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251 Deboss5th Aug 2012 10:42:13 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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You could do Personaliteye, but that's on another YKTTW. It's fairly similar to yours; I reckon you could merge them and improve both.
253 RJSavoy6th Aug 2012 05:57:03 AM from Edinburgh , Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
How about: Personaliteye is renamed "Harsh Eyes, Gentle Eyes" (or "By The Shape Of Their Eyes"), clearly refers to the Tsurime/Tareme supertrope, but also taking into account eye size. I move there the chart I put at the bottom of my YKKTW, and Animation Anatomy Aging is a subtrope of that. My Sliding Scale is kept as a separate but closely related trope (as it covers entirely different styles as well as different designs within a work).

For the "Sliding Scale" thing, I just copied the format of other such tropes we have. I'm open to suggestions about a better way to set it out.

(I'll admit it's also odd that realism peaks in the middle of the scale, but setting them out by level of detail is the most convenient I can see.)
This YKTTW is part of an effort for placing the Cuckoolandian Counterpart page in the Trope Repair Shop. Still needs the hats to pass and put the workshop thread to rest, so any suggestion to improve this one's description is appreciated.
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255 PhysicalStamina13th Aug 2012 11:43:57 AM from iiiin myyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarms , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
Is it okay to post YKTTWs that you revised?
256 Xtifr24th Aug 2012 12:59:17 AM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Looking for in-universe examples of Internet Backdraft here. This is part of a TRS cleanup, and we thought YKTTW would be a good place to get examples, but nobody has offered any yet. (We do have enough examples to justify an in-universe examples section, but just barely.)
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http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=fdqz3gxk5ctayr0ars4v4lp3 Could use some help here. The trope concept itself seems sound since people have no problems coming up with good examples, but getting people to agree on a description wording and come up with a more accurate/more witty title (since the trope idea evolved a bit) is proving difficult.
258 PhysicalStamina10th Sep 2012 08:53:02 PM from iiiin myyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarms , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
Fixed up the description to be more broad and added two more examples. Still needs a lot more, though.

259 Bisected815th Sep 2012 09:50:53 AM from her Hackette cave , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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I've been getting feedback that the description of The Backer is too confusing. Any thoughts?
serial tweaker, sorry
I'd really appreciate some help with the description for Did Not Die In A Car Crash. Thank you!
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261 general_tiu24th Sep 2012 12:00:45 PM from space , Relationship Status: On the prowl

This is for the Vietnamese military. There is already an article in Vietnamese with Kalashnikovs. I also tried to copy paste the article, but I am worried if this would be technically illegal. Should I post it now?

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262 Noaqiyeum26th Sep 2012 12:15:47 PM from empty rooms and silent halls , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
Alien Sea has been languishing in Limbo quite long enough; I'm pretty sure it's about ready to launch, but I'd like a few more people to look over the draft for final suggestions and hats.
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263 PhysicalStamina4th Oct 2012 09:05:54 AM from iiiin myyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarms , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
I just made a YKTTW called Remixed Up which needs some help.
264 BlueGuy6th Oct 2012 01:13:38 PM from Bella Vista, Arkansas , Relationship Status: Holding out for a hero
I've been taking care of a YKTTW called A Planet Named Zok (about strange alien planet names), and it's gotten one hat and 66 replies (including my own). Should it be launched, or should it wait a bit?
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Hey, it's Did Not Die In A Car Crash's sponsor again. I got some great help with the description last time, so I'm trying here again: it has been suggested that since FE said the current title was too specific and would attract non-examples, we should change the name or it might get immediately cutlisted. The YKTTW is a 81-reply, 27-example beast, and should really get launched already, but I don't want to proceed without having decided on a title that really works.

I'll paste the summary of title suggestions here that I posted in the discussion (sorry about the long post):

Current title: Did Not Die In A Car Crash
  • pro: covers both varieties of the trope
  • pro: doesn't have a specific namer, isn't a snowclone or meme etc.
  • pro: has had some support, BUT
  • con: might get cutlisted, as FE suggested that it is too specific and will attract non-examples (see my argument for why I don't agree with this in ^^^^^^, though ultimately whether I'm right or not doesn't matter. Still a con.)

Suggestion: False Cause Of Death
  • pro: doesn't have a specific namer, isn't a snowclone or meme etc.
  • pro: more widely encompassing than current
  • pro: has had the most support of the suggestions, including FE's
  • con: only covers half the trope (the bigger half, admittedly)

Suggestion: The Death Was A Lie
  • pro: covers both types of the trope
  • pro: more widely encompassing than current
  • con: seems snowcloney/memetic, see The Cake Is a Lie - if someone can argue that it wouldn't be snowcloney and it gets more support, I'll go with this one.

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please don't capitalize my handle. I just don't like it.
266 PhysicalStamina12th Oct 2012 02:39:56 PM from iiiin myyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarms , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
I've changed the initial title of my YKTTW to More Popular Remix, because the previous title I was told was "a bad snowclone of Covered Up". I've also added examples but it still needs some more. I'm worried, though, that it's too YMMV.
267 Bakazuki15th Oct 2012 05:33:19 PM , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
The YKTTW I'm sponsering is A Funeral Attended By Assholes, where attendees of a funeral say or do inappropriate things there that the deceased would most likely be insulted or offended by.

I get a steady trickle of example-givers, but hardly anyone that's willing to work and discuss with me on other matters revolving the YKTTW, so I'd appreciate the help in those areas.

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Girls toys have pets

Exactly What It Says on the Tin the creative minds behind toy companies have a tendency to give pets to their female demographic characters.

  • Bratz: Even had separate toys for the Pats called Bratz petz
  • Monster High: Almost every character is listed as having a pet on their official bio on the website. Usually a Cool Pet like a ferret ghost or baby woolly mammoth. The boys however get normal-er pets.
  • My Little Pony: Toys are usually packaged with a small animal pet
  • Barbie: has a dog

non-toy examples

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: every member of the mane six has or have acquired a pet over the first two seasons. May the best pet when was even dedicated to Rainbow Dash the one petless member of the group finding the perfect pet for her.

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Could somebody do . . . . SOMETHING with this unresolved YKTTW (Horror's Key Keeper)? Add hats, give imput, say it should be discarded, anything.


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270 SeptimusHeap10th Nov 2012 02:18:32 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
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This YKTTW has a decent example section (I'll clean up the bad formatting soon), but the distinction with Dark Reprise needs some clarification.
Hi I want to create YKTTW Of the current Batman storyline Death in the family I just need help that's all.
272 SeptimusHeap20th Nov 2012 09:15:40 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
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Are you talking about this?
I meant death of the family XD
274 Bisected81st Dec 2012 06:51:50 AM from her Hackette cave , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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My YKTTW Ninja Looting Antagonist has been tagged with a motion to discard on the basis it's too similar to Ninja Looting. I'm quite sure it's distinct (this covers heroes having their rewards stolen, while NL is a gameplay trope where other players steal from one another), but obviously I'm going to be biased. Any thoughts anyone?

Also, while I'm here, what's the procedure for tags now? Is there somewhere you can ask a mod to remove them if the issue they represent's been resolved or do they just stay there for posterity?
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Currently have a minor dispute on what to do about videogame examples in the "Damage Control" YKTTW. I say videogames must be plot/mission relevant to qualify as an example, otherwise it's just healing by a different name. Tallens disagrees, but right now it's just my opinion vs. his, nobody else has weighed in. Input?

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