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The Web Wanderer
So the idea is that, poster above posts a sentence long pitch, anything from Two Words, X Meets Y, or a full on sentence.

Poster under makes a synopsis of the plot that could probably be found on the back of the cover.

I say: Robots vs Zombies, plain and simple.

You say: After a virus outbreak decimates almost all of humanity, the remaining humans' only hope is a elite task force of robotic soldiers immune to the zombie threat, programmed to incapacitate the Zombie threat and decontaminate the world. But that begs the question, can the robot's be trusted?

So here we go: A Truman Show Plot extra is fed up with his job, and tries to break the masquerade.
"A Truman Show Plot extra is fed up with his job, and tries to break the masquerade."

When the first human/vampire hybrid is conceived by a Mayfly–December Romance couple, scientists are fascinated, vampires are freaked, and the public is excited. They agree on a system to please everyone, whereby the kid is set up in a fake town where she is carefully prevented from realizing her vampire powers. Meanwhile, scientists observe her and covertly experiment on her, while the public watches her life through hidden cameras as a reality TV show.

Susanna, sent in to act as the new transfer student, befriends the half-vampire. Guilt sets in as she realizes she is deceiving someone she now cares about. When she hears that the scientists want to study how the half-vampire would react to her staged death, she decides she's had enough, and tells the half-vampire kid exactly what is going on.

OK, here's mine: A bunch of cats get transformed into humans by accident, and are taken in by a vampire who teaches them how to blend into humanity.

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If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
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Maid of Win
"A bunch of cats get transformed into humans by accident, and are taken in by a vampire who teaches them how to blend into humanity."

Dr. Crazio loves the daylight and all its life and energy. One problem: Dr. Crazio is a vampire. Fortunately, he's also a mad scientist. He uses his incredible intellect to build a Humanizing Ray, a device that turns anyone it hits into a human. Then comes another problem: While testing it out in a dark alley, the ray explodes, leaving Crazio a vampire but transforming some nearby stray cats into humans. To get the materials he needs to rebuild the ray, Crazio must send the unruly cat-humans out into the world... but first he has to get them to stop eating mice.

(I kinda want to read that. :P)

A period romance between a garbage man and a perfume maker.
Thanks for the all fish!
In the debauched 1920's, Penelope Lautier is the most sought after lady in Chicago for her fashionable scents for young ladies. Lately though, her work has been lagging. Penny can't find the inspiration she needs to please her customers and her own high standards. Then, her sensitive nose is drawn to the pungent odors of her neighborhood garbage man, Ralph. Two worlds collide in the explosive era of the roarin' twenties. the title: Scents and Sensibilities or, Prohibition Fumes.

mine: A flamboyant gay detective and his search for the peacock feather murderer.

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Maid of Win
It was a queer murder— in more than one way. The killer was proud and showy, like the peacock whose feathers he left in the mouths of every victim. The latest one: Danny Didier, well-known and well-liked New Orleans transvestite, and good friend of retired PI Ian Flare. When the killer sends a letter mocking Didier's death and threatening Flare's husband, the gloves are off and the fashionable felt hat is back on. This crook's about to be set straight— The Gay Detective is on his back.  *

Possible titles: Peacock of the Walk, Pride and Joyless

Idea: A cannibal and her parole officer are lost in the Amazon.
Thanks for the all fish!
Family reunions are always dramatic, and Ari Venzula's family is no different—despite being a one of the last cannibal tribes left in the Amazon. Ari's visit goes awry when her plane crashes, stranding her and her handsome (and oh so succulent looking ) parole officer in a strange part of the jungle. As she and Ralph navigate the steamy underbrush, can Ari control her urges, both romantic and otherwise? And when they finally meet her family, will she be able to convince her Dad that Ralph is not the main course? Possible title: Dangerous Jungle

Woof, is my mind ever in the gutter tonight!

Possible title:
Amateur cook Professional procrastinator

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Maid of Win
Amarys, just wanted to say I love those dust jackets! I want to read those books so badly— especially steamy Amazonian cannibal romance. "Succulent looking." XD
Thanks for the all fish!
The Web Wanderer
All right, since no one posted how about an Apocalypse movie in the vein of a Road Comedy?

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I guess I'll take a spin at that one.

Mike Callaghan was a hipster who was incredibly bored out of his mind with a dead-end office job and "dealing" with a breakup with a girl he never really liked, until the day the "Hit" that destroyed most of the East Coast happened. Soon, he's found himself on a wild trip with his "emotionally unhinged" sister, Milly, and his somewhat insane best friend Miles to find the promised land of...

Buena Vista, Florida, the only place left intact after it happened, apparently because The Happiest Place On Earth can never be destroyed. (Alternatively, THEY'RE GOIN' TO DISNEY WORLD!)

