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Youkai Serious
No, I have this in a Namco Arcade Collection game. It really is that hard. Seriously, your sword is about half the length of any single miniboss's attack, and they all spam. The dragons are the easiest bosses, because they actually have pauses in between their ridiculously- hitboxed attacks.

And as far as I can tell, any powerups that are not fire spells (which only sometime affect bosses), healing potions (almost never show up) and Heart Container mushrooms (even rarer) do absolutely nothing.
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103 Funnyguts4th Nov 2010 05:08:12 PM from French Bread!
Things make people happy
Lester looked like it could have been an interesting game, if the designers had worked out what kind of game it was supposed to be.
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So that's what The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe looks like. Screensavers have more substance than that. Between this and the CD-I Bible Games, I'm getting the impression that the system was a very inferior PC knockoff.

His commentary was kind of lacking this episode. I didn't get much more out of impressions than from that video showcasing the game on YouTube.
105 Funnyguts4th Nov 2010 05:26:09 PM from French Bread!
Things make people happy
^You should see Mapplethorpe's other stuff.
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Not Quite Batman
Is it really that hard to hop from the boulder to the ledge?

That seemed like a Chris Bores exaggeration, not a legitimate Angry Nerd complaint...
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107 Funnyguts4th Nov 2010 06:28:48 PM from French Bread!
Things make people happy
^It looked pretty awkward to me, unless he messed up and he could have moved the boulder to the edge. I'd need to see how he was pressing the move button to see how awkward it really was.
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Going back to the glitch video, is it just me, or is that gremlin teetering on the edge of Nightmare Fuel? It might just be me. I've had a fear of technical difficulties and fourth wall breaks for a long time now.
Youkai Serious
Lester The Unlikely was one of those "art games" that is meant as a conversation piece more than something to actually enjoy playing.

Like, Loved was creepy and had uninspired gameplay, but at least it didn't have fall damage.
They assed first. I am only retaliating in an ass way. -The Dead Man's Life
My hat is eating me...
It's disappointing he didn't make it farther. Because once you get past the fire pits, Lester somehow manages to suck less AND get astronomically worse. He stops being a whiny little bitch, but then you have to avoid a bunch of natives and their One-Hit Kill spears, go through another cave, kill a giant spider that takes more hits than can be counted, and finally fight refugees from Pirates of the Caribbean before reaching a huge anticlimax and a Sequel Hook.

Yes, I beat Lester The Unlikely. It's nearly impossible without constant save states, especially that spider.
Yes, I beat Lester The Unlikely.
So can you confirm for us whether that rock-jumping section was as bad as the Nerd made it seem?
From the looks of it, it seems to be demonstrating a nearly Unwinnable situation if you put the boulder in the wrong location.
I have played the part in question. He pushed the rock as far as it will go, the game will not let you push it any farther. And yes, it is hard as hell to jump up from the rock the ledge without falling off.
114 RobbieRotten23rd Nov 2010 02:48:50 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
"Get ready for the dumbest top 10 you've ever seen in your life"

That sounds pretty presumptuous.
116 Kerrah24th Nov 2010 10:18:42 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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Wait what?
Knowing is growing.
I have to say, that was a pretty dumb listsmile
A clip show?
Pika is the bombchu!
Yeah. What's the point? Does this really count as his one episode for the month?
mudshark: I don't expect Nate to make sense, really.
Harkinian & The Bois
They do this every year.
This isn't the episode. James said at his site that he's really proud of this one and there's a lot of illustrations from Mike Matei. Well, we didn't see a single drawing in that video. My guess is he submitted two videos and GT screwed up since the site is run by monkeys.
He also hasn't said a word about this at his site, so it's probably not it.

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Here's the real Christmas special:

Her Royal Highness
Huh, so the actual episode is on YouTube and the "bonus" video is on GameTrailers? That seems...backwards, somehow. Not that I'm complaining.
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