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Okay, I want to do a little expirement. The premise of this is a continuation of the Muggle/Wizard spat that's showed up in a few places, there will be a team of commandos on both sides, one would be a near future Rainbow Six type Muggle team, and the other would be a collection of Harry Potter type wizards, probably Aurors, but some Death-Eaters and random Order of the Phoneix type folk will be okay.

What's unique about this, is that besides the nifty premise, all Pv P will be done via RPS. Yes that's right, it's an RPS RPG (With RP Gs! If you're a muggle)!

[[stike:The player initiating the attack would PM the GM (Me) and their target, sending their Rock, Paper, Scissors, selection to me, and notifying the other player that they need to make a move.]]

A few special allowences will be made, for example: a Sniper will win a tie if he initiates, but not if attacked. This will be more well developed, but at the moment consider this an Alpha version. See abilities below.

A profile should have the following:
  • Name:
  • Nationality:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance:
  • Backstory:
  • Attire: (clothing nonessential to combat, exclude helmets, include *hats, exclude invisibility cloaks, include masks, camo, unusuall footwear etc. etc.)

  • Muggles can carry any man portable weapons system, but players must be familiar with ins and outs of the weapon. Include Mods and attachments to your heart's content. All secondary weapons should be a reasonable accompiniement.
  • Wizards, Pick 4 spells to have on top, try to have them in-universe. You can use other spells besides these, but their success/failure will be at GM's disgression, non-attack spells and simple ones are more likely to get an OK.

Equipment: ( Logical things for muggles, think combat kit. Gasmasks and rifles, no dual wielding miniguns, awesome though it is, be reasonable [not a no to miniguns, but you get one, ammo, maybe a vest and nothing else]). (Wizards get one rare magical item, and than a reasonable collection of things you can find on the main drag of Diagon Alley, plus Weasly's Weaze type stuff.)

Keeping this 'cause perks are always good:

Abilities/Perks: Pick 2 for the moment, explain a specific situation where it would give you an edge in combat or deffense, or any other situation.

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2 FirockFinion14th Jul 2010 07:56:04 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Yes yes yes and more yes! I am totally in this if more people get interested, I'll be a muggle. I will need some time to think what equipment I'll be having though.
Glad to hear it, tell your friends.
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4 FirockFinion15th Jul 2010 02:26:03 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
It just occured to me a few things that would be good to know before starting. (At least one of these would effect my character choices.)

  • How much non-combat R Ping will there be? (Interrogations, briefing/debriefing, character development, etc.)

  • Will the muggle team know about magic before the first encounter or will it be a surprise to them? (And for that matter, what orginazation will the muggle team be working for?)

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Well, on the off chance this gets off the ground:

There will be a decent amount of R Ping with time for conversation, breifings and interrogations will be among them, time in transit too, but I'll try to keep that short. There'll be a smattering of mooks on each side so people can feel more badass.

The Muggles will have known of magic for sometime, some of these guys may have been involved in the earliest black-ops missions that helped spread the word to people besdides the heads of state around a year ago, or had prior expirence with what they know realize to be magic. The war has been on full force for a few months at the start of the first mission, with widespread panic and confusion amongst the muggles, and fear reigning over the wizarding portions of each state.

One of the earliest captured wizards has been "convinced" to reveal a couple of secrets, and countermeasures have been taken. The main one is the development of bio-organic armor, barnacle like organisms grow and die rapidly in pouches on armored vests, when an avad-kadavra hits one, it kills one of the creatures instead of the wearer. They're big and bulky though, and if the nutrient and water filters become damaged the barnacles will only live a few minutes.

We're going to say some time around 2020 for tech, since most estimates put the epilouge at the end of the books around 2017.

A handfull of spells have been invented and potions discovered, but muggle technology has increased at a faster rate than magic.

And in a clever bit of punning, the Muggle unit is an international anti-magic strike force spun off of Rainbow6, known as Unicorn 12, the two organizations now under the banner of Rainbows & Unicorns. Officially the muggle team has an acronym, but this is what those in the know call it.

Muggle forces are beggining to switch to the more specific anti-magic equipment, but in the mean time they've had to make due with vietnam era flack jackets, which can on occasion stop a killing curse if the solider is far enough away from the point of impact, but offer less protection against kinect based spells than spider-silk and ceramic models that had recently been favored.

You guys can opt for HUDs, but the rank and file are only marginally more advanced than todays guys, lots of UAVs though.

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6 FirockFinion15th Jul 2010 08:14:47 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Rainbows & Unicorns, God that nearly made me fall over laughing. Anyway, character time.