But it's not going to be easy, because there's quite a few people left, and they've gone the way of the insane, to put it nicely.

Possible title: The Hit, or The Hit Trip.

Great, I actually want to write it now. Perhaps I will once I'm done with my book.

Next up: A Clear My Name story where the protagonist's a delusional kleptomaniac who actually is guilty of the crime he committed, whatever it may be.

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Alfred is being framed by an insane and clever enemy. The crimes begin with small thefts, gradually ostracizing Alfred from his friends and family. Soon, Alfred finds himself terrorized as things around him go missing, mysteriously ending up in his car, home and even his safety deposit box. The [police are closing in and Alfred must try to clear his name and discover the true culprit. Get to the bottom of the mystery in the psychologically fraught "Grand Theft Me."

I'm awarding myself Double points for wrong use of trope.

A woman is terrorized by the healthy foods in her refrigerator in this diet-food comedy.

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"(I kinda want to read that. :P)"

You're in luck, because you've inspired me with that!
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
The Web Wanderer
Enter Maria Mallard, a high powered businesswoman, determined to lose a couple sizes in order to secure a promotion. In her quest to slim down, she bought a subscription to her local dieting agency, and now has food delivered to her doorstep that will "sculpt the fat right off of her." Little did she know how guaranteed that would be, for her coworker put a curse on her diet food, and that turned the tables on her metabolism, and now her food is trying to eat her! Can she escape the frenzied food mob, and land the job? Find out, in "Food for THOOOUGGGHT!"

Next up: A Stoner Flick IN SPACE!!
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Maid of Win
^^Good luck! Send me a link when it's done.

EDIT: Blast, ninja'd! I'll work on your now, Moocow.

"A woman is terrorized by the healthy foods in her refrigerator in this diet-food comedy."

All 300-pound Adelaine wanted was to fit into her wedding dress. She didn't want any complications, but when an experimental dietitian's Miracle Diet Foods help her lose half her weight in just one day, things get complicated fast. Her boss is suddenly interested in her; the FDA is suspicious; and her fiance is just confused. As if that weren't bad enough, the food itself seems to have become sentient, and will stop at nothing to cram itself down Adelaine's throat. But the effects of the food don't last long, and supplies are dwindling. Can Addie make it to the altar in perfect wedding dress? And if she does, will it be with the right groom? (Possible title: Diet Riot)

"A Stoner Flick IN SPACE!!"

Andy and Mark are two slacker custodians on the galaxy's orbital hub, Space Station 12. While cleaning the air vents, they learn of a secret lab in the station that grows "spice", a powerful hallucinogenic and the pair's favourite passtime. They decide to raid the lab, but things get dangerous when the drug dealers find out they've been spied on and decide to blow up the station... Plus there's a cow somewhere, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Next: A Coming of Age story about a Sweet Polly Oliver in the army.

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Thanks for the all fish!
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^^ Stoner Flick IN SPACE!:

Todd Delavera was a normal old coot who was constantly on the hunt for a good way to get his fix, until his crackpot space nomad friend Luke found a planet full of a plant by the name of "Lukium" that is a great (and legal!) way for them to go to Dreamland. The only problem is, Luke's on the run from Xela Algernod, a space chief who's also found the planet of Lukium's discovery (and might or might not be a figment of their imagination), and he knows their secret. Will Todd and Luke keep their stash and make their cash without getting caught by Xela and the space feds? Find out in this epic thrill ride that'll have you high - literally!

Title: "The Space Stash Dash" or "The Lukium Loaders"

Next: An Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist teenager learns Gun Kata and kills reanimated Natzie Zombies.

Edit: Ninja'd. CRAP, I LIKED THIS.

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The Web Wanderer
"Next: A Coming of Age story about a Sweet Polly Oliver in the army."

When Trudy was twelve, she was sent from her small town in Virginia to her grandparents in Illinois, in order to keep her far away from the Confederate War. But after her big brother Tim is presumed dead or captured with the rest of his resistance pocket, Trudy takes up his mantle and sneaks into the Confederate Army to find the rest of her family, her brother, and ultimately, herself in, "The Blue and Gray Solider, the Trudy Shiloh story.

"Next: An Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist teenager learns Gun Kata and kills reanimated Nazi Zombies."

This is Dave. His gamer score is over 9,000. His headshot count is 103, and the number of ten year olds he made cry is staggering, even to his peers. His job stinks, his girlfriend is there, sometimes, and Dave couldn't be happier. Until the nazi zombies show up, and ravage his city during his lan party. Now, infused with the legendary "Konami Talisman," which gives him the skills of thirty great marksmen and unlimited ammunition to work with, he has to kill all the zombies before they kill him, collateral damage be dammed! Can he save the day, look awesome doing it, and be badass enough to win back the girl who may or may not be over him? Find out, in "Headshot: The Zombiemen Cometh."

