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What happens when the discussed tropes goes to Discarded YKTTW? Does it mean that it's not Up for Grabs for everyone else?

And does Up for Grabs means that I can help the original poster edit their tropes and all of that?

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352 SeptimusHeap22nd Aug 2013 06:12:34 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Being discarded means usually that the YKTTW isn't going to work.

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I'm currently at an impasse with immortalfrieza about the tropability of "Annoying Bug" YKTTW. Anyone care to chip in?
The YKTTW for Interleaved Story quickly swelled into thoughts about narrative structures in general. Feel free to come over and chime in how to continue!
Quick question: my YKTTW for World Tour has several examples and three hats, in addition to a lack of criticism (and I've treated all the ones that have come up). Should I launch it now or wait for one or two more hats?
356 Alucard18th Sep 2013 02:14:35 AM from Vancouver, BC , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I may not be the original sponsor, but I've contributed in a pretty massive way to the Driving Song YKTTW (alphabetizing examples and categorizing them by genre, fixing up the description, adding several of my own examples). Yet all it has is two hats (one of them mine).

What's wrong with it exactly? I asked for feedback on how to improve it, and yet no one replies. I really want to see this one launched.

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Christmas Creep is almost ready, but there are several issues.

  • I've adopted the trope, and the description is not my work. Isn't it too US-centred? I'm from Europe and had I written it, I might have worded it differently.
  • The description says that Britain manages to avoid it. British tropers — is it accurate?
  • The title is settled, but at least two people said they interpreted 'creep' as a person. Should the description mention it's not The Grinch?
  • Real Life examples. Some tropers sense it's going to attract Natter or irrelevant examples. Opinions?
358 Madrugada26th Sep 2013 08:17:39 AM , Relationship Status: In season
Real Life on Christmas Creep? Oh, yeah, it's going to attract Natter and Complaining like rotten meat attracts flies. Bet on it. The fact that it needs a [Note} saying not to add specific examples following the generic "This happens" example is evidence of that.

Axe it from the get-go instead of making us come back and deal with it later.

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359 SeptimusHeap26th Sep 2013 08:25:22 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
In order:
  • While I would take some USA references off, it's not too centered.
  • The UK does not use the term (according to Wikipedia, anyhow), but Google seems to indicate it happens there as well.
  • Best mention it's not The Grinch.
  • Yeah, RL is best left off.
Ah, I launched the page without checking this thread — I expected feedback in the ykttw discussion. But thank you.

I'll put the page on the crowner for maintaining no real life examples please.
361 ShanghaiSlave7th Oct 2013 08:20:39 AM from YKTTW , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
So i'm having a little trouble with this YKTTW. issues are written on top of the description, and there's an ongoing conversation regarding examples (but not what to do with it) in the latest comments.

so i don't now how to say this but... a little help? should the action mentioned on the page be done or should i go on and just fix what the trope is at the moment?
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362 PhysicalStamina27th Oct 2013 11:05:03 AM from LI-LI, LI, LI-LI, LIVE FROM THE GARDEN , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
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Well, my YKTTW for Falling Damage has collected a hefty amount of examples now. Any additional feedback would be much appreciated.
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363 Bisected82nd Nov 2013 11:52:24 AM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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My Cooperative Minion YKTTW hasn't had much feedback at all (only one reply in about a week, to be exact). I've got no idea if this is because it's boring, everyone's too polite to point out it isn't a trope, examples are hard to think of or what.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
364 PPPSSC5th Nov 2013 11:12:37 PM from Washington State , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
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Would like some help with my Weakness Is High Pitched YKTTW. Basically I either want confirmation it's ready to launch or more suggestions to improve it.
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365 Bisected825th Nov 2013 09:28:11 AM from Her Hackette Cave , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Sorry to post twice about the same YKTTW, but I opened a title crowner for the one I mentioned a post or two ago and there hasn't been many votes: Link

The current placeholder title has 4 votes for and none opposed, but it would be nice to get a stronger consensus.
366 Nohbody29th Nov 2013 08:48:47 AM from Somewhere in Dixie , Relationship Status: Mu
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I've been working, off and on (mostly "off" until recently, I admit) on this trope idea (Working Title "Awesomeness Induced Amnesia"), and while there have been plenty of examples collected, it seems to be stalled, with the only input on issues being an old comment on the name needing work to which I got no response when I suggested an alternative.

Is the trope broken in some way, or is it just in need of more bumping?
367 MyFinalEdits29th Nov 2013 07:01:17 PM from Venezuela , Relationship Status: Only knew I loved her when I let her go
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The biggest problem with my draft is that not many people know about it. Almost six months have passed since I presented it, and it only has one hat.
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368 MorningStar13371st Dec 2013 07:17:37 PM from The pacific timezone , Relationship Status: Brony
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Okay. I currently have 4 tropes in the works right now, (Tier System, Lightning-Fire Juxtaposition Planetary Nation and Legacy Boss Battle) The latter three are doing fairly well. But I think I need a little help with Tier System. A troper named Bluejay134 expanded the description to non-video game media (And changed the name and laconic to "Losing is a little fun" or something like that, but I changed it back because it seems to be irrelevant to the trope. I was wondering if there are any works outside of video Games that have tiers (I'm suspecting that most of them would be in the Web-comic category)?

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369 MorningStar13372nd Dec 2013 07:17:49 AM from The pacific timezone , Relationship Status: Brony
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Okay, Sorry for the spam, but I need more help with this trope I reverted it back to what it was and I'd though I just announce it so that people can help me with it instead of thinking its some rougelike trope.

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370 ShanghaiSlave3rd Dec 2013 04:23:22 AM from YKTTW , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
Creature Hunter Organization needs help on the playing with and description. i don't actually need hats yet, but i noticed lotso hats or hat begging give it more attention. but really, i just need help on trimming the description and fixing mistakes.
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371 MorningStar13373rd Dec 2013 08:01:50 AM from The pacific timezone , Relationship Status: Brony
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Okay someone pointed out some Zero Context Examples on my Fire Lightning Juxtaposition YKTTW. some of these examples were subsequently fixed, but here are the ones that aren't:

  • In InuYasha, one Monster of the Week is a pair of twins with intertwined bodies who are always fighting for the control of the body. One of them uses a sword that sparks lightning, and the other uses a conch that breathes fire.
  • In Soul Eater, Kilik's weapons are a pair of pots: Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder.
  • On Charmed's last season, The Halliwells fight with Billie and Christy, using lightning based powers against their fire based powers.

Can anyone help me find out why the 2 elements were used in these works?
372 MorningStar13376th Dec 2013 02:28:21 PM from The pacific timezone , Relationship Status: Brony
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Okay I still need some selp with this YKTTW Primarily I need more examples and tropes about tiers to pun in the index part
Need help with Absurdly High Bodycount. It's supposed to be the replacement for all that Anyone Can Die misuse, but it's been languishing for months.
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