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The picture for Fille Fatale is the same as Sick and Wrong. Isn't there a rule against this? I think the picture for Sick and Wrong is appropriate, so is there a better picture for Fille Fatale?

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2 Deboss21st Dec 2010 09:42:41 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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It's not a strong rule, but it's there. And please remember to Pot Hole so people can click your links.

Previous for Fille Fatale:
Previous for Sick and Wrong:
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[up] Ah, sorry, I'm kind of new to this.
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I, personally, feel the current image works a lot better for Fille Fatale than it does for Sick and Wrong, and we can probably find a good picture for that one.
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6 Deboss22nd Dec 2010 07:39:34 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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Remember me, I'm about to do a GIS for Sick and Wrong.

There was significantly less Rule 34 for that search term.

Options include:elephant pooreaction shot...

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Any good reaction shots to something shock-tastic, like goatse or "two girls one cup", for Sick and Wrong? I can picture people recoiling in horror from a computer screen. That laconic is: "Brain Bleach. Now."

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8 Chabal223rd Dec 2010 02:17:33 AM from Plains of Tolosa
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What's wrong with the current Sick and Wrong? It has very obvious pedophilic qualities, which is pretty much the epitome of Sick and Wrong in any media.

Not asking because I put up the image in the first place, nosireebob.

9 Deboss23rd Dec 2010 02:19:57 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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Nothing wrong with it, it's just a duplicate of Fille Fatale and it seems to work better over there.
Actually, I think the image works better for sick and wrong, because it's obviously just an ad, where some sick bastard took a photo of a little girl, and tried to portray it as sexy.

It doesn't look like the girl herself is intentionally trying to be sexy.

We had an image picking for Lolita, couldn't we use a runner-up from there?

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11 Ghilz23rd Dec 2010 08:13:08 AM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up] I agree. I think it fits better with Sick and Wrong
12 Deboss23rd Dec 2010 09:58:21 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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Hm, I should probably make a thread for Sick and Wrong and then paste a link here.
13 Chabal223rd Dec 2010 10:54:44 AM from Plains of Tolosa
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From said thread for Sick and Wrong:

"Fille Fatale should be changed. The picture doesn't show that this is a girl knowing what she is doing is sexual. It just looks like an ad where the girl is clearly too young, which fits Sick and Wrong." (Dragon Quest Z)

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14 Ghilz23rd Dec 2010 02:02:04 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up] A reasoning I agree with.
Agree. Although, perhaps the image on Fille Fatale should not be of Lolita. The question of whether Dolores knows what she is doing is... complicated. And she is not a Femme Fatale-in-training. As even the example list points out, she is not an example of the trope.

btw: Lolita is one of the most well-written books I have ever read. It's not every day that something evokes genuine sympathy for a murderous pedophile, for instance.

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Still needs a resolution.
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We had a really long image discussion for Fille Fatale a while back; anyone got a link to it?

It seems like a page that has gone through a lot of pictures. Perhaps it should just be imageless or we should just agree not to change it anymore.
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Agreed, I think the image fits better with Sick and Wrong
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Thank you Deboss for reminding me about Sexy Losers.
[up][up][up] I didn't find it in search, so I suspect it got lost in the forum purge. It's a good thing we realized that it is not a good idea to purge this particular subforum, but it's too late for those we already lost.
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21 Willbyr19th Feb 2011 09:47:28 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Here's a couple of strips from Sandra and Woo that might work for Fille Fatale; Word of God describes Larisa as such. The advertisement is great for Sick and Wrong.

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I set the current picture for Fille Fatale, under the reasoning that the girl in the previous one looked too much older than she is in that picture to convey the trope unless you know the character, and to be honest I didn't want to spend that much time looking for an image, you know?

But, anyway, I still like the Love's Baby Soft image for Fille Fatale, and I'd prefer changing Sick and Wrong to something different instead, but I think if we're going to go with something from that comic, it should probably be only one or two panels because of the page size and whatnot, and I'd pick this panel:

It seems to convey her age (pre-college) and her approach to romance (kind of a Good Bad Girl who might break a few hearts by mistake, it looks like?) the best.

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23 shimaspawn27th Feb 2011 07:33:55 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
[up] That makes her sound high school age 14-18 in general, so she could be an adult and thus she doesn't count for this trope.

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I actually didn't notice she's supposed to be eleven. Oh, if only she was saying "high school" in that panel!
My proposition is this page from the Skip Beat! manga. Not as a whole, just the second pannel.

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