Next: Double Complete Rainbow, the movie!

Hopefully this appeases the Ninja Overloads.

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Maid of Win
The Ninja Overlords are pleased. When the cull happens, you will be spared for like five minutes and then you're totally toast again.

"Double Complete Rainbow, the movie!"

Camping alone in the California desert, Paul awakes to find a complete double rainbow stretching all the way across the sky. It's so beautiful, so bright, so vivid, so intense— but what does it mean? The revelation leads Paul to question his theology, sexuality, and place in the world. Meanwhile, on the horizon, forces conspire to turn the double rainbow, into a triple rainbow...

Next: A boisterous academic and his research team visit a haunted house.
Thanks for the all fish!
Steve Carissou and his brilliant but inexperienced team of anthropology interns are headed for the dig of a life time. Offered a "unique opportunity" in the field, through a mysterious message, Steve and his team find themselves caught up in more than they bargained for. Ghosts of ancient warrios and long-losdt tribes are the only greeters they meet. Will Steve and his team escape from the house of anthropological horrors? Or will they become a part of the mansion's history, doomed to haunt the halls? Possible Title: The Aged Bones

Let's see.....

An aqcuatic romance, starring an aquaphobic lady and a merman.

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Beatrice Bailey, contortionist extrordinare, had come across many an interesting character in her line of work, but none quite so intriguing as the (Live and Genuine!) Merman in a jar. "Aquirio the mer-king, captured off the coast of guadalupe!" said the sign outside his tent. "Arthur." Said the merman.

Mystery, romance, wonder, excitement, and hopeless stagnation like only a life in the circus can provide.

Next one: What if Alice never woke up? What if what went down the rabbit hole stayed down the rabbit hole?

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The Web Wanderer
Alice thought she was done with Wonderland for good, but she forgot the first rule they told her coming in, "What goes down in the Rabbit Hole, stays there." And after the capture of the White queen, the Reds have started moving into White territory, trying to take the entire town. It's up to Alice to take up her flamingo once more, because if she want's out, she's going to have to get into Wonderland business deeper than she has ever gone before... into the gray world of THE STALEMATE SYNDICATE!

Next: The Colbert Report The Movie!
  • yawn*

Steven colbert does a two hour news show. Hilarity ensues.

That one was kind of boring.

A boring man climbs half-dome peak to prove his uniqueness.
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The Web Wanderer
Tim is an insurance salesman, who has a wife and two lovely children to look after, but that was never enough for him. After hearing about some ordinary guy who climbed Half Dome, Tim decides that in order to embrace his unique side, he is going to have to climb that mountain in order to prove to himself that he is more than himself. Thus he embarks on a true adventure to help himself find his true self, all by himself. Except for the rest of his climbing group.

Next: A paralegal finds herself The Chosen One to save a mystical world parallel to Earth, aided by a talking sword.
... http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagicKingdomOfLandover One Copy Paste coming up1

Just kidding.

Stella's got trouble. Her uncle Milfred has passed away, leaving her his estate and all that entails. Despite not even knowing she had an Uncle Milfred, Stella, the rising star at "Liar, Lawyer, and Edd" finds herself in possession of more than she bargained for. After checking that the will is airtight, Stella takes possession of the old house and grounds, intending to sell it and move on with her life. Imagine her surprise when, hearing a mysterious voice in the attic, she is pulled into a mystical realm of Thrae. A land where things are taken far too literally. Now aided by the Talking Sword (tm) and her trusty yellow legal pad, Stella must battle the evil forces that are rotting the Big Apple to it's core! (this one is mine, I'm writing it. No one take it! JK, sorta. OGP)

Possible title: Wyrms in Manhattan

Next up: a night at the dance club turns into a groundhogs day loop for hapless Alfred, a limousine driver just trying to bring his young mistress home in time for curfew. PHEW!

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I need a drink
Alfred is a man down on his luck. Naturally pessimistic and anti-social, he's stuck in (what he finds to be) a demaning job, putting up with his spiteful ex-wife, Joanne and a daughter who can't stand him, Kathy. Needless to say he isn't thrilled when one night, he gets "The Witching Hour" . A late night ride with the teenaged pine-wood heiress Penelope Splinz, the original "rich bitch" herself. After arguing with his wife; getting his two week notice from his younger boss and getting pulled over by a rather strange and vindictive road cop, Al finally snaps and give into Penelopes demands to go to a night club. But when disaster happens after the clubs roof breaks and falls on Al, he finds himself lving the same day. All over again. Now in order to move on and maintain his sanity, Al has to relive his day till he gets it right.

Yeah feels like a cop out. I know.
Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
Aww no title?

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oops! Okay its called "Roundabout"

Okay the challenge is: The life of the 116th clone of an atsronaut in deep space with only the ships computer Dot for company.

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Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.

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