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Needs some hats and/or feedback for Big Breast Pride.

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Requiring some fine-tuning and possible hats to Battle Chant. Has a good number of examples, but seems to have lost all input the day after launch, so I'm not sure if the description still needs to be 'more up to code'.
Can someone please help me to it about this trope on YKTTW? I'm now currently need feedback on the "Well Done Lover" Guy trope that I was creating and the description needs help.

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Database of the Supernatural needs more hats and examples.
There should be a trope for the units with low damage but high health and speed. It's the only one missing from the possible stat triangle combinations.
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Ahem, this is mostly for fresh YKTTW.

Myth is in need of comments, suggestions, and hats.

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Anyone think we should move this to Long Term projects?

Anyway, I have an issue with the YKTTW for "Monstrous Mountain" — it keeps attracting examples of That's No Moon!.

MM is about (and IMHO should be limited solely to) geographical features that visually resemble a monster or living creature (a la Cave Mouth). That's No Moon! is, if anything, an inversion - a monster/thing that resembles (and is subsequently mistaken for) a geographical feature.

I've cited off a number of examples that are clearly TNM, but I seem to be the only one making this argument. Worse, nobody else has said anything, not even to rebut my stance.

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I'm guessing that the name does sound like something else.
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  • Mature Children's Work can use examples and further commentary on the name and description.
  • Hijack, an index. Can use more tropes and hats.
Hey, everyone, take a look at this. And don't forget on add examples, even if it's ethier male or females. Also, don't forget to add hats.
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Need additional trope ideas and input for Random Access Index and description input for No Such Thing As a Deprecated Weapon.
I need help with two tropes in YKTTW:

Hide the evidence: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=d1x5u60pnlcpm1s6no21q17j

I'm trying to make this page show examples where the point of the entire series or work is hiding and discovering evidence and individual examples where hiding the evidence is a major plot point but not the whole point of the plot.

The idea is to just show the name of the show or series for the first type without giving much detail (perhaps one example per show or series - this is one thing I want advice on).

The other is Human Power Regulator: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=61k4y1jk1xxu7phxa2watqoy

I think this is tropeworthy separately from Power Limiter, but I'd appreciate advice on the scope of the trope (should it include all types of Power Limiter, voluntary and involuntary, or should it be limited to voluntary as I was thinking of when I created the YKTTW?). If you think it's not tropeworthy then please discuss why not.
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Sound Coded For Your Convenience needs a lot more examples, please.
Needs some hats for What Beautiful Hair, please.
It would help a lot to get some feedback, on this ykttw Bloody Horrifying. Maybe some hats too.

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IMHO, Name Blindness suffers from that age-old question of: Is it just Trope X But More Specific?
These are tropes I sort of adopted. They could almost go, but please consider giving feedback.

  • Lobotomy has been in ykttw for far too long and it's a good and needed trope, but it could use a description improvement. Feedback please? EDIT: It also tends to lose hats rather suddenly and then collects them again. Without comments, so I'm not sure what's that about.

  • Present Peeking is similar concept to Gift Shake. Are both needed? The draft has collected more examples and is a bit broader. I can see them each being tropeworhy on its own, but also they could be merged in one trope.

  • a cappella is almost ready. Could you comment on possible customized title? A Cappella looks ugly and it's hard on my eyes. Would you agree with all lowercase letters and have it as "a cappella"?

EDIT: A Cappella, Present Peeking and Lobotomy got launched.

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I have three active YKKTW right now.

All Males Are All Muscle where a work has every male being heavily muscled. I think it's ready but I'd like some feedback from other people on whether it's ready.

Paradoxical Nihilist where someone believes in a higher meaning in existence like fate or God but acts like a Straw Nihilist. I only have three examples (two disputable).

Titanium Peashooter is where characters have both high defense and speed. It may be launch-able but I'm not sure. A few extra examples would also be nice.

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I'm looking for some help with the description on Adaptational Comic Relief. Some feedback would also be nice - I want to do this before launching it.
Unreveal Angle. Feedback please? Name was chosen by a crowner and it has collected lots of examples from various media.
Needs some hats, examples and/or feedback for Sloppy Hime Cut, please.
I'm looking for some help with the description on Sloppy Hime Cut. I also need help to add an image caption for each type. And I need help to look for a meaning behind the haircut, please.
I'm looking for some help with Paint It White
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Well, I've decided to give this a try again with Falling Damage.
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