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Okay, I made an article for Glee. You can watch it here:

Watch it. It ain't bad. Anyway, my article's kind of bad, so I'd like anyone with a little interest to update it if they can. Thanks.
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Nice. I think it's just vague enough to easily edit once the season officially starts, but gives enough info to any troper who randomly lands on the article to get the gist of the show. I'm not TV Tropes savvy enough to edit myself, but I could link it on Two P if you haven't already. They'd probably fill that page right up.
Second episodes out. And the articles a lot better.
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You know, I keep hearing nice things about this show, but I thought it was the most boring insipid thing I'd ever seen. Is the episode everyone is watching different from the pilot I saw on TV several months ago?

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First, Zaxser, there are people here who get you.


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That's the thing, though. I do like musicals. I thought I was going to like the show, but it just fell really flat. Everybody seemed so predictably zany. I finally turned it off when-

He gets that jock to join and all of a sudden they don't suck anymore. He's like a Mighty Whitey for chorus nerds! AGH.

Maybe it's TV Tropes' fault.
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I don't like every thing I about the show either. I'm the guy who wrote the article. I know how full of dead horse tropes it is. It can't even call irony like a lot of people thought they were going to do.

But you know, what? I think it's fun. Not great art, or anything, but yeah, it's nice to see people sing with some plot pretext behind it.
I find myself disliking the female characters of Glee. There's the wife of course with her faux pregnancy and parasitic demands, the evil gym coach and her bitchy cheerleader squad, but... even the leader of glee club and the girl who starts chasing the blatantly gay guy are kind of mean. Ah well, At least the counselor is merely brain-dead and useless and doesn't quite have the nerve to go after a married man.
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I'm not quite sure what to think of it. On one hand it has bright colors, kick ass music, some funny dialog. On the other hand while I enjoy some of the characters, like Sue, whose my current favorite, some of them just don't stand out to me. Maybe its because everyone is put in a certain stereotype. I guess wouldn't bother me too much, except for the fact they don't expand a whole lot on many of them. Sassy Black Woman character is still pretty much Sassy Black Woman character. And some of the characters just seem to be in there to be another piece of the quirky cast. Also, I don't know why, but I keeping getting bored in the middle of each episode, where some melodrama is shoehorned in (it seems like Mr. Schuester has quit/been on the bring of quitting the job in almost all three episodes so far), when they finally get back singing something plot related.

Oh well. I'm going to keep watching. Maybe it will improve over time for me.
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So, episode four: On the one hand, low on singing, and the pregnancy plot(S!) only get worse. On the other hand, the football team learning how to dance in order to loosen up and win a game, and Kurt successfully being on the team and kicking as long as they all dance to Single Ladies? Comedy gold and heartwarming and warped all at once. Still trying to figure out how doing a dance wins a game, but I love Ryan Murphy's surreal world, so what the hell.

Somewhere Lea Michelle is pouting for not getting to be the star of this episode. Heh.
I am thinking that a lot of the cliches in Glee are on the road to eventual subversion (or deconstruction) and the characters who are kind of in the background for now will have their time to shine in later episodes. I'll be sad if I'm wrong, but as is it's still pretty hilarious and I love it.

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Any thoughts on tonight's episode? I liked how Emma showed some backbone, and Kristen Chenoweth makes anything a winner. I think last episode was a bit better plot-wise, but I still enjoyed it.
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I didn't see the first episode, but I actually liked the second episode, despite generally not liking musicals. I don't think it'll be appointment television or anything, but may fill some down hours here and there.

I really liked the montage where the older ringer won over the rest of the club.
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I keep noticing how the format of Glee is similar to the BBC show All The Small Things. Plot determines when and how the characters can sing, the music isn't just thrown in randomly. About musical groups that started small and fighting against a bigger and more established traditional group. Antagonists are painted very broadly as generally evil straw men. Has anyone seen both shows and noticed this connection or is it just me?

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I haven't seen the show you are referencing, but I wouldn't be surprised. It would not be the first time that American TV stole something whole-cloth from the British. =)

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If All The Small Things is the same thing that was being shown here as "Heart & Soul", then yes; I did notice a vague resemblance. Although Glee actually seems to be aware that it's ridiculously clichéd.
See, I'm loving Glee. It obviously knows it's just riddled with cliches, but it's just so much FUN to watch.

The only complaint I really have is that they're spending WAY too much time on Rachel and Finn's romance plot that I'm getting disappointed at the lack of development for any of the other characters.

Originally, it looked like they were going to give a sort-of Day in the Limelight episode for all the club members, while still keeping up the relevant plot threads. But now it seems like they've dropped that for "Hey, guys! Look at Rachel and Finn! Isn't their relationship so DRAMATIC?"
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I'm liking the fact that Finn and Rachel are really obviously flawed. To the point that they become even more annoying than if they were perfect. Finn is astonishingly stupid, for example.

By the way, I've got a theory about why Rachel gets all the leads. Last time Will gave someone else the lead, Rachel quit. It seems like if she doesn't get to do everything, she won't do anything. Which leaves Will open to accusations of discrimination.

Although that whole thing doesn't quite make sense if you consider that Rachel is Jewish (or possibly black).
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I tried watching Glee, but there was nowhere near as much singing and dancing as I was expecting.

For some reason, the episode I was watching had a whole lot of stuff about football in it. I don't hate football, but that wasn't what I was there for.
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The Push It dance was hilarious. I might actually want to watch this.
I am now officially watching this show due to Puck's amazing singing voice.

Pleeeease let him have more solos than Finn in the future.
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Is it just me, or are Kurt's scenes with his dad the best thing about this show?
It's not just you!
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Just curious, but does anyone else have something akin to Mood Whiplash just from Quinn? She goes from evil to Woobie several times in the course of a single episode.

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Missed some early episodes but I love it now. Surprisingly funny, cool songs, and it does eem they are deconstructing some character types in it. Crowning Momentof Funny when Arty tells Tina about his car crash that disabled.. then tells her he still has control of his penis. I fell on the floor laughing.

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