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201 lebrel12th Mar 2012 09:49:54 AM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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Trying to get a SexyBacklessDress trope set up so we can split them off Sexy Back (where they shouldn't be). Looking for feedback on the title and whether it should be restricted to dresses/blouses or also cover backless armour, leotards, indescribable glued-on Sci-Fi outfits, etc.
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202 Bisected819th Mar 2012 01:34:08 PM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Well, I just created a YKTTW (at long las) for my proposed split of Living Weapon. I've created a proto-trope for the first Internal Subtrope and I'll do the same for the second (leaving "Type 3" as Living Weapon, since it fits the literal description);

Attack Animal
203 lebrel22nd Mar 2012 10:40:08 AM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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Trying to make a trope for NerdGlasses (the trope formerly by that name is now Opaque Nerd Glasses). Input on types and examples appreciated.
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204 RandomChaos24th Mar 2012 09:25:33 PM from My own little world
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YKTTW are you listening, non sequitur.

A character says a non sequitur to verify that the person they're talking to isn't paying attention.

The comedy troupe where one character usually female in speaking to another character, usually male. After saying a few things . The woman well say something random, just to see if they were paying attention.

  • Dinosaurs: and then I'm going to take all my clothes off and dance naked in the driveway
  • Royal Pains: and I'm pregnant with twins it's going to be hard to have them in prison
  • one of the Power Ranger shows: and the Rangers have requested clown suits for when they're on patrol . I've approved them

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Need some help with the examples on this YKTTW so we can conclude the TRS thread that started it.
Need more votes on the title crowner for this YKTTW.
It looks like the Pragmatic Hero YKTTW may need to be completely redone.

Taking votes on whether to split this into two (or more) tropes. This YKTTW would be discarded and replaced by two YKTTW's that link back here:
  • Option 1: Keep as is, and keep trying
  • Option 2: split:
    • A Hero who is The Unfettered. They commit villainous acts to further the cause of good, and generally regard having values as a weakness, but their goals are always on the side of good.
    • A Hero who is pragmatic, but not The Unfettered. They have their own principles, they just reject the normal heroic ethics as practiced by The Cape or a Knight in Shining Armor.
  • Option 3: split:
    • A hero who breaks the rules for a good cause, which might range from jaywalking to arson and murder, to genocide and torture, but it's all for a good cause. Some are quite moral people that are simply investigating a crime using their own methods rather than the official rulebook, others are The Unfettered, and still others are just plain nasty, dark heroes.
    • A sliding scale of how far a hero is willing to go into morally questionable territory to serve the cause of good.

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[up] While I think it could stand as-is (option 1), I could also see splitting it under option 2. I'm not sure how option 3 is different than option 1 + another potentially problematic sliding scale.
[up][up] I think you need to revive the TRS thread on the Sliding Scale of Anti-Heroes and ask for some help there as well.
210 Rockonman27th Mar 2012 08:56:27 PM from Cloudy City, WA
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This is where we post things we think need to be changed, right?

If so, then there are two completely separate Action prologue pages, found here and here. They both have similar, if not the same (I didn't look through all the examples), examples.
[up] This thread is about requesting assistance with YKTTW drafts. If you find duplicates but you don't know what to do, bring it up in Ask The Tropers.
212 Bisected828th Mar 2012 05:22:45 PM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to ask, but someone's ninja launched a YKTTW I was sponsering before I was satisfied it was ready and they don't seem to have bothered creating the article (although they might just not have finished yet, it's still a red link on the launch list). What should I do? Just recreated the YKTTW, or is there some way I can unlaunch it?

This is the YKTTW in question.
[up] Fast Eddie has an unlauncher button. You can ask for it in Ask The Tropers.
214 Bisected828th Mar 2012 05:28:07 PM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Thanks. I'll take the issue there then.
215 lebrel4th Apr 2012 05:29:05 PM from Basement, Ivory Tower
Tsundere pet.
I've adopted a YKTTW for crossdressing school escapades, needs help with the title, here's the names crowner.
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@213: You can also unlaunch a YKTTW without moderator assistance if you know the URL.

BTW, was Misterious Mist really meant to be spelled that way?

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I wish I had known the existence of this thread during my latest YKTTW (which, so far, is the only one I've succesfully managed to launch). If this isn't sticked yet, it should!
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Got a supertrope / Index going for Magical Girl costumes [1] could use some input tropes and examples.

Several YKTTW ideas in that too if anyone wants to start those redlinks up, I have 2 started up chest brooch and Heart Motifs that could use examples and description help.
219 Oreochan9th Apr 2012 05:45:43 PM from Pennsylvania
Alright, I have a Magical Library YKTTW for the Library of Babel since it's being split into two. The description is good enough, but I don't really have the amount of examples I usually launch articles with (15 or 20 examples)I am now babysitting five other YKTTWs and participating in Special Effort cleanups. So can someone take over from here or at least bring in more examples?

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220 Bisected813th Apr 2012 06:43:13 PM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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I think I've linked to it before, but I'm having trouble with my Attack Animal YKTTW. It's not really accumulating any hats, but nor is it attracting any criticism on why.
Forgive me if I did this horribly wrong. I launched a YKTTW for Living Bonds. This is where the character is tied up by a living rope, or rope like being. This could be something like a snake or an animated rope. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=m5jg0ywdgbnvgv9egmx5ginp

Do we have something like this? I searched the site, in particular the Bound and Gagged index, google search and the site's search engine. Tentacle Rope was similar, but not exactly the same.
222 Bisected821st Apr 2012 01:08:49 PM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Earlier I launched the YKTTW I mentioned before and I have just made a YKTTW for the second split from Living Weapon; Weaponised Ally. Any help getting the description sorted out and a name agreed upon will be appreciated.
223 Deboss23rd Apr 2012 12:13:19 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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@221, Combat Tentacles?

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I did look at Combat Tentacles and Tentacle Rope. What I am talking about is closer to Tentacle Rope, think of when you see and old adventure movie and the hero is wrapped in a snake and struggling back and forth. Does that make sense?
225 Deboss23rd Apr 2012 10:02:12 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Hm, that sounds more like a snake trope of some kind. Constrictor is the proper term for such snakes, I'll do a search for that.

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