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201 SalFishFin9th Feb 2011 04:01:14 PM from A respectful distance away , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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Massive bump.

I've been considering bumping this myself, actually.

Uhhh... Who is still interested in this? Please raise your hands -_-
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203 Luthen10th Feb 2011 12:45:53 AM from Down Under Burgess , Relationship Status: Playing Cupid
I find this piquing my curiosity. I starting formulating a character as I read through the thread, and found on page five that Yellow was proposing something similar. But I'll share it anyway, and if the overlap in abilities is too much, they can be changed. They're not the focus of the character, just my first idea. I know the personality is very thin, but I'm still getting a grasp of the character.

Name: Farralai (Farrah) Ta-roven

Tall (6'2") and wiry, looks about 16 even though he's Really Six Hundred Years Old (well 615). Has mid back length brown hair that is kept a whole lot of little braids which are then normally knotted together. Hazel eyes. High cheekbones. Fairly tanned.
His wardrobe tends to be intense earthy colours - particularly blues, reds and browns, and his iconic piece is a Badass Long Robe. More or less a sleeveless duster in blue with gold embroidery at the hems, and his family coat of arms subtly on the back.

Race: Seelie Sidhe (Neutral Good)

Staff/Student/Other: New Staff Member

Archetype: Mage

Farrah is a trained mage, so capable of most basic magics. His speciality is summonings, particularly elemental summonings. I've been inspired by China Melville's depiction of elementals merely beginning with fire, earth, etc and ending up with crazy stuff like summoning a moon elemental which is an embodiment of all moon myths at once. Though that kind of summon would take hours to prepare and weaken him severely.

Farrah is very curious about how the world works, less so people. He finds beauty in both magic and wildlife, and is extremely pleased to get a chance to share this fascination. An energetic and passionate Absent-Minded Professor, he's prone to social Faux Pas. He's a bit superficial in friendships as a result of his years at Nephilim, where he just didn't mature very much compared to his classmates.

Farrah comes from a fairly average Sidhe family. Not particularly high ranked, there wasn't too much pressure for self advancement. So there was plenty of time for relaxation and hobbies. He enjoyed crafting things and exploring the local forests for magical wildlife.
He attended NIFGI (Nifty?) when he was 450 studying magic and cryptozoology. Since graduating he's oscillated between each of his chosen fields every few decades. An area of magic he furthered his studies in and has become something of a master of is summoning. This talent is what brings him back to Nifty, now as a teacher of Summoning 201 and assistant to Magic 101.

Fighting Style:
Prefers ranged combat, and summoning elementals to fight for him. If forced into melee his Weapon of Choice is a quarterstaff.

Relationships (if applicable):
I'm thinking of him having a fiance or a kid. Not sure yet. Probably still be too young for both.
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Nah. Yours and Yellow's characters seem sufficiently different.

Um, so he's a 16 year old teacher in personality? It does make sense... Would he have very much experience dealing with his students?

The summoning sounds good... Although I've been keeping the power levels of the good guys toned down. How would a moon elemental do against a dragon? Dragons are the minimum bar; anything that could defeat a full-power dragon is out, let alone some of the Demigods and such running around.

Hmmm... Apart from that, he sounds fine ^_^

Although I'd like to hear the response to the above questions before I pass judgement.
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205 HarleyQuinn11710th Feb 2011 01:21:05 AM from Somewhere Random
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I just read most of the pages on here (1-6) and I'm really quite interested in this 'Shared Universe'. I've never done one before though, so I can't say I'll be that good at it. So if you're still accepting people, I could make a character and start writing the 1500 word short for my character.

So... Are you still accepting people?
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206 Star_Kindler10th Feb 2011 02:48:04 AM from Here, of course
Wow I need to read my P Ms occasionally. Okay, so here is the deal: I am busy on levels indescribable. Writing a story? Not really a possibility. I am still interested in this universe and would be willing to be an ideas man or an editor or whatever, but writing about my character isn't conceivable with the sheer load of homework that dominates the hours in which I feel capable of accomplishing anything.
C'est la vie.
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We certainly are, Harley ^_^

Feel free to write up a character~

Okay. No worries, Kindler- I understand about time issues and such.

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Nope? Not interested now? -_-
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[up]Or you know, she just hasn't come back here yet. No need to be so impatient, I have proof it's possible.

On Luthen's character: He sounds fine, good enough for me to accept it and ask for a writing sample. But I've got a question: Why does he look like a 16 year old? I'd like an in-universe and an out-of-universe reason, please.
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211 cutewithoutthe14th Feb 2011 08:25:52 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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212 cutewithoutthe7th Mar 2011 03:56:24 AM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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peoplez, this is an awesome project and you should join.

If you are accepted, I will fuckin draw your bitch character for ya', dawg.

Also read; this is one of Cygan's first attempts at a 'verse. Don't you want to help now?

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213 Luthen7th Mar 2011 04:27:07 PM from Down Under Burgess , Relationship Status: Playing Cupid
Sorry I didn't post. I have to admit I'm going to pull out (or at least sit on the bench). I'm currently directing all my writing energies to my main project, and you can see from my absence of posts in the Minimum Word Counts threads that I'm having major difficulties finding the time.

On top of that, I don't really have any idea where I would be going with character, nor do I care all that much about him. So I don't think I'd do him justice.

And honestly, I think I signed up for this more in a Role Play kind of mind set, which isn't what this is.

I'll answer your questions though. Farrah versus the Dragon? Maybe if he had a couple of weeks and a half dozen talented students to help with the summoning, the Moon elemental would be technically a pseudo-god itself. As for his age/appearance, I think I just divided whatever age Cygan said elves enrol at by whatever age humans do to get a linear conversion. Though there's no real logical reason for their lifecycle to be in the same proportions as humans.

Long story short, I don't feel up to the challenge, though I admit I might return to it. Or venture into Cygan's Deunified Plot Chaos.

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A shame. Just when I found out that I'm not the only one whose brain automatically translates "Sidhe" to "elves".

Oh well.

Is your main project this 100 theme challenge thingy?
215 Luthen13th Mar 2011 05:51:49 PM from Down Under Burgess , Relationship Status: Playing Cupid
((Well no, the 100 Theme Challenge is meant to be getting me to write stuff for my main project, which is a WIP entitled "Spirit Song". It had a thread but it got deleted. Maybe I'll put up a Troper's Works page...))
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