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What if we have a vague idea for a trope, but it isn't developed enough for a YKTTW write up? Maybe we just want to through out a laconic description and ask others Is This Tropable? and Should We Have This??

Is there a place we can use for informal trope brainstorming without cluttering up YKTTW with barely formed ideas? If not, do we need one? I'm thinking if we had someplace like that, then YKTTW could focus on providing examples and feedback for more fully formed examples that are worthy of being tropes and less on shooting down bad trope ideas. Think the difference between brainstorming (idea collecting) and rough drafts (putting forth ideas in an organized, fleshed out though not final form).

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That really is what YKTTW is for, though. It's been flanderized a bit into "tropes you're intending to launch" but it it is intended as a sounding board for articles in all stages of development.
You can mark it with an Early Development Phase tag if it makes you feel better.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
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We've got several voices charting this one out as "Your Mind Makes It Real But More Specific". Input?
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I absolutely agree that it's Your Mind Makes It Real. If it launches it'll be in TRS for a merge inside of two days.
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^ Hopefully that's just a rhetorical prediction and not a promise. (Hehe :) )
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Enhanced On DVDI want to launch this but man still have title issues and no one seems to have any input... Any ideas? (its up for grabs too if anyone really wants it.)

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Windshield Splat

There might be a trope somewhere in here, but not as currently written.
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In need of discussion, distinction from Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?:

Bumped for some discussion, How Did We Miss This One?:

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Inconvenient Itch has aquired five launch-hats, but before I launch it I would like some opinions on whether the current title is the best fit, or if we should go with one of the alternate suggestions.

Anyone willing to weigh in on the YKTTW about what title they think is best would be appreciated.
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It's a trope!
Contemporary Christian Music

Music with Christian themes, super-index or something to Christian Rock.
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Fandom trope where a fanartist renders a character as if they were transformed into a species belonging to a different work (like drawing human characters as My Little Ponies or Sonic Hedgehogs). Some help with the description, and definite help picking a good title.

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Tiny Tyrannical Tsundere was cut out of the blue, (a fully valid trope and name was debated for quite a while)

No YKTTW was ever put back up. Can someone put it back?
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Found the original draft. Just need to copy-paste the markup.

EDIT: Oddly enough, the system is refusing to add the YKTTW. Glitch?

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I keep trying to propose a new YKTTW and it just won't stick. Every time I press "send", it doens't show on the next page. Anybody know what the problem is?

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Yeah, I noticed that problem with one of my most recent YKTTWs; the problem vanished as suddenly as it appeared. Better ask the quesiton on Ask The Tropers, though.
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The Noble Looter YKTTW has received 5 "ready to publish" hats, however the examples show that the trope is more general than the name implies.

To decide the issue, I've created a crowner to select the best name for the trope. Anyone who is willing to review the YKTTW and then select the trope name they feel would be most fitting on the crowner would be greatly appreciated.
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It seems people in this YKTTW are having some difficulty deciding its name. I'm thinking some input from admins or mods might be helpful.
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Twilight Bark: A message is sent by traveling through multiple relays.

It already has more than a few examples, and I already have a better name ready. However, the original sponsor put only a single sentence for the description. I don't want this to launch without at least a paragraph, and some of our trademark wit. Part of me wants to see if it could be a self demonstrating article.

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Citadel City: Medieval city super prepared for a siege.

I know this one is a really common one, but I need more specific examples.
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Soliciting opinions on whether or not this is distinct from Combining Mecha. Seen It a Million Times — whenever a team of Mecha are combined to form one giant robot, The Hero / leader of the group almost always forms the head/torso of the robot.

This seemed to be conspicuously missing from the Combining Mecha, so I whacked in a paragraph to mention it.

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Looking for input on Purely Pragmatic Protagonist.

Is it ready to launch, or does it need work? I don't seem to be getting much attention. Is the name too boring?

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123 Deboss18th Sep 2011 04:23:15 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Overall, I'd say it's ready to launch. I'd modify it so that the work is first, but that's a personal preference.
[up]"work is first"? I'm not sure what you mean. ^^;
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See things like Combo Platter Powers or Flying Firepower, the example format is

Work Name: examply bit.

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