Opinions on Sexualizing Your Characters?:

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26 AwesomeZombie2211th Oct 2010 09:05:34 PM from somewhere over the rainbow
Psychotica's fanservice is justified. She mainly uses her looks as a means to get her way (hell, she even knows Siren songs!), and she uses BDSM techniques as a fighting style.
By all means, sexualize your characters if they sexualize themselves. If your starring reclusive buisnesswoman or assassin presents herself as an unattainable Aprhodite, or your housewife (unless she's been established as trying to escape her husband) flaunts herself in front of all the world, or every woman in your book is ready for anyone, you might be in trouble. However, it's a cliché, but we're all sexual beings, so if you're going to write heterosexual sex, you need to learn to write women who sexualize themselves, even if inadvertently; the idea of man as hunter and woman as prey must be far more offensive than Ms. Fanservice.

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Total posts: 27
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