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The Oral Tradition YKTTW is getting ignored. A quite old TRS thread is dragging waiting on this and related drafts.

We have not received any hats (besides authors'), but also no suggestions at all for what to do to make it hat-able.

Please take a look at it and tell us what it needs, or hat it if it's launchable as-is.

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Sound Coded For Your Convenience has some issues with its description.
Septimus, I gave it a whirl. Tell me what you think.
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Would you have a look here?

We need a cool name, and there is a possibility of founding new ykttw entries for its sister tropes.

For now it's called Coordinated Clothes. The basic idea is that twins, Those Two Guys, romantic couples, a gang of friends or family members tend to wear matching outfits in fiction to show that they belong together.

Sport shirts and work/military uniforms were also considered, but most felt these are chairs.

The trope is nearly launchable. There was quite a fruitful discussion but fresh opinions are welcome.
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Comments on the description here? I am not really impressed.
Need some opinions on whether Embarrassed Beauty isn't covered by So Beautiful, It's a Curse.
This thread needs examples. The working title is Good Luck Hand Gestures. Thanks!

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This thread needs input. We need a name (there are several good ideas) and there is a lumpers vs splitters debate.
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This YKTTW needs far more examples.
On Game Changer I tried making a new post in the discussion, but they aren't appearing for me, though it adding numbers to the comment counter. Where do I bring that?

Also, anyone have suggestions or hats to throw in? I changed it up a little bit.
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Hohoende, kudasai!
[up] Hatted. Looks good as it is. The edits were good.

I'm trying to get this started. I only need a few more hats, and I'd like some feedback as well. (I can find more examples myself).
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The Mythology YKTTW for the TRS split of Oral Tradition needs input, or feedback, or replies, or anything.

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Oceanic Airlines needs more examples.
Hohoende, kudasai!
This this, and this could all use some feedback, any if possible.
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Please have a look here: Pursue the Dream Job
Hohoende, kudasai!
This, this, and this, and this need feedback, hats, anything.
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Colour Coded Emotions needs help with it's description. More examples would be nice too.
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Hi, I've tried to launch Reality Has No Subtitles, but it was locked.

Here's the page (it's red marked, apparently): http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealityHasNoSubtitles

Here's the YKTTW: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=1b5wrg8qcva39q7zs4cm4603

I've also posted this on the "Please unlock" thread, but no answer so far.

Honestly, I think this is a solid one this time (unlike back then, when it was launched in poorly fashion). So, if someone could help me in solving this, I'd be grateful.
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I'm looking over my YKTTWs, and no one else has so much as commented on Chorale Rise, Reused Supporting Character Song, Personal Letter Reader, Quick Action Panels or Prize from the Skies.
"Getting Too Old For This" has a decent level of support but there is a deadlock of opinion over the title. Some think it sounds like dialogue and should be ignored based on No New Stock Phrases. Others feel it it doesn't sound like dialogue more than any other longer titles and should be kept. Alternate names offered include "Too Old for Heroics"

My personal feelings is that while the title comes from a catch phrase (shortened from "I'm getting too old for this shit"), the trope itself is typically used in conjunction with the phrase. Thus the stock phrase aspect makes it easily wick-able and highly searchable.
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I agree with finding a title that won't be mistaken for the stock phrase, though you could put in a redirect from the phrase to help people find it. Too Old For Heroics sounds good for the title.

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Meaningful Look (launched with two examples only) needs to run through ykttw and gather examples and feedback. Link to a new YKTTW. Thanks!
EDIT: It needs more insight from other tropers. Now the discussion is mainly between myself and Melkior who proposed the trope. Would you check it, pretty please?

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The it-thingy
Surreal Symbolic Heads seems nearly ready for launch, but I'd like some more hats and some feedback on the name and description.

Monstrous Humanoid could use some help, as well, from people who didn't come from the Humanoid Abomination clean-up thread.

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