  • Name: Alex Fields
  • Nationality: American
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Caucasian skin, short brown hair, green eyes, 27 years old, average military build.
  • Backstory: Alex doesn't have anything against magic-users personally, (In fact he suspects his younger sister might be one, since she went missing since the conflict started.) although he gets annoyed at the thought that they would consider themselves better than everyone else simply because of magic. He joined R&U after he realised that the fighting probably wouldn't stop until one side won, and the wizards certainly wouldn't let him on their side. He specializes in close quarters combat with a "move fast and don't get hit" strategy.
  • Attire: A tan t-shirt & cargo pants, black combat boots with brown soles.
  • Weapons/Equipment: Police style light kevlar and padding to keep less hindered. Primary weapon is an FN P90 LV with a lowered rate of fire to decrease recoil and ammunition waste. Sidearm is a Colt M1911.
  • Abilities: High situational awareness and reaction time. (Enemies don't get sneak attack advantage unless they specifically use a stealth spell or ability.) Krav maga fighting style. (Advantage in hand to hand combat, especially disarm manuevers.)

If any of this doesn't work, let me know and I'll edit it. EDITED to include nationality.

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It all looks good to me, remember, on the off chance this game gets off the ground it is your responsiblity to remind me of Perks that are pertinent in the present situation.

PS, while not neccissary, Rule of Cool would be enhanced by mentioning any scopes or attachments for weapons.

PPS: JC! That's a nifty peice for your primary. I guess grenades and such can be alloted on a mission by mission basis.

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OH S'IT! I'll need a nationality too.
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Thank you. And yes, this is a bump of sorts. IF YOU'RE READING THIS I WILL DO GREAT THINGS FOR YOU IF YOU ONLY JOIN!

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10 Omurice22nd Nov 2010 05:30:26 AM from A corner table at Seattle's Best Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Stop looking so stiff.
Is this still active?
Well, it was never officially taken off, but not much'll happen unless you can bring some pals with you. I'm thinking I'd even drop the silly RPS stuff if it'd get people interested.
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Away on the wind~
I'd be interested, but... what's the plot?
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
Mostly open ended, I'm still recycling things at the moment, the combat stuff played a big role, but the first mission's in King's Cross station. Can't tell you much more than that.
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14 FirockFinion28th Nov 2010 04:15:15 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Oh hey is this possibly getting off the ground finally? I'm still interested. grin

@Cygan: Check post #5 above, that's where Joe put a lot of the plot points.

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I'm interested too!


  • Name: Jamie Thatcher
  • Nationality: Australian (They have wizards, right?)
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Light brown skin, long black hair, blue eyes, 20 years old, slender with little-to-no muscle.
  • Backstory: Graduated fro an Australian school that I just made up whn she turnd 18. She needed a job, and she had high marks in Charms and DADA, so she applied for a job at the Auror department.
  • Attire: Black robes, most of the time. When she needs to pass as a civilian, she liks to wear blue jeans and a grey button-up shirt.
  • Spells:
  1. reducto: Essentilly, a disintegration beam. Will pierce through most armours, but isn't too accurate.
  2. Protego: A Shield Charm
  3. Disillusion Charm: An invisibility spell
  4. Expelliarmus: The Disarm spell.
  • Abilities: Occlumency (Resists psychological attacks and techniques), Good stealth training (Gains the advantage in hide-and-seek combat. Increases her chances of gaining initiative over her enemies.)

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Approved! Well balanced too. The perks will probably go, though.

Oh, you need some items. And I worded the OP poorly, you can have a more offensive line up if you want, but attack spells not listed will be less likely to work.

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Someone in the other thread brought up Squibs, so I thought you guys could do something interesting with that idea.
18 FirockFinion28th Nov 2010 09:28:57 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Good point Melloncollie, perhaps as part of the backstory or one Squib leads the specialist team.

The perks will probably go, though.

Are you saying you're going to change the character layout to remove the perks at the end or just that Cygan's choices aren't okay?
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Items: Hmmm...

  • A Shield Hat and Robes, from WWW
  • One set of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
  • One owl
  • One Nimbus 2000

And, yeah, by perks, you mean what?
There are too many toasters in my chimney!
I mean they probably won't affect gameplay. Feel free to keep them, but unless people actually want to try the hydra of a system I cooked up this will probably just be free-form.
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21 FirockFinion29th Nov 2010 03:37:24 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Free form or the R-P-S idea is fine to me, I'm still interested either way. Although I am more used to playing free form, especially if that would get more people interested.
22 Kino30th Nov 2010 03:15:03 PM Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Californicating
Is it too late to join?
23 FirockFinion30th Nov 2010 03:18:05 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
We've only got two players, and it hasn't started yet, I'm pretty sure we're good for more applicants.
24 Kino30th Nov 2010 03:28:21 PM Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Californicating
Shit just got real !
25 Deadbeatloser2230th Nov 2010 03:55:43 PM from Disappeared by Space Magic Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
This sounds like it might be interesting...

Is this overkill?

Also, I'm not to hot on the RPS idea myself. It just seems a bit clunky.

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