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effeminate men are straighter than macho men:

semi-serious about this WMG. women in general prefer "softer" guys (possibly unconsciously) because they'll help raise kids better.

men who are "manly" (i.e. rough, tough, gruff type of guys) aren't so much doing this to impress women, but to intimidate other men, at least on an instinctive level.

so, in short, effeminate guys are attempting to attract the ladies. macho men are attempting to scare off guys. in terms of priorities, it seems that the effeminate ones are "straight"-er.
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Isn't women prefer softer guys as dads but prefer macho men as gene spreaders? I.E. a woman will fuck a macho man for his baby and then raise it with a softie.
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Another theory: The more macho a man, the more he has to hide about his sexuality, yes?
^I don't think so. There have been some pretty tough gay guys.

 5 Nick The Swing, Tue, 24th Aug '10 11:01:00 PM from Ya really wanna know? Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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I look tough, but I'm a big softie.
 6 Kinkajou, Tue, 24th Aug '10 11:08:44 PM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
Armored Closet Gay, Hard Gay, yada yada
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 7 The Fan, Tue, 24th Aug '10 11:39:35 PM from Anyway the wind blows
What about effiminately macho men?

"Oh, drat. Broke a nail wrestling that bear."
I planned that all along, Fan. -Kinkajou
^Why do I have the feeling that would make an awesome comic?
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So Real Men Wear Pink?
People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
 10 Willy Four Eyes, Fri, 27th Aug '10 7:59:31 PM from Darby, PA, USA Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
What Kinkajou said. Also, Compensating for Something.
 11 Sir Psycho Sexy, Sat, 28th Aug '10 11:52:01 AM from Texas Panhandle
The Sensui Fan
I agree with you there.

It would also explain why women love Bishōnen so damn much.
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 12 The Fan, Sat, 28th Aug '10 11:53:46 AM from Anyway the wind blows
^No. No it would not. But it would explain why Bishōnen are so common.
I planned that all along, Fan. -Kinkajou
 13 Jace, Sun, 17th Oct '10 5:15:55 PM from the Great White North
Atypical masculinity.
Women on birth control (pills) prefer "softer" men compared to women not on birth control. Birth control pills simulate pregnancy. Pregnancy means a woman doesn't need a mate for genetic purposes. Think on it.
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In my experience, women say they want a sensitive guy, but get with a jerk instead, then complain about it. They also tend to grow out of wanting a skinny girly-boy in girls jeans after a while (late teens usually) and suddenly start getting with larger guys that actually have body hair.
 15 Gvzbgul, Tue, 2nd Nov '10 4:07:55 PM from Middle Earth
Some effeminate men are straighter than macho men. Some macho men are straighter than effeminate men.

I don't see a macho man who does macho things for fear of been seen as less straight. Sure, he may do it because he is not as straight, but he may just be straight and worried about not been seen that way. And you can pretty much invert that, flip it, rotate it or tessalate it and it'll still be true. Humans are complicated everyone is messed up in their own way.

I read something once that the reason effeminate men rake in females like candy is because of the popularity of the birth control pill and how it effects a woman's hormones.

@Sir Psycho I think women like handsome guys more than Bishonen on average.

Oh shit I just noticed how old this topic bad.

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