukasa recommends the manga research club to Konata. Konata wouldn't mind joining, and is sure they have flexible hours... but it's still unclear to whether she's going to or not. She starts (continues?) drawing, and when she's done, hands the results to the two. They're shocked at her drawing all of them.


Kagami asks who the drawings are supposed to be. The first is supposed to be Tsukasa, to Tsukasa's surprise. It's not extremely far off, actually; aside from the very thin neck and the ribbon not being pointy, it's pretty recognizable. The next one is Miyuki. A sparkly Miyuki, actually. Kagami can tell from the general feel. Finally, there's Kagami, with pointed teeth and fire coming out of her mouth.

for yourself, for others

On the last day of school before vacation, Tsukasa is distressing over her report card, while Konata seems to be taking it in stride.

Kuroi-sensei announces the long vacation, but warns them to remember their positions as students, and to spend their days in moderation. After a Beat Panel, she reveals that the cause of her concern is that if they cause problems, that'll kill her vacation.

time is the same

On the way from school, Kagami says that they're in vacation now, and remarks that one reassurance is not seeing Konata every day. Konata says that she'll see Kuroi almost every day, anyway. Kagami asks if she's taking summer classes, and Konata reveals that they're often in the same party in a net game, and she logs in nearly every day. Kagami thinks there's something about that, but Tsukasa is confused about the term "net game".

Next time: episode 13!

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So I'm skipping Garfield and Friends and Ichigo Mashimaro for now. It's kind of depressing to see the work so far go to waste. It makes me not feel like starting new threads for them, lest I bump myself off.

episode 13: relatives, no doubt

The image here is of Kuroi-sensei in cargo pants and two layers of sleeveless shirts, one of which has its left strap falling off.


At the summer festival, Konata is waved at by a female police officer with short black hair and glasses. We got her profile at the end of episode 6. Kagami is surprised that Konata knows police. Konata introduces Yui as a relative. Yui gently warns her against wreaking too much havoc, and tells her to listen to the older girls and get home early. Kagami is especially shocked, and thinks that Konata shouldn't be how she measures their age and grade.

out of phase

Konata reveals that they're all in the same grade. Yui is surprised, given the difference in physique. (Konata doesn't seem too happy about this explanation, true though it is.) Yui remarks about the well-endowedness of kids these days. Kagami again doesn't think Konata should be the standard, as they're all normal. (Well... according to a character we meet later, Miyuki is the most-endowed of anyone whose file we see, and there are a few "Large"s. And is Small (Tsukasa) or Medium (Kagami) more normal?)

the famous shooter

Konata spots a shooting gallery, and asks Yui if she's good at things like that. Yui reveals that they call her "Sharpshooter Yui" at the station. However, the gallery uses a rifle, not pistols like Yui is comfortable with.

real job

Yui tries to find a good way to hold the rifle, but is discovered by a fellow officer, who reminds her she's still on the job.

aimed shot

Yui is dragged away, so Konata makes sure with the guy running the gallery how it works. After a brief consideration, she aims at him, though he says he's not a prize, and she has no intent of taking him home.

a revived mystery

The girls go to the shaved ice booth. They find strawberry, lemon, melon... and Blue Hawaii flavors, the last of which makes Konata wonder what kind of flavor that is. Kagami guesses it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin. (It tastes like a group of islands formed by volcanic activity?)

in charge

Konata turns to Miyuki. She doesn't know, but says she'll look it up later. Kagami thinks the one who wants to know should look it up.


So it turns out Tsukasa knows: it comes from a cocktail named after a movie. (The Wikipedia page, as of this writing, says it was named after the song in the movie, rather than the movie itself, however.) Miyuki says it's a good reference, but Konata feels defeated since it was Tsukasa who was able to answer. (She's in good company, at least.)

connected by festivals

Tsukasa realizes that she's getting low on festival cash. Kagami points out that the booths aren't cheap, and you have to think before you spend. Konata points out that the festival atmosphere makes it hard to do that. She relates it to buying doujinshi at Comiket, a comparison neither twin understands, but only Kagami puts it into words.

always limited

Konata is reading Comptiq, and remarks that the Comp-fest is doing well. Kagami remarks that Japanese people are suckers for the term "limited edition". (So... what is Kagami?) Konata thinks it would be a good idea if they did it every month, since sales improve like that just because of one phrase. Kagami points out that it wouldn't be appreciated as much, and would cease to be "limited edition" or a "festival".

In the sketch, Konata asks if it wouldn't be all right if every day was a festival, and Tsukasa, who doesn't get it, thinks that sounds fun.

Next time: episode 14!
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