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face and caption: Beauty Brains And Brawn get usage counts

 1 boobustuber, Wed, 1st Sep '10 3:00:51 PM from A land of potatoes
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There is no way to know which is which in this. They all kind of look like valley girls (which is the point of the show I guess, but to the casual viewer, how can you tell who is who?)

Beauty, Brains and Brawn

Only suggestion I have are The Powerpuff Girls. Buttercup is clearly Brawn, due to her frowny face, but Bubbles and Blossom are more hard to tell. I suppose one could argue that Bubbles is supposed to be Beauty because blondes are usually considered the prettiest.

edited 1st Sep '10 6:48:43 PM by melloncollie

^Āpart from Buttercup's big ol' eyebrows there is not much visual clue in that one either.

 4 Willbyr, Wed, 1st Sep '10 7:42:36 PM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
How about Birds of Prey?
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'Brains' is obvious for the Birds of Prey one, but it's pretty difficult to tell which is supposed to be 'Beauty' and which 'Brawn' due to the rather fetishistic garb they're both wearing.
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I'm guessing Canary is Beauty? She's not wearing a mask to obscure her... prettiness.

^^ I may be wrong, but the center one seems to be the Brains, due the glasses (she also seems to be the leader). But I don't find the Brawn to be that obvious. I suppose it is the masked one?

Teutonic Tomboy T-Girl
Yeah, that'd be Huntress, who would (sorta) be Brawn - even though Black Canary is technically a better fighter, Huntress has more of an ass-kicking attitude.
 9 Midas Mint, Fri, 19th Nov '10 8:30:56 PM from Eris' 8th Square
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The blonde's beauty b/c her midriff's showing, the redhead's brawn b/c she has the best weapon, and the katana wielder is brains b/c her weapon takes the most skill.


Cat Woman's beauty b/c the other two look weird, Harlequin's brawn b/c she's wielding a big mallet, and Poison Ivy's brains b/c she's usually the brains of the operation between herself and Harlequin.

Also, it's pretty obvious out of the Birds of Prey who's who. If you find a pic. of Black Canary with her hookeriffic fishnet stockings it should clench who's beauty.

edited 19th Nov '10 8:31:55 PM by MidasMint

stay golden
[up] They are nice pictures but I'm not getting the Beauty Brains or brawn dynamic from any of them.

For example the first picture, is the middle character supposed to be the brains because she's duel wielding or the beauty because she has white hair, and either of the other two could be the brawn because of thier weapons needing a bit of muscle.

The second picture well what are they doing to show the dynamic? I get Harley is brawny because of the hammer but looks like she should be a trickster, is ivy the brains since she has a minion? do all brainy types have minions?, and that would leave catwoman to be the Beauty in a odd suit so how is she The Chick?

 11 Angry Scientist, Fri, 19th Nov '10 11:26:47 PM from Russia with Love
What about Marle, Lucca and Ayla? It's pretty obvious which is which just from looking at them.

Cure Candy
[up] Finding a good image of just the three of them is the real problem with that group.
 13 Angry Scientist, Sat, 20th Nov '10 2:29:58 AM from Russia with Love
Shouldn't be too hard to make one. Give me a few minutes.

EDIT: It was done, but I lost it. Maybe some other time.

edited 20th Nov '10 2:57:28 AM by AngryScientist

I suppose we could do better, but here is an Ayla/Lucca/Marle picture.

 15 Angry Scientist, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 10:24:53 PM from Russia with Love
Maybe if we cropped that. It should be obvious who's what, but Marle as 'Beauty' is a bit of a gray area.

 16 shimaspawn, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 10:49:05 PM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
[up][up] That's just a pixilated mess.

Edit: Never mind. It was my computer being dumb. I agree, Brawn, Brains, but no Beauty.

edited 22nd Nov '10 10:57:33 PM by shimaspawn

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 17 Deboss, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 10:50:30 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Nothing about the chick on the right says beauty to me. The other two are fine though.
 18 Helter Skelter, Fri, 26th Nov '10 2:32:31 PM Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up] Agreed—the one on the right I wouldn't call as obviously beautiful as the one on the left. The first two are still very illustrative, but the third doesn't look particularly beautiful. Just like an Action Girl, is all.

I agree that making some sort of collage using a more obvious picture of Marle being a princess would be better. If we still want to go with Marle/Lucca/Ayla, that is.

I'm not sure we should put so much stock into really clearly showing Beauty. That would require the other two be plain/ugly, and in most visual media, having precious (as in the fact that they tend to be few to begin with) female characters who are that, let alone two, just ain't happening, IMO.

How about the Angel Moxie girls in their super forms? I can't make the picture myself, but the parts are here.

 22 Deboss, Thu, 16th Dec '10 6:12:03 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
 23 Angry Scientist, Fri, 17th Dec '10 1:04:08 AM from Russia with Love
Wow, that's actually pretty good. I mean, there will inevitably be some objections, but that's the best I've seen so far.

edited 17th Dec '10 1:14:37 AM by rodneyAnonymous

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Except I think you have two of them out of order.

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