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I for one am not loving Rachel. Quite often I feel like the only Gleek out there that doesn't, so if you're out there, gimme a shout ;) The thing is, I love her singing voice, and at times, she's a very interesting character. She gets on my nerves because of the way she behaves to everyone else on the show, which is met by "Oh poor Rachel, what a woobie, everything she does is excusable because she has no friends, " and because she takes up a crazy amount of screen time! If they cut her screen time by a third, all the characters people wish were more developed probably would be. I also find Fichel the most boring ship on the show. Puck/Rachel was much, much more interesting, and even her relationships with Kurt and Quinn are more entertaining. -whew. needed to get that out of my system. I'm done.
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So, how much longer can the show go without repeating a song? It really strains credibility that despite the many songs they run through, none of them are actually used for their competition.

They came up with an excuse to use new songs for Sectionals, but that won't happen again. So will they just sing random new songs every episode of the rest of the season, even though any Real Life team would either go with the same ones they won with, or the original ones they had been practicing?
We're not just men of science, we're men of TROPE!
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Double post.

edited 18th Dec '09 5:26:31 PM by Treblain

We're not just men of science, we're men of TROPE!
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Triple post? Huh.

edited 18th Dec '09 5:26:20 PM by Treblain

We're not just men of science, we're men of TROPE!
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So, now watched the first three episodes on E4 here in the UK. Loving it so far (favourite joke is either Emma's leaflets or the thumb cake), and looking forward to the rest of the season - and many more!

Any other UK Tropers watching?
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Yes. Although knowing all of the characters' names is beyond my ken. Fortunately the show has significant amounts of Hey, It's That Guy! and I can just name people after different sorts of cereal brands.

It survives because it manages to carry around a lot of self-parody of its characters. I was sold just after Wheeties told his friend that his Mom had prostate cancer.
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So, like me, you refer to the characters as 'Sue, Rachel, Quinn, Finn, Mohawk, Evil Wife, OCD, Wheels, Aretha, Bicurious, Blondie, Teacher, and Queen.'

Anyway, is it just me, or does the show sort of Grow the Beard , song choice-wise, around episode eight or so?

edited 31st Jan '10 7:47:19 PM by BonSequitur

Well Mohawk is "Brazilian" because he looks like a Gracie and the hair looks like a Brazilian wax. Sue is Ann Coulter (previously she was just Cheerios), Rachel is still Rachel but only by virtue of being sort of Rachel by virtue of being sort of a JAP. Aretha is Sassy. Finn is Wheeties, Quinn is Preggers.

I actually remember bicurious Kurt's name. Queen is Ned! Punch just as he was in Heroes speaking of which OCD is Charlie. Teacher gets playfully shortened to Teach who is married to Nag. I know Tina but the two spare cheerleaders are just Salt n Pepper.
Don't just tell us the facts; tell us the memes, tell us the archetypes, tell us the catchy ideas and symbolic roles that get planted in pe
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Tina is bi-curious. Kurt is just a queen.

edited 3rd Feb '10 4:14:53 PM by BonSequitur

 35 Lamore Vincera, Fri, 26th Feb '10 9:16:07 AM from Up Someone's Archive
Alrighty, April 13, get here already.

 36 Tidal Wave 17, Thu, 25th Mar '10 7:31:17 AM Relationship Status: Singularity
I thought it was coming on April 15! Which means its going to come back even sooner! Squee!
I like Rachel, and I love her actress, and I think she has an extremely beautiful voice. But she's exactly the type of character that attracts a lot of annoying stans who like to go on about how they're oh-so-oppressed special snowflakes. Plus, Lea Michele played *~*Eponine*~*, a character who is already worshiped by those same people. So whenever Rachel does something unfavorable, the stans suddenly have to defend her honor and make a huge deal over anything remotely unfavorable that the other characters do.

To say nothing of all the people who are quick to say "IT'S SATIRE. YOU JUST DON'T GET IT!" Whenever anyone mentions the Unfortunate Implications and other problems that this show has.

I think the writers really need to stop trying to force us to like certain characters and pairings. The writing for this show has been extremely uneven, and I think that's part of the problem.
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I think the writers and directors aren't all on the same page about how seriously the show takes itself. Some people are writing it as a straight musical, others as stealth parody. And more worryingly, they're not always matched up with the directors who are doing a straight musical, or a stealth parody.
 39 Tidal Wave 17, Sun, 11th Apr '10 1:23:59 PM Relationship Status: Singularity
Only one day left!
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Another whole week for us in the UK sad
Like Shakespeare, but with more punching
 41 Tidal Wave 17, Mon, 12th Apr '10 6:50:06 AM Relationship Status: Singularity
Ahhh.....sad Sorry.


One more day!


that made my day

edited 13th Apr '10 7:36:33 PM by red223

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I was happier about finally getting a Beatles song in, even given the... circumstances.
 44 Tidal Wave 17, Wed, 14th Apr '10 7:27:25 AM Relationship Status: Singularity
Love, love, loved it!

All the Les Yay between Santana and Brittany was awesome!

Also loved what Sue did to get back in school...waii Sue Sylvester, you bad, bad girl, you...

edited 20th Apr '10 2:27:00 PM by Tidal_Wave_17

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"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

That might actually be better than the Sarah Palin line. Madonna next week!
Like Shakespeare, but with more punching
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Meh, Madonna. Complete with way too much autotune.

Then again, the 'Vogue' and 'Like a Virgin' numbers were funny, even if I can't stand the music.
Okay, am I reading Jesse wrong, or is he intended to be a parody of the Edward Cullen type of boyfriend? The creepy, stalkerish, brooding type like the guys from The Vampire Diaries? Because that's all I'm getting from him.

If this is true, I really, really want him to literally sparkle. Like, massive amounts of glitter. Because that would be awesome.

edited 21st Apr '10 6:27:25 PM by animeHrmIne

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I read him more as just being overdramatic - an older, more mature, evil male version of Rachel.
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Haha, lots of hate in this thread. Sometimes Tropes Are Not Bad and cliches are confused, I guess. Glee seems to be pretty polarizing. Brittany (the non-pregnant blonde cheerleader) is a stereotypical dumb blonde, but hey, she's hilarious.

I like that even when the characters don't have Day in the Limelight episodes, they still get tiny bits of development here and there. I'll use Brittany again. She is friends with Beck, who has Down's Syndrome. The other "popular" people like Quinn, Puck, and Santana look down on Becky, but Brittany buys her a cupcake and is genuinely nice to her, even if Puck implies she only does it for test answers. Er, I doubt Brittany is smart enough for a Mean Girls-esque plot like that.

Kurt is rather Camp Gay at first... but the show embraces these tropes, runs with them, and occasionally turns them on their head or makes them cross the line twice in terms of sheer audacity and ridiculousness. Kurt is so gay that he can make an entire football team dance to Single Ladies on a football field in the middle of a game... which is pretty epic.

I think my problem with this show is that there's so many characters and they haven't had character development spread equally yet, but the show so far has been excellent and so I'll stick around and wait for Brittany, Santana, Matt, Mike, Tina, Artie, and other characters to get some chances to sing and dance and get their own solo numbers. Too bad Jesse St. James was added to the glee club... we probably won't have to wait long for him to get some solos and honestly I'd rather hear from characters who were in the club before him.

And I have another problem... there's this weird simultaneous nakama and mutual annoyance between the glee club members. During the songs and in certain intimate scenes between characters (Mercedes and Puck, Quinn and Rachel, etc.) they seem really close, but once they get together as a group, you can see obvious dissent.
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Also: The band guys are all props.
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